Übungen zur Wiederherstellung der vollen Beweglichkeit eines verstauchten Handgelenks

Uebungen zur Wiederherstellung der vollen Beweglichkeit eines verstauchten Handgelenks BODYWEIGHT

Wenn Sie mit einer Hand­ge­lenks­ver­stau­chung zu tun haben, fügen Sie die­se Übun­gen zu Ihrer Rou­ti­ne hin­zu, um die Kraft und Beweg­lich­keit des Hand­ge­lenks zu ver­bes­sern. Erfah­ren Sie mehr über Upper Limb Con­trol: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/up­per-limb-con­trol/ Ver­stauch­tes Hand­ge­lenk Sym­pto­me: Grad 1 – Liga­ment ist leicht über­dehnt, aber das Gelenk bleibt sta­bil. Bestimm­te Bewe­gun­gen ver­ur­sa­chen Schmer­zen. Grad 2 – teil­wei­ser Riss in den betrof­fe­nen Bän­dern, Gelenk­in­sta­bi­li­tät, Schmer­zen. Gade 3 – Band ist kom­plett geris­sen, das Hand­ge­lenk ist sehr insta­bil und geschwol­len. Dies ver­ur­sacht gro­ße Schmer­zen und Pro­ble­me, das Hand­ge­lenk rich­tig zu bewe­gen. Lesen Sie hier mehr dar­über, wie man ein ver­stauch­tes Hand­ge­lenk behan­delt: https://​www​.pre​cisi​onmo​ve​ment​.coach/​h​o​w​-​t​o​-​t​r​e​a​t​-​a​-​s​p​r​a​i​n​e​d​-​w​r​i​st/ Für wei­te­re Trai­nings­tipps kon­tak­tie­ren Sie mich auf Face­book: https://www. face​book​.com/​p​r​e​c​i​s​i​o​n​m​o​v​e​m​e​n​t​.​c​o​ach Besu­chen Sie den Blog unter https://​www​.pre​cisi​onmo​ve​ment​.coach

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1.151 thought on “Übungen zur Wiederherstellung der vollen Beweglichkeit eines verstauchten Handgelenks”

  1. I want com­ple­te fle­xi­bi­li­ty strength & func­tio­n­al inte­gra­ti­on of my who­le upper body…what is the sequence I should fol­low in ur program.

  2. This hel­ped so much ! Thank you ! I just sprai­ned my wrist about 30 minu­tes ago (pin­ky side) , and it was real­ly star­ting to hurt a lot. As I went through your exer­ci­ses it hurt to bend my hand back­wards, but by the end of the video my wrist felt bet­ter ! It’s ama­zing, I real­ly don’t feel any pain now. I’ll see how it feels in the morning, but I’m going to repeat the exer­ci­ses tomorrow.

    1. Oh, no! I’m glad the exer­ci­ses hel­ped you but for the first 72 hours after trau­ma, what you should be doing is not exer­cise but rest, immo­bi­liz­a­ti­on and cold compression.

  3. Nice idea, but as it HURTS LIKE A BITCH, i’ll lea­ve it.
    How long after sprai­ning your wrist should you lea­ve doing the­se exer­ci­ses? I’m com­ing up to two weeks and still signed off work?

    1. The­se are exer­ci­ses that you can use in the long term to main­tain your mobi­li­ty and con­trol even after you have reco­ve­r­ed from your initi­al injury.

  4. What the fuck. I sprai­ned my wrist last night while hit­ting the hea­vy bag during boxing trai­ning. Been having cra­zy pain all day bare­ly being able to flex my wrist. I endu­red the pain for like 5 reps and 80% of the pain is gone. This was liter­al­ly magic, thank you man.

  5. Wow I sprai­ned my wrist a few hours ago in boxing class and after doing this stuff just once it feels bet­ter. We will see tomor­row! Thanks for the awe­so­me instruction.

    1. @Zakaria b no like I’m stubborn af man I would still do hea­vy bench and shoot hoops but now it’s a lot bet­ter I could still feel it once in a while tho

  6. wow this stuff actual­ly real­ly real­ly hel­ps! a cou­p­le days ago i sprai­ned my wrist and didnt ever feel it get­ting bet­ter but after 15 minu­tes of doing this in all direc­tions of my hand i hard­ly feel the pain. Thanks for the help!

  7. flew off my bike today. sprai­ned wrist, got a wound on my knee, bro­ke the front light, dis­con­nec­ted the bra­ke levers and defor­med the bike bas­ket. the least i can do is fix my wrist

  8. Wtf?! Thank you so much foot­ball is star­ting in a week and I sprai­ned my wrist! Thank yiu so much for this I can move it so much more I will be doing the­se 3x a day!

    1. Ran­dy Rami­rez It actual­ly felt bet­ter bc of a super strong pill to help pain bc it feels the same… You need to ice it HARD like it’s gon­na hurt alot for the first 5 mins bc of the cold… Lea­ve it for 20mins and also rap it up tight.

  9. This has hel­ped with my wrist mobi­li­ty great­ly. Thank you. Howe­ver, I still seem to have issu­es when put­ting actu­al weight on my wrist like doing a push up. Will con­ti­nuing the­se exer­ci­ses help with that problem?

  10. It’s been over a week sin­ce I had to roll on to my shoul­der, causing shoul­der, neck and sprai­ned wrist pain. I’ve had mas­sa­ges to help with the pain, but after doing the­se exer­ci­ses I can pick up my pho­ne with less pain than I had before

  11. Well i ended up here hope this would help the reco­very of my wrist. May­be i exe­cu­t­ed the wrong way of pun­ching or over­whel­med my wrist. Need help

    1. @Jacob Johns­ton yes it did help, I would stretch them like he shows in the video, even­tual­ly I could put some weight on my wrist without a shoo­ting pain-and I am all bet­ter now. I know I need to keep my wrists strong though, which I have been neglec­ting, I was doing yoga once they were hea­led enough to put weight on and it’s nice how much you appre­cia­te the move­ment when it comes back 🙂

    2. @Jacob Johns­ton np, take your time they will get bet­ter, I was qui­te innac­ti­ve for a while and fell on my hand, that’s how I inju­red it. When I was good enough to exer­cise and do abit of plank I could feel the strength impro­ve, feel like the­se stret­ches also gave abit of reli­ef and stret­ched out wha­te­ver was hap­pe­ning there

  12. Hi i need some help,in 2016 i have went to a chi­ne­se doc­tor he told me my wrist has har­den or some­thing and he says it have been hard for 1 year plus.i have been to x rays and thr was nthing. But i have some “hard” bone on my wrist. Now its 2019,my wrist i can bare­ly do 5 push ups, and i wan­na ask u if its still pos­si­ble that his excer­ci­ses will help.

    1. I have had a sprai­ned wrist or hand (pain in that area) for just over two weeks and it has slow­ly got­ten bet­ter each day but I feel like I should be 100% by now as when I went to the hos­pi­tal they said it should be in 1–2 weeks.

    1. @Vico Panade­ro Bet­ter when I’m con­sist­ent­ly doing the exer­ci­ses. I kin­da for­got about doing them once it got a litt­le bet­ter befo­re. The big­gest thing is making sure you keep doing them even after you see some improvement.

    2. @Precision Move­ment I have a ques­ti­on do you do the exer­ci­ses during the pain to help it go down or do you wait for the pain to go away to start the exercises?

  13. I got my sca­pho­id frac­tu­re trea­ted last year end. After remo­ving Cast.. till now unab­le to bend wrist back ward ful­ly.. and unab­le to touch base ful­ly with Palm ben­ding wrist. So pain­ful and even after try­ing the­se it’s same pain.. suggest

  14. I Sprai­ned my wrist real­ly bad as a BMX RIDER like 2 Mon­ths ago and I Did­n’t rode my bike without a splint

    sin­ce that happened.
    Sin­ce the last cou­p­le days pain beca­me abso­lute­ly unbe­ar­ra­ble even tho i was­n’t riding my bike anymore.
    I Cli­cked thin­king like that would be Bulls*** becau­se my wrist Hurt so bad that nobody’s would be able to fix it that easely
    After doing all the exer­ci­ses and suf­fe­ring even more while doing them , I ended up being able to make some push ups immedia­te­ly after finis­hing the video
    Thank you for such a Hel­pful video you ear­ned a like and a subscriber

    1. Sorce­ry 😂😂. I was skep­ti­cal about this video cuz I sprai­ned my wrist weight lif­ting the curl bar. But after this com­ment, ima give it a try.

    2. same man, I tried a 3 off a tall ledge and fell right on my wrist, it’s been is bad con­di­ti­on for 4 days with no sign of get­ting bet­ter but after doing the­se exer­ci­ses it’s almost good as new minus the pain. Actual­ly crazy

  15. God I hope this works , I’m fine doing most day to day stuff , but put­ting keys in a door and tur­ning the keys , that hurts like hell ,

  16. Gre­at exer­ci­ses. I’m going into week 5 after a bad skate­board spill and after one focu­sed ses­si­on I’m fee­ling impro­ve­ment. I’m just a litt­le con­fu­sed as to how many reps per exer­cise, and how many times per week you recommend.

    1. You can prac­ti­ce them dai­ly and let pain gui­de you. Set a timer for 30–60 sec per exer­ci­ses and per­form as many reps as you com­for­ta­b­ly can in that time.

  17. Thank you so much Eric! Sprai­ned my right wrist in boxing class, got a bit slop­py and hit the ring and pin­ky knuck­les on the power shots during mitt drills and hea­vy bag work. Been doing alter­na­ting ice and heat the­ra­py with only the exten­ded flair pul­ling the wrist back. I’ve felt much more impro­ve­ment going through all of your spe­ci­fic exer­ci­ses and am con­fi­dent I’ll heal up much sooner.

  18. Thank you for this so much! A co-worker acci­dent­al­ly clo­sed a free­zer door hit­ting the lock arrow on my wrist and with the­se com­ple­te­ly painless.

  19. I bro­ked my arm about 3 mon­ths ago, and it was in a cast for about 3 weeks, and that real­ly cost all my wrist fle­xi­bea­li­ty, but after doing this i feel much better😃.

  20. I sprai­ned my wrist a few hours ago and I was able to bend it well/near the max but after this magic it star­ted to feel much bet­ter thanks

  21. This feels gre­at. I con­stant­ly shake my hand throughout the day becau­se my wrist always feels off sin­ce I hurt my wrist about 4–5mo ago. Thank you.

    1. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong No, all moti­ons hurt but most­ly the ones that requi­re twis­ting your wrist. The ones that push back doesn’t hurt as much but I feel a litt­le pain.

  22. Thanks! It worked :)) ill keep doing the­se exer­ci­ses once per day for 5weeks and i will see the results… Like and sub­scri­be from me. Cheers :))

    1. astral krau­ca same here , i had a cast on for 2 weeks , and told me to give it ano­t­her 2 weeks after­wards for my hand to get its strength back but it still kin­da hurts when i turn my wrist so hope­ful­ly the­se help me man

  23. Severely sprai­ned my wrist x‑mas morning 2019 try­ing out my kids hoo­ver board. Puffy socks, a polis­hed floor and non-lear­ning mode was a reci­pe for dis­as­ter. It has now been 6 weeks and I am begin­ning to rehab it. Of all the sites I’ve sear­ched for this makes the most sen­se. As someo­ne else said, rea­listic move­ments. Gre­at tuto­ri­al. Very much appreciated.

    1. Doing it dai­ly now. And while I thought rest was the best opti­on to heal it was not. It was too slow. You were abso­lute­ly right about acti­vat­ing the ten­dons. Thanks.

  24. Hurt my wrist bboy­ing from over­trai­ning. Have been try­ing to let it reco­ver for 2 weeks but it never felt 100%. Just did all the exer­ci­ses and my wrist feels great

    1. Move­ment, not rest.
      Opti­ons: offer other opti­ons for cross training.
      Vary reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on with strength, balan­ce and agi­li­ty drills.
      Ease back to acti­vi­ty ear­ly for emo­tio­nal strength.

  25. Sprai­ned my wrist today and had wrist sur­ge­ry on my other arm in Sep­tem­ber, so I had basi­cal­ly no mobi­li­ty in eit­her of my wrists. Just doing this once, I can alrea­dy see the results. Thanks man, I thought my arm that I had sur­ge­ry on would be like this forever.

  26. Hi Eric, do you know if this exer­cise is hel­pful to a fore­arm inju­ry I cur­r­ent­ly have? I have pain in the flexors becau­se of play­ing gui­tar. I suspect it’s a type of ten­do­ni­tis. Thanks for the video!

  27. Hey a few mon­ths ago i tried to climb a struc­tu­re and i fell off like 2 to 3 meters and fell on my left wrist and hit my right wrist. Mon­ths later and my wrists hasnt hea­led doc­tor said that not­hing is bro­ken or frac­tu­red. But the ten­donts and liga­ments arent reco­vering and im get­ting worried what should i do? Doc­tor said i had to wear the­se wrist things that pre­vent me from using my wrist mus­cles for 6 weeks.

  28. I sprai­ned my wrist 1 year ago and the pain is still the­re. I hurt it on bench press, to this day I can’t do a push up without pain. If I grab a milk jug a cer­tain way, I can feel the sharp wrist pain come back immedia­te­ly, but it disap­pears once I let go of the item. 

    Doc­tor said phy­si­cal the­ra­py but can’t afford it.

    1. The ulnar side,outside of my hand on the wrist. has been infla­med for about a cou­p­le of mon­ths and I dont know why becau­se I did­n’t Inju­re mys­elf, that I know of. 

      Sin­ce I’ve had ten­nis elbow for 8 mon­ths ‚its not painful,I’ve been doing your exer­ci­ses from that video. I just deve­lo­ped out­side wrist pain out of the blue.

      I’ve star­ted the exer­ci­ses from your vids

  29. I sprai­ned my wrist while doing some hea­vy bag work. I was just living with the pain. The­se exer­ci­ses immedia­te­ly relie­ved the pain. This is black magic

  30. I only have limi­ted pain when i twist my hand pas­sed flat on its knuck­les . It’s a turn clock wise direc­tion if that makes sen­se. What exer­ci­ses other than in this video can i do to help with that it’s been around 2 weeks sin­ce i sprai­ned my wrist and that is the only place i have pain thanks!!

  31. I found your video a fort­night ago.. and I have been doing the­se exer­ci­ses ever­y­day. I have seen incredi­ble reco­very and fix on the first cou­p­le of days. Days after, I have put in a lot of effort doing the­se exer­ci­ses, pro­bab­ly 2–5hours per day to fix my sprai­ned wrist. And now i feel pain in my ner­ves around my wrist.. I think I got inflamma­ti­on. Is it nor­mal? If not, what can be the mista­ke that I should avoid and how do I fix the inflamma­ti­on and pain in my ner­ves? Your respond is high­ly appre­cia­ted. Thanks 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

    1. Thanks for fol­lowing along. It sounds like it’s time to take a break from the exer­ci­ses. You may have over­do­ne it a bit.

    2. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong how do I check if I have over­do­ne it? Is it the pain? Or u have any recom­men­da­ti­ons on the time or num­ber of sets to be done each day? How many days should I rest? Till the pain is gone? If the pain per­sis­ted what should I do? Thank you for your prompt respon­se! 🙇🏻‍♂️

    3. At this point you should rest until the pain has sub­si­ded to a 1–2/10. At that point go ahead and try the exer­ci­ses again but only for ~5 min every other day. Try that out and let me know how it goes.

  32. Sprai­ned my wrist a mon­th ago and I’ve had the same level of pain for the past two weeks. My sprain was the result of a friend twis­ting my wrist. The most pain I get is by pushing the wrist out­wards to the side. What’s the best exer­cise you recom­mend for this Eric?

  33. I sprai­ned my wrist this morning due to lif­ting a hea­vy bike. Im doing it right now man. And its like magic! I can now move my wrist and hand gent­ly. You’­re a life saver! Thank you so much & GODBLESS YOU! 🙏❤️

    1. It’s bet­ter to do one at a time so that you can be effi­ci­ent with your neural dri­ve. That is to say, that it is more effi­ci­ent for your brain to focus on one body part at a time.

    1. That is defi­ni­te­ly not aty­pi­cal. How much does it hurt? I would back off if you can’t keep the pain below a 1 or 2 on a sca­le out of 10.

  34. When should I start this? I’m almost 4 weeks from inju­ry and my liga­ments are still sore to the touch and I still can’t use that hand much at all. It hasn’t see­med to get any bet­ter in the past 2 weeks. I dont know if I’m using it too much and irri­ta­ting it or if I should work it harder.…

  35. I sprai­ned my wrist from taking a hea­vy fall while skate­boar­ding. Was­n’t able to do nor­mal push­ups without fee­ling pain. It’s ama­zing how fast the reli­ef was from doing the­se exercises

    1. I’m so sor­ry to read about your pain. Did you recent­ly sprain your wrist? Do you feel pain any­whe­re else in your hand?

  36. I’m 75, sprai­ned my wrist in a fall six weeks ago – it’s been a pain­ful, slow reco­very. I was about to just give up. The­se exer­ci­ses had an immedia­te impact. Very relie­ved! Thank you.

  37. I like many peop­le in the comments sprai­ned my wrist during boxing class on the hea­vy bag. I lived with this for about a mon­th now, just found this exer­cise and will do them accord­in­gly. My wrist does feel a bit bet­ter after doing all of the­se, but I’m skep­ti­cal. I’ll update the progress

    1. @Precision Move­ment next day and it real­ly does feel bet­ter! I’d rec­co­mend the­se exer­ci­ses to anyo­ne with wrist pain. I would still avoid stre­nuous wrist acti­vi­ty for a litt­le bit just to be safe

  38. Sir I have pain in wrist sin­ce 5 mon­ths went to few doc­tors they said just to keep it at rest but still I have pain … while try­ing this exer­cise it hurts so what should I do

  39. I have a ques­ti­on, I sprai­ned my left wrist a cou­p­le mon­ths ago and now whenever I roll it, like a bone in the midd­le of the wrist like crack­les or cracks or makes a noi­se. Now I know this is nor­mal sin­ce it’s hap­pen­ed my who­le life and it hap­pens with my other hand, but it’s noti­ce­ab­ly lou­der and hap­pens every sin­gle time no mat­ter what, I also still have some pain whenever I try to do push­ups. I’m won­de­ring if the­se are signs that I actual­ly frac­tu­red it or if it real­ly is just sprai­ned. (Keep in mind it still hurt qui­te a bit but when I star­ted not using it much and res­ting it most of the pain was gone in the next week) so what do you think? Is the­re a chan­ce it’s frac­tu­red or is it most likely sprai­ned? I frac­tu­red my other wrist without knowing it last year and wai­ted too long to get it che­cked out and had to get sur­ge­ry, so I don’t want to make the same mista­ke, but I’m also hesi­tant to get it che­cked out becau­se of the coro­na­vi­rus and such.

    1. It’s hard to say becau­se frac­tures in the hand don’t pre­sent them­sel­ves so obvious­ly as you know from experience.

  40. I have been dealing with wrist pain due to push­ups its been 40 days i am also doing exer­ci­ses and icing but the pain is still there

    1. Keep working on the mate­ri­al in the video. I also recom­mend that you put a rol­led up towel or cushion under­ne­ath your palms if you are doing any floor exer­ci­ses whe­re your wrist has to be in extension.

  41. I am dealing with wrist liga­ment tear from 2 mon­ths now I felt bet­ter after doing this exer­cise… I want to work more on it and thanks this actual­ly works I’ve been living with this ter­ri­ble pain but now feel a bit more con­fi­dent and reli­ef thanks to you

  42. I slip­ped on some ice on the side of a hill about 6 mon­ths ago and put my hand out like an idi­ot. Wrist has been in ago­ny sin­ce then, espe­cial­ly in cer­tain move­ments. Doing some of the­se exer­ci­ses brought tears to my eyes at first, but it feels much bet­ter now without the sharp, shoo­ting pain

  43. OKAY. The­se move­men­tes REALLY help. I feel it do some­thing exact­ly whe­re it hurts, so im going to keep doing the­se moves. My right wrist hurts spe­cial­ly when i put my body weight on it, for examp­le lea­ning on a table, or on all 4s, and also hol­ding some­thing a bit hea­vy it my hand. It stings real­ly bad insi­de of my hand and on the insi­de of the wrist, making me lose my strength and not be able to ful­ly stretch. Im going to keep doing the­se and wear a wrist­band. Cau­se i work in a fac­to­ry, so i have to keep lif­ting real­ly hea­vy stuff. Can you recom­mend anythin else for quicker healing while still having to work??? Thank you so so much for such inte­res­ting hel­pful video!

    1. I’m sor­ry to read that you are in pain and hap­py that you have found my mate­ri­al. Keep working on the exer­ci­ses in the video once dai­ly. You should noti­ce more impro­ve­ments in 2–4 weeks.

  44. Intro is gre­at, but if you want to jump to the exercises…
    Fist « M.A.P. » 1:09 & Exten­ded Fla­re « M.A.P » 1:13
    Basic Iso­metric 5–10sec holds using the « M.A.P.s » 2:32
    « End Ran­ge Expan­si­on Sequence » chal­len­ging iso­metric align­ment with fle­xi­on, exten­si­on and devia­ti­on app­lied for­ces 4:35
    « Func­tio­n­al Inte­gra­ti­on Sequence » 8:45

  45. Beau­ti­ful , I had inter­mit­tent wrist pain for mon­th , During a fla­re up of the pain I found this video and Voi­la!! Instant relief

  46. Thanks man. Good to have peop­le like you out the­re loo­king out for us. I was sup­po­sed to go to work I’m screwed up my wrist skate­boar­ding and I’m try­ing to heal it so I can go to work. Thanks for the video of man you real­ly help me out

  47. Hel­lo! thanks for the video. I have a ques­ti­on for you, I got a sprai­ned wrist from an wrist fle­xi­on in bjj right befo­re this pan­de­mia star­ted (about two mon­ths ago), during that time I went to the doc­tor, the he send me to get a MRI and start the­ra­py. I went for both, the doc­tors said that the MRI likely sug­gested that I nee­ded an arthro­scopy. Howe­ver during the lock­down 1) i was busy working on my under­grads dis­ser­ta­ti­on 2) didnt want to go to medi­cal ser­vices. So i just star­ted doing your exer­ci­ses + the ones i got to the cou­p­le the­ra­pys i had. I see­med to work ok, my wrist isnt hur­ting actual­ly, howe­ver now from time to time I got my pin­kie and my ring fin­ger kind of numb, I read it might be cau­sed by smth wrong in the ulnar ner­ve. I would like to know if it is a mat­ter of time and then the numb­ness will start decre­a­sing perio­di­cal­ly (so just keep doing the exer­ci­ses will heal it) or if i should go again take the exams in order to get an arthro­scopy? cheers in advance!

    1. It’s hard to say how you will pro­gress becau­se ever­yo­ne responds to the mate­ri­al in dif­fe­rent ways.

      I’m glad that your wrist isn’t hur­ting any more. When do tho­se fin­gers go numb? Is it at rest or during a spe­ci­fic activity?

  48. I picked up a hea­vy tote at work and tired to put at the top of a pal­let and I think my bent my wrist back 7 weeks ago now I feel a pop­ping sound when I been my wrist kin­da like when you crack your knuck­les I took iphy­sio test it said it’s a wrist sprain but I’m still not sure may­be it’s still healing

    1. @Precision Move­ment yeah I’m star­ting to do the exer­ci­ses and not­her one whe­re you ball fist than open up your hand up but when I wake up in the morning my wrist feel stiff but when I get up get dres­sed it donest feel stiff

    1. A brace may help to immo­bi­li­ze the affec­ted area and be use­ful if someo­ne needs to use that area for a spe­ci­fic task. Howe­ver, it will not address the root cau­se of the issue or pro­mo­te healing. Braces of any kind allow the brain to “redu­ce ser­vice” to the affec­ted area. Ner­vous sys­tem and mus­cu­lar acti­vi­ty inclu­ded. Immo­bi­li­zing the area does not allow for important healing fac­tors or nut­ri­ents to tra­vel to the area via the cir­cu­la­to­ry system.

    2. @Precision Move­ment Thanks so much for a very detail­ed reply. In that case would you recom­mend wea­ring a brace and doing the­se stret­ches every other day or so?

    3. That is a good idea. Try it out and see how it goes. Your goal should be to decre­a­se the reli­an­ce on the brace.

  49. Lis­ten to the intro. Important stuff. 2:24 for the good-good. I sprai­ned my wrist long­boar­ding and have been baby­ing it for a few weeks. Still sore but I was­n’t sure if that was becau­se of the actu­al inju­ry or non-use. This is ama­zing stuff, thank you!

  50. Having a wrist inju­ry for over 12 years, how often and for how long should I keep doing the­se exer­ci­ses and giving push ups a break?

  51. I just want to dou­ble check the first 4 minu­tes of the video, tho­se moves should be done ( Sets of 5 / 2x a week ?) So fist, and out­stret­ched, sets of 5 on a Tues­day & Sunday ? Seems easy, but I guess I am healing decent­ly. This is amazing!WOW!

  52. I couldn’t train cau­se I twea­ker my wrist when I hit the hea­vy bag and my wrist fold­ed. Push­ups, pull-ups, and pun­ching were all real­ly pain­ful for my right wrist but this hel­ped a lot feels much bet­ter. Thanks so much 🙂

  53. Hi. My left wrist had been inju­red sin­ce 2017 it affects my ent­i­re arm I can’t even do the nor­mal pushup. My first check up the doc­tor said it’s a tor­ned liga­ment. I can’t hold a full mobi­li­ty on my left wrist it’s pain­ful. Can my left still be saved even tho its been 3 years sin­ce the injury?

    1. Glad to see a lot of ska­ters here, drop­ped in at the skate park a litt­le off and slam­med my wrist of cour­se my wrist guards were in the back of my truck.

  54. I hurt my wrist more than a week ago while doing bar­bell shoul­der press. It’s not too bad but I can’t train now for a week becau­se I feel pain whenever lif­ting hea­vy and when supi­na­ting my wrist. I did this last night and immedia­te­ly felt reli­ef. But when I woke up this morning I noti­ced it’s sore again. I just felt a tem­pora­ry reli­ef for the pain. Thank you any­way it’s a gre­at stretching/therapy for sure.

    1. I’m glad that the mate­ri­al was hel­pful. Prac­ti­ce the exer­ci­ses dai­ly and you should noti­ce results after 2 weeks.

    2. @Precision Move­ment after a week of doing the­se exer­ci­ses I can now con­fi­dent­ly say that my wrist is ful­ly hea­led. I can start lif­ting again with mode­ra­te weight tog­e­ther with a wrist wrap. Again, thank you for this video.

  55. Hi, I sprai­ned my wrist, hope by doing the­se exer­ci­ses I will get relief.
    I have Heel pain, plea­se show some exer­cise on hell pain.

    1. Good luck with the wrist exer­ci­ses. I have two arti­cles on heel pain and they rela­te to dif­fe­rent root cau­ses. Check them both out and let me know if you need more/different mate­ri­al: https://​www​.pre​cisi​onmo​ve​ment​.coach/​p​l​a​n​t​a​r​s​-​f​a​s​c​i​i​t​is/ and https://​www​.pre​cisi​onmo​ve​ment​.coach/​s​t​r​a​i​n​e​d​-​a​c​h​i​l​l​e​s​-​t​e​n​d​on/

  56. I was bit by a dog about 3 days ago and I have a job for a moving com­pa­ny that I real­ly need to take but it’s in two days and I belie­ve that it’s sprai­ned and this has given me a lot more mobi­li­ty than I had befo­re just after 1 time. I just want to know if I do this a lot will I be rea­dy to do the job by then. Ps I know you may not know my exact cir­cum­s­tan­ces and con­di­ti­on of my inju­ry it’s just goog­le said it takes about 2–4 weeks to heal ful­ly and I don’t have that much time.

    1. Can’t say but when push comes to sho­ve you got­ta do what you can – wear a strong brace if need be and try to keep your wrist in neu­tral when working.

  57. Hi I did this today and I find that my hands/wrists are hur­ting more, may­be I did it wrong, should you do it ever­y­day or every cou­p­le of days?

    1. @Precision Move­ment no, it’s after when I’m doing things like clo­sing a door or grab­bing some­thing that’s Abit hea­vy things like that, after doing the exer­ci­ses they tend to hurt more, I actual­ly hurt my hand/wrist from hol­ding onto the rails of the tre­ad­mill too much and even after weeks of not doing it, whenever I lift a dum­bell, for the next few days my arms and wrists get Abit of pain like whenever I do some­thing that’s not rela­ted to lif­ting weights:/

    2. Even now when I type I can feel the bone in my wrist at the top I can feel it have Abit of pain and whenever my hands are bent slight­ly like when I’m play­ing with my con­trol­ler I noti­ce Abit of pain there

    3. I took 3 weeks off btw from tre­ad­mill and dum­bells then when I came back to dum­bells I still felt the pain in my hands/wrists I con­ti­nue to use tre­ad­mill but I use it without hol­ding onto anything

  58. I sprai­ned my wrist yes­ter­day fal­ling off my bike. Thanks to this i can make a fist again. I still can’t rota­te my wrist 360° without fee­ling some pain tho. What to do?

  59. Exer­ci­ses were a bit pain­ful but worth it
    Defi­ni­te­ly have a bet­ter ran­ge of moti­on for my sprai­ned wrist now

  60. When I try doing the­se it hurts, even when res­ting my arm and not moving it it hurts a litt­le but when I try to move my hand from the wrist it hurts like 3/10 not so so much pain but some pain so should I rest my wrist more then do the­se excer­si­ze if so how long should I let my wrist rest?

    1. A 3/10 hurts but isn’t too high to stop you from doing the­se exer­ci­ses. Try to move it as much as you can even if the move­ments are small.

    2. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong k now I’m able to move my wrist a lot more today so I will do the­se excer­si­zes so thanks!

  61. My wrist been hur­ting for a cou­p­le mon­ths now. I can’t do push ups any­mo­re becau­se of it. My wrist didn’t even get fked up from push ups too, that’s the weird thing

  62. Hi I have been struggling after a sprai­ned wrist for 10 weeks the­se exer­si­ses are the firt thing that have made any dif­fe­rence abso­lute­ly fan­tastic thank you.

    1. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong im a begin­ning to start to skate. and I tried to go down­hill and fell and I tried to catch mys­elf. I didn’t go real­ly well I just found out that I actual­ly bro­ke it and it’s not sprained

  63. Hey, I recent­ly fell and lan­ded only my hand and on my hip. The side of my hip has tiny red dots but no exter­nal dama­ge from fal­ling onto I’m gues­sing the tiny rocks on the pave­ment. Also I lan­ded on my hand out­stret­ched like you men­tio­ned. I can still move my hand around like nor­mal­ly but the­re is pain when doing so, doesn’t feel loo­se or swol­len. The­re is pain when pres­sing on the wrist just right abo­ve whe­re peop­le nor­mal­ly wear wat­ches behind the bone that’s stick out on the wrist. Is my case seve­re? How long will it take to not feel pain and reco­ver? Note, I have fair­ly young, don’t know is that hel­ps. Thanks!

    1. Ouch…do the exer­ci­ses in the video help? It’s hard to say how long it will take for you to reco­ver becau­se ever­yo­ne responds to the mate­ri­al differently.

  64. Rui­ned my wrist doing a descent on my moun­tain bike 3 weeks ago and it was still hur­ting up until your video was shown to me. Thanks!

  65. July 15, 2020 ~ I’m pret­ty sure I sprai­ned my wrist today during cheer, and I’m going to try the­se out and update this if I can remem­ber. Right now it hurts to put weight on it and to turn it a few cer­tain ways. All I’ve been doing is icing it.

    July 15, 2020 ~ It’s been about 15 mins and I just finis­hed doing ever­ything in the video. Right now i feel like i have a litt­le more mobi­li­ty now. I’m going to sleep and I’ll see how it feels in the morning.

    July 16, 2020 ~ It’s the next day and I have to admit my wrist feels a lot bet­ter than befo­re. I do still have some pain when I move it some ways, but it is a who­le lot more beara­ble now. I’m going to keep doing this as inst­ruc­ted becau­se it has worked super quick!

    July 19, 2020 ~ My wrist feels a lot bet­ter. I’ve never sprai­ned my wrist befo­re, but I feel like it is healing a lot quicker than I expec­ted, if that makes sense.

    1. @Precision Move­ment Ofc! I know that when I try some­thing new I wan­na know if it actual­ly works so I don’t was­te my time if it does­n’t. This has alrea­dy been real­ly helpful!

    1. Try to dis­tin­guish the ‘hur­ting’ – is it the nor­mal pain that comes when a mus­cle is working hard? If so, that’s com­ple­te­ly nor­mal and desi­red becau­se it means a mus­cle is working in a way it’s not used to. But if it’s a sharp, stab­bing, sud­den pain – that’s typi­cal­ly not good and you want to back off.

    2. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong well it’s not the sharp sud­den kind but the mus­cle working hard. Well thank you very much.

    1. Poten­ti­al­ly but only immo­bi­li­ze the wrist when you are per­forming a task that you can­not modi­fy to accom­mo­da­te your issue. You want to rest the tis­sue but not com­ple­te­ly immo­bi­li­ze it.

    1. Try to move as much as you can but in a pain-free ran­ge-of-moti­on. You need to main­tain mobi­li­ty and circulation.

  66. Wow free prac­ti­cal video recor­ded phy­sio­the­ra­py… you’­ve actual­ly chan­ged my mind on phy­sio­the­ra­py. I have had one expe­ri­ence with a phy­sio­the­ra­pist befo­re who just gave me a print out of what to do/how to pic­tu­re steps but it was to no avail.. pro­bab­ly becau­se I know now I was doing them wrong. It’s good that you actual­ly did a video showing every sin­gle detail. You got a sub­scri­ber and the comments are gre­at as well becau­se they hel­ped dis­tin­guish if I had a simi­lar issue that could be fixed by doing this. 

    In con­clu­si­on thank you com­ment sec­tion and thank you phy­sio­the­ra­py man 😄

  67. Sir plea­se reply. It’s been 5 mon­ths for me. Wrist exten­si­on is very pain­ful. Fle­xi­on has beco­me more easy(still pain­ful). Took MRI to rule out Keinbock’s. The­re was mul­ti­ple wrist liga­ment inju­ries. Ortho advi­sed me to wear a splint for 2 weeks com­ple­te­ly and 2 mon­ths night time immo­bi­liz­a­ti­on. It’s not at all bet­ter after all this. I did­n’t have any sud­den inju­ry. May­be repe­ti­ti­ve stress due to gym work­out. But the pain star­ted sud­den­ly in March. Never been able to do any acti­vi­ty using wrist like riding a motor­cy­cle or hol­ding some­thing. Plea­se tell me what to do. Thanks a lot in advan­ce. ( ROM is almost 70% of normal)

    1. @Precision Move­ment Yes sir I did for the past 3 days. But the pain on exten­si­on isn’t get­ting any bet­ter neit­her is the ROM. ( I had just gra­de 1 sprains )

  68. I sprai­ned my wrist two weeks ago… I nee­ded phy­si­cal the­ra­py and got what I nee­ded from this video to get star­ted. I’ll be doing my the­ra­py and watching the­se vide­os until I’m back to nor­mal. Thank You!

    1. I can’t extend my fin­gers out without pain. I can­not make a tight fist. My pain seems to be cen­te­red on my wrist on the pin­kie side of my hand. Pre­sent­ly, I’m using the fle­xi­ble tape limi­t­ing the mobi­li­ty of my wrist. Suggestions!

  69. Thanks alot i sprai­ned my wrist on a cycling acci­dent. The exer­cise real­ly hel­ped even 1 ses­si­on made the pain go away 50 per­cent will do it twice an hour

  70. immedia­te reli­ef after almost 2 years of wrist pain! My only ques­ti­on is if its okay to do this once per day?? I know you said 2 – 3 times per week but the next day results were so good im temp­ted to do this ever­y­day til the pain sub­si­des. good or bad idea?

  71. So it has been about 4 mon­th sin­ce I sprai­ned my hand and I put the cast for 11 days and took it off and now it is weak and hurts when it gets bent and when I rota­te my hand it pops and I’m sca­red that I will need a sur­ge­ry can u plea­se reply and tell me what it might be and if I would need a surgery

  72. I fell from a lad­der and of cau­se sprai­ned my wrist! Thank you, I will do the­se exer­ci­ses, did not even know that the­re is so many dif­fe­rent moves!

  73. First day it was good and then today I woke up with so much pain and I couldn’t bend it even a litt­le Eric do u know what it could be

    1. The path of pro­gress is jag­ged. Keep working on the mate­ri­al and let pain gui­de you. Prac­ti­ce the mate­ri­al every other day and try for at least 2 weeks.

  74. Sir i have pain bet­ween index and midd­le fin­ger ..lower side …my bone are litt­le bit swel­ling (i guess ) ..so what have to do now

  75. Wow. Took a dou­ble wrist sprain on Satur­day and have been suf­fe­ring all week. My left one is real­ly bad and I thought it may­be frac­tu­red. It’s Fri­day now and just fol­lo­wed this video and my wrists feel a bit bet­ter alrea­dy. Do I do this once a day?

  76. Bro i per­for­med back hand­spring. On hard sur­face after tht i got pain in wrist like i am unab­le to exer­cise for few days ..is my wrist inju­red or i will over­co­me pain soon

    1. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong like the side that if I put my hand flat on the table the side that is up hurts at the wrist area and I don’t think I inju­red it

    2. Taking breaks from typ­ing will help. Make sure to remo­ve your hands from the key­board when not actively typ­ing and let your arms dang­le at your sides for a break from the action. Also try to adjust the height at which your hands rest on the key­board. Smal­ler angles of exten­si­on tend to be more provocative.

  77. Hii, ihd a sca­pho­id frac­tu­re one mon­th ago, now I took off my cast, the­re r lots of pain in my fin­gers even unab­le to bend, who­le palm swel­ling, what to do pll­zz suggest

  78. How long do sprain wrist take to heal I’ve still got pain in the­re after 4 mon­ths and I’m losing fle­xi­bi­li­ty in the wrist as well

    1. It’s hard to say becau­se ever­yo­ne responds to the mate­ri­al dif­fer­ent­ly. Try the­se exer­ci­ses dai­ly and you should noti­ce impro­ve­ments in 2 – 4 weeks.

  79. I sprai­ned my wrist 5 mon­ths ago, and I went through x ray to even check if it was bro­ken but it is not. It is just pain­ful , doc­tor told me to rest it but no help, I will be try­ing the­se exer­ci­ses becau­se I think it is my last opti­on , thank you

    1. Pre­cisi­on Move­ment by Eric Wong yesss I did (feels gre­at btw :)) some­ti­mes my wrist feels stiff so I stretch it to the point whe­re it pops but I’m not too sure if it’s hel­ping or doing harm

  80. me and my friend riding bike… my friend go left and rgith try­ing to sca­re me that he gone crash me but he actual­ly cras­hed and i FLEW OFF THE bike face plan­ted hurt my right arm and sprai­ned my left and all my friends had a fuck­ing heart attack and the friend who cras­hed me said if you call 911 i will go to jaill idc.… i deser­ve to go to jail! its all my fualt i will pay for inn­sua­ran­ce i am so sor­ry… LMAO THANK GOD IT WAS A SPRAIN NOT A FRACTURE! also my head was super blin­ded nad blur­ry for a few seconds but i am a alpha male… so it fine now! but my wrist kin­da hurt stilll

  81. First of all, thank you so much :).
    I sprai­ned my wrist almost 3 mon­ths back on the ulnar side and I have a fee­ling that it has­n’t hea­led yet, but I’m not sure.
    I star­ted doing the exer­ci­ses cou­p­le of days back and the ulnar move­ments hurt a bit(I’d say a pain level of 3–4 out of 10). Can you plea­se let me know if I should power through the pain and avoid the ulnar move­ments for now.

  82. Wow I was so mis­in­for­med, I belie­ved stret­ching a sprai­ned wrist just makes it worse… I was told you’re sup­po­sed to keep it as still as pos­si­ble until it heals. Thanks for tea­ching us! 💕

    1. Thanks! I was­n’t sure about this eit­ther. I’ve been just icing and kee­ping it braced. This makes sen­se, when i hurt my rota­tor cuff, the pt had me do exer­ci­ses like this too help eat and build strength

  83. You have hel­ped me >a lot with a very old video about AC-joint pain. Now you are hel­ping me years later with a sprai­ned wrist. You are the one, thanks Eric, appre­cia­te it 🙂 

  84. I tried the exer­ci­ses in the first 6 minu­tes of the video and my wrist alrea­dy feels an impro­ve­ment. Think I pul­led some­thing a litt­le while using resis­tance bands. Feel it in full back fle­xi­on position.

  85. My insi­de hand got stung by a black wasp- day 3 my swol­len hand isn’t as puffy- but my wrist pain has stop­ped me from slee­ping-gon­na try the tips you shared life cheers mate

  86. I fell back­ward and fell on my butt and both of my wrist last wee­kend. The doc made me wear wrist splints and pain kil­ler which helped…but then took it off to take sho­wer it hurt like hell. I knew I nee­ded to do some kind of move­ment but did not know what type of phy­si­cal the­ra­py I need to do. When I saw your video I tried it doing just one or two of the exer­cise just to see how it would feel. I did it slow­ly and it frea­king hurt but it felt good at the same time. then after the exer­cise, I took a warm bath. it’s been 4 days and my wrist move­ment is get­ting much bet­ter. I will defi­ni­te­ly con­ti­nue with the exercise.

  87. Befo­re 3 years while I was doing work­out in gym ‚my right wrist got hurt and I star­ted to feel pain often in my wrist ‚I visi­ted a doc­tor and took x ray (it was nor­mal) I took tablets but the pain was still the same and doc­tor inst­ruc­ted to take an MRI and the results were nor­mal ‚I visi­ted many doc­tors but the results are normal…I still have the pain so I stop­ped working out ‚play­ing everything…but the pain is still the same and it is incre­a­sing more than before..what should I do? And how can I find what is the problem?

    1. Can hap­pen and should­n’t derail you. It’s not a cure-all. The important thing now to learn is WHICH of the­se tech­ni­ques incre­a­sed pain and WHY? This gives you a path to inves­ti­ga­te now whe­re­as pre­vious­ly you were blind other than “my wrist hurts”. You can deter­mi­ne the exact struc­tu­re that’s causing pain, then do what’s necessa­ry for that structure.

  88. I sprai­ned my wrist like 2 mon­ths ago and I had in a home wrist brace for like 1 mth. Pain got bet­ter but I cant do push ups are anything that uses and exten­ded fla­re without having pain.

    1. @Precision Move­ment I actual­ly did the exer­cise this morning and I feel it hurts less alrea­dy, Thank you. I just want to be able to get my full moti­on soon becau­se I can’t do my nor­mal push­ups and weights😬

  89. This has hel­ped so much!! I work in a cer­a­mics stu­dio and did some hea­vy work the other day and by today it was worse so i loo­ked on You­Tube and found this video! I’ll be sure to do the­se befo­re work tomor­row too, thank you

  90. Omg, thank you so much. My wrist has been hur­ting for over a week, even after icing it over and over. I just fol­lo­wed your inst­ruc­tions and did a few stret­ching exer­ci­ses and it has kno­cked out most of the pain. Thank you so very much!!

  91. I’ve had my wrist sprai­ned for 5–6 mon­ths. And now I just sprai­ned my other one. Just tried it and it hurt, it hurts after too. But this is the most I’ve been able to move it in half a year. Should I keep going des­pi­te the pain?

  92. Hi, I just did the­se exer­ci­ses with your video and now it feels like a bur­ning num­bing sen­sa­ti­on. Is that nor­mal? Im not sure if my wrist is sprai­ned or just…I was having a roll with ano­t­her woman on the mats and when I pul­led her over, she lan­ded with both our body weight on my wrist. The­re is no swel­ling but I cant put pres­su­re on it or turn twist it out­wards to far.

    1. The­re might still be some inflamma­ti­on causing an issue. Do you mind try­ing again after having res­ted it a while?

      Gene­ral­ly spea­king you can do anything that doesn’t cau­se any acu­te and/or sharp pain. We need to move to pro­per­ly heal. That being said, if you do suspect some­thing it’s never a bad idea to get che­cked out if it lingers.

    2. @Precision Move­ment It did feel a bit bet­ter after the bur­ning went away. No pain no gain, right?. Cockroa­ches don’t die easi­ly! :D. Even if I did go spend allot of money on an X‑ray they will still let me wrap it up and tell me it needs weeks/months to heal. I have no time for that. Need to keep up the trai­ning. Will just stay of the mats and do some car­dio and every fit­ness work­out that does­n’t use the area and con­ti­nue your exer­ci­ses with your video..Thanks so much. I defi­ni­te­ly don’t think it is bro­ken. If I need to tape weights to my arm and lift then so be it 😀

  93. I play­ed bas­ket­ball for 5 hours and the next day my wrist was sore and week it’s been 2 days sin­ce I play­ed becau­se it’s so weak and sore

    1. @Precision Move­ment can you help me when you get the chan­ce, my doc­tor didn’t dia­gno­se me at all. My older bro­ther used to go to him and he never dia­gno­ses me or my bro­thers when actual­ly have some­thing wrong.

    1. You can try them out immedia­te­ly. Try to do them in a pain free ran­ge if pos­si­ble. It’s important to keep moving in order to heal.

  94. So I sprai­ned mine in foot­ball about 7 weeks ago and did­n’t real­ly let it heal the best so its still not good. It is pain free when I move it(but it has limi­ted moti­on) but when I do the­se stret­ches it hurts but not like hor­ri­ble pain just enough to know it hurts. Should I be doing the­se even if it hurts a litt­le or is that nor­mal for it to have a litt­le pain. Also the worst pain is when I put pres­su­re on my palm or wrist so will the­se be able to help with that?

    1. It’s ok to do the exer­ci­ses if your pain is at a 1–2/10. Try to do them in a pain free ran­ge if pos­si­ble. It’s important to keep moving in order to heal.

    1. Yikes…Do your best to move it in a pain-free ran­ge-of-moti­on as much as you can. We need to move to heal. When the pain starts to sub­si­de try to do the exer­ci­ses as best as you can. It may be slow going but you will make progress.

    2. @Precision Move­ment alright thanks the pain in my wrist stop­ped but, for some rea­son i think the bone on the side of my hand that leads up to my pin­ky if frac­tu­red becau­se i cant even pick up my 8 pound dog with out help from my other hand.