Unser lang erwartetes Match mit Good Good


Unser lang erwartetes Match mit Good Good hochladen

Es ist hier. Bob und Cut­sy gegen Gar­rett und Grant. Cut­sy Soup Review und wei­te­re Bonus­in­hal­te: https://​www​.patre​on​.com/​R​o​b​b​y​B​e​r​ger MERCH: https://​bob​does​sports​.com/ Fol­gen Sie Gar­rett: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​m​_​_​g​o​l​f​/​?​h​l​=en Fol­gen Sie Grant : https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​r​a​n​t​h​o​r​v​a​t​/​?​h​l​=en FOLGE DER SHOW: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​b​o​b​d​o​e​s​s​p​o​r​ts/ https://​vm​.tik​tok​.com/​Z​M​R​v​v​b​H​tV/

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852 thought on “Unser lang erwartetes Match mit Good Good”

  1. I just tur­ned off the joe Rogan expe­ri­ence to watch this when the noti­fi­ca­ti­on pop­ped up. Keep it up boys.

  2. Ama­zing con­tent as always Bob! I would love to see some more Fat Perez some­time soon; you cold cuts and him tog­e­ther are a dyna­mic trio.

    1. It’s all that prac­ti­ce on the backy­ard put­ting green at his par­ents house. He would just spend hours hit­ting ran­dom wedge shots 😂

  3. gre­at stuff gents. I’ve said it befo­re and i’ll say it again. You need to have some average joes out the­re with you for a round. If you’­re ever in CO i’ll be hap­py to obli­ge. Keep up the good work Bob Does Sports, love the con­tent “you orde­red soup?” LOL

  4. Hey bob. Did the guys from bars­tool take your phra­se “trans­fu­si­on drink” on their new com­mer­cial whe­re they have the guys on the beverage cart making drinks for old ladies.
    Just thought you first came up with that phra­se tal­king about alco­ho­lic drinks.

    1. It’s ine­vi­ta­ble Bob­by and Cuts are going to get bet­ter and bet­ter at golf as they are going to start doing this full time, it’s sel­fi­sh but I don’t want them to becau­se it crea­tes unri­val­led content 😂👌🏼

  5. Cold­cuts just put­ting all the bagels on his shoul­ders and taking it to the bak­e­ry. Let’s go! Gre­at put­ting by Bob!

  6. I need to buy some shirts like Giu­sep­pe and incor­po­ra­te the say­ing “Way to go Bob­by-boy!!” The man is a fking legend!!!

  7. Mon­goo­se actual­ly kill King Cobras. Sor­ry to be that guy. Love the con­tent you got a sub­scri­be and a like out of me.

  8. My Uncle is a Mem­ber here at this club. Gre­at golf cour­se iv play­ed it ple­nty of times. Pret­ty cool to see y’all play­ing it

  9. The boys are real­ly brin­ging it in the­se scram­bles. Bob­by has that flat stick going for sure and Joseph is real­ly clut­ch with the dri­ves. Some­thing spe­cial is going on here for sure.

  10. “Im like a mon­goo­se. You know what they do Jet? They kill pythons.” 

    Mongoose’s s kill king cobras. Liter­al­ly the king of sna­kes. Pythons are what kids take to show and tell. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. would love to see bob­by get a les­son from grant. and give grant a put­ting les­son too. (i love both of the­se chan­nels btw)

  12. First – how do you con­fu­se 255yds with 135yds?? 😂
    Second – rematch should be a 7 stro­ke han­di­cap for Bob n Cutsy.
    Run it back! Gre­at video!

  13. man oh man was this spe­cial. the ener­gy from all you boys kept me smi­ling thru this who­le sce­n­a­rio. 9.6/10 here gents

  14. I’m gon­na ana­ly­ze that bank shot like the zapru­der film. Did it hit the tarp and boun­ce on? Did jet actual­ly toss a ball on the green? The world may never know

  15. One team thin­king the­re balls on the green, whilst the others are worried about who­se salad the­re eating😂😂 Go on Bobby!

  16. I mean idk why you got a stro­ke becau­se it woul­da been a bet­ter video strai­ght up. 🤷 but wha­te­ver yall did that lol

  17. Bob­bys who­le swing was loo­king rough in this video, he loo­ked stiff as a board. Not sure why it just see­med dif­fe­rent then most other videos

  18. Them young guns are living the dream I don’t know what’s pret­tier the­re swings or the pro V1 teeth he’s got jez

  19. Abso­lute­ly love this col­lab! Hoping this is just a tea­ser video though…I think ever­y­bo­dy will agree we need a full 18 hole 1.5hr long video with Bob Does Sports and all of the Good Good crew.

  20. That bank shot off the tarp is defi­ni­te­ly what u need to beat good good, liter­al­ly a 1% chan­ce of doing that too was crazy 🤣🤣

  21. Match was won on 1st tee befo­re a stro­ke was ever hit. 1 stro­ke a hole in a scram­ble is too much. Enjoy­ed the content.

  22. No bet­ter fee­ling than going up against the young bucks.Winning however,different story.
    Got­ta get them drunk night before.

  23. Soup out­side in Texas inching clo­ser to the sum­mer temp is a power move unli­ke anything I have ever seen befo­re. Cut­sy is a LEGEND!!

  24. “David vs Goli­ath, we know how that ended. Not sure if we are going to repli­ca­te that here today, but, ya know”😂

  25. Fin­ding this chan­nel is the high­light of my year so far 🤣 haven’t gol­fed sin­ce high school but this con­tent makes me wan­na get back out there

  26. Gre­at vid! A stro­ke a hole is a touch cor­ny tho. Good good only win the hole if yall bogey? In a scram­ble? Not an easy feat

  27. Bob and Joey are must watch golf TV. Abso­lute­ly hil­arious! Good Good is 10/10 golf skill, Bob Does Sports is 10/10 com­men­ta­ry and cama­ra­de­rie. Put them tog­e­ther it’s pret­ty special!

  28. Bob/Joey and the Good Good boys. There’s not­hing bet­ter. Can we add Bob Does Sports as a hono­ra­ry Good Good member?

  29. Eating tor­til­la soup while riding in a golf cart while dri­ving around the cour­se in white pants.….….what an abso­lu­te ani­mal! This man fears nothing.

    1. Cuts is abso­lute­ly ruth­less 🤣🤣 🤘🏼 tru­ly a god among men 🙌🏼 not to men­ti­on it was also 85 degrees in Texas 😅

  30. Gre­at epi­so­de, how about a trans­fu­si­on chal­len­ge in the future? May­be bring in Perez for a trio in the challenge…

  31. Fri­cken love josep­pi and Bob­by. Keep it going dudes, y’all are the most enter­tai­ning to watch. Doesn’t mat­ter tho­se guys are bet­ter, you’re per­so­na­li­ties keep me sub­scri­bed. Keep the move­ment going.

  32. Man the epi­so­de did not disap­point, so many gre­at moments. Bob couldn’t dri­ve the ball to save his life but the flat stick was on fire and losing the wedge talk about having a day 😂 gre­at stuff guys!

  33. Bobs game in this video was abso­lute­ly hor­ren­dous, but the ener­gy is always at an all time high. Got­ta love it

  34. Not being able to tell you’re over 200 out when the cart tells you 130 is like eating an ent­i­re piz­za and thin­king it was just a cou­p­le sli­ces…. Actual­ly this exp­lains a lot.

  35. giu­sep­pe real­ly deser­ves that kick of the stands XD man is con­stant­ly so unlu­cky against bob, he ear­ned that one

  36. Been wai­t­ing for this col­lab for a long time, brin­ging both of our favo­ri­te golf chan­nel worlds tog­e­ther! Bob­by and Cold Cuts are get­ting way too good to be get­ting a stro­ke a hole on a scram­ble against ANYBODY, just sayin…

  37. Would have loved some shot tracers on this vid in par­ti­cu­lar! Still loving all the con­tent. The back and forth of Bob­by and Joey Cold­cuts is some­thing, a tru­ly spe­cial pai­ring if I’ve ever seen one come together

  38. The ener­gy would be unre­al for a Grant, Gar­rett, and Tig match against Bob­by, Cold Cuts, and Fat Perez. Make it hap­pen fellas.

  39. Four of my top six utube gol­fers the others being Geor­ge Bryan and Zac Rad­ford, oh and of cour­se Wes­ley Bryan, Micah, Ste­ven and Bubble.

  40. Loving the vide­os With you and Joey Cold Cuts! Favo­ri­te part is how good it makes me feel about my own game. Keep ‘em com­ing Bob­by boy!

  41. Bob­by Flat­s­ti­xx rol­ling em in like but­ter!! Giu­sep­pe out here loo­king like a UNIT!!!!! LFG Boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💪 ⛳️ 🏌🏽‍♂️ 🏌🏽‍♂️

  42. That was fun.…gotta inclu­de Fat Perez to your team and Micah Mor­ris from Good Good for 3 v 3 rematch. A shot a hole seems exces­si­ve. Also.…who the f*ck orders soup to a eat on a golf cart? SOUP???? LOL

  43. awe­so­me! channel’s blowing up! just past 100k now damn..

    “that is not my salad”
    “that is my salad”
    “that is your salad”


    1. Love the con­tent mate! It’s all love and good vibes.
      You need to get Grant to give you bun­ker les­sens on Good Good labs ❤️

    2. No offen­se to the frat­ty GM boys but I think Bob Does Sports is way easier to rela­te to! Also, they aren’t stuck up Coun­try Club boys lol. Keep up the gre­at work fellas!

    3. Bob­by, new chal­len­ge. You’ve done the 18 beer and 18 fireb­all chal­len­ges, but you haven’t done the SoCal wine coun­try chal­len­ge. 18 drinks of wine while gol­fing in Teme­cu­la Wine Coun­try. How bout it? You can drink the mini wines in the plastic bottles.

    4. You know I got­ta say the bagel hats are abso­lute­ly fire…fits on the head per­fect­ly, but how do we feel about bagel gloves? Could be some­thing real­ly spe­cial. Ama­zing con­tent and even bet­ter guys. Keep up the ener­gy guys. I’m here for all of it🥯

  44. Cor­rect me if I’m wrong but it just doesn’t feel like a pro­per round without some cold cuts excu­ses , we love to see it, wai­t­ing for a peli­can hill scramb fel­las ⛳️

  45. This is what I love about golf. Can be com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent stan­dards and still have a com­pe­ti­ti­ve game. Love the use of the word flat stick consistently

  46. Effort­less come­dy, this is got to be the fun­niest golf chan­nel out the­re glad they’re doing big things. I couldn’t stop laug­hing the who­le video

  47. Yes yes yes ! More of this haha. Cold cuts woke up and out on a ridi­cu­lous out­fit and domi­na­ted the course 🤣

  48. Its always a gre­at day when Bob uploads. Big fan of the chan­nel and I love to see the growth of it for the last few months.

  49. Fair­ways and Cold Cuts sin­gle han­ded­ly got me back into gol­fing. The ener­gy you all bring makes the game seem so much fun. Bob does sports is a who­le movement.

  50. Rematch needs to hap­pen with less strokes. Strokes as a scram­ble on 130–140yard par 3’s def can’t hap­pen haha. But awe­so­me video! Love the­se colabs

  51. Who orders tor­til­la soup while play­ing a round of golf, having to eat it riding in the cart, & wea­ring white pants?!
    Only Cut­sys! Lol.

  52. Did anyo­ne else noti­ce Bob loo­ks like he’s been working out!? Loo­king good bob. Should be hit­ting fur­ther soon. Or may­be it’s cau­se he wore a cap and not the bucket hat? Dunno.

  53. Love this col­lab! Pro­bab­ly my favo­ri­te group of gol­fers on you­tube.. a stro­ke a hole tho? Grant and Gar­rett y’all got­ta fight that har­der! lol

  54. Some things in life are simp­le. Bob Does Sports uploads a video, I watch it, I like it, I wait for the next upload. Keep it up boys

  55. I haven’t wat­ched the video yet. But let me say this : The day was long. I can’t wait to play golf this wee­kend, and I was just sear­ching for a golf video to calm my ner­ves. This video pop­ped up, and let me tell you : I couldn’t ima­gi­ne a bet­ter fee­ling than see­ing this thumb­nail and this tit­le. I’m real­ly exc­ti­ted for this. All­right. Thats all. See you after the vid.

  56. I got ree­led into this page with some clas­sy chir­ping at PGA tour­neys. And now, I’m wit­nessing Bob does sports dis­mant­le You­Tubes golf sce­ne. Loving every second of it.

  57. Joey and Bob lea­ve a lot of strokes on the table by lea­ving putts short. It’s bet­ter to hit it three feet past the hole then to lea­ve it three feet short. At least then you have a chan­ce to make it.

  58. I can­not tell you how hap­py just see­ing the tit­le of this video makes me. Just the per­fect com­bo of golf con­tent creators com­ing together 👌

  59. Loved every minu­te of it! Good win but you should play my boys Matt and Ste­ve, they bring a lot more enter­tain­ment!! 🏌‍♂️⛳

  60. Loving the vibes and the laugh­ter. Golf is about having fun and you guys sure know how to tru­ly make the most of every round.

  61. The last shot was ridi­cu­lous. @bobeossports if u need ano­t­her dude to drink trans­fu­si­ons and hit seeds, hol­la at ya boy.

  62. Bob we need to get you back in some trai­ning, the stro­ke hasn’t been working late­ly. We can’t rely on Cuts for every shot, CMON NOW KID

  63. cold cuts im not gon­na lie, if you cant deci­pher 135 yds vs 200 stan­ding over the ball, we have big­ger pro­blems bud­dy lol

    1. Hell yeah Grant! Thanks for let­ting me get a pic­tu­re w you and gar­ret at the WMPO.. you guys were in a rush but still let us snag a pic w me and my bro­ther! That’s luv

  64. I figu­red that if this col­lab would ever hap­pen good would send ste­phan and bubs to make it even, but I see they have cho­sen violence

  65. My favo­ri­te col­lab of all time not even clo­se! Love my boys from bob does sports and love my good good boys! Both are the abso­lu­te best can’t beat eit­her one!

  66. You guys got­ta take a road trip up north and play at Sto­we Coun­try Club in Ver­mont, ano­t­her gre­at cour­se would be Wil­lis­ton Coun­try Club also in Ver­mont. Both abso­lu­te gor­ge­ous and well worth the money

  67. Gar­rett and Grant are a power house. I can’t wait too see how this plays out. I love see­ing Grant let loo­se a litt­le more too. Gra­de A pre­mi­um con­tent my friends. Keep it up.

  68. I mean what more can you even ask for. I saw this noti­fi­ca­ti­on, yes noti­fi­ca­ti­ons are on, say­ing that the 2 grea­test golf chan­nels on You­Tube were making magic.…let’s go fellas.

  69. Haha­ha. Mon­goo­se kill Cobras and other veno­mous sna­kes, not so much a python. They could kill a baby python but not an adult one. Also mon­goo­se a pri­mil­la­ry live in Afri­ca, whe­re­as pythons are more in rain­fo­rests (Asia and South Ame­ri­ca). The­re are some mon­goo­se who live in jun­gles and pythons who can live in more arid habi­tats. Howe­ver this is not the nor­ma­li­ty. So their paths do not cross very often. They pre­fer dif­fe­rent habi­tats. Cold cuts had me laug­hing hard tho.

  70. Ano­t­her gre­at video Bob­by and Cut­sy – Gre­at colab with the goo good boys. Gre­at scram­ble team, Bob with the flat stick and Giu­sep­pe with ever­ything else

  71. Love ever­ything about this one! Two of my favo­ri­te chan­nels on a beau­ti­ful golf cour­se! I wish this video was 5 hours long