VERRÜCKTE Golfmomente (Teil 3)

VERRUeCKTE Golfmomente Teil 3 augusta

Die Serie geht wei­ter! Schön, dass euch die­se gefal­len. Sei­en Sie gespannt, was in Zukunft noch kom­men wird.

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    1. @Kjbkjb kjbkjb Tiger has licen­ses to rape as much as he wants, becau­se he is now con­si­de­red the grea­test come-back­er in the histo­ry of all sports.

  1. What Li did was incredi­ble but such a shame that the euro­pean tour deci­des to host an event in the back­wards sta­te of sau­di arabia

    1. @Nesta Nes­ta I wan­ted to put that one as the thumb­nail but could­n’t find a good ang­le, had to kin­da cheat the thumb­nail a litt­le bit 😬

  2. I think the first shot is fake cuz the­re are con­ti­nui­ty errors in the two vide­os. In the first one the gol­fer has black pants but in the second one whe­re the gol­fer is cele­bra­ting, he’s wea­ring kha­kis. Plus you can see that the ball doesn’t even make it across the water in the first one but inde­ed does sink. Any opinions?

    1. Look up “Vijay Singh Water Hole in One”, you’ll see the two vide­os I drew the clips from. Did­n’t use the ang­le of him hit­ting it on one becau­se it was hard to see the ball skip­ping, and did­n’t use the ang­le of it going in on the other becau­se while you could see the ball skip­ping, you could­n’t see the ball going in. iMo­vie sucks becau­se you can’t seam­less­ly put two clips tog­e­ther (i.e. there’s a litt­le “gap” / dis­rup­ti­on), resul­ting in what you’­re see­ing. Hope this clea­red it up!

    1. @Pniko1014 you actual­ly should hit the grass after hit­ting the ball. lea­ving no divot in front of the ball means your swin­ging up on the ball, which is not what you want to do with irons. you should be swin­ging slight­ly down on your irons to crea­te more com­pres­si­on which will make your ball go farther

    1. Pain­ted Pony I was chee­ring once when I got 5 on a par 5 after put­ting my tee shot out of bounds

      But to hole out from he tee after put­ting one in the water would be so satisfying

    1. Josh Cun­diff at the par 3 16th at Augus­ta Natio­nal, on prac­ti­ce rounds they all try to skip their tee shots across the pond short of the green

  3. golf is not a sport.….…. i dont get how or why anyo­ne would say other­wi­se. yes it takes prac­ti­ce skill, not ever­yo­ne can do it at the pro level. thats whe­re it ends. to me sport is whe­re u have a team. the­re is no team in golf, no anything just boring peop­le hit­ting a ball.….….. its like if they made all the fans at base­ball to be qui­te and just bring out the T for ever­yo­ne to hit and take the fiel­ders away. golf ur only enemy is urself.….….

  4. 4 eagles–3 on par 4s! I’m not sure my bet­ting odds are cor­rect, but I think someo­ne will win 4 strai­ght Majors again befo­re we see that in competition.

  5. I dont even know if I’ve ever made one. MAYBE 1 or 2 but if I cant remem­ber them then pro­bab­ly not. I’ve made green in 2 on a par 5 qui­te a few times but always miss the putt.

  6. I’ve had about 10 eagles in my 23 year life so far and I con­si­der mys­elf a decent play­er. I’ve shot under par a few times. This guy had 4 in ONE round.… Lol

  7. Sub­scri­bed becau­se 1) The­se com­pi­la­ti­ons are awe­so­me! 2) This is the only chan­nel I know that makes the tea­ser thumb­nail the very first frea­kin clip! Thank you so much!

  8. The most rareist is 4 eagles in a round. Every pro has 1~10 hole in ones and hole out from 150yards +. Not sure if even tigers had 4 eagles in a round

  9. Could some­bo­dy tell me if its all cal­cu­la­ted and pure raw talent? Or is luck invol­ved to some extent? I mean, sure, not any­bo­dy can reli­ab­ly get clo­se to the green in 1 or 2 shots, and the­se guys are gre­at at it, but do they real­ly have that accu­ra­cy and precision?

  10. Got­ta say I like the back to back clips no tal­king over it or any bull­shit like that. This is how you make com­pi­la­ti­on vide­os right here.

  11. I was sur­pri­sed that they did­n’t show a clip of Bern­hard Lan­ger clam­be­ring up a tree at, I think, the 17th, at Ful­ford GC, near York
    Langer’s 2nd shot lod­ged up in a tree, I think it was an Ash tree. With help from the crowd, he mana­ged to climb up the tree and play his 3rd shot from whe­re the ball had lod­ged up in the tree.
    He mana­ged to chip the ball onto the green from whe­re the ball had lod­ged up in the tree

    1. That sounds fun as hell. I’d watch golf more may­be if they just put ridi­cu­lous obsta­cles all over the golf cour­se, to make shots like you described.

  12. I have two eagles in my life­time so 4 eagles in one round of golf is extra­or­di­na­ry even for pros. Pros can make a lot of bir­dies in a round most of the time but not usual­ly that many eagles.

  13. Com­men­ta­tor: “Don­ny I have seen a lot of play­ers putt from the back part of this green and the results have not been good”

    Tiger Woods: HOLD MY BEER.

    1. @Joe Troutt Incor­rect. Hao­tong Li is 544th on the PGA care­er money list. His care­er ear­nings just bare­ly inch over the one mil­li­on dol­lar mark

    1. @Joe Troutt I don’t doubt it at all. Fun­ny that I’m sup­po­sed to just for­get the guy was a hor­ri­ble hus­band and chea­ter and was out dri­ving all drug­ged up. I guess that as a moral guy who has been faith­ful to his vows for 30 years I’m a litt­le too hard on the­se mil­lion­aires with no morals.

  14. The first video is fake you chimps. He’s obvious­ly loo­king upwards at his shot… what kind of pro would hack a wedge like that from short rough like that? Not a sin­gle one

  15. Btw that thumb­nail and first clip IS NOT a hole in one!! He is not on the tee blocks! He is clear­ly hit­ting a drop shot after alrea­dy hit­ting into the water!!

  16. I had a friend of mine do a clas­sic hole-in- one. It should be in some record book. At 80 years of age he was in the very first group on the par 3 shot­gun start at Sou­thern Woods CC in Homo­sas­sa, Fl whe­re a new car was offe­red for a hole in one the­re. And he was the first to hit in that group. He basi­cal­ly top­ped the ball, rol­ling it all the way about 165 yards right into the hole. It was the first try by anyo­ne in that tour­na­ment for the car. Then, a year later his wife gets a hole in one for ano­t­her free car. Her bar bill was $475.

    1. @Joe Troutt Inte­res­ting com­ment. The club mana­ger stuck him with buy­ing a drink for ever­yo­ne at the din­ner after the event. It was $475. But when his wife did it later that year they were pre­pa­red for his abu­se and she stood up and said she was making a dona­ti­on on her own to a cha­ri­ty instead.

  17. 99% of the time, golf is a boring point­less acti­vi­ty (golf is NOT a sport, I don’t care what ANYONE says), but this video makes it seem more exci­ting than it real­ly is. Good shots though.

  18. As pro­ven time and time again.
    Golf is not a pro­fes­sio­nal sport.
    A pro­fes­sio­nal would know his shot was going in and know whe­re shot was going to.
    They are always surprised.

  19. I don’t watch, play, or fol­low golf in the sligh­test, but this was an awe­so­me video! Odd sug­ges­ti­on, but loved it none­theless. Should’ve ended it with that woman who shank­ed it into the crowd twice

  20. I saw a guy do this at my home coun­try club on the Par 3 14th while play­ing with my dad one day long ago. We were stan­ding on the 15th tee box. His first shot went in the water and then he par­red the hole by skip­ping it twice on pond and up the hill, onto the green, and in the hole.

  21. Li’s 4 Eagles isn’t that gre­at. Kim Jong-il once play­ing 18 holes and shot 38 under, with 5 hole-in-ones. He scored a 34. Or may­be a 106.

  22. Do you think if they can make a miss­le that can hit a tar­get with pin point accu­ra­cy from half­way around the world, that they can also make a golf ball to do the same? Asking for a friend.

  23. 2:40 Haha the other dudes cad­dy, “fuck yeah bro! Badass”
    “Put your God dam­ned arms down Ste­ve. Dont cheer. You work for me.”

  24. Why are they so exi­ted? The ground is shaped in a favoura­ble way so the ball will roll into the hole. Just like water drai­ning into a bathroom sink.

    1. Most of the­se are real­ly lucky but your average guy would find it almost impos­si­ble to pull the­se off. The­se guys have a skill that’s almost bey­ond com­pre­hen­si­on, and every now and then some wild things like the clips in this video happen

    1. @Joe Troutt think the tit­le said hole in one and the first shot was­n’t but I later rea­li­zed it was a dif­fe­rent shot after watching the who­le vid

    2. @dangolfishin yeah the thumb­nail is a dif­fe­rent hole I belie­ve. Which in this case I don’t think they ever show­ed it. Idk

  25. I’m not qui­te buy­ing some of tho­se they just look too fake.
    Golf and base­ball are the two most boring sports to watch.….….….I take that back golf is not a sport really.

    1. I’m sor­ry but if you don’t like golf its ok its your opi­ni­on but for other peop­le like me it’s not boring.I was thin­king the same but its chan­ge after I try play­ing it​.so… Ever­yo­ne has their own opi­ni­on but plea­se respect the golf fans and their sport

  26. how can anyo­ne call this shit a sport its not you dumb fucks .sports requi­re some kind of move­ment con­ta­ct this is a hob­by and a sor­ry ass one at tha­ti cant belie­ve peop­le pay to watch this crap you could­n’t pay me to go to one of the­se fuck­ing pus­sy ass games

  27. Most peop­le are say­ing the water skip hole in one was the best, but I have to say that the hole in one that took 22.5 seconds was my favou­rite. Watch it at 2:15. Are the­re any holes in one that have taken lon­ger than 22.5 seconds? I would like some golf fan to assem­ble a video of the SLOWEST (lon­gest dura­ti­on) holes in one in golf histo­ry. PLEASE! PLEASE!! I sup­po­se you could also make a video of the qui­ckest holes in one. In that case the 6.0 second shot at 1:08 would likely be on that list, if you can make the case that that shot was a hole in one.

  28. I would credit some of the vide­os sin­ce they came off of ano­t­her chan­nel, so you can avoid copy­right and other stuff that can make You­Tube take your vide­os down. Dis­co­ve­r­ed your chan­nel six days ago and you upload some gre­at videos. 👊🏻

    1. Did that putt real­ly belong among the­se gre­at shots.….Oh wait he is Tiger.…of cour­se. (Rolls eyes- seen many long putts that were impressive)

  29. Nice work 🙂 Some of tho­se shots are just ridi­cu­lous luck, and some of them are pure talent. That Tiger around-the-world shot was some­thing else. Thank you!

    1. Tiger defi­ni­te­ly knew how the fade the shot for it to shoot side­ways as soon as it hit the green at a 90° ang­le (2D) from the hole

  30. The third boun­ce of Tiger’s shot from the bun­ker loo­ked like someo­ne tur­ned on a leaf blower, how was that possible

  31. That first video wasn’t bad, con­si­de­ring the guy filming was ope­ra­ting a jack­ham­mer while shoo­ting video.

    1. Lol couldn’t the same be said about some foot­ball play­ers? I mean, line­men are big boys but they ain’t real­ly ath­le­tic. Same with some soc­cer play­ers that cry after get­ting a litt­le hit, just a very poor­ly thought out com­ment on your end.

  32. I feel like the­re is peop­le under­ground with super strong magnets like how it cur­ved and keep its speed rol­ling strai­ght into the holes. Now the shots that goes in the air strai­ght into the hole is legit imo nevertheless golf is cool I don’t watch or play enough to judge so if the­re is explana­ti­on I wan­na know

    1. When the play­er hits the ball the club­head cau­ses the ball to spin. The play­er can mani­pu­la­te the ball by hit­ting it a cer­tain way to make it cur­ve as well as spin a cer­tain direc­tion. PLUS the con­tour of the green can cau­se the direc­tion and speed of the ball when it hits the sur­face while spin­ning. It’s skill that the play­ers have to get the ball to land clo­se to the hole but it’s luck that it goes in from such a gre­at distance.

  33. I thought you were not allo­wed to make con­ta­ct with the ball when it is in the bun­ker. So how did Tiger hit the sand that hard to make that on the green?

    1. @Deep up Stran­ded Creek not trol­ling. When i was taught how to play we lear­ned to hit behind the ball at the sand rather than the ball its­elf. It was never exp­lai­ned, but was assu­med a foul. Ive never seen someo­ne approach a bun­ker shot and hit it 60+ yards.

  34. 6:04 histo­ry has been made. Total­ly sma­shing that slow ball run­ning towards a hole made a tear fall from my eyes.
    I fucken love it! Wtf is this sport but i love it. Like the com­men­ta­tor said “thats phe­no­me­nonal!” Yeaaahh!!!

  35. I love how they’­re all super skil­led but react as if it was pure luck lol. The first 20 seconds was pure insa­ni­ty. I don’t know how you could even mea­su­re that

    1. @Jared Beard Yeah, it’s always a com­bi­na­ti­on. Having skill means that you are able to make calls like that intel­li­gent­ly, and when you get luck on top of that, you can get things like this which are almost impos­si­ble otherwise.