Verstehen, dass PGA Tour LIV-Golfer suspendiert, was als nächstes kommen könnte | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal

Verstehen dass PGA Tour LIV Golfer suspendiert was als naechstes kommen koennte Golf Zentrale Golfkanal DJ golf

Todd Lewis erklärt eini­ge der Beson­der­hei­ten der Sper­ren der PGA Tour für Spie­ler, die an LIV Golf-Events teil­neh­men, dis­ku­tiert, was als nächs­tes für die neu gesperr­ten Gol­fer kom­men könn­te und vie­les mehr. #Golf­Chan­nel #LIV­Golf #PGA­Tour » Abon­nie­ren Sie den Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 » Für die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten rund um Golf: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Mit­be­grün­der von Arnold Pal­mer und Joe Gibbs am 17. Janu­ar 1995, wur­de Golf Chan­nel 2011 Teil der NBC Sports Group und – mit dem wohl­ha­bends­ten Publi­kum im gesam­ten Fern­se­hen – steht nun fast 500 Mil­lio­nen Zuschau­ern in fast 80 Län­dern und neun Spra­chen auf der gan­zen Welt zur Ver­fü­gung . Golf Chan­nel ver­bin­det die Welt mit Golf durch eine brei­te Palet­te von digi­ta­len und Life­style-Ange­bo­ten, dar­un­ter Golf Chan­nel Mobi­le, eine umfas­sen­de App mit den neu­es­ten Schlag­zei­len, Ergeb­nis­sen und Ana­ly­sen des Golf­sports; Golf­Now, die welt­weit größ­te Online-Start­zeit-Buchungs­platt­form und Golf­platz-Tech­no­lo­gie­part­ner, die die Golf­Now Mobi­le App mit GPS-Tracking auf dem Platz, In-Round-Sco­ring und Spiel-Tracking umfasst; Revo­lu­ti­on Golf, die größ­te digi­ta­le Direkt­ver­triebs­platt­form im Golf­sport; Golf​Ad​vi​sor​.com, die welt­weit größ­te Res­sour­ce für Golf­platz­be­wer­tun­gen und Rezen­sio­nen von Gol­fern; ein nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sches Netz­werk von Lehr­ein­rich­tun­gen der Golf Chan­nel Aca­de­my; Golf Chan­nel Am Tour, die welt­weit größ­te Ama­teur-Golf­tour; und als offi­zi­el­ler Medi­en­part­ner von St. Andrews Links, dem Home of Golf. Besu­chen Sie Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Fin­den Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​C​h​a​n​n​el/ Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​nel Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​el/ Ver­ständ­nis der PGA Tour, die LIV-Gol­fer sus­pen­diert, was als nächs­tes kom­men könn­te | Golf-Zen­tra­le | Golf­ka­nal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1

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145 thought on “Verstehen, dass PGA Tour LIV-Golfer suspendiert, was als nächstes kommen könnte | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal”

  1. A sus­pen­si­on is not a ban. I bet if the Liv Tour folds or if the­se play­ers deci­de not to play the Liv Tour the PGA Tour will let them all come back. The sus­pen­si­on does­n’t app­ly to a sin­gle major. Jay Mona­han is an abso­lu­te joke. Of cour­se that coward Mona­han would never say anything about the fact Jack Nick­laus is buil­ding a golf cour­se for the same group of Sau­dis that star­ted the Liv Tour. Thats why they came to him befo­re Nor­man. Hey Mona­han. What about the PGA Tours deal with Chi­na? Chi­na vio­la­tes someo­nes human rights every minute.
    Can’t wait until the “Shell Hous­ton Open” comes around again and the PGA tri­es to tell Shell Oil who and who they can & can­not invi­te to their tour­na­ment. Talk about a com­pa­ny that has nepo­tism with the Saudis.….that’s a sto­ry I can’t wait to see play out!

    1. This fight goes to the court and it sett­les the­re. Liv will con­ti­nue to grow and cra­te more pro­jects PGA time is near.

  2. This guy actual­ly tal­king trash cuz Sau­di also fund the PGA tour its­elf. Through Golf Sau­di and KPMG and many more spon­sors. Its fun­ny that Sau­di have their hands on both sides in this fight.

  3. I’ve never wat­ched the PGA.
    I just wat­ched play­ers play the game on the PGA tour.
    The PGA has always severely over­esti­ma­ted its­elf and its impor­t­ance and I felt that way for decades.

  4. This may come back to bite the PGA in the behind . Now the cur­rent play­ers under­stand whe­re the PGA stands and how it views its play­ers . Both Rorys and Pga comments on the money are ridi­cu­lous see­ing as they are both in busi­ness to make money and profit .

  5. This shouldnt be a sur­pri­se to anyo­ne. If you play in the NFL you cant play in the Xfl as well. It’s no dif­fe­rent for PGA tour players!

    1. It’s not the NFL that wont allow play­ers to play in the XFL. It’s the team (who has a con­trac­tu­al agree­ment with the play­er for a cer­tain sala­ry which also has a mini­mum) that would­n’t allow a play­er to play in the XFL.

    2. The PGA still has the right to ban or sus­pend play­ers. I think the point peop­le are making in the comments is that they are stu­pid for doing it. Its petty.

  6. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­dez don­de quie­ra que Nela​bar​byy​.Uno encan­tan tus videos.

  7. The PGA Tour’s inse­cu­ri­ty is betray­ing them. 

    This who­le ‘we have a lega­cy, histo­ry and pres­ti­ge and that’s important’ is rub­bish when you con­si­der that the Play­er Impact Pro­gram and incre­a­sed pur­ses were all an attempt to keep the top play­ers happy. 

    So their respon­se to money being thrown at the top play­ers from
    Exter­nal par­ties was…. Also throw them money!? 😂

    Whe­re did the non-pro­fit orga­ni­sa­ti­on find this money? 🤔

    1. And the only rea­son this “lega­cy” exists is becau­se it was the only play­ers opti­on to go to. Ima­gi­ne LIV and the PGA were estab­lis­hed at the same time. Whe­re do you think the best play­ers in the world would’ve made their histo­ry and legacy

  8. The PGA made you Phil, Dus­tin, Patrick Reed etc, you owe them some level of loyal­ty! Wow, you got the money but where’s your inte­gri­ty? Where’s your morals? You sacri­fice them to play for an opp­res­si­ve government with a hor­ri­ble human rights track record, hope you feel good about your­sel­ves! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. The com­men­ta­tors sound like scor­ned, jea­l­ous har­lots, who think their qui­ver is the only qui­ver and the best qui­ver in the world. They’­re the same as WH or sta­te dept. spo­kes­men tal­king about pue­ri­le sanc­tions on the world. They have the same men­tal handicaps.

    1. @mark rolofs , 5 of the world top 10 are play­ing in the RBC this week on the PGA tour. Zero of the top 10 play for LIV. 

      LIV did­n’t draw 25m view­ers. That’s just some­thing you made up. They could bare­ly crack 100k view­ers on You­Tube today. Add their web­site views and they pro­bab­ly did­n’t even get 200k view­ers total for that shit­ty litt­le exhi­bi­ti­on they put on today.

    2. @TheBrindleBoxer haha­ha, u just thank me when you’­re stuck watching Rory and Jor­dan cho­ke and whi­ne for 8 hrs every wee­kend. By the way Liv golf has 19 of the top 100 gol­fers play­ing and PGA has only 17 fact… Bet­ter golf! And no com­mer­cials or pre rounds with Brand­le cham­blee!! That in its­elf is worth the watch.

    3. @mark rolofs , oh boy… you will just say anything to make your point no mat­ter how far-fet­ched and untrue it is. Good day, sir. Enjoy tel­ling more lies in the com­ment sec­tion or wha­te­ver it is you’­re into.

  10. If I was working for a com­pa­ny and then I told them I was also working for their rival com­pa­ny what do you think would hap­pen? Do you think they would say oh that’s gre­at we do not mind! No they would ulti­mate­ly eit­her give me an opti­on to work for them or lea­ve my job and go to the other com­pa­ny. The PGA is a com­pa­ny and they did what any other com­pa­ny would do. It’s that simp­le and that clear.

    1. Not qui­te right… they’­re indi­vi­du­al con­trac­tors, if I hired u to put my ac unit in and then said u could­n’t work for my neigh­bors I don’t like, thats more like what’s hap­pe­ning. PGA just does­n’t want com­pe­ti­ti­on in the United Sta­tes, it’s that clear.

    2. @mark rolofs Your point valid and yes they are an indi­vi­du­al con­trac­tor but they are working for a Sports Orga­niz­a­ti­on just like the NHL, NFL and NBA. In order to play on the PGA they have to play by the rules of the PGA. They can ulti­mate­ly deci­de for them­sel­ves whom they want to play for, just as the PGA can deci­de if it’s good for the PGA or not. The PGA has the right as a sports orga­niz­a­ti­on to deci­de what they want to do. If the­se play­ers dis­agree they can take it to court which i am sure they will. It will come down to a judge or jud­ges to deci­de who is right and who is wrong.

  11. That first round was gre­at in Lon­don, much more inte­res­ting, and I did­n’t have to watch one woke com­mer­cial try­ing to indoc­tri­na­te us all !

  12. It seems that the PGA has for­got­ten their mis­si­on state­ment: “The mis­si­on of The PGA of Ame­ri­ca is to pro­mo­te enjoy­ment and invol­ve­ment in golf among the gene­ral public, as well as to con­tri­bu­te to the sport’s growth by pro­vi­ding ser­vices to golf Pro­fes­sio­nals and the industry.”

  13. Their busi­ness model is obvious­ly much dif­fe­rent than the other tours…why is ever­yo­ne so resistant to some­thing dif­fe­rent? What is wrong with someo­ne else put­ting on a golf event the same week as the PGA event…if gol­fers are tru­ly inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors then it is their right to choo­se which event they play…period…PGA is loo­king more like a dictatorship .

  14. How was it hard to find to watch?
    I just sear­ched Golf and found a live stream instant­ly and lis­tened and wat­ched golf for 5 hours with no com­mer­cials LOL

    1. Todd and Bran­dal are smo­king something.
      Also “ they are not legi­ti­ma­te until they get a tele­vi­si­on contract”

      Real­ly Todd? Really?

  15. Gloves are off!! May the best Tour Win!! Next step is the two tours com­pe­ting in a win­ner take all tour­na­ment. My money is on the PGA Tour!!

  16. Easy to under­stand: a mono­po­ly is try­ing to restrict tra­de and break various anti trust laws. Damon Hack is named appropriately…

    The Tour­na­ment is free to watch on you­tube, not dif­fi­cult to find at all…Another mini­on of the tour who are sup­po­sed to be inde­pen­dent media. 

    this is shameless stuff golf channel.

  17. It’s a shame…what they are doing will under­mi­ne the tour…to say that it’s an add on to the tour is nonsense.
    The­se play­ers are just taking their 30 pie­ces of sil­ver and to try to put it in any kind of posi­ti­ve light won’t work.
    For me it’s not just a money grab it’s a blood money grab.…shame on them.…they should never be allo­wed back.

    1. I agree it’s defi­ni­te­ly not an add on. It’s an upgrade. Much more enter­tai­ning, Liv golf got 25m view­ers on a Thurs­day. PGA tour is in trouble

  18. Liv golf will have unli­mi­ted fun­ding short term.…the peop­le backing them are worth tril­li­ons.…… it’s more important to them to appe­ar to be lovely peop­le invol­ved in the won­der­ful game of golf and i would think they would be qui­te hap­py to spend £100 bil­li­on over the next 5 years.
    To add to the cos­ts let’s not for­get they have pro­mi­sed the­se wealt­hy gol­fers full legal expen­se coverage.…..and i would think by the time of appeals etc that the legal expen­ses will be many hund­reds of millions .

  19. The Saudi’s aren’t inte­res­ted in pro­fit. They do it for sport’s washing in order to put on a smi­ley face on a hor­ri­ble régime. They do it with other sports as well. The ent­i­re tour­na­ment was on You­Tube somehow & I only wat­ched a bit of it sin­ce it is com­ple­te­ly mea­ningless with a mix of top play­ers all the way down to ama­teurs (and don’t say the Mas­ters has that as well). Not­hing new or exci­ting but ins­tead flat and boring sin­ce it means not­hing. If you just want to watch peop­le play golf then that’s about all you’ll get out of this.

    1. Ano­t­her sign of how out of touch the PGA Tour is. “If it’s not on a major net­work nobo­dy can watch it”. So many more peop­le would watch sports if they could stream them more easily.

    2. @Dave C it’s hard to find if they shadow ban it. Luck­i­ly for me I sub­scri­bed to liv but fin­ding it on YT search was a bit dif­fi­cult becau­se of the amount of anti liv vide­os to scroll through. Liv has awe­so­me coverage.

  20. The unhe­ard of big money could also go after the net­works and poach talent in order to, even­tual­ly, pre­sent a slick media packa­ge to rival the lea­ding net­works. [At least that is how the con man will exp­lain it to the inves­tor]. And of cour­se the LPGA is at risk. I mean, if you have a blank check and a shark men­ta­li­ty almost ever­ything is at risk. Would we let the US government come in with its assets and spend five times the going rate to poach all the skil­led workers out of a com­pa­ny, to dimi­nish that com­pa­ny, and then replace that com­pa­ny? It’s not remo­te­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve so it is a laugh hea­ring Greg claim that the PGA Tour, a non-pro­fit cor­po­ra­ti­on that has bro­ke­red hund­reds of mil­li­ons in cha­ri­ta­ble giving, and pro­mo­ted the sport all over the world is not being spor­ty or com­pe­ti­ti­ve by expel­ling its play­ers who are play­ing in his league that direct­ly com­pe­tes with the PGA tour. Nor could LIV con­trac­tors choo­se to skip a cou­p­le of LIV events to play in oppo­sing PGA events, eit­her, sin­ce they are locked in to play the LIV sche­du­le by con­tract and thre­at of shark lawsuit.

  21. This is why this dude makin a few dol­lars taking on tv com­pa­red to tho­se who making bil­li­ons …don’t belie­ve the hype….propaganda is one heck of a drug

  22. Whe­re is the USGA on this? Wait for lawsuits. Vio­la­ti­on of Anti­trust laws. LIV has ple­nty of money for top Wall Street Mega Inter­na­tio­nal Law Firm to take this to Federal Court. The PGA will back down after they hit their first Mil­li­on in Legal Fees. 🎉

  23. Hel­lo,
    Inno­va­te, imi­ta­te, or die. I luv golf. I’m in my 50’s now and have wat­ched parts of hund­reds of tour­na­ments and have enjoy­ed them. But, the PGA pro­duct today is sta­le, boring, uni­ma­gi­na­ti­ve, and over values its­elf. It worked in 1999 but we are here now. Same cities, same for­mats, same boring play­er pre­sen­ti­on, blah, blah, blah. The­re is almost zero per­so­na­li­ty to tour, broad­casts, etc. I have not­hing against the PGA. At this point, I wat­ched LIV golf over you­tube and luved it!! Teams, fas­ter-paced, cool/unusual venues, and per­so­na­li­ty. I am going to a LIV tour­na­ment In Port­land and I cant wait. My advice to PGA is don’t fight it, join it. Chan­ge your pro­duct. The old model, is just that, old. Don’t give me the Saudi’s are bad sto­ry. Chi­na and Rus­sia host olym­pics NBC broad­casts from the­se nati­ons of TOTAL DOOM. Cer­tain­ly the Saudi’s government have big room to impro­ve. But so do many other coun­tries. Stop with this ridi­cu­lous moral high ground weak argu­ment. For average joes like me to watch golf/go to tour­na­ments it needs to be enter­tai­ning. PGA golf is sta­le and boring. I don’t watch it any­mo­re. Sor­ry. If PGA adopts/innovates even more then LIV, I’ll watch the PGA again. It’s nice that they give to cha­ri­ty and all that but they are still pre­sen­ting a pro­duct to me the con­su­mer. And the bread is mol­dy. Not gon­na buy it any­mo­re. So for now, gon­na LIV golf!

  24. Golf Chan­nel: “LIV golf is going to be very dif­fi­cult to find, no one is going to watch it”
    Golf Chan­nel right after say­ing that: Posts the clip to the same exact place that you can watch LIV Golf.

    1. 100,000 live view­ers when I che­cked and that’s just you­tube, they were live strea­ming on fb and some other plat­forms as well, may­be half a mil view­ers? lol that’s “nobo­dy”?

  25. Bry­son and Dustin’s world ran­kings will begin to steadi­ly fall off now. How can it not, play­ing on a tour with such litt­le credi­bi­li­ty and struc­tu­re. I guess Dus­tin could care less at this point of his care­er, but I still think ran­kings and majors mat­ter to Bryson.

    1. They would pro­bab­ly need to finish top 25 in majors just to keep trea­ding water in the world ran­kings so to speak. But who knows how many more chan­ces they even get to play in majors moving forward??

    2. I agree. Men’s world ran­kings don’t inclu­de 54-hole events any­way. Once they fall out of the top 50, or wha­te­ver, they will have to play pre-qua­li­fy­ing events to get in the majors.

  26. I’d love to know Way­ne Gretzky’s pri­va­te thoughts about Dustin’s decision.
    I say pri­va­te thoughts cuz I think it’s high­ly unli­kely that he’ll share his genui­ne fee­lings on the mat­ter publicly.

  27. only nar­cis­sists sus­pend peop­le who have alrea­dy resi­gned and are not mem­bers. It’s like stab­bing and shoo­ting at a long time dead body.

  28. I have no love for the Saudi’s, but this seems qui­te pet­ty of the PGA Tour, and I think in the end will hurt them. I had no idea the play­ers were so restric­ted in whe­re else they could play. This may be the end of that when it all shakes out.

  29. No one was cry­ing “thir­ty pie­ces of sil­ver!!!” when the PGA Tour was offe­ring big­ger pur­ses to ent­i­ce the best play­ers from other tours. They weren’t tal­king about human rights abu­ses until it beca­me a way to sme­ar this new and serious com­pe­ti­tor. They are all fine with free-mar­ket capi­ta­lism, sur­vi­val of the fit­test and what­not, but then they throw this tan­trum when com­pe­ti­ti­on does what they’­ve been doing for deca­des. And, how stu­pid is it to, ins­tead of losing some big play­ers for 8 to 10 weeks out of the year, they (PGA Tour), in their chil­dish anger, they just gave up the other 40–42 weeks of having tho­se play­ers play on their tour(aside from some big Euro­pean Tour events or rest weeks). They just gave that away. That’s busi­ness stu­pid, not busi­ness smart. The PGA Tour is, as all busi­nes­ses are, inte­res­ted in self-pre­ser­va­ti­on. They could pos­si­b­ly have risen to the ocas­si­on, when this com­pe­ti­tor show­ed up. Ins­tead, they cho­se to use human rights abu­ses and a monu­ment­al­ly hypo­cri­ti­cal “they’­re using money to ent­i­ce play­ers” argu­ment, hoping that the public would defeat the LIV Tour for them. They tried to shame play­ers into not play­ing LIV events. The­se tac­tics did­n’t ful­ly work, but they have been qui­te suc­cess­ful. Some play­ers were con­vin­ced not to play the LIV Tour, and many fans were con­vin­ced to liter­al­ly hate the LIV Tour. Ame­ri­ca isn’t the world, though. Not near­ly. And, if enough peop­le around the world tune in, the LIV may beco­me a suc­cess. We’ll see. In the mean­ti­me, I’m dis­gus­ted by the PGA Tour’s tac­tics. The­re are legi­ti­ma­te and honest ways to com­pe­te. They cho­se to go the ille­gi­ti­ma­te and dis­ho­nest rou­te, though, rather than do the work. Given today’s poli­ti­cal tac­tics, I’m not real­ly sur­pri­sed, though.

    1. I think this is the most honest and fair assess­ment of what has happened.
      If the PGA had respect for the play­ers that made the PGA what it is they would say ” we have the best pro­duct here, but go and play whe­re you want and our door is always open to you”.
      If that were the case I don’t think any of the guys that have gone to LIV would resign from the PGA and you’d still see them at ple­nty of events given (like you said) LIV is for now 8 events, even when it moves to 14 you’d have a few guys play the majo­ri­ty but they’d all end up back play­ing PGA events.
      That is what would be best for the fans. I don’t need to see every one of the top 100 at every event, anyo­ne who can shoot an even par around a good cour­se is world class to me and I’d be hap­py to watch that level of play.
      To say not having a broad­cas­ter hurts them is a load of shit, jum­ping into You­Tube or LIV web­site to watch a round in 4 or so hours was the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I could con­su­me more golf in less time.
      Also to watch any PGA event in Aus­tra­lia is behind a pay wall.

  30. I feel like the PGA did a mista­ke to sus­pend the­se gol­fers becau­se I am 100% sure that the­se gol­fers would have con­ti­nued to com­pe­te on the PGA tour if only to retain their ran­king in the OWGR, becau­se it’s important if they want to con­ti­nue qua­li­fy­ing for majors. Remem­ber LIV only has 8 events lea­ving ple­nty of room open for gol­fers to play on other tours.

    1. 8 events now, is like say­ing there’s only one cockroach in the house, don’t worry.

      I hope LIV suc­ceeds. But it’s not gon­na be 8 Events for very long.

    2. They alrea­dy announ­ced next year will be more events. And the fol­lowing year even more. Don’t remem­ber what the num­bers were. I think 14 events in 2024?

  31. Records and histo­ry will always reign supre­me I don’t give a dam what anyo­ne says. They are choo­sing 💰over that so I don’t like it but hey enjoy your 💰and play­ing alo­ne with no exposure.

  32. PGA sus­pen­ding LIV gol­fers is about the stu­pi­dest thing they have ever done. The­se play­ers are play­ing for the money and LIV is acco­mo­da­ting them. Get over it PGA!!!

  33. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it’s pret­ty obvious we are hea­ded for hyperinflation.i think stores bet­ter have tight secu­ri­ty becau­se when peop­le can’t afford to feed their fami­lies, things might get ugly..

    1. Take it from one who has it and buy a house in Mis­sou­ri and dream Wrang­ler with forex tra­de pro­fits. I star­ted with Mr Antho­ny Bri­an of finan­cial edu­ca­ti­on and he has been my hand­ler and gui­der for the past years.

    2. I’m hap­py to see Mr Antho­ny Bri­an men­tio­ned here, my spou­se recom­men­ded him to Me after
      inves­ting $4000 and he has real­ly hel­ped us finan­cial­ly in times of COVID ‑19 lock­down here in Australia..

    3. Wow! Nice­ly said inde­ed no doubt Mr Antho­ny Bri­an is the best step to take fol­lowing the cur­rent situa­ti­on of the world eco­no­my, I have never belie­ved in Bit­coin or cryp­to cur­ren­cy in all, but this has been a life chan­ging encoun­ter today!!!

    4. Access to a good infor­ma­ti­on is what the inves­tors needs to pro­gress finan­cial­ly and in life. Here is a good one and I’m grateful

  34. Pro­blem is the play­ers are “paid” by their sponsors….the pga tour doesn’t “pay” the play­ers. they’re “paid” with small pur­se money that they have to win, with all respect to the game of golf it’s com­ple­te­ly unfair that the PGA has basi­cal­ly a mono­po­ly on the sport. It allows the PGA “as a busi­ness” to reap Bil­li­ons from the players .

  35. At the end of the day the guys that left some alrea­dy reached the top level, Ser­gio Phil and DJ, Reed, Like in every sport your goal is to reach the top , some want the Super Bowl ring, the World Seri­es ring, etc. some play­ers lets face it won’t ever get their so why not go to a league that is going to Pay you gua­ran­te­ed money. Pga pays you no money if you don’t win. So what’s wrong with let­ting your (I mean the) play­ers go and play else­whe­re. It’s cos­ting the pga no money, some­ti­mes all the best play­ers don’t even play in the same event that’s hap­pe­ning every wee­kend. When was the last time that all the pga major fac­tor play­ers step foot in the same even , bes­i­des the major tournaments

  36. The High School rea­li­ty show dra­ma going on in the game of golf right now is laug­ha­ble. It’s tru­ly an embarr­ass­ment and humi­lia­ti­on. It’s like going through a bad public divor­ce and airing out all the dir­ty laund­ry for the world to see. Total­ly degra­ded and defa­med the image of the PGA and golf as a sport as a who­le. Making a mocke­ry of the pres­ti­ge of golf on the PGA tour in my opi­ni­on. Sus­pen­ded inde­fi­ni­te­ly at war feu­ding ins­tead of coope­ra­ting & making the best out of a bad situa­ti­on. Things work out best for orga­niz­a­ti­ons that make the most out of how things work out. PGA has hand­led this so poor­ly. The game of golf should be wel­co­med ever­y­whe­re all over the world and expand into as many ter­ri­to­ries as pos­si­ble. PGA Tour Impe­ria­lism thinks they are the most eli­tist orga­niz­a­ti­on on Earth and ever­yo­ne should bow down to them. Who do they think they are? It’s a GAME! A sil­ly game! It’s the grea­test game ever play­ed that’s for sure but a game none­theless and shouldn’t be taken so serious­ly. Golf is meant to be enjoy­ed by every race, gen­der, cul­tu­re and on every nati­on to unite peop­le in the game of sport. The­se Sau­dis are busi­ness­men. AMERICA has blood on their hands just the same as the Sau­dis so con­dem­ning play­ers while Ame­ri­can histo­ry of war after war is dif­fe­rent how? Nati­ve Ame­ri­can geno­ci­de and theft of the land? Afri­can slavery? EUROPEANS have been peas­ants, ser­vants, slaves and serfs trap­ped in genera­tio­nal pro­le­ta­ri­at blue col­lar for­ced inten­si­ve labor sin­ce it’s incep­ti­on. How many fathers, mothers, sons, daugh­ters and Ame­ri­cans have been mur­de­red in our coun­try. Mass shoo­tings recent­ly? When did the PGA ever belie­ve the­se ath­le­tes com­pe­te to say I’m a proud mem­ber of the PGA. They com­pe­te for money for their fami­lies plain and simp­le. Money is the moti­va­tor not lega­cy. Tiger should have 100% UNITED THE TOURS and WELCOMED THEM WITH OPEN ARMS & TAKEN THE $1 BILLION. Remem­ber after his scan­dal the way they trea­ted Tiger? Remem­ber the speech they chas­ti­sed and tal­ked down to him as if he were a child bera­ting him for making a human mista­ke. TIGER TAKE THE BILLION! PGA tour are CHEAP like the UFC! Pay more MONEY PGA and UPDATE TO THE NEW WORLD IN 2022 with your OLD RULES & THIS IS THE WAY ITS ALWAYS BEEN DONE MENTALITY and may­be play­ers won’t have to jump ship to other tours. NATURAL SELECTION EVOLVE THE GAME OF GOLF OR DIE!

  37. The PGA and the shills on this golf chan­nel have made me want to boy­cott PGA events and now I real­ly hope LIV suc­ceeds. All they had to do was grant some relea­ses and let LIV die off on it’s own. Ins­tead they’ve given it all the publi­ci­ty it needs to succeed

  38. LOL!! From a con­su­mers per­spec­ti­ve, this is free golf with a decent field. The fact there’s no pay walls for good golf makes it the best golf from a con­su­mers per­spec­ti­ve. Don’t bring me into your rubbish

  39. PGA will have to rethink its sus­pen­si­ons when half the field moves on to the LIV golf tour. Only pro­blem LIV has cur­r­ent­ly are past their prime gol­fers and unknowns. Soon the cur­rent stars will jump ship as views only tune into the opens and LIV for free on you­tube and avoid com­mer­cials and moro­nic comentators.

  40. The­se are Mafia tac­tics. And the­se repor­ters are pro­tec­ting their PGA Dons, to pro­tect their cozy gigs and connections!

  41. Todd, you’re as bad as Brandel.
    It’s not legi­ti­ma­te until it has a TV contract?
    That’s what all peop­le say.
    They have intro­du­ced free strea­ming on YouTube.
    They don’t need no stin­king tele­vi­si­on contract.
    Wake up Todd.

  42. Reminds of the USFL. Big money / big media atten­ti­on / big names. Time will tell if it ends the same. Oh and one per­son was invol­ved in both – Trump. USFL team owner, Doral (on the Liv sche­du­le) owner.

  43. And just for star­ters, today we all had a nice LIV­Golf online and You­Tube coverage of the who­le 1st round zero com­mer­cial inter­rup­ti­ons. Golf Chan­nel can’t give a decent coverage on TV ‘cau­se all of the adver­ti­se­ments in bet­ween! Plus, it sucks at high­lights giving only crap­py litt­le vide­os a few hours after the events. PGA and Golf­Chan­nel don’t give a darn bit about peop­le not able to go to watch tour­na­ments right the­re, so screw them! I don’t bla­me peop­le com­p­lai­ning and they just shot them­sel­ves in the foot for sure

  44. I agree the PGA has over­esti­ma­ted their worth in this situa­ti­on. Thise like Bran­don Cham­blee are just pro­tec­ting their jobs, so Inwould take that with a grain of salt. I will watch the LIV tour even if I have to stream it. The PGA is making a big mia­ta­ke, they are a mono­po­ly and Ame­ri­cans won’t stand for it. I watch the tour a lot and becau­se of this I am going to take a break for a while, this is very disappointing.

  45. Back in the 60s the PGA Tour bro­ke away from the PGA of Ame­ri­ca, in pur­su­it of $$$$. Today, in 2022, play­ers from the PGA Tour are brea­king away in pur­su­it of more $$$ in the LIV Tour. And the PGA Tour is having a pro­blem with that????????

    The hypo­cri­sy!! 😮

  46. I was a admis­si­ons vol­un­teer at the Bob Hope Clas­sic for 7 years back in the 90’s, more and more things were taken away from us ( Cof­fee, donuts, lunch, beer ) until we all final­ly quit one year. The PGA did­n’t care about it’s vol­un­te­ers back then, won­der how they are trea­ting them now ?

  47. And the PGA does­n’t “money grab”??? Is the PGA a non ‑pro­fit orga­niz­a­ti­on? Wut was their pro­fits every year?

  48. Todd Lewis – in con­trast to your state­ment the broad­cast of the LIV event was VERY easy to find Fur­ther­mo­re it was com­pel­ling to see so many golf shots com­pa­red to the pathe­tic PGA / Golf Chan­nel broad­casts. My ques­ti­on is…. Is this when the sham of the PGA Tour being a “non-pro­fit” crum­bles under legal scrutiny????

  49. The strang­le­hold of the PGA can only be loo­se­ned with money​.Golf at the hig­hest level is for the very rich,so it’s rather stu­pid to talk of money grab­bing by tho­se clo­sing ranks with the PGA.It’s also easy to say the PGA hel­ps gol­fers at all levels.It’s a mono­po­ly and it only does it on its own terms.It’s insular,self pro­tec­tio­n­ist and is now clear­ly worried by a chal­len­ge to its place in the world of golf.

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Tiger Woods hat enthüllt, wie die PGA LIV Golf übernehmen wird.Tiger Woods hat enthüllt, wie die PGA LIV Golf übernehmen wird.

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