VOLLSTÄNDIGE golfspezifische Kraft- und Konditionierungsroutine | ZGM

VOLLSTAeNDIGE golfspezifische Kraft und Konditionierungsroutine ZGM 2020

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60 thought on “VOLLSTÄNDIGE golfspezifische Kraft- und Konditionierungsroutine | ZGM”

  1. Gre­at rou­ti­ne. What are your thoughts on weigh­ted exer­ci­ses? Typi­cal weight trai­ning type stuff. Also, regar­ding the amount of effort/how hea­vy gol­fers should be lif­ting (i.e. what level of per­cei­ved effort? 50%, 65% 75% or 85%…of max?). It’d be gre­at to see a strength trai­ning rou­ti­ne for gol­fers for incre­a­sing swing speed, sta­bi­li­ty, flexibility/range of moti­on and over­all performance.

    1. Sta­bi­li­ty – strength – power…in that order. All of tho­se per­cen­ta­ges can be app­li­ca­ble to a golfer’s trai­ning plan depen­ding on the goal at the time. Tra­di­tio­nal bar­bell / dumb­bell exer­ci­ses have their place also. Move­ments don’t always have to look “gol­fi­sh” to pro­vi­de benefits.

    2. @Arkade Per­fect abso­lute­ly. What I’d like to see is what Mar­cus thinks regar­ding how hea­vy to lift and pro­gramming. I find it chal­len­ging to stay loo­se in my swing the day after a night of hea­vy back squats. I swit­ched to front squats and, due to the ligh­ter weight and dif­fe­rent ran­ge of moti­on, I’ve found it hel­ped. Just curious to see some­thing like off sea­son and during sea­son lif­ting program.

  2. I wont wait till tomor­row to start some of it at home. Super stuff. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons for pos­ting some­thing so valu­able and focu­sed. I am con­fi­dent it will help a gre­at deal.

  3. Mar­cus. Robin. If you weren’t across the oce­an I’d liter­al­ly slap 👋 you guys sen­seless. You guys should be rela­xing with a boo­m­ing busi­ness. I’m in Flo­ri­da and I’ve bought all your vide­os. I have all your balan­ce tools. I went from not even bothe­ring to keep score to brea­king 100 instant­ly. Flo­ri­da is a Mec­ca for golf all year round. Any­ways I can go on and on here. EXPAND. GO FOR IT. YOU WILL NOT LOSE.

    1. Wow, thanks man, awe­so­me to hear it’s hel­ped you so much. Com­ing over to the Sta­tes is defi­ni­te­ly on the radar 👍

    2. ZEN Golf Mecha­nic Do make a video when you are com­ing. I’m taking one of my vaca­ti­on weeks and hea­ding whe­re­ver your going. 💯 Pen­cil me in.

  4. It’s ok swin­ging fas­ter but can you con­trol the swing mecha­nics and club face con­trol ‚also it’s down to bodies natu­ral rhythm some peop­le have natu­ral speed with fas­ter reactions.

    1. Thanks, yes I agree with you but we’­re not try­ing to influ­ence that spe­ci­fi­cal­ly. That’s just one of several gains. Some peop­le have a slower rhythm and some fas­ter, that’s not in ques­ti­on. It’s important that the play­er uses their own signa­tu­re style. This is a dis­co­very ses­si­on and there’s no inten­ti­on of try­ing to get him to swing fas­ter. We do several other per­for­mance tests as well. He wants to explo­re his move­ment and deve­lop the poten­ti­al he alrea­dy pos­ses­ses. You don’t know how your body will respond until you chal­len­ge it and explo­re your poten­ti­al. It’s not always about expan­ding your ran­ges of moti­on, it is also about explo­ring the ran­ges you alrea­dy have. The incre­a­se in speed was just a by pro­duct and not the sole pur­po­se for the ses­si­on. A lot of peop­le I see have limi­ted move­ment maps but still have poten­ti­al wit­hin their exis­ting ran­ges of moti­on that they haven’t explo­red due to body awa­reness. Once the body knows poten­ti­al is the­re it now has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to use it. It’s like the golf les­sons, I’m not always incre­a­sing ran­ge, in fact most often we don’t incre­a­se ran­ge but heigh­ten self awa­reness so you can use what you’­ve got even bet­ter. That’s not necessa­ri­ly for speed, most peop­le come with a sli­ce and lea­ve with a draw so that’s swing and club face awareness.
      If swing speed does hap­pen to incre­a­se with trai­ning then you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to dial down your speed to con­trol it fur­ther. Most tour play­ers aren’t swin­ging at 100% for a rea­son, con­trol. If you watch a lot of ama­teurs they’­re try­ing to hit the ball and swing too hard. Once they rea­li­se there’s speed avail­ab­le with less effort things chan­ge dra­ma­ti­cal­ly. There’s more to this ses­si­on than meets the eye. It’s more about swit­ching on the sen­ses, pro­prio­cep­ti­on, balan­ce, co-ordi­na­ti­on etc to expand move­ment maps wit­hin the exis­ting cons­traints and explo­re new space if the poten­ti­al is there.
      It’s always gea­red towards the play­ers needs and requi­re­ments. Nathan was also con­cer­ned about poten­ti­al inju­ry in the future. He has high club­head speed and restric­tions in some cri­ti­cal seg­ments of his body which may pre­dis­po­se him to inju­ry in the future so that is also a major ele­ment and focus of what we do. Thanks for your comment 👍

  5. Memo to self; when doing the initi­al stretch with the band across the chest, “wear a top”. I mana­ged to pull out at least 20 chest hairs with the first attempt!!!! Ouch!!!!!!!
    PS Wow, that was an awe­so­me stretching/conditioning rou­ti­ne, that I defi­ni­te­ly need to add into my fit­ness régime
    PPS What are your views on the 5 Tibe­tans? I have prac­ti­sed them dai­ly for years that they real­ly help my fle­xi­bi­li­ty & mobility

  6. Gre­at Trai­ning video, thank you for sharing this in depth exer­ci­ses. I would love to see the results after 6–8 weeks etc. I won­der what Nathan will be capa­ble off, when his lower body sta­bi­li­ty incre­a­ses. At that tre­men­dous swing speed, not being able to touch toes or keep the body sta­ble when jum­ping side­ways gives loads of room to improve.
    Keep up the gre­at work.

    P.s. Would you see a bene­fit of incor­po­ra­ting a vibro-pla­te in the initi­al Ther­a­band stret­ches? If not, would you be able to share a few exer­ci­ses with with vibro-plate?

    Cheers and all the best,

  7. Not kno­cking strength n con­di­tio­ning training,apart from resis­tance bands the 2 gym exer­ci­ses i would recom­mend are Kett­le Bends and Face­pulls! But one of the major dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween Golf and other sports Ive play­ed is that most of the time you are inac­ti­ve! ie it is at least 5 mins bet­ween shots which is why dri­ving ran­ge golf is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent to com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf.I could whist­le dixie at the top of my back­swing and still hit a gre­at strike on the ran­ge becau­se Im war­med up and more import­ant­ly my ath­le­tic abi­li­ty and hand eye co-ordi­na­ti­on is at its peak.

    1. Abso­lute­ly, can’t argue with that. This is just a small ele­ment of our trai­ning and is real­ly a pre­pa­ra­ti­on pro­gram to be under­ta­ken for 4 weeks befo­re we move onto more weight bearing/resistance exer­ci­ses using kett­le­bells etc. You’ll be see­ing more pro­grams which can be adap­ted spe­ci­fi­cal­ly to the needs of the play­er. It would be poten­ti­al­ly dan­ge­rous and pos­si­b­ly inef­fec­ti­ve in our eyes to start trai­ning with kett­le­bells befo­re any pre­pa­ra­to­ry pro­gram has been put in place first, to deve­lop foun­da­ti­ons for the body to per­form weight trai­ning exercises.

    2. @ZEN Golf Mecha­nic May­be Im lucky becau­se I did a lot of strength and con­di­tio­ning in my youth or may­be lug­ging 250lbs around for the last few years has hel­ped! But I was able pret­ty much to go strai­ght into 6–10 reps hea­vy com­pound moves (squat,bench press etc) a cpl of years ago 3 times a week​.Like you say after Id streng­t­he­ned up Ive done more dyna­mic stuff like Kett­le­bells. Im 60 yrs old striking the ball bet­ter than ever and was expec­ting to lower my 5 hcp this year! So you seni­ors out the­re get going on this stuff and dont be frigh­te­ned of hea­vy weights if you’­re taught the right tech­ni­que (use a smit­hs machi­ne for safe­ty) . We need all the strength we can get at our age!

  8. It’s not how far you hit it is how good towards the tar­get you hit it this zen golf zen rub­bish just to impress the igno­rant if you know how to swing the club head you can enjoy the game look for Ernest Jones who com­pe­ted on one leg

    1. Abso­lute­ly agree 👍 Ernest Jones was an unbe­liev­a­ble talent and inspi­ra­ti­on as a play­er and also coach. ZEN is not just about hit­ting it fur­ther. It’s all rela­ti­ve and spe­ci­fic to the indi­vi­du­al. This is just one video of a par­ti­cu­lar ses­si­on in trai­ning. It does­n’t defi­ne our who­le phi­lo­so­phy. You only have to look at all the other vide­os on the chan­nel to see it’s about opti­mi­sing the indi­vi­du­al to achie­ve their own per­so­nal goals and ambi­ti­on. Ball flight con­trol is a very com­mon the­me. As a side note, I teach the world num­ber 7 dis­ab­led gol­fer who has Cere­bral Pal­sy and he’s off scratch so it’s pos­si­ble to play out­stan­ding golf when phy­si­cal­ly impaired.

  9. Would love if you guys could post up the rou­ti­ne along with the reps. I plan on giving this a go for the next 6 weeks.

    1. Sor­ry it’s a sys­tem I’ve deve­lo­ped mys­elf and I’ve only got 3 guys under my men­tor­s­hip in trai­ning at the moment who work clo­se­ly with me at my base. This isn’t a tea­ching sys­tem that other coa­ches can beco­me cer­ti­fied in unless they are on my own per­so­nal men­tor­s­hip programs.

  10. Goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Loo­king at Nathan who loo­ks very ath­le­tic and fair­ly lean he does­n’t have the fle­xi­bi­li­ty of Pete who is short and sto­cky. It would be inte­res­ting to see how Nathan does after a mon­th of this training.

  11. Mar­cus, I have to tell you thank you for sharing your inst­ruc­tion. I haven’t star­ted doing this full rou­ti­ne but after watching the pre­vious video demons­tra­ting the use of Ther­a­bands and war­ming up the shoul­ders I star­ted doing that simp­le warm up every day. At age 70 I’m in decent shape. This howe­ver has cured my stiff neck and shoul­der issu­es. At first I could­n’t do more than one of the leg balan­cing exer­ci­ses at a time as I’d lose my balan­ce. Now I can do 5 or more in a row and I feel much stron­ger in the feet, ankles and legs. And my golf game is impro­ving from your tea­ching methods. My last round I hit more fair­ways and greens than ever!

  12. Thanks so much for pos­ting this! My feeds are full of ads try­ing to sell me golf work­outs for big money. Nice to get world class rou­ti­nes for nothing.

  13. at 25, my ss was 151 only when swin­ging free­ly and NOT addres­sing a golf ball. Addres­sing a ball I could get no hig­her than 142. At 50, it is still 125 when swin­ging at a golf ball but I still do not know how to use the ground for­ces pro­per­ly so the­re is still speed the­re. SOOO Frus­tra­ted. Do you guys have a place to send a vid of my swing?

  14. Doing all this is all well and good but it wont necessa­ri­ly make you a bet­ter play­er. Short game, put­ting, cour­se manage­ment and guts are what you need.

  15. Buy­ing lon­ger socks so I think I’m almost tou­ch­ing toes. Love the state­ment you could be losing distance due to fle­xi­bi­li­ty and Nathan is swin­ging at 125mph. Real­ly enjoya­ble to watch someo­ne suf­fer thru trai­ning. How tall is Nathan?

  16. Hope you do some­thing about the sound in your vide­os in the future – the sound qua­li­ty is poor in most of your videos.
    Just a litt­le con­struc­ti­ve cri­ti­cism, not inten­ded to disparage.

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