Vom Golfanfänger zum Handicapper 6 in 330 Tagen

Vom Golfanfaenger zum Handicapper 6 in 330 Tagen best golf

Woll­ten Sie schon immer Ihr Golf-Han­di­cap sen­ken und ein Sin­gle-Figu­re-Gol­fer wer­den? Nun, Fred­dy erklärt genau, wie er sein Han­di­cap auf 6 gesenkt hat, nach­dem er nur 11 Mona­te lang Golf gespielt hat­te. Wir fol­gen Fred­dy ein paar Löcher durch den Chorl­ton Golf Club, wäh­rend er uns in sei­ne Geheim­nis­se ein­weiht, wie er sein Golf-Han­di­cap gesenkt hat! ►For All Things Golf Mates https://​www​.golf​ma​te​s​of​fi​cial​.com ► Offi­cial Golf Mates Tra­vel Com­pa­ny http://​Golf​Ma​tesTra​vel​.com/ Liam Har­ri­son wird gespon­sert von ► Mizu­no Clot­hing & Shoes https://​mizu​no​golf​.com/​u​k​/​a​p​p​a​rel / ► Mizu­no Golf Equip­ment https://​emea​.mizu​no​.com/​u​k​/​e​n​-​g​b​/​s​t​-​m​i​z​u​n​o​-​g​o​l​f​.​h​tml ► Wer­den Sie ein Golf Mate, indem Sie sich jetzt KOSTENLOS ABONNIEREN! https://​bit​.ly/​2​G​2​S​1vf —————————————– ——————— Mei­ne Socials: Twit­ter ► https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Insta­gram ► https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Face­book ► https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​m​a​t​e​s​-​1​1​0​1​7​2​3​1​0​4​3​1​947 ————————————- ————————- Will­kom­men auf dem You­Tube-Kanal von Golf Mates! Wir brin­gen Ihnen lus­ti­ge Golf­vi­de­os mit einer Rei­he von Cha­rak­te­ren, die Sie alle genie­ßen kön­nen. Es gibt Cha­rak­te­re, an denen wir uns alle erfreu­en kön­nen, von Gol­fern mit mitt­le­rem Han­di­cap, Fun­ny-Gol­fern, Senio­ren-Gol­fern, Scratch-Gol­fern, Ex-PGA-Pro­fis und PGA-Pro­fis. Mei­ne Vide­os sind hier, um Ihr Golf­spiel zu ver­bes­sern und den Spaß und die Gemein­schaft zurück ins Golf zu brin­gen! Play­lists unse­rer Cha­rak­te­re: OMP ► 70 Jah­re Gol­ferfah­rung und legen­dä­rer Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​p​n​T​vsD Young Man Josh ► Ein jun­ger Golf-Super­star – https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​e​A​itZ Mr Bar­low ► Der lus­tigs­te Gol­fer auf You­Tube – https://​bit​.ly/​2​Z​M​h​NDV Lee Jones ► Scratch-Gol­fer & Golf-Rezen­sent – https://​bit​.ly/​3​d​d​9​STa Ebay Pete ► The House­wi­fes Choice & Mid Han­di­cap Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​D​h​l​GhV Stu ► Roy ‘Chub­by’ Brown Look Ali­ke Bry ► Euro­pean Long Dri­ve Cham­pion – https://​bit​.ly/​3​2​T​Z​PR5 Peter Finch ► Ex-Pro­fi & Scratch-Gol­fer #Sub­scri­be #HitT­he­Bell #Golf­Ma­tes

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386 thought on “Vom Golfanfänger zum Handicapper 6 in 330 Tagen”

  1. Fred­dy as soon a chro­me soft was said i lik­ed him 😂 play­ed today shot under for the first time on yel­low tees but as soon as satur­day medals hap­pen it goes to pot ever­y­ti­me thanks for the video👍

  2. It’s awe­so­me to see a young lad Fred­dy taking his game of golf very serious­ly. He has a gre­at golf swing for only play­ing 11 mon­ths. Les­sons may­be is the ans­wer to bet­ter golf??👍👍🏌️⛳️🇨🇦

    1. @Frederick Ash­by that is right sir les­sons are the ans­wer to gre­at golf. I now have 5 les­sons every spring when golf is here for the spring, summer 👍👍

  3. Gre­at game Fred­dy! I think you could teach Mr. B a thing or two. Just don’t let him get in your head, haha­ha! He does have some magic though so watch out!

  4. Awe­so­me Fred­dy, a cou­p­le of OMP les­sons would help him with his fade. Mr. Bar­low is like a virus, a litt­le expo­sure might not hurt you but dont let him breath on you. 🙂

  5. Young Fred­die came across very well.
    More came­ra time nee­ded as that tests even the best play­ers on the channel.
    Ano­t­her gre­at addi­ti­on pos­si­b­ly to the chan­nel Liam.
    Well play­ed lad.👏👏👏👏

  6. Gre­at lad and you have to get him on again and see what he is like against one of the pro’s. I think he would be gre­at as he will have no fear. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing him against Mr B. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

  7. Need more youngs­ters like this, does­n’t take too long to hit a shot eit­her. (Gre­at for us Green­kee­pers) What a breath of fresh air. Gre­at effort Freddy. 👍

  8. Wel­co­me Fred­dy, well play­ed bud­dy, hope to see you in a some matches this year. Loo­ks like Liam’s gone from tour cad­dy to talent scout, next stop sports agent.

  9. Good play­er, young Fred­dy ! Look after your back m8.
    Nort­hen­den and Wit­hing­ton were always pro­ne to floo­ding near the main road. Have they sor­ted that out ?

  10. Such a nice lad, don’t let Mr. B brow beat him with his gib­be­rish. He may need just a litt­le bet­ter fol­low thru main­tai­ning his balan­ce. I had hard­ly any of his con­fi­dence at that age. Bring him back bet­ween clas­ses OMP can teach him a lot.

  11. Sma­shing lad! Love the atti­tu­de, aim, shoot walk! No mes­sing. Its been a while sin­ce I lived in the UK but his accent sounds more Nottingham/Mansfield or do I have it com­ple­te­ly wrong?

  12. What a gre­at find in young Fred­dy a natu­ral talent just pure enthu­si­asm for golf , bring on 5he Bar­low , keep safe and well golfmates

  13. Gre­at lad and loo­ks like ano­t­her bril­li­ant addi­ti­on to your team Liam ☺️ ‚would be gre­at too to see how Joe’s the came­ra golf pro­gres­si­on ‚how’s he’s get­ting on

    1. @Golf Mates I went from 28 to19 in my 1st year but have stal­led as of late
      A shed load of les­sons nee­ded now me thinks, but as long as I keep enjoy­ing play­ing and have a crack whilst doing it 19 is good enough for me 👍👍

  14. Well done Fred­die lad! I’d real­ly like him to be a regu­lar, if pos­si­ble. Thanks for the bank holi­day video 👏🏻

  15. What a sma­shing intel­li­gent young lad!! Be gre­at to see him on the chan­nel and his pro­gres­si­on over the next year 👍👍

  16. Fred­die wel­co­me to the golf­ma­tes fami­ly. Awe­so­me play­ing and just remar­kab­le that you have only been play­ing a year. And spe­cial shoot out to your mom too. May­be a Mizu­no put­ter might look good in his bag. Liam you are a spe­cial lad for fin­ding all the­se “Hid­den Gems”.

  17. Well play­ed Fred­dy. You’ll get down to scratch if you keep pro­gres­sing like you have in last 11 mon­ths. You need to have a chat with Liam to get you a set of fit­ted Mizu­no clubs 😂

  18. Gre­at job Fred­die. Nice ez swing. Les­sons are the key. Liam I can see a your head thin­king alrea­dy… fit­ting down the road. Love to see OMP with u two. Cheers.

  19. What a talen­ted young guy… Love his ’ grip it and rip it ’ style. He’s got the con­fi­dence to take on all the shots. I think we’ll be see­ing more of him 🤔😉🏌️

  20. wel­co­me to the Golf Mates club Fred­dy .. whe­re Liam hosts gre­at gol­fers „ and lou­sy gol­fers ali­ke.. no need to men­ti­on Barlow

  21. Fan­tastic Fred­die 👏 I would be hap­py with half that talent and been play­ing a lot lon­ger than you. Get back on the chan­nel soon young man. Thanks again golfmates.

  22. Fred­die is a gre­at addi­ti­on to the chan­nel. A future club cham­pion wit­hin 3 years I reck­on. Gre­at additu­de too. Loo­ks a natu­ral on came­ra. Bring on Barlow !

  23. What a gre­at addi­ti­on to the site Liam. Oh to be 16 again and lear­ning to play golf like Fred­die. What a play­er this young man could be 👍

  24. I star­ted as a com­ple­te novice end of August last year. Im at about 25 han­di­cap now con­sist­ent­ly brea­king 100, mid low 90s. Hoping by August I can real­ly make some big steps and get my scores into the 80s. Addic­ti­ve stuff!

  25. Rea;;y good gol­fer for a year (or less) Good swing and lots of power – and qui­te ana­ly­ti­cal in terms of what a shot will deli­ver. Very good! I expect to see Fred­die on tour in the next 2 or 3 years. Just keep app­ly­ing yourself – be con­fi­dent, be hum­ble – peop­le will love you and your natu­ral skills and work ethic will reap the rewards that you deserve.

  26. Gre­at stuff gents, Fred­die will be a gre­at addi­ti­on to the golf mates sta­ble, he’ll get used to the filming, I look for­ward to see­ing some ban­ter with the others, I reck­on that ebay Pete could sort out some decent clubs for him(just a hint) Nice one Liam.

  27. What a genui­ne young man. I real­ly like the way he natu­ral­ly talks his way through the upco­m­ing shot. He seems like a natu­ral addi­ti­on to the channel.

  28. Well done young Fred­dy. You enjoy yourself pal and play against the Golf­ma­tes team. You can make the gra­de and then Liam (No1 Euro­pean Cad­dy) will cad­dy for you🤣🤣

  29. Well done, Fred­die. I’d love to see him take Mr. Bar­low on, and take you on in a match as well, Liam. He has a beau­ti­ful smooth swing.

  30. Fred­dy seems like a qua­li­ty lad. He did not deser­ve the mother joke @7:32 but I’m so hap­py you stung him the­re Liam. What a gre­at laugh! Keep on Fred­dy, you’­re on your way, you’ll be fit­ted by Mizu­no in no time at all. How about a batt­le of the teens? Josh vs. Fred­dy spon­so­red by Mizuno.
    kevin O’Rourke

  31. Swing is as smooth as silk👌🏻is that 1 of the young lads who was in a video the other week? I think I’ve seen his face before

  32. What a gre­at lad. Play­ed with my 13 yr old grand­son on Thurs­day last and when he didn’t muck about he would easi­ly out dri­ve me and his dad! Get Fred­dy on against OMP!

  33. Good job Fred­die for your first time on came­ra. You’ve got a good game young man, keep play­ing, golf can take you a long way in your life !!!

  34. Cracking video lads!! Fred­die gives us all hope, that swing using the box as an aid is pure gold. Will be prac­ti­cing it mys­elf now!

  35. Good luck on your gol­fing jour­ney Fred­die, well play­ed and keep drea­ming that dream as you got the mine­rals to make it, 6 han­di­cap in less than a year says it all and also shows how much you love the sport
    Gre­at video liam

  36. Wot a nice lad Fred­die is you and him against Mr Bar­low and O.M.P ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️

  37. What an abso­lu­te beast of a ball stri­ker ever­ything just see­med pure fred­dy has bags of poten­ti­al and alot of know­ledge show­ed that with his bar­low comments him v simon pay­ne when hes over is a must see match 😂😂

  38. Well play­ed Fred­die. I like your con­fi­dence. By the way, did Liam men­ti­on he was a win­ner on the Euro­pean Tour 😉

  39. That was class! May­be a tad ner­vous but love his con­fi­dence, thin­king about what he’s going to down and that smooth tem­po. Hope he beco­mes a regular.

  40. Top job Fred­die and wel­co­me to Golf Mates young man👍 loo­king for­ward to see­ing you take on Mr Bar­low😜😂🏌️‍♂️

  41. Liam you’­ve found a hid­den gem in this young kid but don’t let him start ano­t­her golf you­tube chan­nel!! Just keep invi­t­ing him back to play kee­ping him to busy!! I’ve got no time to watch ano­t­her golf you­tube channel!

  42. Well done Fred­die keep on prac­ti­cing and play­ing. I hope to see you on the PGA tour wit­hin 5 years. You’­ve got it in you

  43. Liam, sign him up for a fortnightly/monthly video update! Would love to keep upto date on his pro­gress to get­ting to scratch ….. and can’t wait to see him take on Cap­tain Slice

  44. No I hate Fred­die I star­ted play­ing lady may I’m 57 and get exci­ted if I break 100 and if I only lose 9 balls or less…🤣😂🤣😂👍🏻

  45. Well play­ed Fred­dy 11 mon­ths off 6 superb should be gre­at match you and MR B loo­ks like you will be giving shots away 👍👍👏👏

  46. On yer­sel Fred­die, play­ed some good golf espe­cial­ly in that wind mate 👍 stick with Liam and he’ll get you on the right track you might even get spon­so­red by mizu­no along with the boys 😁

  47. What a gol­fer , hits the ball doesn’t even look whe­re it lands becau­se he knows whe­re it’s going , come on Liam use your con­ta­cts and get the lad a set of fit­ted clubs and get him on the chan­nel more , can see this lad going pla­ces , be gre­at to have you fol­low his sto­ry on your channel

  48. Abso­lute­ly gre­at to see this hap­pen, some­ti­mes peop­le just fine a sport that suit them​.Golf can be one of the easiest or har­dest game in the world.

  49. Nice one ! love see­ing pop­le that are star­ting golf and get­ting hoo­ked and how they progress.
    Having said that huge han­di­cap drop in 11 mon­ths ! well done Freddy

  50. Get Fred­die back on in decent wea­ther. Sure mizu­no could sort him out with a put­ter. A match with Liam, Bar­low and Fred­die a must.

  51. More came­ra time nee­ded and hope­ful­ly bet­ter con­di­ti­ons 💨defi­ni­te­ly have him back with mr Bar­low ⛳️🏌️‍♂️🤩

  52. What a gre­at young man. Fred­dy is not only con­fi­dent on the cour­se, but also con­fi­dent in his inter­ac­tion and dic­tion. Fred­dy you are a class guy. Best of luck with your golf jour­ney. Well done Liam, get­ting Fred­dy on the channel.

  53. need more fred­dy on the chan­nel liam this boys a ⭐️at 16 year old his con­fi­dence is sky high bril­li­ant to watch 👏👏well done to his mother aswell up at 6 to take him to the cour­se 👏👏gre­at watch liam cant wait for fred­die v mr bar­low 👍⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️

  54. Top young lad is Fred­dy. Good gol­fer and just a good young man. Soon be down to scratch if he keeps the trend going. Good luck Freddy 👍

  55. Good to see Fred­die so focus­sed on what he wants to achie­ve. With the right peop­le backing him, he will make a top play­ing pro one day. Gre­at to have Fred­die on the chan­nel, but he just want to play golf and keep honing his skill, rather than stop star­ting, which is what hap­pens when you have to arran­ge a video. Angles, che­cking the light, the sound, etc. Think Fred­die would get a litt­le naf­fed off, if you could keep it rol­ling, then edit, he would fare bet­ter on came­ra. For his first one, he did brilliant.

  56. Fred­dy and I like the same balls. I hope to see more of him, and I think a match bet­ween he and Mr. Bar­low is an excel­lent idea.

  57. That state­ment at the end, My plan is to play in front of a lot of came­ras, one day.…Liam, get him fit­ted mate, what a future talent, go Freddie

  58. That was a bel­ter. Fred­die has an old head on young shoul­ders. Loved his com­ment about Mr B “about lear­ning not­hing worth knowing.” So true!!! Also his “love you Mom.”
    Keep enjoy­ing the game, young man! Thanks Liam.

  59. Young Fred­dy has fabu­lous atti­tu­de for golf. It loo­ks like he has been trai­ned in con­fi­dence not nega­tively. Will look for his name on lea­der­boards? A gre­at lad and all the best for the future Freddy.👍

  60. Fred­dy could be a future star!very down to earth and has picked up the cour­se manage­ment way of thin­king quickly.I know some people,me inclu­ded at times,who don’t think about the game the way this young man does.cracking video again!

  61. Well done Fred­dy! Game for life mate. You’ll never stop lear­ning (golf and life) the ban­ter and pres­su­res of the game will build an awe­so­me character .

  62. congra­tu­la­ti­on to young fred­dy what an achie­ve­ment, lots of dedi­ca­ti­on and deter­mi­na­ti­on well done mate. Will be gre­at to have him on the chan­nel a few times over the com­ing mon­ths, alrea­dy got the ban­ter so gon­na be inte­res­ting the match against Mr b cant wait.

  63. Nice genui­ne lad is Fred­die, let’s see him play with OMP so the mas­ter can coach the appren­ti­ce, gre­at stuff as always Liam 👍👍🏌️

  64. Gre­at to see a youngs­ter with con­fi­dence in their game. You can tell Fred­dy isn’t Cocky too!
    Keep it going and you will get that Han­di­cap down a lot more.
    Would be good to see Pat give him some Cour­se manage­ment lessons.

  65. Has he play­ed many comps ? It would have been nice for him to win a few board comps on the way down.
    The youngs­ters play a dif­fe­rent game.

  66. Wow I wish I could have had the brains to take up the game when I was his age. Well done to mum for the encou­ra­ge­ment and sup­port. I very well done to Fred­die, tour play­er one day? Would love to see him play regu­lar against the rest of the lads.

  67. Well done Fred­die, that’s an ama­zing tumb­le in the han­di­cap in 11 mon­ths, hope­ful­ly in ano­t­her 11 mon­ths you’ll get down to scratch, con­fi­dence is gre­at attri­bu­te, gre­at Liam ano­t­her new play­er on the channel 👍

  68. Wel­co­me to the chan­nel, Fred­dy! Keep up the con­fi­dence and hard work! 16 year old with a gre­at mind set. You’ll be play­ing in front of a lot of came­ras some­day, young man!

  69. Lovely, like­ab­le lad. Full of con­fi­dence and just plays his own game. Does­n’t even worry when he’s off tar­get. Future star in the making.

  70. What a talent in the making 👏 can’t wait to see him matched against Mr B. Get him fit­ted out with your con­ta­cts Liam 🏌‍♂️⛳️ gre­at video guys

  71. This is a gre­at approach to have. We should all fol­low that lead in terms of see­king impro­ve­ment, mys­elf included.

    I did­n’t real­ly sen­se any ner­ves from him to be honest.

  72. Don’t care who you are and what your back­ground is. A 6 han­di­cap is impres­si­ve at that age, add in the expe­ri­ence and it’s down­right asto­un­ding. And I’m not asha­med to admit I’m a litt­le jea­l­ous. I look for­ward to a match with Ste­ve. If only to hear tho­se cut­ting Bar­low assess­ments of one’s game. 👍

  73. I’ve been play­ing for 18 mon­ths. I’m about 10–15. This kid is going pro some­day… if he wants to. No les­sons and I feel atta­cked lol.

  74. Gre­at to see. He’ll go a long way with that atti­tu­de. Would be a top new mizu­no man. Don’t let Bar­low con­ta­mi­na­te him though.😉

  75. Right, we’­ve had the housewife’s choice in Pete. Now we have the schoolgirl’s choice in Fred­dy! 😄 What a bril­li­ant young lad!

  76. A lovely lad, full of con­fi­dence and obvious­ly keen to learn. He has an exci­ting future. Can’t wait to see him against Mr Barlow!!

  77. Love Fred­dies hones­ty, espe­cial­ly in reply to your com­ment learn a lot from Bar­low, his per­fect ans­wer “Not­hing worth knowing” 👏👏👏
    Plea­se do NOT, let Bar­low any­whe­re near Fred­die, get him a match against omp, its qui­te obvious Fred­die respects him, as we all do

  78. First time on came­ra and only been play­ing a year!? Well done Fred­die! It just shows what dedi­ca­ti­on and a sup­por­ti­ve mum can achie­ve. Get him on again Liam!

  79. What a gre­at kid. … he’s got a lot going for him. Ban­ter and the love of his golf. Can’t wait for him to play Mr B. Then a match with the Mas­ter OMP 👍🏻⛳️⛳️

  80. Nice work Fred­die and it’s gre­at to see that golf can still attract real­ly nice young peop­le into the game. Hope­ful­ly Liam will take you on tour one day with him and the crew. Good luck for the future.

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