Waffenbrüder: Mit Dustin Johnson und Brooks Koepka ins Fitnessstudio gehen

Waffenbrueder Mit Dustin Johnson und Brooks Koepka ins Fitnessstudio gehen brooks koepka

Dus­tin John­son und Brooks Koep­ka sind zwei der am bes­ten kon­di­tio­nier­ten Spie­ler auf der Tour, und ihr Trai­ner glaubt, dass es kein Zufall ist, dass ihre Arbeit zu Titeln geführt hat. Lesen Sie hier mehr: http://www.golf.com/­tour-new­s/2018/05/01/15-num­bers-you-need-know-about-us-golf-eco­no­my Abon­nie­ren Sie wei­te­re GOLF-Vide­os: http:/ /www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=golfmagazine Ver­bin­den Sie sich online mit GOLF: Web­site: http://​www​.golf​.com Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter: https://twitter. com/golf_com You­tube: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​G​o​l​f​M​a​g​a​z​ine GOLF​.com ist die größ­te digi­ta­le Prä­senz im Golf­sport und Ihre bes­te Quel­le für PGA Tour-News, Golf­tipps, Aus­rüs­tungs­be­wer­tun­gen und Platz­füh­rer aus dem GOLF Maga­zi­ne. Ihr Spiel ist unse­re Leidenschaft.

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168 thought on “Waffenbrüder: Mit Dustin Johnson und Brooks Koepka ins Fitnessstudio gehen”

    1. Dif­fe­rent skill…the power, stami­na and fle­xi­bi­li­ty they get from trai­ning hel­ps them con­sist­ent­ly get to the green if fewer strokes than someo­ne who does­n’t. They could always hire a cad­dy that was a mas­ter at rea­ding greens.

    2. No one is adver­ti­sing this as a repla­ce­ment for short game prac­ti­ce.. but I bet they can stay enga­ged during prac­ti­ce lon­ger swing as the thres­hold for fati­gue is way high.

  1. Who know’s what the Nike shirt Koep­ka is wea­ring at the gym is cal­led? One coo­kie will be rewar­ded to the right answer.

    1. and while they are fair­ly young they can pro­bab­ly get away with it for awhile but even­tual­ly age will catch up to them

    2. Never caught up to Jack (and many others).…watch his inter­view with Dan Patrick whe­re he expli­ci­tly sta­tes that he inten­tio­nal­ly stay­ed away from weights while gol­fing ‑thought it made the mus­cles stiff/rigid which was a bad idea. I would like to see a seri­es of data metrics that show the correlation.…would be inte­res­ting to see, I suspect it’s not as impact­ful as the tech­no­lo­gy in the clubs and ball if I’m being honest.

    1. lol no.… Brooks play­ed a with him satur­day… DJ shot 77 i think… Brooks 72. If he would If Tony or Dani­el woul­da won then ya maybe.

    2. Tiger woods will win 2019.. us open.. he just won the 2019 mas­ters, so ima say it here, TIGER WOODS WILL COMPLETE THE 2019 grand slam by wining all four majors this years..

    1. He doesnt train for mass, and his gene­tic mus­cle mass is less than Brooks. Btw when you com­ing back on golf­wrx, hope to see you the­re when Tiger wins, which will be soon 😉

    2. dj is 6’4 while brooks is only 6’0.. way har­der to put on mass and get a bul­ky look if you are tall. Plus get­ting bul­ky isnt real­ly ide­al for a gol­fer anyway

  2. Dus­tin John­son is liter­al­ly dumb as a post, but boy he can play golf. And if you think they are “ath­le­tes,” well you have not been around a lot of ath­le­tes. As far as ath­le­ti­cism goes, the­se guys are strai­ght up dabblers.

    1. Elmo Blatch have you seen how jacked they are? Brooks can bench 300 and Dus­tin can dunk on a 10 foot rim and is a gre­at swimmer

  3. I was watching Brooks down the stretch of his 2018 U.S. Open win…I play­ed foot­ball up through Div. II in col­le­ge and his phy­si­que struck me as how I loo­ked play­ing safe­ty back in the day…he real­ly loo­ks like a func­tio­n­al athlete…now I know why, the­se work­outs are func­tio­n­al strength workouts.

  4. It kin­da blows my mind that a trai­ner can be so suc­cess­ful. But it is awe­so­me. That trai­ner put a tar­get on a wall and has gol­fers throw a medi­ci­ne ball at it. Bril­li­ant! Here is an idea. Put a golf grip on the medi­ci­ne ball for that exercise.

    1. Ste­ven Hens­ley the tar­get with the wall ball is very com­mon. Much like how you can jump on a bike, and won’t beco­me Lan­ce Armstrong

  5. Nick­laus never did the­se work­outs, and look at his 18 Majors and 19 seconds in majors. JN = GOAT and he pro­bab­ly never even wal­ked into a gym like this one.

    1. Jack was natu­ral­ly built and a supe­ri­or ath­le­te. The­se days ever­yo­ne trains if you don’t your out. Look at the field ever­yo­ne is good it’s 90% of the field back in Jacks day you had may­be 8 guys who could win it’s night and day.

    2. Dif­fe­rent era. Nick­laus was an all-Sta­te bas­ket­ball play­er and even con­si­de­red wal­king on the OSU team, that is until he wat­ched John Hav­licek and Bob­by Knight play. That team won the natio­nal tit­le. Nick­laus was a very good athlete.

    1. Sounds like a tiger lover.
      Pret­ty sure peop­le star­ted doing more exer­cise becau­se its com­mon know­ledge. They didn’t look to one person.

  6. The grea­test gol­fer in the world Jack Nick­laus never worked out. Jack was kind of chun­ky for a gre­at many years but mana­ged to win a lot of tournaments.

    1. @J tons Check the num­ber of hall of famers and their majors totals that Jack went up against vs the same for Tiger. May­be deeper, more over­all talent now, but Jack had to beat the bet­ter éli­te play­ers like Arnie, Play­er, Tre­vi­no, Wat­son, Floyd, Casper, Nor­man, Seve. You get my point. Tiger had Phil and Els ( for a short time ) for most of his majors. Some poten­ti­al hof
      play­ers now but not many in his prime. That’s not to say Tiger has­n’t been other-world­ly good. That goes without ques­ti­on. But Jack had the more dif­fi­cult play­ers to beat. And 19 runner’s- ups in majors to boot.

    2. @Brad Pence Jack Nick­laus was qui­te an ath­le­te. He was ask to play foot­ball for Ohio Sta­te. He ran the 100 in 10.60. He was very strong inde­ed. When they first came out withe fit­ness trucks they Nick­lau­se if he would try out the gym. He got on the leg exten­si­on and easi­ly hand­le 250 lb. Did leg curls with 200. So it goes to show you just how strong Nick­laus was and con­si­der also being a top ath­le­te. He was in ano­t­her level

    3. @Jeffrey Smith Good point. As the wea­ther in Cols. does­n’t allow golf yr round except for the occa­sio­nal times when it gets abo­ve 50 deg., Jack play­ed bas­ket­ball and foot­ball in high school which hel­ps one’s over­all ath­le­tic abi­li­ties. He was hono­r­able men­ti­on all sta­te in bas­ket­ball. As a phy­si­cal the­ra­pist, I know too well the pro­blems kids are having both phy­si­cal­ly and mental­ly with spen­ding too much time focu­sing on just one sport with the pipe dream of get­ting a col­le­ge scho­l­ar­s­hip. Ove­r­use and repe­ti­ti­ve use inju­ries along with burn out affect too many young athletes.

    4. @Brad Pence you are right about kids spend too much time in one sports. I play­ed all the sports. I play golf today. But at other times I pitch base­ball, work out, train like a sprin­ter, and I do this at 59. Kids need to do alot of cross trai­ning. Being in other sports keeps from get­ting bur­ned out in one sports. Also gives your mus­cles a good varie­ty of use.

  7. The extra bulk loo­ks good on Dus­tin becau­se he has enough room for it on his long body. Brooks? Not so much. He loo­ks like a 10lb sack of potato’s in a 5lb bag.

    1. Sounds like a tiger sucker.
      Yeah and if he had to play against the­se play­ers his who­le care­er, he would never have won 8 majors. So keep things in per­spec­ti­ve without kis­sing too much pipe.

  8. Damn the­re are some jea­l­ous peop­le , stu­pid peop­le and inse­cu­re peop­le in the­se comments . Who pro­bab­ly couldn’t hit the ball far­t­her than bob bar­ker hahaha

  9. Right now, John­son can’t putt. I’ve seen this befo­re with other guys. Wat­son could make putts until it was in side 6 feet. I hope John­son gets this fixed.

  10. And fun­ni­ly enough Brooks and DJ were the only ones in with a hope of win­ning the PGA at Beth­pa­ge Black on the final day, ever­yo­ne else capitulated

    1. @Stanley13 Peb­b­le Beach next mon­th should be a dif­fe­rent sto­ry, hope­ful­ly more com­pe­ti­ti­ve on the final day like at the Masters.

  11. Joey D is “emo­tio­nal­ly atta­ched ” becau­se he is get­ting paid big bucks to hang out with mil­lion­aire sports figu­res. Puts him in the loop and makes the litt­le guy feel sooooo important. Other­wi­se he’d be han­ging around a Gold’s Gym twee­king morons.

  12. Good advice to the­se poor young guys being lead astray, stay away from weights and the gym befo­re you com­ple­te­ly ruin your discs in your back and your shoul­ders along with a mil­li­on other things that can go wrong. It’s not worth it

  13. Well, it’s a good thing John­son loves com­pe­ting against Brooks off the golf cour­se. ‘Cau­se share as can’t com­pe­te on it any­mo­re. Brooks is in his own league no.

  14. If I were trai­ning the­se gol­fers I would be working on explo­si­ve­ness and car­dio­vascu­lar. Core is a must. But not too much on lower back. Do exer­ci­ses to whe­re it in rela­ti­ons with the golf swing. Hips mus­cles need to be lose. Upper spi­nal needs to be stretch exten­si­ve­ly. Riding sta­tio­na­ry bike is good. But I would not be doing to much hea­vy weight training.

  15. The­se guys are an excep­ti­on, other­wi­se pret­ty com­mon sight that so many gol­fers who have man-boobs, beer-bel­lys och weak-lim­bs unli­ke other sports, bes­i­des sumo wrestling… 😀

  16. It’s no coin­ci­dence that the­se two guys have now won 6 majors and also finis­hed high up in the last 3–4 years. Tiger has cer­tain­ly influ­en­ced a lot of pros!!!

  17. I remem­ber the days of Craig Stad­ler, Mark Cal­ca­vec­chia, Lee Tre­vi­no and other 70’s and 80’s golfers…waddling around the course…then kno­cking back a few cock­tails in the clubhouse…before chowing down on steaks and baked pota­toes loa­ded w/sour cream every night.

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