Wahnsinniger EINZIGARTIGER Minigolfplatz! – UNBEDINGT SPIELEN!

Wahnsinniger EINZIGARTIGER Minigolfplatz UNBEDINGT SPIELEN best mini golf course

Abon­nie­ren: http://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​2​B​r​o​o​k​s​H​olt Mit­glied wer­den: https://​bit​.ly/​2​Q​8​B​0e3 Insta­gram: http://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​B​r​o​o​k​s​H​olt BHV Merch: https://​www​.shop​brooks​holt​.com Beque­me Shorts für Mini­golf: https://​chub​bies​.team/​b​r​o​o​k​s​h​olt Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​g​r​o​u​p​s​/​T​h​e​B​HV/ Twit­ter: http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​B​r​o​o​k​s​H​olt Mini­golf Kar­te: htt­ps: //tinyurl.com/2p8mh8zz Wir sehen uns die Mini­golf­plät­ze in Put­te­ry in Char­lot­te, NC, an. Dies ist ein epi­scher Mini­golf­platz! Bear­bei­tet von der Legen­de: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​o​n​e​c​u​t​t​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​i​o​ns/ Über Brooks Holt: Was ist los BHV! Ich bin frü­her um die Welt gereist und habe Schlag­zeug gespielt, jetzt rei­se ich um die Welt und spie­le Mini­golf im Inter­net. Abon­nie­re mei­nen Kanal, damit du benach­rich­tigt wirst, wenn ich neue Vide­os pos­te, in denen ich eini­ge der bes­ten und ver­rück­tes­ten Mini­golf­plät­ze aus dem gan­zen Land spie­le! Von einem Mini­golf-Hole-in-One bis hin zur Suche nach den bes­ten und ver­rück­tes­ten Mini­golf­plät­zen im gan­zen Land, beglei­ten Sie uns auf unse­rer Rei­se durch die Ver­ei­nig­ten Staa­ten und die Welt! Wahn­sin­ni­ger EINZIGARTIGER Mini­golf­platz! – UNBEDINGT SPIELEN! https://​you​tu​.be/​7​b​r​U​w​8​n​6​_Ss Brooks Holt https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​B​r​o​o​k​s​H​olt „Musik von Epi­de­mic Sound (http://​www​.epi​de​mic​sound​.com)“

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292 thought on “Wahnsinniger EINZIGARTIGER Minigolfplatz! – UNBEDINGT SPIELEN!”

  1. Win loss tie
    Brooks 30 19 4
    Eli­sha 19 30 4

    Eli­sha with the epic boun­ce shot on 18!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eli­sha gets a crown on 18 even though it was­n’t a hole in one it was worth the wait to see her cof­fee powe­red signa­tu­re trick shot !!!!! Reminds me of a cer­tain hole 13 at lili putt!!!!!!

    Team Eli­sha cof­fee queen for life

  2. Dude this cour­se loo­ks so dope. Curious do you use a web­site or some­thing to find the­se or do you just goog­le cour­ses in the area or do they mes­sa­ge you and tell you to come check out the coruse

    1. Brooks is one of the major Mini-Golf YT guys, and I know he has got­ten some “pre­views” of cour­ses. I think this is one of tho­se, sin­ce it the scoreboards have them as the first of the day, the place is empty, and the bars were spot­less­ly clean.

    1. @Brent McJun­kin Yeah, it’s a dwarf pla­net, but it is a model of Plu­to. 👍🏻 PS, bla­me Niel Degras Tyson for that. 😐

  3. Venus Ura­nus Nep­tu­ne mer­cu­ry earth mars Jupi­ter and you mis­sed Saturn on the wall and they left off Plu­to poor Pluto

  4. Elisha’s like screw the pipes, I call off the fence almost in the hole. I couldnt stop laug­hing, so unex­pec­ted but not unex­pec­ted. ❤️🔥😂

  5. That cour­se was fan­tastic and thanks again for the new video and my very best to you and eli­sha and family 👪 😊 😀.

  6. Good video espe­cial­ly the plan­tets but I’ll say this. Not being rude on one name. 

    Give me a good few minu­tes to give my 32 year old brain going sin­ce I left school here in the UK back in 2006.
    Mer­cu­ry is my.
    Venus is very
    Earth is easy
    Mars is method.
    Jupi­ter is just.
    Saturn is speeds.
    Ura­nus is up.
    Nep­tu­ne is naming.
    Plu­to is plantets.
    So last 5 plan­tes are Plu­to Nep­tu­ne Ura­nus Saturn and Jupiter.

  7. Loo­ks like you had a guest pass to have the cour­se to yourself.
    The clo­sest cour­se like this was the “lamp stu­dio” one – that was also in a mall.

    1. Brooks had 6 strokes on her after the front 9, and was 3 strokes bet­ter on the back 9. That’s whe­re the 9 shot total dif­fe­rence came from.

  8. He he! I’m a Scor­pio on the cusp with Sagit­ta­ri­us. But I pre­fer Astro­no­my (Sci­ence) to Astro­lo­gy (Art)…

  9. After all the club swit­ching you guys should do an oppo­si­te club challenge.
    Eli­sha plays all 18 left han­ded and Brooks plays all 18 right handed.

  10. Brooks u did fan­tastic and did well. Eli­sha was like hold my beer and did a spe­cial shot, thats a pro shot 🤣🤣🤣

  11. You know what would be awe­so­me, if you get Bel­le from Beau­ty and the Beast to play the Libra­ry cour­se. Next time you play this cour­se, have Eli­sha dress up like Belle.

  12. This is very interesting.
    Btw, I got your reply on Cap’n’Cain down Myrt­le Beach. That place is clo­sed most of the time. It’s a hit or miss, and you came at the right time. I would love to see that video, asap.

  13. You need to add a seg­ment for the last hole on every cour­se to loca­te whe­re the ball goes after you sink it! I love when the cour­se­buil­ders make the ball return interesting!

  14. Wow you guys had to chan­ge clubs a lot. Me howe­ver, I’m ambi­dex­trous like your dad. So I’m not limi­ted to opti­ons! lmao

  15. Pla­nets ==> Tatooi­ne, Coru­scant, Hoth, Man­da­lo­re, Kas­hy­y­yk„ Dago­bah en Kami­no!!! In a gala­xy far far away!!:):):):)
    Lef/right club switch ==> Lost count after second time !:):)
    Cour­se ==> Defi­ni­te­ly the most com­ple­te the­med cour­se you have play­ed (gor­ge­ous) and gre­at scorekee­ping­sys­tem (com­pli­ments for the desi­gners and builders)!
    Holes ==> Some gre­at and some could use a litt­le bit of extra some­thing if you want to go nitpicking(for examp­le the u‑shaped libraryhole)

    Hole 18) Ok that shot goes in the legen­da­ryca­te­go­ry!!:):):):):) How the HECK??????????????

  16. Tho­se pla­nets are so far off sca­le it’s real­ly hard to guess. The first one could be Mer­cu­ry or Mars. The second is pro­bab­ly Ura­nus (Without rings). The third should be Nep­tu­ne. The fourth is our Moon. Fifth would be Earth. The sixth I’m gues­sing Venus and the last is Jupiter.
    Still a very cool hole.

  17. Put­te­ry ope­ned a 4 9‑hole cour­se loca­ti­on in the Dal­las sub­urb of The Colo­ny, its on my list of pla­ces to go (I’m only 10 miles from it), but I haven’t had the chan­ce yet. Based on this video I need to round up my friends and do it.

  18. 10:03 Name the planets

    1. Sun (or Venus without atmosphere)
    2. Uranus
    3. Neptune
    4. Moon
    5. Earth
    6. Mercury
    7. Jupiter

    For­got poor Saturn on the wall

  19. Hel­lo Brooks gre­at cour­se and I’m from Eng­land 🇬🇧 plus we only got cra­zy golf cour­se at the beaches ⛱️ but we haven’t got as many as you have got in America

  20. Very Nice Course(s) they have the­re. And it is all insi­de. BUT, STAND BACK PEOPLE. Eli­sha is making HER OWN WAY. Nice Shot, Eli­sha on the last hole.

  21. Now that is a uni­que band beau­ti­ful mini gold course.
    Also Elisha’s put on the last hole was so nice I had to watch it thri­ce. If it was a hole in 1 it would even be bet­ter. If I ever head out to Char­lot­te NC that I would defi­ni­te­ly be hea­ding out to that place.

  22. WOW! What a GREAT cour­se!! Love the vibe. Elisha’s shot on 18 was unbe­liev­a­ble!! Reminds me of some of MY shots!! LOL! Thanks for the stream.

  23. It was a nice hole in one on hold too but can I make a ingesti­on to you to try out the the mini golf game for Ocu­lus Oasis 2 you should get one and check it out it’s worth it

  24. To Ans­wer your ques­ti­on, Mars, Ura­nus, Nep­tu­ne, Venus, Earth, Mer­cu­ry, Jupiter. 

    And to think I come to watch a Mini Golf Cour­se and I had to science.

  25. If going off by sca­le which even then isn’t accurate
    1. The sun which would be a star or venus
    2. Uranus
    4. Not plu­to sin­ce it got demo­ted to dwarf pla­net sta­tus or also k own as a TNO which are trans nep­tu­ti­an objects loca­ted bey­ond the orbit of Nep­tu­ne in a regi­on cal­led the Kui­per Belt. Most known dwarf pla­nets or TNO are loca­ted here such as Plu­to, Eris, Hau­mea, Sed­na. Jud­ging by the fea­tures I’d say our moon or it could be Mercury
    5. Earth
    6. Mars again going off sca­le and last is Jupiter
    Hono­r­able men­ti­on to poor Saturn that is on the wall

  26. Eli­sha switch clubs the first one is the left is seven and the right is eight.
    Brooks switch clubs the first is left is eight and the right is seven
    Brook is fifth teen clubs switch many times
    Eli­sha is fifth teen clubs switch many times.
    And all tog­e­ther is thir­ty clubs switch

  27. Eli­sha used Brooks’ club for 5 shots. That last shot she did remin­ded me of when my son did the same thing on a dif­fe­rent cour­se. I just can’t remem­ber which one. 😂

  28. Elisha’s chip shot hit­ting the fence in the air and then back near the hole – one of the most impres­si­ve shots I’ve seen. #Skillz

  29. Love the edi­t­ing on this, the intro, the score­card etc are all per­fect (in my opi­ni­on) Real­ly nice­ly done!

  30. Not to pop your bub­bles, but not­hing resem­bles Clue other than the names of the rooms, The Libra­ry and The Conservatory.

  31. By my count the­re was 6 “Can I use your club” swit­ches not coun­ting swit­ching clubs back to rught­ful play­er. 4 of the 6 were on the front 9

  32. Defi­ni­te­ly the most ela­bo­r­ate­ly the­med cour­se I’ve ever seen, but for boun­ce back tho­se walls were dead.

  33. Eli­sha, I’ve heard of the road less tra­v­eled, but your shot on 18 takes that to a who­le, new level. Gre­at game, you two.

  34. Sun, mer­cu­ry, venus, Earth,march, Jupi­ter, saturn,Uranus, Nep­tu­ne and plu­to if you havent diss it XD that would be the nor­mal order.

  35. I like how you did the score on that cour­se. Lea­ves the lea­der as a com­ple­te mys­te­ry, unless you do the math yourself, until the end.

  36. The *Front Nine* defi­ni­te­ly gives me Clue vibes. So I guess I will be the one to say it: *_“Brooks and Eli­sha did it in the Libra­ry with two Putters.“_* BTW I agree, one of the most the­med cour­se we have seen in a long time. Also Elisha’s first shot on the last hole (Back Nine) was prey ama­zing, you know what Brooks says, “that is BHV Rules, I will allow it,”

  37. Well damn, I’m proud of Char­lot­te for final­ly doing some­thing right when it comes to enter­tain­ment like this

  38. Wow that was abso­lute­ly ama­zing 2 watch that cour­se is so so awe­so­me I loved it not even play­ing I loved it some­day may­be I’ll play it if I get the­re but 4 now I’m just gon­na enjoy the gre­at vids u post brooks tk so much 4 this tru­ly AMAZING mini golf cour­se video take care now OK love ya c ya bye peace out 😎😎😎✌✌✌✌💝🖤💜🧡💛💚💙💗💖💕💓❤🤍🤎.

  39. I real­ly lik­ed the the­me but I real­ly hated how the ball just dies when it hits anything – no good score for loo­ks but real­ly bad score for playability

  40. Eli­sha that was HIGHLY VERY IMPRESSIVE AWESOME HOLE IN ONE 11111 even thought hole was­n’t hole 18 I give you hole in one. Went in or not. That was HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE HOLE IN ONE

  41. This was an awe­so­me cour­se! My favo­ri­te holes were #9 with the couch & the spi­ral stair­ca­se & #15 with the mushrooms. Brooks, the hole in one on hole #17 was EPIC!! Eli­sha, go your own path on that last hole. That was hil­arious! 😂 This place is about 45 mins from me. Hope y’all enjoy­ed being in Charlotte! 🙂

  42. Did u know if u buy your own put­ter u can use your per­so­nal one at the mini golf I done that in the past I hate using the ones at the mini golf

  43. Eli­sha and Brooks this who­le Mini Golf Cour­se reminds of Crys­tal Maze the game show. Nice­ly Done with this video.

  44. My home! Any­way, I’ve been wan­ting to check this place out. I think you have to get a reser­va­ti­on slot. They also ser­ve drinks and light fare. This place has a few other loca­ti­ons I know of one in Dallas.

  45. That chip shot from Elish at the end was worth 100 likes alo­ne so fun­ny, ima­gi­ne it when in for one woud of been up the­re in top three hole in ones but still great

  46. This loo­ks like a very fun coar­se! Im noti­cing indoor mini golf is catching on. Also 1 Mars, 2 Venus, 3 Nep­tu­ne, 4 Plu­to, 5 Earth, 6 Mer­cu­ry and 7 Jupi­ter. On Elishas first shot on the last hole I liter­al­ly LOL’d loud­ly! Wow that was insa­ne!!! xD!

  47. I see someo­ne named the pla­nets as you num­be­red them, but you mis­sed two when poin­ting them out. Ura­nus and Saturn were both there 😀

  48. If anyone’s been to whe­re brooks holt is in this video then can any of the peop­le who’­ve been the­re tell me whe­re this place is pls?, becau­se I’ve only been to mini golf pla­ces whe­re peop­le have to wri­te down their scores on score­cards that the workers working at the mini golf place give to the peop­le play­ing (if I’m wrong about the workers working at the mini golf place giving the peop­le play­ing score­cards, then can someo­ne who has play­ed mini golf befo­re tell me if the workers working at the mini golf place give the peop­le play­ing score­cards or if the peop­le play­ing have to get the score­cards them­sel­ves pls?

    P.S. pls ans­wer my first ques­ti­on ASAP becau­se I want to try out this place that brooks holt is at in the video real­ly badly

  49. As usu­al team Eli­sha sor­ry Brooks she will win 👀❤️.. I don’t remem­ber when but you guys did a smart golf whe­re you had like I think a timed limit on each hole I do remem­ber that but I don’t remem­ber whe­re it was.. this was­n’t smart call like that one but I love the courses

  50. Visual­ly sump­tuous, no ques­ti­on! I hate to think about how much it cost, though. And Elisha’s right, it’d make a gre­at set­ting for a mur­der mystery!
    Stay safe!

  51. So u might never see this but first I love all ur vide­os and second yall should come to west Vir­gi­nia and plan coal mou­ti­an mini golf

  52. I had to play that last hole stro­ke 22:29 by Eli­sha in slow moti­on. If you look at her face, she loo­ks at the fence just befo­re she hits her shot. She cal­led her shot! She aimed for it! Then the ball near­ly boun­ced into the hole its­elf! Her expres­si­on right after was clas­sic! I think Brooks would have quit if she made a hole in one off the fence. She should have did a club drop and wal­ked away. Hil­arious! if I could give that hole an indi­vi­du­al 1 mil­li­on likes, I would!

  53. I’m half joking but at the same time half serious… when are you going to pro­po­se to Eli­sha. It feels like the two of you have been tog­e­ther fore­ver. You two are so cute

  54. Hey brooks, after you visit all of your golf cour­ses which will take fore­ver, come to Aus­tra­lia and go to their mini golf cour­ses. I hope you will have a lot of fun.

  55. For your sci­ence ques­ti­on… Here in UK my old sci­ence tea­cher said this quo­te ” my very excel­lent mother just ser­ved up pie”
    The let­ter from each word is the first let­ter of the planet’s in order from the sun ☀️

  56. I’ve been watching y’all for like 7 years now and it’s so awso­me to see that y’all are still con­stant­ly uploading by far best con­tent creators ever

  57. Wow! My fami­ly would love to do that cour­se! We’­re all book peop­le, with several publis­hed aut­hors, inclu­ding our daugh­ter who­se 2nd YA novel comes out next mon­th! 😀 BTW, my hus­band and I watch your vide­os tog­e­ther every wee­kend. You and Eli­sha are a bles­sing to me. ❤

  58. Awe­so­me cour­se. Very clo­se to whe­re I’m loca­ted and the seven pla­nets in order are: Venus, Ura­nus, Nep­tu­ne, Mer­cu­ry, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter

  59. It loo­ks like for the order (first one you poin­ted at was the Sun, but abo­ve that/Elisha) Saturn, Ura­nus, Nep­tu­ne, Mer­cu­ry, Earth, Venus, Jupiter.

  60. Eli­sha just be like “You can figu­re out for yourself which one is the bad one. I choo­se park­our.” I burst out laug­hing. I think that I’m team Eli­sha now.

  61. When you were showing the scoreboard befo­re star­ting the Con­ser­va­to­ry cour­se it said “you can dou­ble tap on a score at any time to edit it”

  62. This cour­se would be much bet­ter if you weren’t play­ing on what is basi­cal­ly shag car­pet. Slows the ball way down, and requi­res too much power to go any­whe­re, and on an obvious down­hill, it still does­n’t roll.

  63. The “Pla­nets” In order in the video are: 1) Saturn (on the wall abo­ve Eli­sha, which you mis­sed lol), 2) The Sun (not a Pla­net but yeah), 3) Ura­nus (but it’s mis­sing it’s rings), 4) Nep­tu­ne, 5) Plu­to (which is a Dwarf Star not a Pla­net), 6) Earth, 7) Venus and 8)Jupiter, we will have to look past the fact that the pro­por­ti­ons and colou­ring are off and that Mars and Mer­cu­ry (which are Pla­nets) are mis­sing other­wi­se gre­at cour­se inde­ed (sor­ry about ner­ding out lol) also love the mete­or with the dinosaur

  64. This is the best one I’ve seen you guys play! A lot of cool the­ming on dif­fe­rent ones you play­ed, but this one was pret­ty awe­so­me!!! I lik­ed the Libra­ry one the best. Awe­so­me shot for Eli­sha on the last hole…lol.

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