Wann solltest du deinen Driver aufrüsten? | Wie sich die Golfschlägertechnologie weiterentwickelt hat

Wann solltest du deinen Driver aufruesten Wie sich die 2. Schwung

Wann soll­test du dei­nen Dri­ver auf­rüs­ten? Das ist eine häu­fi­ge Fra­ge, die die Mas­ter Club Fit­ter bei 2nd Swing jeden Tag beant­wor­ten. Die Tech­no­lo­gie der Golf­schlä­ger, ins­be­son­de­re der Dri­ver, hat sich in den letz­ten Jah­ren so weit ent­wi­ckelt, dass Gol­fer, die einen älte­ren Dri­ver spie­len, viel Leis­tung verpassen.

Aber war­um genau soll­test du dei­nen Dri­ver alle paar Jah­re auf­rüs­ten? In die­sem Video erläu­tern die 2nd Swing Mas­ter Fit­ter Dan­ny Fer­rell und Lar­ry Bob­ka die vie­len Grün­de, war­um ein moder­ner Dri­ver im Ver­gleich zu einem älte­ren Dri­ver so vor­teil­haft ist. Dan­ny und Lar­ry gehen ins­be­son­de­re dar­auf ein, wie sich die Tech­no­lo­gie, die Ein­stell­bar­keit und die Anpas­sungs­mög­lich­kei­ten von Golf­schlä­gern im Lau­fe der Jah­re enorm ver­bes­sert haben.

Ver­ein­ba­re noch heu­te einen Ter­min für dein preis­ge­krön­tes 2nd Swing Tour Van Fitting: 

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23 thought on “Wann solltest du deinen Driver aufrüsten? | Wie sich die Golfschlägertechnologie weiterentwickelt hat”

  1. Hey guys ty, Dan­ny I love to see you laugh I can see you have a gre­at sen­se of humor and Lar­ry is very fun­ny ‚loving that part of the video, any­way I’ve been wai­t­ing for this video ‚I always wan­ted to ask this ques­ti­on during other video but it real­ly did­n’t have anything to do with what you guys were tal­king about, bot­tom line I’m fit­ted for a cobra F9 9 degree head with a very expen­si­ve shafe, Oban pur­p­le , very good set­up, but I’m loo­king to get into a new 2022 toy , I’m lea­ning towards Tay­lorma­de Ste­alth, only becau­se I’ve seen and heard the the sound and feel is Ama­zing and that’s what I’m after!! Any­way Thank you guys gre­at video !!

  2. I agree on the adju­sta­bi­li­ty of the Tit­leist clubs. I have TS2 &7 wood and 27 degree Hybrids and you can tune the ball flight shape / car­ry distance by play­ing with the hosel set­tings. I took up golf upon reti­re­ment and have been almost a dif­fe­rent Dri­ver per year, or less ( Power­Bilt, Cobra F7, F8 , F9, Cleve­land Laun­cher HB Tur­bo, Nike Vapor Speed) and now I have a new Cleve­land Laun­cher XL. Like many gol­fers, I live a long way from a golf shop that offers faci­li­ties like yours, so I mudd­led through the pro­cess by mys­elf. I fidd­led with shaft flex, shaft length, head loft to find the ide­al for me. Buy­ing second hand Dri­vers is a more eco­no­mic pro­po­si­ti­on. The new ones are only slight­ly lon­ger than the old models ( a few yards), but the deci­ding fac­tor for me was per­for­mance with the off cent­re strikes. My goal was to keep my tee shots in play and incre­a­se distance by 12 yards. The Laun­cher XL has delivered. 

    On ano­t­her note, I came across Mar­cus Edblad ’s You Tube chan­nel and my Dri­ving impro­ved a lot with his tips. I had the chan­ce to use my old F9 (post Edblad) and I was ama­zed how it had impro­ved!! The fixed head Cleve­land ( 12 degree/ slighl­ty clo­sed face) hel­ped me cure my push fade mis­sed, but after a while my ball flight was too high. I have set the newer Cleve­land to 10 degree, 2.5 degrees toe up and gai­ned a more pene­tra­ting flight and 12 yards.

  3. I am just star­ting the pro­cess. After 14 years away from the game I have been play­ing my Cal­la­way Haw­keye dri­ver for the last year. I got a nice 279 dri­ve last week so I am exci­ted to start play­ing some demo modern dri­vers to help focus a fitting.

  4. I would love to see a 2nd Swing Golf store tour, eye can­dy and I’ve seen not­hing like yours in Aus­tra­lia. My fit­ting 4+ years ago was for a 2017 M1 dri­ver and with the right shaft (and les­sons) my spin was signi­fi­cant­ly redu­ced, shot shape impro­ved gai­ning about 40 to 50 yards.

  5. Hi loved the Video 👍👍 l enjoy lis­tening to Lar­rys story’s but would want to see Dan­ny to hit some shots to show the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the club’s, how much extra speed & distance we get with the Tit­leist Dri­ver Thanks Dickey UK

  6. I’ve been hum­ming and hau­ghing eith my dri­ver. I’m back to the game after a 8 year or so hia­tus. Have a fit­ted Tit­leist 910D that I just crush. I might go for a fit­ting to see what I can get from some­thing more modern. I think the no brai­ner is defi­ni­te­ly the more for­gi­ve­ness from mishits

  7. The average gol­fer don’t need to chan­ge his dri­ver more than once per deca­de. They would bene­fit much more from a les­son with a pro than by chan­ging the dri­ver. Year over year the chan­ges are real­ly small and wouldn’t help anyo­ne. Pros only chan­ge becau­se they have to becau­se of their spon­so­ring contracts.

  8. Adju­sta­bi­li­ty is pro­bab­ly not use­ful for most peop­le. My Dri­ver is 20 years old, my rea­son for get­ting a new one is the face is qui­te small com­pa­red to modern dri­vers and I need all the help I can get to hit the ball. In say­ing that I’m going to per­se­ve­re with it for a while to impro­ve my game.

  9. When to upgrade? I got­cha right here:
    1. When your head­co­ver doesn’t match your bag or clothes
    2. When it smells fun­ny
    3. When it argues with your irons
    4. When you start to hit it well
    And final­ly….
    5. When you pay for it using the money you saved by swit­ching to Geico.

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