Warum David Feherty zu LIV Golf geht

Warum David Feherty zu LIV Golf geht david feherty

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159 thought on “Warum David Feherty zu LIV Golf geht”

    1. @Golf Plus I hope that you will do sto­ries about other than liv. As a for­mer gol­fer I appre­cia­te the com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness of the PGA. Don’t play well and you don’t get a check.
      I com­ple­te­ly under­stand why the­se guys are tal­king it up and joking around. It’s basi­cal­ly wee­kend golf with your bud­dies with a big paycheck regard­less of how well or bad­ly you play.

  1. Good for him, may­be he will be making more money, he’s a natu­ral at what he does, plus we all need a litt­le chan­ge in our lives some­ti­mes! He tru­ly is enter­tai­ning, and I’ll just be hap­py he’s still around!

  2. $$$$$$$$ is the ans­wer for him and every play­er that joined…come on folks, if the­re was ever a no brai­ner this is it.

  3. It is inte­res­ting to see David is making a chan­ge in his life. He is always good at mana­ging his finan­cial assets. Thank you for sharing, gre­at video content.

  4. From what it was shown on this video seems that Mr. David Feher­ty is taking the right steps in his care­er and enjoy­ing the fruits of tho­se decisi­ons as well. Good for him honest­ly I think he deser­ves it after all his hard work on the play field.

  5. I remem­ber watching Doug San­ders miss that 2.5 foo­ter in the 1970 Bri­tish open, that’s how long been watching and play­ing was as low as a 2 hcap years ago, WILL NOT WATCH 1 MINUTE OF THIS GROSS MONEY GRAB JOKE OF COMPETIVE GOLF!!

  6. I like this topic, it is very inte­res­ting and use­ful, it gene­ra­tes good results, thanks for sharing this valu­able information.

  7. This tran­si­ti­on made by Feher­ty seems to be making a noti­ce­ab­le chan­ge in the com­mu­ni­ty. The way inter­view­ers, audi­en­ces, and other ath­le­tes have reac­ted shows that they appre­cia­te his change.

  8. It’s intri­guing to obser­ve David chan­ging his way of life. He is making the pro­per choices for his pro­fes­si­on and rea­ping the bene­fits as well. I say good for him becau­se, after all his labor on the play­ing field, I belie­ve he deser­ves it. I found this to be qui­te interesting!

  9. Got to watch today and his sen­se of the game of golf is so refres­hing and down right fun­ny. LIV made a huge score by hiring him. The who­le LIV adven­ture will be a huge success.

  10. I belie­ve you have to go whe­re you’­re cele­bra­ted and appre­cia­ted. Unfor­tu­n­a­te that NBC was hap­py that a talen­ted man such as Feher­ty is lea­ving! It just means that LIV Golf ear­ned a gem. Gre­at things ahead for Feherty!

  11. Team Feher­ty with McCord could be inte­res­ting tele­casts espe­cial­ly with Michel­son around, just fol­low the money

  12. He fits per­fect­ly to the extre­me right wing Trumpers that are joi­ning this extre­me right wing Sau­di tour, sup­por­ted by a extre­me right wing cri­mi­nal orga­niz­a­ti­on and government, full of Socio­paths an Nar­cis­sistic peop­le, only out for them­sel­ves. Money grab.

  13. Less? PGA and CbS is a mono­po­ly and peop­le only choo­se them becau­se they’­re the only game. This is an upgrade, not a downgrade.

  14. I don’t keep up with what’s going on behind the sce­nes of golf! Feher­ty had to do best for him & his fami­ly! If his con­ta­ct was over I can see him going some­whe­re else! The some­whe­re else I don’t per­so­nal­ly agree with but that’s me! Feher­ty is fun­ny & brought humor side to golf that I lik­ed! I wish Feher­ty all the best! Hope­ful­ly Feher­ty won’t reg­ret his decision!

  15. For me, I’m sur­pri­sed and very disap­poin­ted as a fan regar­ding Feherty’s decisi­on. I thought he had bet­ter stan­dards. If it were backed by, say Goog­le or Hyun­dai, I would­n’t have a pro­blem with it. Ame­ri­ca has such a short term memo­ry. Have we for­got­ten 911? Post 911 inves­ti­ga­ti­ons have reve­a­led high level of Sau­di invol­ve­ment. It’s a slap in the face of 911 fami­lies and the coun­try in gene­ral. After the tour­na­ment was held in NJ at a Trump cour­se, 50 miles from ground zero, I will never play a Trump cour­se in my golf tra­vels around the world. He hims­elf blo­cked the post 911 report from being de-clas­si­fied when he dis­co­ve­r­ed the Sau­di invol­ve­ment in an effort to pro­tect his busi­ness inte­rests with them. After making a pro­mi­se to 911 fami­lies to open the book and drop it’s top secret status.

  16. May­be the pga nbc woke anti Ame­ri­can anti Trump stance is what offen­ded him. But I’m sure you have the self awa­reness to think of that? Right ?

  17. Pret­ty disap­poin­ting and sur­pri­sing given his patrio­tic lea­nings upon beco­m­ing a US citi­zen and sup­port of US tro­ops and rela­ted charities.

  18. Nobo­dy cares about Feher­ty. Peop­le do not watch golf for the announ­cers. Media hon­ks spewing despe­ra­te and trans­pa­rent hyper­bo­le for likes and attention.

  19. Is Gary McCord going over to LIV Golf like David Faher­ty? That way we can have the best announ­cing tan­dem in golf cal­ling the most mea­ningless and uncom­pe­ti­ti­ve play on the pro­fes­sio­nal circuit.

    Gary McCord: “Phil is in the bun­ker off the tee. He has a 212 yard second shot from a plug­ged lie over water to a tight pin posi­ti­on. Let’s go down to the action on the cour­se to my friend David Faher­ty. David, how much do you think is riding on this shot?”

    David Faher­ty: Not much Gary. Phil could shank it into the water or duck hook it out of bounds and it won’t real­ly mat­ter. Mickel­son hau­led most of the LIV Golf money he will recei­ve away in a dump truck befo­re he ever set foot on a cour­se at a LIV Golf venue. What is on his score­card just isn’t important. Wha­te­ver he gets from his event stan­ding is a drop in the bucket next to that. His share of the pur­se here will end up on a bet at a sports book, and he won’t miss it if he loses.”

    Gary McCord: Thanks David. You could have pre­ten­ded as though this shot actual­ly mattered…”

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