Warum die LIV-Golfserie so umstritten ist – BBC News

Warum die LIV Golfserie so umstritten ist BBC News bbc

Die PGA Tour hat alle ihre Mit­glie­der sus­pen­diert, die die­se Woche beim von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en finan­zier­ten LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal spie­len. Der Public Invest­ment Fund (PIF) von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en, der zur Finan­zie­rung der jüngs­ten Über­nah­me von New­cast­le United bei­getra­gen hat, ist der Mehr­heits­ak­tio­när von LIV Golf Invest­ments. Dem Golf­kö­nig­reich wird vor­ge­wor­fen, in Sport zu inves­tie­ren und hoch­ka­rä­ti­ge Ver­an­stal­tun­gen zu nut­zen, um sei­nen Ruf in ande­ren Tei­len der Welt zu „waschen“. Ros Atkins von der BBC erklärt, war­um das Tur­nier so umstrit­ten ist. Bit­te abon­nie­ren Sie HIER http://​bit​.ly/​1​r​b​f​Uog #Golf #BBC­News

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383 thought on “Warum die LIV-Golfserie so umstritten ist – BBC News”

  1. just Ara­bia drop the other word the­re is not money­ch­an­gers any­mo­re they are ille­gi­ti­ma­te they have no rea­son they are igno­ran­ce to inno­va­te Islam and they are the hypo­cri­tes and against ALLAH and ALLAH will be against them

  2. Joy, we alrea­dy had pre­si­dents of the USA focu­sing upon golf over poli­ti­cal issu­es and now we have a gol­fing mono­po­ly focu­sing upon poli­ti­cal issu­es over golf.

  3. the­re is no prin­ces any­mo­re only ALLAH is the Sov­er­eign the­re is no you pay a prince for Hajj when the slave did it for free

  4. It’s not con­tro­ver­si­al. You are making it con­tro­ver­si­al. A Midd­le Eas­tern coun­try has stood up to the old order and chal­len­ged it. How dare they.
    Simp­le as that.
    And it will work out. Money talks. Ask the Saudis.

    1. It is con­tro­ver­si­al, say­ing it isn’t does­n’t make it so. Nice of you to stick up for your mur­de­rer boi MBS.

  5. the saxon think he can own the Hijaz and put money­ch­an­gers the­re in Mec­ca and you think this is going to be allo­wed to con­ti­nue oh now your land will flood and the­re will be a sign of the locusts

  6. SHAME on Phil Mickel­son and Dus­tin John­son and every play­er par­ti­ci­pa­ting in this blood money grab.
    How many homes does one need, how many meals can one eat? Whe­re are your souls?
    Remem­ber Jamal Khashoggi.
    p.s. Yasir al Rumay­y­an is a liar

  7. who gives a fuck about golf yeah man i have to work i have an apart­ment four walls and i think about golf i think about how that is not doing shit for me

  8. fuck sports fuck the bread and cir­cus agen­da this is not ethi­cal its not prac­ti­cal its dis­trac­tion its hyper sen­so­ry delusion

  9. Human rights I think the BBC jour­na­list need to go to Pales­ti­ne and see what’s going on the­re by the israe­lis and they need to go to Kash­mir and see what’s hap­pe­ning the­re by the Indian mili­ta­ry and was actual­ly taking place in India check their human rights get a life you losers

  10. lol you wan­na say that its wrong for them due to their human rights abu­ses but bodies like PGA are direct­ly tied to spon­sors like Nike who employ abu­sed Chi­ne­se workers for next to not­hing, make them work in a squalor fac­to­ry for hours on end and effec­tively have them live in a worse hell than any prisoner. 

    As always your guys’ objec­tion is full of dogshit.

  11. Lee West­wood is ano­t­her soul­less, moral­ly-bankrupt gol­fer. To Lee: hoping you CHOKE on the blood money. Bet­ter bewa­re of kar­ma … or you may suf­fer Jamal Khashoggi’s same demise.

  12. The­se comments are full of simp­le min­ded idi­ots won­de­ring about that the issue is here.
    This mat­ters. Wes­ter­ners of influ­ence are prio­ri­ti­zing oil and blood money over ethics and serious poli­ti­cal issue.

  13. But the Saudi’s are our allies in the regi­on. We need their oil. We must turn a blind eye to the Devils work they pedal on this Earth, while pre­ten­ding to be peop­le of God. Remem­ber Allah? Money talks

  14. Who gives a shit it’s about golf not inter­na­tio­nal rela­ti­ons. And ever­yo­ne has stop­ped buy­ing Sau­di oil over the same charges?

  15. ALL coun­tries are a**holes some covert & some overt but they have the money to chan­ge the nar­ra­ti­ve des­pi­te what the media report

  16. its about time we remo­ve that princi­pa­li­ty from Ara­bia get them out they have no fair busi­ness they belong in exi­le they are not among the believers

  17. Isla­mists attack Hin­du priest in Koran­gi area of Kara­chi, Paki­stan. The temp­le at his house and Moor­ties of Gods have been destroyed
    BBC is in hiber­na­te mode now

    1. @Ross Logie the BBC do run to make a pro­fit. Its a TV licence.
      Peop­le have been threa­tened with jail for not paying, FACT .
      I could go on but its a lovely day outside.

    2. What coun­try doesn’t have or had human right vio­la­ti­ons? UK and colo­nia­lism, Russian/USsR and their issu­es, Afri­can coun­tries and slavery, The Ame­ri­cas and their dra­ma, Chi­na and stuff. May­be Ant­arc­ti­ca is the only pure land?

  18. I have been fol­lowing this sto­ry clo­se­ly and this is the best opi­ni­on pie­ce I have seen. Bra­vo BBC for tel­ling it like it is.

    1. Could­n’t dis­agree with you more. This is a slan­ted report, the depth of Sau­di invest­ment goes bey­ond sport. Twit­ter to start with, air­lines, finan­ce, F1 L, Foot­ball, Golf now. Who are we to deci­de whe­re you should earn your money from? Typi­cal woke Left wing BBC.…

    2. I will add aswell, Qatar world Cup.… Beeb will be loving that, the actu­al set up for this com­ing world cup has blood on its hands alrea­dy along with other accu­sa­ti­ons. Yeah well done the Beeb 🤦‍♂️

  19. Even with the cur­rent dip in cryp­to cur­ren­cy my grea­test hap­pi­ness is the $20,000 biwee­kly pro­fit I get consistently

    1. Yes I tolt I was the only one that know mr Dijoun Gray he gide and I inves­ted and am now with­drawing my pro­fits ever­y­day ♥️ thanks so much

    1. @Tenta Klaus Lord John Reith, first Direc­tor-Gene­ral of the BBC, never lik­ed that par­ti­cu­lar sta­tue and tried to, eh, ‘redu­ce’ Ariel’s obvious ‘pro­tu­ber­an­ce’ without success.

      The well-docu­men­ted pro­cli­vi­ties of Eric Gill were “long ago and far away when the world was youn­ger than today.” I’m sure they cast litt­le to no shadow on the workings of the BBC cur­r­ent­ly. You may dis­agree, I’m sure. 

      Class dis­mis­sed.

    2. @Stephen Wal­ker Yes of cour­se its an old sta­tue they deci­ded to keep the­re and they’­re defi­ni­te­ly not paid for propaganda. 😂😂

  20. An it makes you laugh…anyone offe­red you 2–3 times your year­ly wage you’d do it…now shit the fuck up bbc you’d go for the money if it was Fred west paying you

  21. Is it becau­se SA is a hand and head chop­ping, jour­na­list bone­sawing, Yeme­ni citi­zen bom­bing, 9/11 fun­ding and sup­por­ting, fun­da­men­ta­list medi­eval shithole?

    Yes, I knew that.

  22. Do You think MBS likes to watch golf more than a dis­mem­ber­ment? And Two bil­li­on to Jared and one bil­li­on to mnuchin.

  23. Feels as bad a Fifa, if not worse. It’s frank­ly blood money. I real­ly don’t care about golf, but I do care about the sports world nor­ma­li­zing mur­der and human rights abu­ses. How is this dif­fe­rent to what is going on with Rus­sia frank­ly? I belie­ve that was the point the inter­view­er tried to make. It isn’t war, but it is a war against human rights and the accep­t­ance of opp­res­si­on. If I were a gol­fer, I would con­si­der that the exis­ting tour­na­ments alrea­dy pay me mil­li­ons if I work hard enough and can attract spon­sor­s­hip, so why be gree­dy by invol­ving mys­elf in a tour­na­ment finan­ced by pro­ven mur­ders. That said, Ame­ri­ca con­ti­nues to back the Sau­dis too.

    1. If the human-rights records of every coun­try was taken into account at every major sports tour­na­ment around the world…Well, let’s put it this way. Why is Rus­sia ban­ned from Wim­ble­ton but not Chi­na or North Korea or Israel?

    2. @Stephen Wal­ker You have to pick the batt­les you can win and I think you could more easi­ly block the Sau­dis. Chi­na is a who­le other level due to tra­de, Isra­el has abso­lu­te backing from the US and UK, other­wi­se it would cau­se all out and pos­si­ble nuclear war in the midd­le east. North Korea is lar­ge­ly irrele­vant in this case.

    3. @Louis Hicks Your prag­ma­tic and sen­si­ble and rea­listic approach makes per­fect sen­se – but it still makes my blood run cold for some reason.

  24. why? this is whe­re bbc, royals, and secret eli­tes deci­des world fuel sup­ply with pri­ces but can­not make a hole in one

  25. This is like déjà vu from the 1970’s when the NHL threa­tened Bob­by Hull with sanc­tions and fines for lea­ving the good olé boys league for the upstart World Hockey Association

    1. It’s not the same. Any com­pe­ting league will need to make money and get reve­nues to com­pe­t­e­fair­ly. The Sau­dis don’t care and wil­ling to spend billions.

  26. It’s not con­tro­ver­si­al. You are making it con­tro­ver­si­al. A Midd­le Eas­tern coun­try has stood up to the old order and chal­len­ged it. How dare they.
    Simp­le as that.
    And it will work out. Money talks. Ask the Saudis.

  27. lol – this dir­ty groo­mer is still wea­ring the same clothes for 4 years

    look at it gla­ring at you with its fil­thy groo­m­ing eyes

  28. So is the­re a dif­fe­rence bet­ween the USA’s stance on Human Rights over Sau­di Ara­bia? I dont have an issue with any of the­se gol­fers fol­lowing the money. Dont think it matters.

    1. Just wait till one of the­se gol­fers cri­ti­ci­zes the roy­al fami­ly or Sau­di Ara­bia. They could be the next Khashoggi.

  29. I will bet you ALL of the­se jour­na­lists use Twit­ter ever­y­day! Well guess who owns a majo­ri­ty of Twitter.…that’s right.… THE SAUDIS.… Oh the Hypocrisy!

  30. may­be SA will post­po­ne exe­cu­ti­ons par­ti­cu­lar­ly the sto­ning of women in “honor” of the money-grub­bing, brain-dead golfers

  31. What’s the obses­si­on with gril­ling sports peop­le about shady poli­tics, when poli­ti­ci­ans have dealings with the­se peop­le all the time and are in a posi­ti­on to do some­thing about it?

    1. Can’t we hold ever­y­bo­dy to account for taking dir­ty money and loo­king the other way when human rights are pis­sed on. Why would pro­fes­sio­nal sports peop­le get a free pass?

    2. @Stephen Wal­ker I’m say­ing pre­cise­ly that! No one should be let off the hook – but go after the real sto­ry! It says a lot about the­se jour­na­lists that they take a blind eye to when the peop­le in power do mul­ti-mil­lion/­bil­li­on pound deals with the­se guys but jump on tho­se who are basi­cal­ly just inte­res­ted in play­ing a game. It shows how deep their con­vic­tions real­ly go – i.e. not very deep.

    3. @Rich Wil­liams Yes, I agree. Any­bo­dy and ever­y­bo­dy who are invol­ved in shady deals like this should be trea­ted with equal scru­ti­ny and dis­dain. Jour­na­listic impar­tia­li­ty is, as you say, essen­ti­al. But find me an impar­ti­al jour­no if you can. Every repor­ter and news-gathe­ring agen­cy in the world has some kind of agen­da, some kind of out­look, some sort of axe to grind…

  32. Let this be revo­lu­tio­na­ry for golf. Perhaps the impact to the game may be even grea­ter than Tiger over the last 20 years…

  33. 沙光你们。

  34. Every gol­fer in the LIV golf seri­es is con­do­ning human rights vio­la­ti­ons whe­ther they admit or not. When you get into bed with fil­th, you get filthy.

  35. Whe­re was all the out­cry and boy­cott when the Olym­pics were in Com­mu­nist Chi­na? Hypo­cri­sy at its best. PGA acting like a litt­le spoil brat.

  36. The west has no issu­es when they’re making money sel­ling arms to Sau­di to bomb Yemen to dust but the second someo­ne else wants that oil money they bring on Amnes­ty Inter­na­tio­nal 😂 actual­ly laughable

  37. No govt or coun­try punis­hing or boy­cot­ting Sau­di Ara­bia and no one is up in arms about it. But gol­fers play­ing for Sau­di money??? That’s the last straw, some­thing has to be done about it!! LOL. Such hypocrisy.

  38. Noo­ne cares about poli­tics when it comes to busi­ness. Every coun­try has abhor­rent human rights vio­la­ti­ons and both the US and the UK cer­tain­ly have no ground to stand on when it comes to human rights. Its not the 90’s, peop­le know ever­ything. The high hor­se schtick is obsolete.

  39. ( 닦나.. ㅅ고ㄱㅣ..시킨대니.. 내ㄲㅈ..톼자질..으,하게.. )

    (나름..)논ㅍs 가능..꺼.. ‘짂접.. 웡ㄹㅐ도,가능..’ ..
    germ..뉴ㅆ…ㄱㅅ퐌..드, fr..뉴ㅆ…ㄱㅅ퐌..드 에,톼좌질..해주드. (내,주로..사용..) ㅃㅃㅆㅣ..ㄱㅅㅍ..ㅅㅏ용 x.
    (닊냄..아이ㄷ.. 윈넘..드, 브..레잉..ㅇㅐ이덤..ㅆ..드…해가.. )

  40. but, sk..디요ㅈ..으.. ㄱㅖ솎,내한ㅌ..ㄲㅏㅈ.. 좔난.. 떳떳류덜.. 311ㅎ..꺼,부터.. 등,등..등..
    중굮,ㄷㅅㄱ..과.. 중굮,츢..에서 시카논 으,맞느.

    (아즊..테러질..도, 씸하..구마.. 자꾸..구카ㄱ잇느.. )

  41. The­se “so cal­led sports­men” are ever­ything I des­pi­se about modern day life , no mat­ter how much money some peop­le have it’s some­ti­mes NEVER enough GREED rules again

    1. Ok I’m con­fu­sed, arent they just play­ing a dif­fe­rent golf seri­es and that’s it? 

      If this is all about Sau­di Ara­bia then I would just like to know how will sau­di ara­bia ever beco­me more equal and libe­ral if we don’t enga­ge with them and con­ti­nue to work with them. The youn­ger lea­ders The­re have been working tireless­ly to make Sau­di Ara­bia more modern and equal. They face a fier­ce resis­tance from the older con­ser­va­ti­ve popu­la­ti­on. Sau­di ara­bia has chan­ged sooo much in just the past 20 years and ever­ything the anchor said about the sau­di gov. Is the same for all the wes­tern governments.

  42. It’s the most pathe­tic thing to watch Phil go out this way… it actual­ly makes me sick to my sto­mach… I always knew he had a gamb­ling issue, but I just thought he was smar­ter than this… things must be real­ly bad… phil has done not­hing in his care­er other than build up the pga of Ame­ri­ca… alt­hough some­ti­mes cri­ti­cal, but a defen­der to the end… just weird

    1. @brendon albrecht ok but what are the­se play­ers doing wrong? Arent they just play­ing ano­t­her seri­es and that’s it? Also how will sau­dia ara­bia ever evol­ve and chan­ge if we don’t enga­ge with them. The prince and other young sau­di offi­cials have been moder­ni­zing sau­di ara­bia slow­ly but they face a fier­ce resis­tance from the con­ser­va­ti­ve older popu­la­ti­on. In every socie­ty it takes time and genera­ti­ons to chan­ge. We cant expect every other coun­try to be like wes­tern coun­tries when they haven’t had our history.

  43. Sounds like you are describ­ing the USA, i mean how black of a kett­le we must be try­ing to call out pots for being black. SMH

  44. Des­pi­te the eco­no­mic mar­ket crash,I’m so hap­py☺️. I have been ear­ning $45,850 returns from my $8,000 invest­ment every 14 days.

    1. The cryp­to mar­ket is high­ly pro­fi­ta­ble with an expert bro­ker just like Mrs Kia­na Dani­al . I got recom­men­ded to her and sin­ce then my finan­cial life has been a success.

    2. I appre­cia­te the Truth built over the past few mon­ths of working with Ma’am Kia­na Dani­al, and I respect her for her honest­ly and hard work,she’s is such a good woman

  45. Why is it con­tro­ver­si­al? The US and many wes­tern coun­tries con­ti­nue to do busi­ness with the Sau­dis and buys oil and sup­ply arms to them

  46. (내.. 몬솽관??? 아즊,테러질..으.. 심하고..??? )
    자꾸..저느.. 중굮ㄷㅅㄱ츢,문자질..도.. ‘좔,받읏다고..g랄..’

    중굮 14얶,다.. (나름..)논ㅍs 꺼.. ‘짂접.. 하라고. 중굮..뉴ㅆ, ㄱㅅ퐌 에.
    (내,주로..사용.. ㅃㅃㅆㅣ..ㄱㅅㅍ..ㅅㅏ용 x. )

  47. How far do you take this though? One could argue that the Ame­ri­cans have cer­tain­ly done ter­ri­ble things wit­hin their governments to peop­le. So have the Eng­lish. So does that mean that the play­ers should for­feit play­ing on their own soil and their own country’s orga­niz­a­ti­on? This seems to me to be just inser­ting poli­tics whe­re it doesn’t belong. We buy things from Chi­na every day, that has done unspeaka­ble amounts of acts towards huma­ni­ty. Whe­re can the line even be drawn? Evil is everywhere.

  48. Any sport that is not a coun­try with 31+ tril­li­on in euros is vul­nerable to a Sau­di take­over of their sport or business.

  49. What has the BBC done to expo­se the cri­mi­nal tre­at­ment of Juli­an Assan­ge for expo­sing the truth of the dir­ty deeds done by the West…???

  50. Typi­cal­ly BBC. Hip­po­cra­tes All. We all buy their oil. And sell them Arms. You employ peop­le to make the­se pro­grams. Luv employ gol­fers to play golf. Move on.

  51. Why has the USA con­ti­nued to tra­de with the Sau­dis? Why has Euro­pe con­ti­nued to tra­de with the Sau­dis? Why has the UK con­ti­nued to tra­de with the Sau­dis? What is the excu­se for the con­ti­nued rela­ti­ons­hip? Oh they cri­ti­cis­ed them in the UN and for the came­ras. But what chan­ged? Not­hing. So are the gol­fers now going to car­ry the moral can for dir­ty cor­rupt governments, of which the USA is one?

  52. what they do in the­re coun­try is the­re busi­ness isnt it .this is the pro­blem the uk and usa should inva­de sau­di becau­se they dis­agree with the way they live . inva­de des­troy like they did iraq afag­ha­ni­stan syria korea vietnham .if you dont like it dont go piss off the west should look in the mir­ror ins­tead of poin­ting at others.

  53. The US gives Sau­di Ara­bia bil­li­ons of dol­lars for cru­de oil every mon­th yet its so bad for the­se guys to play golf for them?

  54. As I’ve asked befo­re …whe­re does the PGA get their money from ? I mean Ame­ri­ca has never com­mit­ted any human rights atro­ci­ties …are the CIA being inves­ti­ga­ted for the count­less Kil­lings they’­ve been part of ????? give it a rest you hypocrites

  55. Then stop wes­tern governments dealing with and having clo­se rela­ti­ons­hips with SA and Chi­na. Don’t hang sport and golf on a hook. The UK and the US has sold wea­pons to SA to fight a dir­ty war in the Yemen. Chi­na mur­de­red it’s own citi­zens in the streets. Yet the PGA sup­por­ted com­pe­ti­ti­on in Chi­na. Selec­ti­ve repor­ting again from the BBC, igno­ring the real and appro­pria­te question.

  56. Greed greed greed is the only word, a lot of over­paid second pri­ze mer­chants get­ting sho­we­red with “dir­ty” cash (imo), but they don’t care a jot about human rights.

    Big Mick­le­son will pro­bab­ly give his to the boo­kie (imv).

    Ban them from all tour­na­ments, apart from the dir­ty one they have signed for.

  57. I always refer back to a movie whe­re Ste­ven Sea­gal asks a ques­ti­on, what does it take, how much do you want, what are you pre­pa­red to do.

    The­se peop­le have no respect it’s all about the money the pri­ze means not­hing to them.

    All in my opi­ni­on of course.

    1. @Jb T depends how you earn and what respect you have in life, most of the­se sports peop­le have ten faces, I heard a jour­na­list men­tio­ning that some only earn one and a half mil­li­on per year ff’s

    2. It’s how they’­ve been bred. May­be a dif­fe­rent for­mat is requi­red, some pro gol­fers will just be sick of the sta­le for­mat that they get with the PGA and pro­bab­ly very litt­le say in how to chan­ge things.

    1. buy­ing sau­di oil, fun­ding the sta­te, no? 

      sel­ling them equip­ment, wea­pons etc, thats also fair game?

      and taking invest­ment in sport is the main culprit.

  58. They are pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers mea­ning they have to make living with golf. What is wrong for them to play the­re? Who can judge them?

  59. the NBA is in bed with Chi­na but nobo­dy says a thing about that in the US becau­se the NBA is about woke poli­tics. But when a few gol­fers want to make a litt­le more money and be free to play whe­re­ver they want and the jour­na­lists in the US and UK lose it.

  60. I just don’t get what the main issue is. Is it working with Sau­di Ara­bia? If so:

    Gol­fers are not the first and only ones. Why don’t we stop buy­ing Sau­di Oil to begin with? Sau­di real esta­te invest­ments? Foot­ball clubs? Air­lines? For­mu­la 1 holds a race in Sau­di and also in the UK, how dare they? We also should­n’t be sel­ling equip­ment to Saudi?

  61. So let me get this strai­ght… the US has no pro­blem with human rights abu­ses when they buy Aram­co Sau­di oil, but golf is a big No No? Is this not a bit of a “dou­ble stan­dard”? Seems hypocritical!

    1. Ple­nty of hypo­cri­sy in the world. This par­ti­cu­lar sto­ry is about the gol­fers, and their hypo­cri­sy and greed and moral vacuum.

    2. @Pure Hyper­bo­le what greed and morals? If the west buys Sau­di oil why can’t gol­fers also pro­fit from a big paycheque.

    3. @Glenn Pep­per The gol­fers take respon­si­bi­li­ty for them­sel­ves. What ‘The West’ has done does­n’t mean they get to do the same without being ques­tio­ned. Your argu­ment is deeply flawed.

    4. @Pure Hyper­bo­le can you exp­lain why his argu­ment is “deeply fla­wed” and not just make a state­ment that you expect others to believe?

  62. No oil no money no play, if the coun­try was lemons and dates, may­be some rocket salad they wouldn’t be inte­res­ted, don’t kid yourself.

  63. Pure media hypo­cri­sy. Ame­ri­ca con­ducts 46 mis­si­le strikes per day. What is our glo­bal repu­ta­ti­on? Blood soa­ked image? Give me a break.

  64. wow if the­se obs­ce­ne gol­fers belie­ve that they will help chan­ge the sau­di régime they are delu­sio­nal, they are con­do­ning the behea­dings of anyo­ne who speaks out against the mur­de­rous régime, the kil­ling of lgbt peop­le and oppres­ses women.…shame on them. And the fact that it is being held in the UK makes me sick. I am UK

  65. How much liquid cash does West­wood have in bank accounts ? And he talks about a pay rise, what pay rise is this greed mer­chant tal­king about, pri­ze money,sponsor money, appearan­ce money or other cash that is thrown at him.

    His comments are disgusting.

    I doubt he will feel any shame when he swings a club in “that” country.

  66. So, let me get this strai­ght, its bad to play golf which is spon­so­red by a government with bad human rights record but OK to play gold in a country’s com­pe­ti­ti­on whe­re the government actively enab­les 18 year olds to buy ass­ault rif­les and shoot 20 school children.…..elelments of pots and kett­les here I feel.

  67. What this boils down to is ALL of the­se play­ers value money over ever­ything else. When you stand for not­hing, you will fall for anything and Mickel­son will feel the wrath of the public the most for doing this. I hope that $200 mil­li­on in blood money is worth it Mickel­son. I am sure his boo­kies are happy.

    1. He said he did­n’t want to play in a coun­try whe­re 7 and 8 year old inno­cent child­ren are shot in the face while their in school. That’s why their play­ing fir LIV.

  68. Each and every one of the­se greed mer­chants should hang their heads in shame, most are second pri­ze mer­chants get­ting floo­ded with smel­ly dir­ty fil­thy money, in my opi­ni­on of course.

  69. Time for Ame­ri­ca tel­ling and bos­sing around other coun­tries wha to do is over, and it has to start reco­gni­ze that or else it will find its­elf isolated.

  70. The­se Ame­ri­can Gol­fers know their coun­try are big­gest human rights abu­ser in the world! Look at the Iraq war, the silence over Syria, Isra­el, India, and most of all Guan­ta­na­mo Bay. The­re is no argu­ment that jus­ti­fies hol­ding and tor­tu­ring peop­le without pro­of or tri­al! Rea­ding the Guantano­mo Diaries.

  71. This is like déjà vu from the 1970’s when the NHL threa­tened Bob­by Hull with sanc­tions and fines for lea­ving the good olé boys league for the upstart World Hockey Association

  72. How sanc­ti­mo­nious does this BBC news repor­ter sound. Why do you con­demn the­se pro­fes­sio­nal golf play­ers for taking the money for doing their job, whilst giving the impres­si­on that they are not con­cer­ned about human right abu­ses con­duc­ted by Sau­di Ara­bia. Why is it the PGA is so con­cer­ned about pro­fes­sio­nal golf play­ers play­ing on the LIV. Is it pos­si­b­ly that they may even­tual­ly loo­se out on spon­sor­s­hip deals which ulti­mate­ly means loss of MONEY!
    The amount of money the­se gol­fers will earn on the LIV tour is stag­ge­rin­gly huge to mere mor­tals like mys­elf. It does howe­ver, pail into insi­gni­fi­cant regar­ding the reve­nue brought into the UK and US for arms sales and tech­ni­cal sup­port to the Sau­di régime.

    We’ll done to Lee West­wood for say­ing exact­ly how it is. He’s a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer making money from his tra­de. The rest of you guys on the LIV, take a leaf out of Lee’s book and stop bea­ting around the Bush. Talk plain­ly, your pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers, go and earn your money.

  73. I always refer back to a movie whe­re Ste­ven Sea­gal asks a ques­ti­on, what does it take, how much do you want, what are you pre­pa­red to do.

    The­se peop­le have no respect it’s all about the money the pri­ze means not­hing to them.

    All in my opi­ni­on of course.

  74. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is, it’s
    pret­ty obvious we are hea­ded for
    hyper­in­fla­ti­on. I think stores bet­ter have
    tight secu­ri­ty becau­se when peop­le can’t
    afford to feed their fami­lies, things might
    get ugly

    1. I’m hap­py to see Mr. Nel­son Collins
      men­tio­ned here, my spou­se recommended
      him to Me after inves­ting $4000 and he has
      real­ly hel­ped us finan­cial­ly in times of COVID
      ‑19 lock­down here in Australia.

  75. Will the BBC boy­cott showing matches from the World Cup in Qatar becau­se of their awful human rights?

  76. The west media act like the human rights is real­ly con­si­de­red while they are angry becau­se this game is redu­cing pga revenues!
    They act same as they acted on the super League announ­ce­ment, they do NOT want the game to deve­lop and brings more fans until they sharing with them the cake
    Now they lec­tu­ring about human rights yaaah kis my a** 😂

  77. US has kil­led more un born babies then any other coun­try in any era. Mil­li­ons of babies kil­led, government sanc­tion­ed. Plea­se US has blood on their hands and just as bad for human rights. What about baby rights?

  78. congra­tu­la­ti­ons to the atten­ding LIV Gol­fers for recei­ving inde­fi­ni­te sus­pen­si­ons from the PGA, a very good first step.

  79. Good Report BBC.
    As a Golf enthu­si­ast, I will not sup­port ANY pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers who gets invol­ved in this. Golf is a sports of Civi­li­zed peop­le. And Not of twis­ted reli­gious fana­tics with a sword in their natio­nal flag!!

  80. Why isn’t the NBA and Lebron James get­ting ques­tio­ned like this for dealing with Chi­na, con­si­de­ring China’s human rights violations?

  81. Basi­cal­ly, the money is so good we don’t care what hor­ren­dous things they do. They could chop someone’s head off on the green of every hole and this lot would play through the pools of blood.

  82. Well done BBC – The­se Pro­fes­sio­nal Gol­fers have made a choice to play and should be held accoun­ta­ble for their choice – I WILL NOT purcha­se anything that they promote !

  83. UK sel­ling Sau­di arms and all of us buying/investing in their oil fine, yet gol­fers taking such a kicking for doing their job for more money. Phil and co have done not­hing wrong.

  84. Lit­ter­al­ly didn’t have any of this con­tro­ver­sy around F1 etc and other events hos­ted in this coun­try. The World Cup has actu­al human rights direct­ly asso­cia­ted with the build up to event and has hard­ly been spo­ken about. Yet gol­fers are under gre­at scru­ti­ny becau­se it’s fun­ded by Sau­di and not­hing con­tro­ver­si­al has actual­ly come from the event? I’m sor­ry but the­re is con­tro­ver­sy and human rights issu­es in every coun­try let’s not for­get about it. Think this is just all a ploy by the pga becau­se they don’t want com­pe­ti­ti­on like the­re is in boxing etc whe­re the­re is free lan­ce pro­fes­sio­nals that com­pe­te for a living.

  85. Why are the BBC tal­king about this now? The Sau­di Invi­ta­tio­nal took place in Febru­a­ry this year, fun­ded by the Sau­di Public Invest­ment Fund and won by Harold Var­ner 3rd. Not a word about it back then. This ‘outra­ge’ has ari­sen becau­se the PGA has beco­me threa­tened and it is using it’s friends in main­stream media.

  86. Racism at it’s finest.. we allow the UK our own coun­try to get away with anything … Isra­el have done a lot worse than Sau­di Ara­bia but we can work with them but we are not rea­dy for that conversation

  87. Tell all of the­se coun­tries to stop tra­ding with Sau­di befo­re they expect sports­man and women to not par­ti­ci­pa­te. What a joke

  88. Like the FedEx Cup, give it time to matu­re. Espe­cial­ly when their ‘Lega­cy’ will be a bet­ter life­style, finan­cial secu­ri­ty & an inno­va­ti­ve envi­ron­ment. Mean­wi­le the ent­i­re world is cur­r­ent­ly being touched by Sau­di money. It’s ine­vi­ta­ble until they run out of Oil. That’s the sad reality.

  89. So? This has not­hing to do with LIV golf oh it’s fun­ded by them lol that logic fails. Sport washing? That’s not real stop demo­ni­zing the­se play­ers and LIV golf to suit your nar­ra­ti­ves hypocrites.

  90. The­se gol­fers are the­re to make money they’re pro­fes­sio­nals and the­re is oppor­tu­ni­ty. Why shame on peop­le who are try­ing be set for life? Pro­vi­de for their fami­ly? Ever­yo­ne is try­ing to make money so money is bad when someo­ne makes more than you? Stop the­se hypo­cri­sy that comes from jea­l­ou­sy and hid­den agen­da let the­se gol­fer make as much as they can

  91. Serious­ly mis­sed a trick here, sur­pri­sed nobo­dy has thought about it.….… Remo­ve play­ers from tour.….…. a bit weak. Take their tour cards away.….. come on, they’­ve alrea­dy made their millions.
    Go for the jugu­lar, any cour­se that allows them to play, auto­ma­ti­cal­ly gets remo­ved from the offi­cial PGA and R&A lists.…. that means they’ll never hold a tour­na­ment, not even the mon­th­ly medal, lose all world han­di­cap for mem­bers (which will mean no cour­se will have mem­bers), in other words just make it impos­si­ble for them to hold any event on any cour­se that has mem­bers.….…… all that’s left will be crap­py litt­le public cour­ses or a pitch and putt by the beach, or they can hold the com­pe­ti­ti­ons in the Gulf – - – and nobo­dy will watch it!!!

  92. Blah blah, the­re are human rights abu­ses every day all across Bri­tain. All the PGA is con­ce­re­n­ed about is money being diver­ted away from them.

  93. Oh BBC wind your bloo­dy neck in. Ano­t­her news chan­nel that says what it wants to fur­ther it’s own agen­da. Not to worry though, the beeb still won’t be showing any golf in a hurry.

  94. Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế
    Phản Kito là ĐGH
    Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ x

  95. Mar 15, 2022 — The mass exe­cu­ti­on of 81 indi­vi­du­als, Sau­di and non-Sau­di citi­zens, on Satur­day signals an appal­ling esca­la­ti­on in Sau­di Arabia’s use of behea­ding people.

  96. Bbc what has hap­pen­ed to you? Why when you’re public ser­vants do you take it as your job to be the moral con­sci­ence, gui­de and bell-wea­ther for the UK. We pay you to give us facts and con­tent to enter­tain and inform. You are try­ing to only push your opi­ni­on and tell us what and how we should think. You’re fai­ling mas­si­ve­ly and beco­m­ing pure­ly dri­ven by ideo­lo­gy and are not­hing more than a left wing pro id poli­tics quag­mi­re that we are fun­ding. All tho­se working the­re must be ideo­lo­gi­cal­ly brain­wa­s­hed or doing what the gol­fers do- take their buck. Do not bla­me gol­fers for the fact that cor­po­ra­tes and governments are far too sca­red to do anything against Sau­di Ara­bia Chi­na or his­to­ri­cal­ly real­ly Rus­sia. It is all meant to be the indi­vi­du­al who dri­ves this, whilst the cor­po­ra­tes and the governments make hay, often sti­cking money in their own pockets, from exact­ly the­se type of sources. All you are doing Bbc is hel­ping the governments and cor­po­ra­te main­tain the sta­tus quo whilst deflec­ting ever­y­bo­dy onto, in this case, how ter­ri­b­ly moral­ly bereft the­se awful gol­fers are. This is a pathe­tic show, you real­ly are the lowest of the low and only ser­ve to expo­se you’re own cripp­ling dise­a­se as a woke pro­pa­gan­da machine.

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