Warum mache ich meine Golf-Pitch-Shots?

Warum mache ich meine Golf Pitch Shots android golf app

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28 thought on “Warum mache ich meine Golf-Pitch-Shots?”

  1. I had the same pro­blem. It dro­ve me mad. My solu­ti­on: back on pla­ne, not to much to the insi­de. But what hel­ped most was squa­ring the club­face at impact. I tried ever­ything. I was over­com­pli­ca­ting the shot. In was lea­ving the club face wide open through impact. Went back to basics. Cor­rect grip, balan­ced, back and down on pla­ne, squa­re club face through impact. Hope this helps.

    1. Yes Ryan this hap­pens too me also! Just moved too a new club with lots more uneven fair­ways. Should we have a dif­fe­rent set up mark?

  2. This isn’t a fix for ever­yo­ne I guess, but try lif­ting your hands slight­ly hig­her at address. I had hor­ri­ble shanks for about a mon­th. When I che­cked on film I had real­ly low hands on small pitch shots and when I rai­sed my hands slight­ly it gave my hands room in front of my legs to swing through. If your legs are in the way of your hands com­ing into impact your hands will just move for­ward of the ball so you don’t hit your legs. It INSTANTLY fix my sss­s­s­sshanks! Just my ten pennies.

  3. Hi Les­lie. Try to streng­t­hen left hand. Will help to squa­re club through impact. Start with short chips. Squa­ring the club­face. Slow­ly make swing lon­ger. Focus on squa­ring club face the rest will come Naturally.
    Back to basics. Good grip/ set­up, balan­ced, good distance from ball, swing on pla­ne, eye on ball, fol­low through to balan­ced finish. Think smooth & squa­re squa­re square.
    Hope this hel­ps. Good luck.

  4. I went out to the ran­ge and prac­ti­ced on kee­ping my shafts par­al­lel on the downswing star­ting with my dri­ver. All went rather well and I felt good about the prac­ti­ce ses­si­on until I hit my SW and it was SHANK after SHANK after SHANK… I’m not sure what I did wrong but loo­king back I felt in the ham­strings and I think that’s what was for­cing me to ear­ly extend in the downswing.

  5. good video plea­se I don’t want you to think im try­ing to be cle­ver but ive suf­fe­red from shanks sin­ce I star­ted still have them now but on the­se three quar­ter shots you should con­ci­der are you just swin­ging your arms and not tur­ning your shoul­ders this was one of my faults so make sure you start your swing with your shoul­ders hope this hel­ps someo­ne all the best

  6. Mark. Thank you so much. I have been suf­fe­ring from the drea­ded Hosel Rockets for a mon­th. Every video I have wat­ched tal­ked about stance swing pla­ne release ball posi­ti­on etc etc etc. your take on impact and fee­ling were the club face is makes total sen­se to me. Shanks are under con­trol now. Still a bit clo­se to hosel on some shots but get­ting much more con­trol­led strikes. Many more cen­ter hits. Again thank you so much!

  7. Best Tip for shank! – I had suf­fer about shank (Full Shot / Chip Shot). I watch a lot of You­Tube Les­sons and Pac­ti­ce But It not working at all until i watch this Tip. Now Shank has gone!
    Thank You So Much Mark

  8. Many thanks, I have been rese­ar­ching “per­fect put­ting machi­ne” for a while now, and I think this has hel­ped. Ever heard of – Gray­son­yon Put­ter Pro­li­fic – (Have a quick look on goog­le cant remem­ber the place now ) ? Ive heard some inte­res­ting things about it and my m8 got gre­at suc­cess with it.

  9. I’ve always found that sim­ply stan­ding far­t­her away from the ball works very well. The pro­blem is your com­ing over the the top and catching the hozel not the cen­ter of the club. So try just stan­ding and inch or so away from the ball.

  10. In my expe­ri­ence I have found that the distance I stand from the ball makes the most dif­fe­rence. I typed in how to stop shanking pitch shots in the search bar becau­se I could not find what i was actual­ly loo­king for. Turns out i have been stan­ding too far away (??? Coun­ter intui­ti­ve I know) and reaching out a bit and then sla­shing back across the ball, causing what loo­ks very much like a shank. A wedge is a very short club after all and I per­so­nal­ly think a lot of peop­le just do not have a steep enough ang­le of attack and are not actual­ly shanking but real­ly doing this sli­cing across thing. Then they think oh s@#$t I’m too clo­se and try to move fur­ther away still, which just makes it worse. I per­so­nal­ly belie­ve that’s why peop­le say ” I was at the ran­ge and it was just shank after shank after shank “, becau­se their ‘reme­dy’ just makes it worse. What do you think?

  11. Pin your your elbows to your sides and relax your grip to very light. It’s the club get­ting too far away from your body. Even the left elbow clo­se to ones body works gre­at. It will also make you turn towards the target

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