Warum Phil Mickelson vor den US Open 2022 in LIV Golf eingestiegen ist (FULL PRESSER) | Golfkanal

Warum Phil Mickelson vor den US Open 2022 in LIV Golf eingestiegen ist FULL PRESSER Golfkanal 2022 us open

Phil Mickel­son spricht mit den Medi­en über all die Kon­tro­ver­sen, an denen er in Bezug auf LIV Golf vor den US Open 2022 vom The Coun­try Club in Brook­li­ne, Mass., betei­ligt war. #Golf­Chan­nel #USOpen #Phil­Mi­ckel­son » Golf Chan­nel abon­nie­ren: https:/ /www.youtube.com/golfchannel?sub_confirmation=1 » Für die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten rund um Golf: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Golf Chan­nel wur­de am 17. Janu­ar 1995 von Arnold Pal­mer und Joe Gibbs mit­be­grün­det und wur­de 2011 Teil von Golf Chan­nel der NBC Sports Group und – das das wohl­ha­bends­te Publi­kum im gesam­ten Fern­se­hen bedient – steht jetzt fast 500 Mil­lio­nen Zuschau­ern in fast 80 Län­dern und neun Spra­chen auf der gan­zen Welt zur Ver­fü­gung. Golf Chan­nel ver­bin­det die Welt mit Golf durch eine brei­te Palet­te von digi­ta­len und Life­style-Ange­bo­ten, dar­un­ter Golf Chan­nel Mobi­le, eine umfas­sen­de App mit den neu­es­ten Schlag­zei­len, Ergeb­nis­sen und Ana­ly­sen des Golf­sports; Golf­Now, die welt­weit größ­te Online-Start­zeit-Buchungs­platt­form und Golf­platz-Tech­no­lo­gie­part­ner, die die Golf­Now Mobi­le App mit GPS-Tracking auf dem Platz, In-Round-Sco­ring und Spiel-Tracking umfasst; Revo­lu­ti­on Golf, die größ­te digi­ta­le Direkt­ver­triebs­platt­form im Golf­sport; Golf​Ad​vi​sor​.com, die welt­weit größ­te Res­sour­ce für Golf­platz­be­wer­tun­gen und Rezen­sio­nen von Gol­fern; ein nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sches Netz­werk von Lehr­ein­rich­tun­gen der Golf Chan­nel Aca­de­my; Golf Chan­nel Am Tour, die welt­weit größ­te Ama­teur-Golf­tour; und als offi­zi­el­ler Medi­en­part­ner von St. Andrews Links, dem Home of Golf. Besu­chen Sie Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Fin­den Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​C​h​a​n​n​el/ Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​nel Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​el/ War­um Phil Mickel­son vor den US Open 2022 in LIV Golf ein­ge­stie­gen ist (FULL PRESSER) | Golf­ka­nal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1

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808 thought on “Warum Phil Mickelson vor den US Open 2022 in LIV Golf eingestiegen ist (FULL PRESSER) | Golfkanal”

  1. I know they kill people…but I love golf…and real­ly, who cares!! Look at all the money they gave me!!!!! I have zero respect for this clown!!

  2. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­deo don­de quie­ra que Sogrob​ar​tigg​.Mons​ter encan­tan tus videos.

  3. LP reac­ted d ryt way, she is Sex​in​lo​call​.UNO need of over dra­ma, or over con­si­der ati­ons. She don’t deser­ve *con­si­de­ra­ti­onsr. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ„ ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  4. He almost loo­ks like he’s wea­ring one of tho­se come­dy nose and mousta­che dis­gui­se in hope that he might not be reco­gnis­ed when he’s on the cour­se espe­cial­ly once he’s wea­ring tho­se sil­ly sun­glas­ses and he’s got his cap on.
    Good luck with that

  5. Phil: I get that the guys fun­ding LIV golf, among other atro­ci­ties, mur­der jour­na­lists they don’t like, cut them up with bone saws and car­ry their bodies out of embas­sies in suit­ca­ses, but they’re paying me a shit­load of money so I don’t GAF.

  6. does anyo­ne real­ly care now that he is gone? He just shot 10 OVER PAR for 54 holes! Only 7 peop­le shot under par. real­ly? LEt them take the money but their golf will suf­fer becau­se they don’t have to per­form well. That is the dif­fe­rence of get­ting paid for what you and get­ting paid to do not­hing. He should be embarr­as­sed. I will take the PGA 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.


  8. Goes from spea­king truth­ful­ly about the Sau­dis behind clo­sed doors to liter­al­ly kne­e­ling befo­re them in despe­ra­ti­on so he can cover his mas­si­ve gamb­ling debt

    1. I agree but at least not as bad as the US government and their atro­ci­ties. I think he clea­ned up a bit of his image by lea­ving the PGA.

    2. Holy cow, give it a rest. You sound like a bro­ken record. Let the­se play­ers cha­se the money if they want. Not­hing wrong with that. Stop tel­ling others how to live their life.

  9. LP reac­ted d ryt way, she is vom​.mons​ter need of over dra­ma, or over con­si­der ati­ons. She don’t deser­ve *con­si­de­ra­ti­onse. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ„ ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  10. Stay­ing com­po­sed is vital for the sake of LIV golf. Phil did a pro­fes­sio­nal job ans­we­ring the­se ques­ti­ons asked to compromise.

  11. the sports media need to be led around like dogs. They ask ter­ri­ble ques­ti­ons and think vir­tue is invol­ved with $200 million

  12. Sounds to me that LIV Golf has offe­red a swee­ter pur­se that would give him more free time. I don’t like how the reporter(s) wan­ted to add the 9/11 Fami­lies and play­ing a cour­se with Trump’s name on it. It’s the PGA that choo­se the venues, not the play­ers. If it were me, I would­n’t play tho­se cour­ses if it does­n’t pre­sent a breech of contract.

    1. if Phil is being asked about 9/11 – then PGA play­ers should be asked about Ame­ri­cas use of nuclear wea­pons in WW2 (as the USPGA is play­ed on US soil)

    2. Wasn’t the 9/11 ques­ti­on about the let­ter sent by 9/11 Fami­lies United – a coali­ti­on of fami­lies and sur­vi­vors of the 2001 ter­ror attacks?

  13. lol. What a bunch of bull­shit. He got $200,000,000. Holy moly. Sold his soul. Of cour­se I would pro­bab­ly sell my soul for $200,000,000. And I see a lot of posi­ti­ve comments regar­ding Phil and LIV. I won­der how much they were paid to make them. Anyo­ne who loves golf knows what a sham this is.

  14. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly I belie­ve they doc­tor has put him on meds. Rui­ning a once gre­at per­so­na­li­ty. He owes us nothing.

    1. @Allen LEARN THE FACTS BEFORE YOU SPEAK! Phil is a life­time mem­ber of the PGA tour and, as such, is free to set his own sche­du­le. He is not sub­ject to the grind of the PGA Tour. He will actual­ly have to play in all the LIV events and will end up play­ing more than if he just stay­ed on the PGA Tour and picked and cho­se whe­re he wan­ted to play.

  15. Watching the Golf Chan­nel and lis­tening to the­se Five clowns bash Michel­son for his choices for LIV Golf. Who the hell do they thing they are? And who do they repre­sent (legal­ly)?
    Phil, and others, should have the right to play for who-ever they want! Phil has Always been a class-act indi­vi­du­al! The clowns repre­sen­ting the gold chan­nel, have NOT!
    Right – ON, Phil!
    You fools who want to cri­ti­ci­ze someo­ne for all his shady deals and rela­ti­ons­hips, look in-to what Joe Biden has, and con­ti­nues to do! Piss – OFF, Golf Channel!

    1. @nicholas schroe­der What? That’s the stu­pi­dest thing I’ve ever heard! Go back to play­ing with yourself! Lea­ve the­se con­ver­sa­ti­ons to the adults!

  16. Anything short of “they offe­red me a shit ton of money and I love money” is just was­ted breath. I wish the­se guys would stop try­ing to hide behind platitudes.

    They all want a ton of money for the least amount of effort. This is the way of the world.

    1. Isn’t that what basi­cal­ly ever­yo­ne does in real life though? 95% of peop­le will take a bet­ter paying employ­er of the same job.

    2. I guess old man Phil did not make enough mola on the PGA Tour. Now to cash in off the backs of the rich Saudi’s. Watch your back Phil, you never know when the Saudi’s will do next.

  17. Like most com­pul­si­ve gam­blers, Phil will squan­der his ($124 mil – after taxes) from the Sau­dis. If Amy is smart, she should divor­ce now and keep half of the money for her and the kids.

  18. He’s a big boy … they all are! They can make decisi­ons for them­sel­ves. Now, some­day, may­be the women can be stri­cken with the same con­tro­ver­sies in the not too distant future. As long as they don’t have to play in burkas. 😇

  19. Phil its good you made a choice you can live with and good for you. Now why would you want to play on the PGA tour again you would be taking a new per­son a start on PGA TOUR.

  20. Why are any of the gol­fers like Rory that play­ed in Sau­di able to play on the PGA. You know the Sau­di prin­ces make money off them play­ing there.

  21. in gene­ral, all the­se jour­na­lists and 911 fami­ly mem­bers are sickos to lay the guilt on that event on a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer. USA citi­zens kil­led more than 60 mil­li­on of their own babies and is a reflec­tion of what they are as a socie­ty, but then feel they have the moral high ground. It takes a spe­cial kind of low life to accu­se others of what they far worse off.

  22. Bunch of PGA hit men acting like media sent in to attack Phil for this gentleman’s game. Sad day ! They should be bet­ter than that.

  23. May­be Phil will be hono­red and get to pre­si­de over some sto­nings and behea­dings. What fun! May­be he’ll orga­ni­ze the bet­ting at the events. (Serious­ly though, he took payo­la from mur­de­rers. The ques­ti­ons are just part of the cor­rupt deal. He’ll cry all the way to the bank–like Liberace–and enjoy the rest of his days in Mon­te Carlo.)

  24. Would have been nice to see the press go after Jack Nick­laus for taking money from the same Sau­di group to build a golf cour­se in Sau­di Ara­bia and sho­we­ring the Roy­al fami­ly with prai­se, expres­sing how hono­red he was to be cho­sen for the project…it was all teed up at the Memo­ri­al, but not a peep…in fact, as soon as they star­ted down that road, Jack inter­rup­ted and said, “Let’s talk about the Memorial”…and the press just went, “squirrel!”….that was the sad part…

    1. @Jon Bur­rows same rea­son the media kust shamed Phil in this inter­view for play­ing LIV events at 2 trump owned cour­ses. Did you catch that question?

    2. Very good, it seems ever­yo­ne has lost per­spec­ti­ve. It’s not about ano­t­her tour for me. It’s about whe­re the money is com­ing from. And to tho­se who say I never thought to ask in the past, I say it’s time to start. Say no no to the Sau­dis and say no to the Chi­ne­se and who ever isn’t com­mit­ted to human rights.

    3. Yeap!! Such Hypocrite…just lea­ve the play­ers alo­ne alrea­dy and just let them play, I know PGA is so butt hurt about the situa­ti­on. They cry and whi­ning about it and making it bad on themselves.

    4. The dif­fe­rence is, Nick­laus did NOT choo­se the Sau­di Roy­al Fami­ly over the PGA Tour and its play­ers. He was repor­ted­ly offe­red $100 mil­li­on to be the lead spo­kes­man for them and he said no.

  25. This guy is and always has been full of crap. Not a genui­ne bone in his body. A com­ple­te and total fake. I feel sor­ry for any­bo­dy who takes him seriously.

  26. This is the rea­son kids gro­wing up do not want to play golf. Bunch of old out dated princi­ples from pri­vi­le­ged white men (com­ing from the son of a 25+ year PGA Pro who loves the game). Who cares whe­re this man wants to play pro­fes­sio­nal golf. The NBA, MLB, or NFL do not ban play­ers from their league/association for wan­ting to play in a dif­fe­rent league. Tho­se play­ers just like anyo­ne else have to EARN the right to play sports pro­fes­sio­nal­ly for wha­te­ver league/association they stri­ve for. Phil has EARNED a life­time exemp­ti­on on the PGA Tour through his play. To strip that from him becau­se as a 50 year old man who by the way, is 2nd on the list of most influ­en­ti­al PGA Tour play­ers in the last 30 years behind Tiger Woods, is flat out wrong. The Tour should be thanking him for his influ­ence on the game. Grow up

  27. Phil is pret­ty much done on the PGA tour he is not very likely to win again he has been play­ing in the cham­pions tour but if the liv is going to pay him astro­no­mi­c­al money and he can spend time with his fami­ly I can’t say I bla­me him
    Good luck Phil

  28. What did Phil real­ly say other than to com­mit to being bland with his public comments in the future? For him, that might be a good plan but it is cer­tain­ly not news. The man has/had a huge gamb­ling pro­blem and is grab­bing for wha­te­ver money the Sau­dis will (over)pay to hand­le his debts. That is not noble but might be necessa­ry in his situation.

  29. Money blindsi­ded Phil and the other play­ers are very sad. Most of tho­se play­ers who left the PGA tour are Trump sup­por­ters, which does say something.

  30. Phil says he likes LIV becau­se the­re are fewer tour­na­ments.. He also still wants to retain his play­ing rights on the PGA Tour… But surely that means still play­ing the mini­mum num­ber of events, so he’ll end up play­ing more?!?

    1. @Sean M I’m sure tho­se guys play the PGA tour for the money too. If obvi­dou­ly pays more. The only dif­fe­rence is they earn that money. It’s not given for them “being there”.

    1. Get­ting paid ten­fold and spen­ding more time with fami­ly isn’t real­ly thin­king short term. Any rea­son­ab­le per­son would do the same if you insert any other profession.

    2. Ten fold? Phil was making 30–35 mil­li­on in endor­se­ments per year. A lot of that has disap­peared with his spon­sors drop­ping him or reeva­lua­ting their rela­ti­ons­hip with him. He had all of this good­will from last year and win­ning the PGA Cham­pions­hip. He could have made way more money in endor­se­ments and other busi­ness stuff for the rest of his life. Now he’s get­ting to he LIV money, but his brand is tain­ted. I honest­ly think in the long term he would have made more with a gre­at image and no LIV, but only time will tell.

  31. Every sin­gle per­son cri­ti­ci­zing Phil, would take 200 mil­li­on$ from Sau­di Ara­bia. Also, you voted for Lea­ders who took their $ too

  32. the­re isn’t a sin­gle per­son in this ent­i­re com­ment sec­tion who would turn down $200 mil­li­on dol­lars to con­ti­nue doing their job but now do it for the sau­di sov­er­eign wealth fund

    1. Of cour­se the­re would be if you gave them the choice to be Phil Mickel­son taking the $200 mil­li­on or being Rory Mcil­roy and remain on the PGA Tour, more than half would pick Rory Mcilroy.

  33. If the press , and PGA want to get in to diplo­ma­cy and keep thro­wing , Sau­di golf at every opertu­ni­ty , then all the press plus the PGA open their state­ments with ; in regards to our gover­ment having signed a deal to sup­ply arms to Sau­di Ara­bia in 2017 worth 110 bil­li­on immi­du­et­ly and then over a 10year peri­od a fur­ther 360 bil­li­on to our eco­no­my , that asi­de do you agree that you should be ban­ned from play­ing on the PGA , and do you agree with the arms deal , as it bring a lot of money to all peop­le in Ame­ri­ca and good for our eco­no­my , the press are not open in their ques­tio­ning and neit­her is the PGA

  34. LMAO at all the grand­stan­ding over Sau­di money. Our ent­i­re socie­ty is dren­ched in Sau­di, Emi­ra­ti, and Qata­ri oil money – money that ori­gi­na­ted in the US becau­se we need their oil to make our socie­ty func­tion. We’­re all com­pli­cit in this.

  35. I frig­gin hate the media. They obvious­ly have taken ZERO notes why Bars­tool is kil­ling them. Be jud­ge­men­tal, be nega­ti­ve, make ath­le­tes hate you, ulti­mate­ly sell the divide.

    1. @Stanley13 fact are facts. The idea was, as sta­ted in hea­rings befo­re the war, Iraq was sup­po­sed to deve­lo­ped the­re own oil indus­try and pay the US back for ous­ting Saddam.

  36. The con­ti­nuous examp­le of why Phil cho­se the LIV Tour is that it offers the abi­li­ty to spend more time with ones he loves. Being that he has (or had) a life­time exemp­ti­on on the PGA Tour, doesn’t this pro­vi­de the same abi­li­ty? He can liter­al­ly play as many or as litt­le tour­na­ments as he desires.

    1. Sure he can. But he can play many, many fewer tour­na­ments and make way, way more money. The num­ber of events you play on the pga tour has a bea­ring on many dif­fe­rent things like play­offs and how much you earn.

    2. Again whe­re are the­se guys ele­gan­ce, pga was gre­at for your care­er up until now. Their all gree­dy, most have lucra­ti­ve endor­se­ments. Let me tra­de up my wife for some­thing better.

    3. not if he wants to make real money. in the pga he would not make much money for play­ing 7 tour­na­ments. in liv he will earn more in a year than Tiger in his lifetime.

    4. It’s not about the money, the tour and in par­ti­cu­lar Mona­han has pis­sed Phil off for years over intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty rights. Phil had to pay the tour over $1M for two pic­tures.…. of hims­elf. It is about making a stand. The PGA tour have had it incredi­b­ly good for far too long. Most LIV gol­fers intend on play­ing the Play­ers Cham­pions­hip, The memo­ri­al etc. But Mona­han wants all of them for hims­elf. That’s the real evil in this. None of the repor­ters are asking about that, ins­tead, they are com­ing from the Sau­di ang­le, which had racist over­to­nes. What would you expect from ame­ri­can reporters ??

  37. The 9/11 guilt trip gar­ba­ge can go…
    He’s play­ing golf, not enrol­ling in Despots-For-Dummies…I’m sor­ry for your loss, but I’m equal­ly as sor­ry that peop­le find it necessa­ry to invo­ke that day when they want to make a point.
    The guilt trip is bull­shit, so is the Un-Ame­ri­can attempt to con­trol ano­t­her man’s life with deca­des old victimization.

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    5. Real­ly! That’s good, Plea­se I’m very much inte­res­ted. How can I get in touch with this Mike Howard? I real­ly need to give him a try

  38. I love Phil but that darth vader facial hair is not gro­wing fast enough. I fear he is going to be used by Nor­man to sue the PGA. That would be dreadful.

  39. The more the­se guys exp­lain their rea­son it’s pret­ty obvious they just want more of a life and not to look back and miss the moments they didn’t spend with their fami­lies. Ever­yo­ne needs to respect their decisions!

    1. If Phil wan­ted to spend more time with his fami­ly he’d quit golf … peri­od. It’s a chan­ce to make a boat­load of cash way past the prime of his care­er. If he just admit­ted that and that he doesn’t give a shit about whe­re the money comes from … we’d all pro­bab­ly move on.

    1. @D.R. Tweeds Tweed­da­le Remem­ber when we inva­ded Iraq and Afgha­ni­stan becau­se Saudi’s kil­led a few thousand peop­le in the U.S? Let’s not act like we’­re so much holier then though after all the dama­ge we’­ve done as a nation.

  40. anyo­ne who is against phil’s decisi­on to play in liv tour­na­ments are just hypo­cri­tes. so no one wants to get pay rai­se in their jobs? lol

  41. Its fair­ly com­mon know­ledge that Phil has strong fee­lings about mar­ke­ting aspects sur­roun­ding the PGA tour and the dearth of kick­backs that find the­re way into a play­ers bank account; now, Phil is in the twi­light of his care­er and has been pre­sen­ted with alter­na­ti­ve choices. Its rather stu­pid to throw 911 and the Sau­di born per­pe­tra­tors at Phil’s feet; as if somehow he can biff the Sau­di Roy­al gover­nan­ce and that will be a fla­ming affront to a nati­on and its acti­vi­ties. Who is going to turn down a zil­li­on dol­lars when the­re is not­hing all that con­tro­ver­si­al in the decisi­on to par­ti­ci­pa­te on a rival tour; ok, he loo­ks like a hypo­cri­te, may­be he is a hypo­cri­te, but he’s a 200million dol­lar richer hypocrite.

  42. Phil owes the PGA for every Dol­lar he has made as an adult up till now, say what ya want he sticks a kni­fe in them for money and i don’t care if peop­le think that is emo­tio­nal. It’s what he has done, Tiger’s loyal­ty and inte­gri­ty to not take that money and shit on tra­di­ti­on is what Phil should have done, but again it is what it is, the truth.

    1. So if you got a new job doing 90% of exact same tasks for 50%, 100%, or even 200% more money, would you lea­ve your cur­rent job?
      And if you did lea­ve, do you have to give back every dol­lar you made back to your old job?

    2. Tiger is worth a bil­li­on. Easy to be all for tra­di­ti­on with that much money. Tiger is worth trip­le what Phil is yet Phil also brought in tons of reve­nue for the PGA

  43. Phil is a mave­rick. Glad to see him land that big paycheck with LIV golf. He made the right decisi­on for him and for his family.

  44. The­se peop­le ques­tio­ning Phil are a bunch of A‑holes, sim­ply try­ing to add fuel to the fire. Easy to tell the­se peop­le are media peop­le, what are paid to pro­mo­te divi­si­on amongst the people

  45. glad to see Phil golf again – plea­se get rid of the beard it is not you & not nee­ded – it was nice watching LIV without the spec­ter of Woods & came­ras dwel­ling on him all day

  46. Hey Phill, don’t for­get to remind Mona­han and his cor­po­ra­te stooge/mouthpiece McII­roy that they are utter hypo­cri­tes becau­se they buy Sau­di oil every time they buy gas for their cars.

  47. Who cares just play golf. I was watching the liv golf over the wee­kend and it was fine and a litt­le dif­fe­rent pre­sen­ta­ti­on and ever­yo­ne was hap­py. I think the PGA needs to grow up. they have some com­pe­ti­ti­on now and there’s not­hing wrong with that. this is a free world. I’ve never seen so much hat­red and the fact that Sau­di Ara­bia is backing it big deal. all the­se poli­ti­ci­ans and all the­se peop­le are con­nec­ted with Sau­di Ara­bia. what about the Japa­ne­se in World war II we can’t for­gi­ve the Japa­ne­se now,they chan­ge. we live in a pathe­tic, hypo­cri­ti­cal world not­hing is per­fect, Sau­di Ara­bia or any other coun­try we can­not be that small-min­ded and bla­me the who­le popu­la­ti­on of Sau­di Ara­bia. my coun­try the United Sta­tes is far from per­fect, look at the divi­de that’s going on in this coun­try. I don’t think the United Sta­tes as for the rest of world is going to last any lon­ger, we’­re hea­ded for dooms­day that is pre­dic­ted in Reve­la­ti­ons in the Bible remem­ber put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ becau­se your time comes very quick­ly and you want to be able to face God and be right with him but in the intern just enjoy play­ing golf and yes peop­le make lots of money play­ing it

    1. I love your com­ment, you are so bra­ve. It’s clear you know not­hing about this, yet you threw in your ana­ly­sis any­way. It’s worth­less and wrong and you are clu­eless, time to hit the books dawg

  48. Per­so­nal­ly I think its the PGA that loo­ks pet­ty in all of this. An ath­le­te has an oppor­tu­ni­ty to capi­ta­li­ze and the PGA is basi­cal­ly say­ing.. “nope, you got­ta choo­se one or the other” which they have the right to do but, if peop­le are lea­ving becau­se of money, then it just makes it seem like the PGA is under­paying its play­ers and kee­ping all the pro­fits to them­sel­ves, which I’m sure what this all comes down to. I’m cool with com­pe­ti­ti­on. The UFC needs this

  49. So Phil has a gamb­ling pro­blem. ‘Nuff said, ’splains everthin’. 😆😉 Tell us again about how it ain’t all about the money, and tell us again how you empa­thise with the fami­lies of 911 vic­tims & Khashoggi’s fami­ly, just for starters.

  50. So many hyprocri­tes! Fol­low the money deep in any business/company/gov and you’ll find that were are all so com­pli­cit to blood, drug and dir­ty money. You guys are just jea­l­ous you werent offe­red that amount of money – life is short, enjoy!

  51. Just Admit­ting it is all about money, which is true! Even Biden plan­ned to visit Sau­di for oil pri­ce. So poli­tics come down to earth, still about money! So what!

    1. @Robert Andrew Sin­c­lair whats he sup­po­sed to do? Give ever­yo­ne a les­son how all governments do bad things, even our own, and call ever­yo­ne hypo­cri­tes for inves­ting in the same port­fo­li­os that are fun­ding that league?

    2. @Robert Andrew Sin­c­lair I under­stand the hurt that the fami­lies of the vic­tims are fee­ling, but I feel that they are gene­ra­li­zing or ste­reo­typ­ing all Sau­dis. Not all of them are vio­lent, some of them are good peop­le. It doesn’t mean that Phil did some busi­ness with them that he auto­ma­ti­cal­ly sup­ports their beliefs and move­ments. Some of the ques­ti­ons I feel were meant to make Phil mad

  52. Hi Phil how do you feel about EVERYTHING not asso­cia­ted direct­ly with you and ques­ti­ons desi­gned to mani­pu­la­te the situa­ti­on by the PGA tour socio­paths and their cor­po­ra­te hench­men who want to keep their cash cow mono­po­ly as it is.

  53. Honest­ly the panel ear­lier should give Phil a break – they gave the guy $200M – it would almost be mal­prac­ti­ce not to take that for your fami­ly. Move on seriously

  54. Appar­ent­ly Phil has to respect everyone’s opi­ni­on, but they are not requi­red to respect his. It’s a fun­ny world we live in.

  55. I am cer­tain­ly not angry with Phil at all, I might be the only one, but honest­ly, I see this for exact­ly what it is. Phil has been at odds with the PGA tour for years now. The PGA tour is a gree­dy and arro­gant mono­po­ly. The PGA tour is full of hypo­cri­tes and fal­se outra­ge, Chi­na is OK, Sau­di was OK until now that the­re is a thre­at to the PGA. Peop­le need to get over themselves.

  56. The 9–11 fami­lies bit was a low blow. First of all, most don’t buy the “offi­cial” ver­si­on of 9–11. The Golf Chan­nel and the PGA are blind to that fact. And second­ly, even if the offi­cial ver­si­on was true, when do you move on? They alle­ged atta­ckers are all dead. So eit­her way, the Golf Chan­nel and the PGA and the lying media have it wrong.

  57. It’s a fuck­ing shame that our own government is in bed with the Sau­di government/royal fami­ly. SMH.
    As for Phil he’s an athlete/golfer try­ing to maxi­mi­ze his ear­ning poten­ti­al while he can. I may not agree with it but I understand.

  58. I won­der what went down in Octo­ber that Phil spe­ci­fi­cal­ly remem­bers that it was the last time he tal­ked to Jay Monahan…

  59. Hi Phil
    How do you feel about the fact that buy­ing into golf is the front line in Sau­di régime’s stra­te­gy to re-ing­ra­tia­te its­elf with the wes­tern busi­ness com­mu­ni­ty? That they are spen­ding more money in golf than any other sport becau­se they know who plays golf: the éli­te? Do you feel that beco­m­ing a lite­ral brand ambassa­dor for the Sau­di régime under the­se cir­cum­s­tan­ces has reper­cus­sions and signi­fi­can­ce bey­ond golf?

  60. The way he strug­gled to ans­wer ques­ti­ons, says a lot… he sold his sole peri­od, but ok, if he can look at his fami­ly and be proud, good for him. I’ve lost respect for him, I think we all saw a dif­fe­rent Phil for years…

  61. Whe­re to begin.…. Why are some of us sing­ling out the LIV golf mem­bers and hol­ding them to a hig­her cha­rac­ter level than we impo­se on ourselves?
    Most of us burn Sau­di gas. And no doubt most PGA Tour play­ers burn some in their fleets of ultra-luxu­ry auto­mo­bi­les. As do most of the mem­bers of the golf media and tal­king heads…
    Saudi’s con­ti­nue to enjoy Most Favo­r­ed Nati­on eco­no­mic tra­de sta­tus by 164 coun­tries on this Earth, as does Chi­na, Rus­sia (until just recent­ly) Afgha­ni­stan, Paki­stan, Cuba, Nica­ra­gua, etc etc… So whe­re is the natio­nal media dis­gust for our own Government and politicians?
    Our own Pre­si­dent is begging them to pro­du­ce more oil. Frank­ly, so am I.
    And let’s don’t men­ti­on the accep­ta­ble greed of Euro, Asi­an, etc play­ers com­ing to Ame­ri­ca to play on the PGA Tour. Or did they not do it for the money? Smells a litt­le hypo­cri­ti­cal don’t you think Mr McIlroy?
    Would any of us honest­ly turn down a job to make signi­fi­cant­ly more money, enjoy bet­ter qua­li­ty of life, and pro­vi­de a bet­ter life for our families?
    The­se men are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. They can play whe­re they choo­se. The whi­ners sound like scor­ned x lovers.… Or may­be they are upset becau­se they did­n’t get invi­ted, or the finan­cial offer was­n’t enough for them, and so publicly sta­ted “they tur­ned it down.” Would be very inte­res­ting to know the back sto­ry on all the offers.… Why aren’t you repor­ting on that Mr Lynch?
    And spea­king of choo­sing, Fin­chem etal, don’t make me choo­se bet­ween LIV play­ers and PGA Tour play­ers.… That’s an easy decisi­on for someo­ne that enjoys free­dom of choice in life. In fact, I cho­se not to watch any of the RBC tour­na­ment, tur­ned off TGC com­men­ta­ry weeks ago, and will not spend my money any­whe­re that sponsor’s impo­se their poli­ti­cal beliefs. If you are a publicly tra­ded com­pa­ny, you have an obli­ga­ti­on to all of your stock­hol­ders. Not just the poli­ti­cal woke hacks.
    What if we held our­sel­ves to account for the same moral princi­ples we are try­ing to impo­se on the LIV golf members?
    More import­ant­ly, why sin­gle them out?
    My Grand­f­a­ther is on the Ame­ri­can Indian Regis­try as 100% Che­ro­kee.… And I think most of us would agree the our gre­at coun­try, the USA, lea­ves a lot to be desi­red on his­to­ri­cal puri­ty of action.…..
    Final­ly, I lear­ned a long time ago not to judge peop­le becau­se they sin dif­fer­ent­ly than me.… or my country.
    Now reti­red, I often think I only worked to pay for all of my bad habits. Golf #1. It’s a game. Not a poli­ti­cal game. When you accep­ted the lea­ders­hip of the PGA Tour Mr Fin­chem, you are the com­mis­sio­ner of ALL the mem­bers. Phil for examp­le has alrea­dy ear­ned a Life­time mem­bers­hip. You are still his com­mis­sio­ner whe­ther you like it or not. And get back to golf Tim, or you might be the Last Com­mis­sio­ner of the PGA Tour.

    1. I don’t think your ana­lo­gy qui­te works. I don’t know, and can’t rea­son­ab­ly choo­se, whe­re the gas I put in my car comes from. But, if I were a mul­ti-mil­lion­aire cele­bri­ty and had someo­ne with ques­tion­ab­le ethics comes to me wan­ting to give me more mil­li­ons, I could pro­bab­ly under­stand how a “nor­mal” per­son could see that as being gree­dy and unethical.

    1. Nobo­dy cares and who expects the best gol­fer in the world in his 20s with mil­li­ons in his pocket to be loy­al to one chick? I know his wife did­n’t offer shit that he could­n’t get elsewhere.

  62. “I have deep, deep empa­thy for them (911 victims)..I just have big­ger empa­thy for mil­li­ons of dol­lars. Just like the Trumpan­ze­es and gun nuts how offer their mea­ningless thoughts and pray­ers for dead kids, but immedia­te­ly oppo­se any fur­ther gun control.

  63. Wow ima­gi­ne tea­ring phil apart after all he has done for the tour, and how nice he was to the media. Yall are ter­ri­ble Golf Channel

  64. Watching Golf Chan­nel com­men­ta­ry on US Open, and was won­de­ring, con­si­de­ring the USOpen is not the USPGA event, would coverage not be “pro­fes­sio­nal” if it is balan­ced without being partisan?

    Com­men­ta­tors imo disap­point­ment espe­cial­ly Bran­del Cham­blee (with 1 care­er win?) who seems par­ti­cu­lar­ly embittered!

    Ps. What is “lega­cy”? Doing the same thing over and over again or trans­forming something??

  65. What kind of click­bait shi­te is this. Money 💸💰💲👛💴💵💶💷🤑🪙 Dol­lars and cents not sen­se. That’s why Lef­ty joi­ned the mur­de­ring mons­ters from Sau­di Arabia.

  66. The fun­ny thing is, can you ima­gi­ne how many thousands he paid some PR firm to know how to ans­wer every ques­ti­on becau­se every ans­wer is so pain­ful­ly and pre­cise­ly con­tem­pla­ted and con­si­de­red. You’­ve sold your soul Lef­ty, just run your mouth and be done with it.

  67. Jesus, he loo­ks ter­ri­ble. Gro­wing a beard for the first time, guess he’s try­ing to look like his Arab friends. Sil­ly duck the ques­ti­ons regar­ding the 9/11 sur­vi­vors. I can’t belie­ve he actual­ly thought this through he’s in a hor­ri­ble unten­ab­le posi­ti­on but I guess the ass­ho­le gets a lot of money for it so suf­fer. He’s never been evas­i­ve like this in an inter­view no sen­se of humor chal­len­ging the ques­ti­ons, regar­ding mul­ti­ple ques­ti­ons he almost loo­ks cra­zed. I hope the patri­ot fans in Bos­ton boo him and give him a bad time…..he won’t make the cut.

  68. Would be awe­so­me for a LIV guy to be in the final group Sunday and watch the media lose their shit. 😂😂 Might be the first time we hear broad­cast activ­ly roo­ting against a player

    1. If com­men­ta­tors open­ly root against Phil at any time during the tour­na­ment it will be they, the com­men­ta­tors, who are har­ming the cul­tu­re and cha­rac­ter of golf.

  69. They are pro gol­fers, they play for money, they use their talent and skills to make money as long as they don’t cheat…they are not elec­ted poli­ti­ci­ans. We dis­li­ke pro ath­le­tes bring their poli­tics into the sports, but why are the media inject the poli­tics into the sports?

  70. For the money, duh. Good for all of them, that’s why they play…for the MONEY. PGA Tour has no right to tell gol­fers what to do with their spa­re time.

  71. I want you all to ask yourself this ques­ti­on. If you had a rival employ­er come to you and offer you 10 times your cur­rent sala­ry on con­tract for mul­ti­ple years with a mon­th of extra vaca­ti­on time, would you lea­ve your cur­rent job? So ins­tead of your 40k a year job, you make 400,000. Never mind. I know the ans­wer. And I don’t want to hear 911 shit, it’s not the same peop­le, just the same coun­try. Do you want to get beat up over some­thing that someo­ne you don’t know did 2 deca­des ago, just becau­se they live in your country?

    1. @JZ61 So why would that employ­er not want you to still work for them part time if you’re real­ly good at your job and still make them a bunch of money? You can work two jobs in this country.

    2. @Fantasy Maker that extra money can secu­re the futures of may­be 4 more genera­ti­ons of his fami­ly. I tru­ly don’t under­stand the peop­le who are con­dem­ning the­se guys for doing some­thing that clear­ly is the right choice for them per­so­nal­ly. Peop­le have the right to do wha­te­ver they want with their care­ers. And it’s not a slap in the face. He still wants to play some of their events as well. Becau­se of his golf care­er, he’s more than ear­ned the right to choo­se. The pro­blem here is that the pga is full of stuffy old golf tra­di­tio­na­lists that are afraid of losing their pri­de and money so they start belitt­ling and name cal­ling. They should have seen the wri­ting on the wall that they nee­ded to evol­ve years ago to make the game more exci­ting and attract youn­ger fans. Look at what Rick Shiels and Good Good are doing with golf in regard to that. Each one of their You­Tube vide­os has dou­ble or trip­le the view­ers­hip than a typi­cal PGA event round. The PGA won’t even let play­ers use their own stin­king images. If the PGA dies, it’s their fault.

    3. @Richard Neel I under­stand your argu­ment but some­ti­mes humans find it very hard to not stick it to peop­le that have given them a hard time in the past for their ridi­cu­lous actions. The PGA made Phil pay more than a mil­li­on dol­lars for two pic­tures of hims­elf. I’d want to teach them a les­son as well. Phil and the other play­ers are doing abso­lute­ly not­hing wrong. They are making per­so­nal choices that they think are tight for them and asa result the PGA is try­ing to make them out to be unethi­cal, bad peop­le and that just isn’t the case. Their pri­de is hurt and they’re worried about losing money and they’re try­ing to twist the sto­ry. It’s obvious and unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly peop­le are buy­ing it.

  72. Phil “Money” Mickel­son. No dif­fe­rent to the rest. Money talks so my fee­ling would be to boy­cott TV sta­ti­ons etc that show the LIV seri­es. Way too much money threw at the alrea­dy rich get­ting gree­dy. Not nice but at least they are honest!!

  73. Throw 911 at him? Like ever­yo­ne in the midd­le are terrorists—when they are not. That shows the pre­ju­di­ce and racism of Ame­ri­cans. That’s just like Sau­di peop­le accu­sing Phil of being a peta­phi­le becau­se Jef­frey Epstein was one. Majo­ri­ty of peop­le in this world get along and wouldn’t dare being invol­ved in mass mur­der to recei­ve their vir­gins when they die. And 99 per­cent of Ame­ri­cans aren’t peta­phi­les. Part of the pro­blem the PGA has with LIV is becau­se they’re paying so much for play­ers and the PGA can­not afford to pay their play­ers 200 mil­li­on to play for a cou­p­le years. If anyo­ne gets offe­red 200 mil­li­on, that’s hard to turn down and alt­hough I think it’s ridi­cu­lous to pay the­se guys, who are alrea­dy fil­thy rich, even more money than they need. They offe­red Tiger a bil­li­on. Tiger is alrea­dy wealt­hy. I think the pro­blem here is this. The­re is a lot of Money in this world, infla­ti­on is soa­ring, and wages don’t match infla­ti­on. The­re is no fair dis­tri­bu­ti­on of money and while some get screwed finan­cial­ly, guys who have all the money they need are cashing checks they didn’t need. This guy doesn’t need ano­t­her two hund­red mil­li­on, and average peop­le can’t get a rai­se while hea­ring some rich dude 200 mil­li­on dol­lars richer. With gas pri­ces incre­a­sing becau­se Biden shuts down dril­ling and average peop­le are taking the brunt of the finan­cial hit, all while rich ath­le­tes are get­ting richer. And that’s the pro­blem here. PGA can­not com­pe­te with Sau­di Ara­bia inves­tors and good for Phil and the big payday. But he was alrea­dy rich. Lea­ve Phil alo­ne. I wouldn’t turn 200 mil­li­on down. Ever.

  74. I can’t help but feel embarr­as­sed for all media invol­ved in this con­fe­rence. This man is an ath­le­te and is not asser­ting a poli­ti­cal opi­ni­on in his decisi­on to ply for LIV. I do feel that the rebel league is sim­ply a money grab for play­ers and that it is not good for golf. Howe­ver, the fact that 9/11 was brought up at all is not­hing short of an attempt at gas­ligh­t­ing the Ame­ri­can public who are vul­nerable to an over­ly eager news cycle.

  75. Phil, just be honest… this is NOT about bene­fi­t­ing or fur­the­ring the game of golf. It’s about $$$ and sche­du­le… and, human rights abu­ses just aren’t that important to you. And by the way, being trans­for­ma­ti­ve doesn’t mean ‘good’. Oba­ma and Biden have been trans­for­ma­ti­ve… and it’s been dis­astrous for the vast majo­ri­ty of Ame­ri­cans and many, many others.

  76. I’ve been a fan sin­ce his (and my) time at ASU. I no lon­ger have the same fee­ling. Not that it bothers him. One question.….….….how much is enough?

    1. I feel exact­ly the same way. I use to always check to see whe­re he was on in the lea­der board espe­cial­ly the majors. Now I real­ly could care less

    2. @Mandy Hull not if I alrea­dy made mil­li­ons of dol­lars. Belie­ve it or not peop­le do things bes­i­des money. I’m not against guys play­ing LIV golf BTW. Good on em but not ever­yo­ne is money hungry.

    3. @BeHonestwithyourself So at this point in life should Phil Mickel­son sim­ply play the PGA Tour becau­se they pay him LESS money? Just as a vir­tue signal?

  77. One ques­ti­on pis­sed him off so him and the other gol­fers cut up the jour­na­list. Fuck golf. Trump loving racist trai­tors. Eat shit Phil

  78. Good for Phil. The­se self righ­te­ous pigs shop at Walm­art (Chi­na-mart) and fill up their vehi­cles with Sau­di fuel. Hypocrites.

  79. Phil’s in image con­trol mode, facial hair is a act loo­king for sym­pa­thy and the bea­ten down look, once he and his team smells rea­mer­gan­ce he will look clean cut again.. It’s going to be a long road though becau­se golf is a life­style and to get big endor­se­ments you need a clean image from pre­vious conflicts

  80. The PGA is cur­r­ent­ly expan­ding in Chi­na. Chi­na is the worst human rights abu­ser in the world. Slavery is ali­ve and well the­re. The Chi­na virus was unleas­hed on the world and kil­led over 1,000,000 Ame­ri­cans. So to hear the ques­ti­ons about dir­ty money sur­pri­se me. You see the PGA are experts in dir­ty money.

  81. The Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal is a golf tour­na­ment held at Roy­al Greens Golf & Coun­try Club in King Abdul­lah Eco­no­mic City, Sau­di Ara­bia. The tit­le spon­sor of the tour­na­ment is PUBLIC INVESTMENT FUND, a Sau­di government sov­er­eign wealth fund. PGA play­ers were gran­ted per­mis­si­on to play, by Jay Mona­han, in this tour­na­ment back in Febru­a­ry. I won­der if Jay’s bank account got a litt­le big­ger back around Febru­a­ry when he gran­ted PGA play­ers per­mis­si­on to play in the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal tournament.

    The spon­sor of the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal tour­na­ment is the exact same peop­le who spon­sor LIV Golf, but somehow the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal isn’t “Sau­di backed”. Hypo­cri­sy to the core.

    1. Which means Phil has play­ed it right sti­cking to his guns. Jour­nos need to stop pim­ping for the PGA and start asking the hard questions.

    1. @Jimmy G He was in a dif­fe­rent mind­set in Hawaii a year ago. Today he is car­ry­ing too much bag­ga­ge to focus on win­ner. I bet he will miss the cut. He is not sharp in terms of shot exe­cu­ti­on.. Too many talents in the field.

    2. @M. Lymann you’re pro­bab­ly correct.
      Tour­na­ments are always more inte­res­ting with Phil or Tiger in the field though, espe­cial­ly if they are in con­ten­ti­on on Sunday. Look at the tv ratings when they are ^^^^^^. I was refer­ring to Phil win­ning the PGA cham­pions­hip last year at Kia­wah Island in SC….

  82. The ques­ti­ons being asked are cra­zy at best and some of them very inap­pro­pria­te. I’m get­ting sick and tired of the press poli­ti­cis­ing ever­ything, this is a gol­fer not the pre­si­dent. Some inten­si­ve ques­tio­ning like this is sad­ly mis­sing when it comes to politicians

  83. will all jou­ra­lists that would turn down a 200 mil­li­on dol­lars from LIV golf to report exclu­siv­ly for LIV golf plea­se step for­ward. Crickits.….….….……

  84. I find it inte­res­ting that most media out­lets don’t just report news and let an audi­ence have their own thoughts and ide­as about said sub­ject, but dri­ves wha­te­ver bias or nar­ra­ti­ve they want to push.

    1. Name one media out­let that doesn’t dri­ve a nar­ra­ti­ve, and that’ll pret­ty much show your own lea­ning toward a nar­ra­ti­ve dri­ven by that out­let. Every cele­bri­ty gets gril­led. Try not to take it personally.

    2. @Stevie I’m fair­ly sure what he is refer­ring to is how they are framing the ques­ti­ons. The­re is a dif­fe­rence bet­ween asking a ques­ti­on like “How do you feel about whe­re the money comes from in LIV golf?” And “What would you say to the 911 vic­tims fami­lies when they ask if say you are pro­fi­t­ing from a régime that kil­led thousands of Americans” 

      It’s pret­ty lazy to just say “ever­yo­ne has bias so do you”, when we can clear­ly see the media is try­ing to gas­light the situa­ti­on to get more coverage. 

      Framing ques­ti­ons so your ans­wer makes you seem like someo­ne who in favour of human rights vio­la­ti­ons is not honest journalism.

  85. This who­le thing makes me sick! We are doo­med as a pla­net when no one can keep their money grub­bing hands out of the cor­rupt pockets of the SAUDI’S !!!!!

  86. How does pga tour play­er recon­ci­le the fact that USA bom­bed Iraq that cau­sed the death of 200,000 civi­li­an Iraqis on a lie?

  87. This is get­ting ridi­cu­lous. I vaca­tio­ned in Lon­don Eng­land. It doesn’t mean I sup­port bad teeth and peop­le that need tan­ning beds.

  88. Weird that the money is the goal. Not sure why, cau­se most of the­se play­ers have more than enough. Alt­hough, who knows if greed is in play. The other weird thing I found out, is that other play­ers like G‑Mac & Dus­tin men­tio­ned the lax sche­du­le that LIV golf is offe­ring them to be with fami­ly and do the things they want to do. Ughhh? Last I heard, the PGA does­n’t for­ce anyo­ne to play all tour­na­ments, do they?

    1. They do have to play if they want to get paid. It’s weird how the PGA Tour doesn’t offer a sala­ry like all other pro sports for any given sea­son. Don’t play, don’t get paid.

  89. He should just say “I’m incredi­b­ly gra­te­ful for the oppor­tu­nities that the PGA tour has pro­vi­ded me, but let’s just be honest. You guys know the real me by now. My inte­gri­ty left as soon as they offe­red me $200 mil­li­on”. Then LEAVE the room and with­draw from the US Open. I was a fan…have lost ANY and ALL respect that I had for him.

    Sau­di Ara­bia is con­sist­ent­ly amongst the world’s top exe­cu­tio­ners, with dozens of peop­le being put to death annu­al­ly, many in gru­e­so­me public behea­dings. We con­si­der that the death penal­ty vio­la­tes the right to life and is cru­el, inhu­man and degrading

    Say what you may, but all of that is dif­fe­rent and makes you curious. But a few things are also in play here. One is that last item, the money, which you have undoub­ted­ly heard about by now, though we will repeat it. LIV’s fun­ding is Sau­di-based, and LIV’s big­gest name exp­lai­ned what that means when Phil Mickel­son told bio­gra­pher Alan Ship­nuck his back­ers were “sca­ry MF’ers.” Still, thousands wat­ched LIV play this wee­kend, so here we are.

    The con­di­ti­ons impo­sed by the Sau­dis inclu­ded judi­cial­ly impo­sed bans on tra­vel, public spea­king, resump­ti­on of human rights work and use of social media, which vio­la­te their rights to free­dom of expres­si­on, asso­cia­ti­on and peace­ful assem­bly in the coun­try and free­dom of move­ment out­side the country.

    LIV crow­ned Charl Schwart­zel its first-ever cham­pion. And CBS’ Jim Nantz descri­bed his recent resu­me as such on Satur­day: “Charl Schwart­zel with his first win of any kind in six years, ran­ked 126th in the world, he was the vic­tor of this 54-hole event of the tour that’s Sau­di backed.” It’s here whe­re we’ll note that the lower-ran­ked play­ers do often win events, though finis­hing immedia­te­ly behind Schwart­zel were Hen­nie Du Ples­sis (No. 133 in the world), Bran­den Grace (No. 123) and Peter Uih­lein (No. 327). 

    In Dubai slavery does not stop at con­struc­tion labor explo­ita­ti­on. Ano­t­her bas­ti­on of human rights vio­la­ti­ons in the city is the ser­vitu­de and abu­se of thousands of migrant domestic worker women.

    LIV play will get bet­ter. U.S. Open cham­pion Bry­son DeCh­am­beau is signed up and will play in the next event. Mas­ters win­ner Patrick Reed and fan favo­ri­te Pat Perez con­fir­med their ser­vices. Should more les­ser-known play­ers cash in, the argu­ment is more big names could follow. 

    Cri­mi­nal law punish­ments in Sau­di Ara­bia inclu­de public behea­ding, sto­ning, ampu­ta­ti­on and lashing. Serious cri­mi­nal offen­ses inclu­de not only inter­na­tio­nal­ly reco­gni­zed cri­mes such as mur­der, rape, theft and rob­be­ry, but also aposta­sy, adul­te­ry, witch­craft and sorcery.

  91. So you were ok cri­ti­ci­zing gover­ning bodies and fast greens but not bone sawing a jour­na­list….🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️. That’s the exact oppo­si­te of per­so­nal growth…

  92. Now I know why he moved from Cali­for­nia to Flo­ri­da. He was expec­ting this big payday and wan­ted to save on sta­te inco­me taxes.

    1. @Gerry Palms There’s a dif­fe­rence bet­ween not being able to afford some­thing, and not wan­ting to afford some­thing. Ask Phil Mickelson.

    1. He won’t even come clo­se to making the cut- this is the final nail in his com­ple­ti­ve care­er on the PGA Tour. The real ques­ti­on is how is the R&A and the Mas­ters going to respond becau­se this is hea­ding to court in due time.

    1. @George Adams He is made over $800 mil­li­on on and off the golf cour­se- what is ano­t­her $200 mil­li­on going to do for him? Unless, he has piz­zed a lot of it away gamb­ling which is the rea­son he took it and he feels shame for doing it, but appar­ent­ly he needs the money becau­se that is the ONLY rea­son for doing this. I do not buy any of the­se bull­shit non ans­wers that he is spewing. He is a gamb­ling addict and admit­ted as much during this pres­ser at the very end.

    2. @Ross Ravel­lo Tho­se who stand for not­hing, fall for everything. 

      Alex­an­der Hamilton

      I judge him becau­se he knows this is going to cau­se con­tro­ver­sy, divi­si­on and harm to the PGA Tour, a tour that was foun­ded long befo­re Mickel­son ever came on the sce­ne. It is a slap in the face to Hogan, Play­er, Pal­mer, Nick­laus, Sara­zen, Nel­son, Snead, Tre­vi­no, Mil­ler and a 1000 other play­ers who have spent their gol­fing lives to help get this tour whe­re it is. Sure, Mickel­son hel­ped grow the game but it was for ulte­rior moti­ves. Nick­laus tur­ned down $100 mil­li­on, Woods tur­ned down a repor­ted $500 mil­li­on, why?

  93. His apo­lo­gy tour is so awful. How stu­pid to say he’s going to the­ra­py right off the top, so trans­pa­rent and mea­ningless. Could­n’t shut his big mouth so he’s so much worse off than Dus­tin or anyo­ne else. And why does he need to “learn more about hims­elf”? He’s over 50 and extre­me­ly suc­cess­ful, I don’t think this was a case of Phil nee­ding to find out about hims­elf. What a dis­as­ter, but enter­tai­ning. The ques­ti­ons were so accu­sa­to­ry and illo­gi­cal, but they did make him squirm

  94. That’s total bs they would try and tie the 9/11 attacks to him. The pga is behind this for sure. But come on are we still pushing the nar­ra­ti­ve that a pla­ne hit the pen­ta­gon and the towers espe­cial­ly buil­ding 7 col­lap­sed becau­se of pla­nes. Come on real­ly. It was all Phil’s fault right.

  95. This is Golf can­cel cul­tu­re at its best I think what they should do is roll back the wedge requi­re­ments give us the ori­gi­nal wed­ges back becau­se we’re going to need some exci­te­ment if we’re losing all of our stars of the tour…. And as a busi­ness­man feel should be able to make decisions

  96. The way Phil is trea­ted is dis­grace­ful. He has done more for the game than anyo­ne, and then they are try­ing to des­troy his care­er with the­se dis­grace­ful questions.

    1. No one will des­troy anything. His fans will always hang with him. The low life’s poli­ti­ci­zing golf are des­troy­ing themselves.

    2. @DP Dut­cher Yeah man, but with all the can­cel cul­tu­re, they are try­ing to get him to say some­thing insen­si­ti­ve about 9/11

  97. Public Invest­ment Group owns shares of how many com­pa­nies? Of which how many have you con­tri­bu­t­ed to? (Use FedEx? Uber? Dis­ney? Use Bank of Ame­ri­ca perhaps?) Think about this befo­re bashing the LIV boys…. Dig it

  98. I think main stream media is mad at Phil. I think the majo­ri­ty of fans are not. I know all the guys at my club that I’ve tal­ked to have no ill will towards Phil.

  99. So someo­ne can’t play for LIV golf becau­se the­re were ter­ro­rists from Sau­di Ara­bia on 9–11 but its ok to play on the PGA tour when Ame­ri­ca went to war with Iraq on a lie?

  100. 4:30 what an ass­ho­le. He does­n’t care, and even was rude to the repor­ter, obvious­ly he does­n’t care about doing busi­ness with kil­lers or he would­n’t be apart of LIV Golf. This is what they mean by actions speak lou­der than words.

  101. PGA/USGA has a bad case of mali­gnant ava­ri­ce so may­be Phil jum­ping will help the modern day slavers loo­sen up their grip (and wal­lets) a litt­le. Tell em to stick a bucket of balls and a 5 iron whe­re the sun don’t shi­ne Phil.

  102. The good old boys in the USGA/PGA have their pan­ties in a bunch and are loo­king for any way to avoid ope­ning the cash spi­gots. They have had a good racket going for this long. Phil and the boys are upset­ting the long stan­ding balan­ce and rule of ava­ri­ce. Sto­oping to using 911 and victim’s fami­lies is very low, but some­thing only a white anglo-saxon would be capa­ble of.

  103. OK wait a minu­te. The Pre­si­dent of the United Sta­tes and I use that term loo­se­ly begs for oil from the UAE and now ever­yo­ne is giving Phil Michel­son crap for just play­ing a game. I don’t get it. It seems to me that the PGA bet­ter have ano­t­her look at this befo­re so quick­ly making a decision

  104. Phil is in it for the gua­ran­te­ed money like the others. Watching some of the You­Tube coverage was like a goofy golf video game. Meh. Good luck. 10 mil a game. Honest­ly, if your not that con­sist­ent­ly gre­at and com­pe­ting in the top spots I see why he and the others would do it. As far as the Sau­dis, I think just as many peop­le should be done with the NBA due to the Chi­na ties. Who cares about boxing. No one watches.

  105. 90% of the play­ers going to LIV are was­hed up and can’t win on the PGA tour any­mo­re. They miss cut after cut and want the easy money. Pathetic

  106. I think it’s dis­gus­ting that the PGA is using 9–11 to shame the­se guys for try­ing to enrich their lives via time off and pay. He’s a gol­fer not a sol­dier nor a politician.

  107. The typi­cal golf fan: “If you respect my opi­ni­on you’ll do what I want you to.” A real golf fan.… to hell with that other fan.

  108. Trai­tor too huma­ni­ty is what you are Phil…why don’t you face the fian­cé of the jour­na­list your Sau­di king had mur­de­red and chop­ped up to sneak out of their embas­sy. you make me sick to have ever respec­ted you…Dustin and the rest of you sold your souls to the­se ter­ro­rists. you should all lose your us citizenship

  109. So why don’t you ask the 911 ques­ti­on to all tho­se CEOs of Ame­ri­can Cos that tra­vel to SA to speak in con­fe­ren­ces etc. NBA Chi­na deals ? We are all hypo­cri­ti­cal when it deals in eco­no­mic cir­cum­s­tan­ces. But now you are just picking on a gol­fers. Sad. Eng­land allo­wed Sau­di to purcha­se New­cast­le and we cho­se to go to play the Bri­tish Open. Interesting.

  110. Phil does not owe the PGA Tour anything. He is the super star and the PGA Tour is just a mono­po­ly that should be sued. Each play­er deser­ves to play for the big­gest payday just like every Cor­po­ra­te CEO goes to the hig­hest bid­der. The­re is no more loyal­ty in this world. Sell your ser­vices and allo­ca­te your sche­du­le to give yourself the best oppor­tu­ni­ty to bene­fit from the thousands of hours you have put into your care­er. Never look back!!

    1. Mono­po­ly in the strict sen­se of the word, yes. But, as someo­ne who, I assu­me, con­su­mes golf con­tent, are you say­ing you’d rather see some play­ers play for tour A and others for tour B and never com­pe­te against each other? Don’t you want, strict­ly for the best enter­tain­ment and com­pe­ti­ti­on, the best play­ers in the world com­pe­ting against each other?

  111. the 9/11 ques­ti­on was so unne­cessa­ry to asked Phil plus it felt like a inte­gra­ti­on knowing he can’t ans­wer their ques­ti­ons with that said he wan­ted to get out of the­re very quickly

    1. The bear trap was set. It almost got him but he avoided it. Good job, Phil. Asi­ni­ne “got­cha” ques­ti­on! Serious­ly, why are we tal­king about 9/11 at a golf presser???

  112. Here’s hoping Phil Mickel­son pulls off a mira­cle for the ages and wins his first ever US OPEN this weekend.
    Such an accom­plish­ment and unex­pec­ted event would total­ly turn the ent­i­re pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fing world upsi­de down.
    Glo­bal inte­rest and new gol­fing fans would be crea­ted vir­tual­ly overnight.

    1. I’m with you here Tony K. I’d love to see him pull it off. But how he could pos­si­b­ly do it, being with his age, a four mon­th lay­off, his per­for­mance last week, the obvious dis­trac­tions his decisi­on to join LIV has brought him, unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly makes it impro­bable to belie­ve it could happen….but not impossible? 😁🤞🏻

  113. I was on the fence about Phil joi­ning LIV Golf, but after taking ques­ti­ons from the self-righ­te­ous sports press, I now ful­ly sup­port his decisi­on. Go Phil!!

    1. I get why he joi­ned liv, for a truck­load of cash.… I respect that, wish they would all.drop the , we want to grow the game rhe­to­ric… the public isn’t stupid.

    2. @Sports Nut And the best for my fami­ly. Next thing they’ll be thanking Jesus for the payo­la. He’s not a gol­fer any­mo­re; he’s a Sau­di shill.

  114. don’t give him the time of day he has bas­hed the PGA and cho­se the liv how cares what he says or does this man has no class out for hims­elf and money look at the peop­le he dealing with don’t was­te our time

  115. Money is ruling the world at least for most of peop­le. For the others, it is about values and abi­li­ty to cope with « the man in the mir­ror ». The mul­ti hund­reds mil­li­ons mir­ror is cracking for Mickelson.

  116. The Sau­di Roy­al fami­ly would not be able to even dri­ve a car if it were not for the Rocke­fel­ler fami­ly sen­ding geo­lo­gists over their to search for cru­de oil and then pro­vi­de the tech­no­lo­gy and man­power to pump it out of the ground and then refi­ne it so we can all fill our gas tanks????

  117. I didn’t know Phil was a ter­ro­rist lol. So sick of the morons in the media; it’s a free mar­ket and he got offe­red a ton of money to play else­whe­re, anyo­ne who says they wouldn’t take the offer is full of shit. The pga acts like they own the­se play­ers and hasn’t done anything to inno­va­te the game. Nor­mal­ly I would call b.s. but I real­ly think this will for­ce the them to start taking bet­ter care of the play­ers who get not­hing if they don’t make the cut as a pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­te ect. The pga is lis­ted as a non pro­fit, gets mil­li­ons of dol­lars in tax breaks, and has beco­me an extre­me­ly com­pla­cent mono­po­ly. I’m actual­ly exci­ted for once at how LIV will make them think twice about how they’re run­ning their organization.

  118. My hat­red of mick­le­son and the others has not­hing to do with Saudi…as the US has by far the worst human rights record on the planet.
    My hat­red of mick­le­son et al is that they are hap­py to des­troy the sport of com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf.
    All self respec­ting golf clubs should ban mick­le­son and nor­man for life.
    Ps. Phil is clear­ly not very arti­cu­la­te or intelligent.

  119. It’s abso­lute­ly hor­se bleep to throw the the 9/11 argu­ment at his feet. Last I che­cked, we don’t mind Sau­di gas. Mat­ter of fact, we encou­ra­ge them to export more. Are we, as con­su­mers of that oil, to be labe­led unsym­pa­the­tic becau­se we fund the Saudis?

    1. I abso­lute­ly couldn’t belie­ve they said that to him, props to him for kee­ping his com­po­sure becau­se I would have been irate.

    1. It’s not real­ly a like for like com­pa­ri­son. your hypo­the­ti­cal twit­ter would have to be owned by a poli­ti­cal régime who has mur­de­red over 100 peop­le. If you said that You want to chan­ge com­pa­nies becau­se it’s an exci­ting new for­mat and you want to grow social media ins­tead of admit­ting it’s for the money, then it’s more of a fair com­pa­ri­son to what the­se play­ers are doing. If the­se play­ers just nut up and say it’s for the money then I don’t think a lot of peop­le are as mad at this. Once they get off their kne­es for the PIF and just say they went to be rich less peop­le will have a pro­blem with this

  120. Cash out your invest­ment funds if you think Phil did wrong. Your port­fo­li­os make money off human suf­fe­ring, plain and simp­le. Go look and see first hand whe­re your pro­fits come from. Some are decent, but most don’t care the sligh­test in human rights, just how much your port­fo­lio has grown…get real..

  121. Des­haun Wat­son and Mickel­son made 10 mil­li­on last year and now 200 mil­li­on. Why should you tre­at a aged 48 year old mar­ried only once man of inte­gri­ty , like he evil as your Chi­ne­se NBA league. You PGA lack the respect , chan­ge the world first PGA, not the free play­ers you choo­se to call evil

  122. Dis­grace­ful ques­ti­on. 9/11??? You’­ve got to be kid­ding. The repor­ter should be asking poli­ti­ci­ans not gol­fers. If the PGA thinks this will help them they’­re nuts. I care about three majors, not the PGA. Keep poli­tics and vir­tue signa­ling out of golf.

  123. He loo­ks hor­ri­ble it’s sad when your ture colors are expo­sed, kept the flags from Bones he real­ly is a small pet­ty person.

  124. Big Boy Pants Golf just put out a video on Jay Mona­han get­ting pun­ked by the rea­li­ty of the LIV GOLF tour taking off. Go Phil!