Was Bubba Watsons Tweet wirklich bedeutete! Verlässt er die PGA Tour?

Was Bubba Watsons Tweet wirklich bedeutete Verlaesst er die PGA Tour bubba watson

Hat Bub­ba Wat­son einen ver­schlüs­sel­ten Tweet gesen­det, der uns einen Hin­weis dar­auf gibt, wo er die­sen Som­mer wirk­lich spie­len wird? Wird er auf der LIV Golf Tour sein? #liv­golf #bub­ba­wat­son #pga­tour Abon­nie­ren Sie unse­ren News­let­ter hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​3​a​b​as3 7 Dia­monds Clot­hing ▶ https://​www​.7dia​monds​.com/ Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: MSG15 Free Prac­ti­ce Plan hier ▶ https://bit. ly/2RPcVWt Mei­ne Mit­glie­der­sei­te ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​x​w​tj5 Der PRGR Launch Moni­tor Schau es dir hier an ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​v​g​I​LUM Swing Cad­dy SC300i Dis­count Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​H​G​G​d8w Swing Cad­dy SC200 Plus Dis­count Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​4​w​o​6Lu LagShot Golf Link hier ▶ https://lagshotgolf.com?ref:matt–fisher V 1 Golf App hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​k​T​p​jly V 1 Game App Hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​8​H​o​mb7 Mein Trai­nings­pro­gramm ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​f​d​D​DUg Pro­mo-Rabatt­code: short­ga­me­fit BLAST Moti­on Hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​6​T​X​wLH Super Speed Golf ▶ htt­ps ://bit.ly/2S15xJ7 Sky­T­rak ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​i​B​9​1fD Flight­Scope Mevo ▶ https://​mevo​.golf/​3​7​M​B​WYa Code: MrShort­Ga­me Atha­lonz Shoes Here ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​c​F​2zC Code ver­wen­den: mrshort­ga­me für Rabatt! Cart Tek Remo­te Golf Cart ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​9​5​y​Ijz Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: MrShort­Ga­me DivotAc­tion Mat ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​Y​A​y​0YS Mehr Aus­rüs­tung hier! ▶ https://​www​.ama​zon​.com/​s​h​o​p​/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​ame Bit­te abon­nie­ren ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​F​a​D​vFG Home Cour­se – White Colum­ns Coun­try Club ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​5​0​P​NuE Best Pri­va­te Clubs – Club­corp ▶ htt­ps ://www.clubcorp.com FOLGE MIR: Insta­gram ▶ https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​a​me/ Twit­ter ▶ https://​twit​ter​.com/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Web­site ▶ http://​www​.mrshort​ga​me​.com/ ⚠️ Haf­tungs­aus­schluss : Eini­ge der Links in die­ser Beschrei­bung sind Affi­lia­te-Links. Wenn du über die­se Links etwas kaufst, unter­stützt du den Kanal ohne zusätz­li­che Kos­ten für dich. Gewinnen/Gewinn! Vie­len Dank!

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60 thought on “Was Bubba Watsons Tweet wirklich bedeutete! Verlässt er die PGA Tour?”

  1. I’m actual­ly inte­res­ted in who is going to tele­vi­se the new golf tour­na­ments, I haven’t heard anyo­ne put­ting the­re hand up to get the rights. Any info Mr SG?

    1. Someo­ne will and get paid hand­so­me­ly for it, but I see it as a short term gig. The­re­fo­re no cur­rent golf chan­nels will touch it with a ten foot pole. At least none of the major channels

    2. It doesn’t mat­ter who tele­vi­ses it, abso­lute­ly no one is going to watch. It’s not­hing but a money grab for tour play­ers on the back 3 of their care­er. All the­se guys wil­ling to go are all teeing off on the 16th of their PGA care­er. I doubt you’ll even be able to watch without strea­ming it. Won’t be on net­work TV.

    3. @Matthew James why would I watch it any other way than strea­ming? So I can pay dish 120 a mon­th for the same thing I can get for 60 a year through the streaming

  2. I’m all for a new tour. Com­pe­ti­ti­on too the PGA would be good. The­re are a cou­p­le of pro­blems that I see. Wat­son & Fow­ler no lon­ger have the game for the PGA. Pro­bab­ly don’t have the fan base they once had. Phil is bor­der­line for lon­ge­vi­ty. I don’t think the LIV Tour would make it with yes­ter­day talent. Col­le­gia­te gol­fers may be more likely, atleast the midd­le to lower tier play­ers. The more talen­ted play­ers may be more skep­ti­cal of the LIV fai­ling, then what. The PGA may or may not let them in. The Korn Fer­ry may be the best bet. Spon­sors, TV coverage and money will only come with top notch golf with top tier play­ers. Has been and no names won’t be enough to sus­tain it nor will it bring in the TV coverage which would be necessa­ry for big money spon­sors to shell out their money.

    1. Guys like Boo Wee­kley, Vil­le­gas, Mahan, Tim Clark, Saba­ti­ni, Luke Donald, Furyk, And­res Rome­ro, Dan­ny Lee, along with exci­ting young play­ers, I belie­ve would make the LIV league pret­ty interesting.

  3. If you wat­ched the USFL debut this past week and saw who play­ed that you’ll pro­bab­ly see the simi­lar sta­tus play­ers on the live golf tour

    1. I dis­agreed. Alt­hough the­re will be new names, play­ers like Wat­son, Wee­kley, Mickel­son, Donald, Poul­ter… etc., are still via­ble play­ers that still have a fol­lowing. The USFL, com­pa­red the the NFL is a big­ger dif­fe­rence, both in talent and in name recognition.

  4. I can­not ima­gi­ne being Wat­son, O’Ha­re, Mahan, Fow­ler, etc. and fly­ing all over only to slam your trunk Fri­day night and face the fact that you have zero chan­ce of winning.

    1. I agree with Wes. I’m sure tho­se guys have huge egos (I don’t mean in a bad way) It must real­ly be tough knowing you can bare­ly make a cut.

    2. @TAYLORFAN50 I’m just remin­ding him any of tho­se guys on the PGA Tour can win, even with decli­ning skills. Asi­ni­ne state­ments like his have been pro­ven fal­se so many times.

  5. I think Bub­ba is lea­ving the pga too many good play­ers. No more faith on hims­elf thin­king he can’t com­pe­te with the young guys any­mo­re. Why not go for the big payday now while no big names are on it.

  6. Ricky Fow­ler should move to LIV. Mis­sing cut after cut on the PGA tour is not hel­ping his image. Spon­sors will even­tual­ly aban­don him and move their resour­ces to more suc­cess­ful play­ers. LIV is the only way Fow­ler can revi­ve his floun­de­ring care­er. He has not­hing to lose at this point and will likely inject new ener­gy into his game and may­be even start win­ning again. The spon­sors will then stick around becau­se they’ll be loo­king for a high pro­fi­le play­er to spon­sor on the LIV tour anyway.

    1. I’ve been won­de­ring that also. He’s pro­bab­ly record­ing some­thing on his pho­ne so he knows what to cut from the full pod­cast into clips like this

  7. Robert Gar­ri­gus is the only PGA tour play­er to have reques­ted a release to play the first LIV event. Requests have to be sub­mit­ted to the PGA 45 days befo­re the June event, so more will be known in the next week or so

  8. Can’t wait for this con­flict bet­ween the PGA tour and the play­ers. Com­ing back to USA soil after cha­sing the money might not end well for play­er images.

  9. Would­n’t be sur­pri­sed if you­tube gol­fers are allo­wed to play, the league would grow like cra­zy becau­se you can get a tee time with a lar­ge influ­ence like yourself and Good Good, etc.

    1. You tubers like Rick Shield s Peter Finch and the guys from TXG inclu­ding Mat­ty Boy …….
      I won­der if they will recei­ve invitations?
      Very inte­res­ting… all will be revealed 😊

  10. I enjoy rea­ding the comments re loving the new LIV tour. lol. I would­n’t watch (assuming they are on TV or the inter­net which I doubt) one of tho­se events in a mil­li­on years. Why?? Who the heck is going to care? The only suc­cess­ful TV golf show ever was Shell’s Won­der­ful World of Golf. That was gre­at and I wish they would bring some­thing like that back. But other than that, who the heck cares? This thing is going to be one of the big­gest bombs ever. After losing a few hund­red mil­li­on or a bil­li­on it will come to an abrupt close.

  11. First I did like your video. But second, could you sol­ve a mys­te­ry for my hub­by and I? We’ve been try­ing to figu­re out what you keep reaching and tou­ch­ing during your pod­cast. I say it’s your cell pho­ne (are you get­ting texts while you’re tal­king?) my hus­band isn’t so sure. Eit­her way … WHAT are you tou­ch­ing and why are you tou­ch­ing it? Dis­trac­tions 101.

  12. Everyone’s tal­king about who’s play­ing or not play­ing in the LIV Tour. The con­ver­sa­ti­on as of now should be who’s going to win the first event. Cau­se that fel­la is going to bring home a lot of green­backs. Like it or not, ima­gi­ne being the first win­ner of the first event, by an all-new tour. His name will be the talk of golf. Inter­views, com­mer­cials, spon­sors, pod­casts.…… Mark my words, it will happen.

  13. Bub­ba loves wea­ring his green jacket too much and I dare say they had a con­ver­sa­ti­on with him in Augus­ta that made him chan­ge his mind.

  14. Gre­at update Matt.
    The­se are super exci­ting times for Golf, I can’t wait for June 9 th in Lon­don for the mile­stone event.
    Will You­Tuber Rick Shiels be in the run­ning for a £1.5 mil­li­on payday ?

  15. I think it is a bit of a pro­cess to get peop­le on the LIV tour. Not a lot of per­so­na­li­ty types are rea­dy for the unknown and risks. As soon as the­re is some sta­bi­li­ty and some suc­cess­ful tour­na­ments big names will start to come to collect their pay. In the end the best play­ers will play whe­re the pur­se is the biggest.

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