Was können zwei Scratch-Golfer auf einem HARD PGA Tour Course schießen?

Was koennen zwei Scratch Golfer auf einem HARD PGA Tour Course schiessen challenge

GUT GUT⬇️ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw My Socials⬇️ Insta­Gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​m​_​_​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h?q =gm__golf&src=typisierte_Abfrage

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2.033 thought on “Was können zwei Scratch-Golfer auf einem HARD PGA Tour Course schießen?”

  1. I’m so exci­ted to watch this seri­es and see what all y’all go through!! Y’all are so incredi­ble and a huge inspiration!

  2. ever­y­ti­me i see one of his vide­os it makes me want to get up and go play. i learn so much by just watching your vids keep it up G money 💙

  3. All of this con­tent will be gre­at. I just did a week long road trip from SF —> San­ta Cruz —> Mon­ter­rey and Big Sur

  4. GM Golf chan­nel is just a who­le vibe way abo­ve and bey­ond all the other Good Good chan­nels. It’s like the pro­fes­sio­nal chan­nel and all the others are just the minors.

    1. @Charlie P Yes! Agree! That’s why I said the GM Golf Chan­nel and not just GM Golf. Grant is basi­cal­ly a regu­lar now on the GM Golf Chan­nel and he and Gar­rett are the PERFECT tag team!

  5. That’s the bay area for you 😂 SF is a mess when you go. You got­ta real­ly plan out whe­re your going and be pre­pa­red to spend a lot of time loo­king for parking.

  6. Love the mics and cart cams. Busta­Jack boiz real­ly show­ed how good of con­tent you can have with tho­se extra litt­le details.

  7. Y’all have got­ten me into golf so fast. I’ve only play­ed 3 times total but wat­ched over 100 vide­os of yalls alrea­dy 😂. Keep up the vide­os bois. 

    Edit: defi­ni­te­ly like the og mics more bc you can hear the swing and when you hit the ball is crisp. But when you dial in the other ones to do that then defi­ni­te­ly those.

  8. I only have 7 fin­gers and 1 leg. I was ran over by a train. Help me get my golf game back. I can’t get the ball in the air sin­ce the accident.

  9. I think Grant is right often about a lot of things, but he is abso­lute­ly 100% cor­rect when he says Cali­for­nia has the best wea­ther. Hands down!

  10. I think in edit you should just focus whoever is hit­ting and may­be 75% ever­yo­ne else’s so their voice is in the fore front of the moment and their shot and you can still hear the reac­tions just the shot taker is the main focus of the moment. Or let the old mic cap­tu­re the ambi­an­ce and then select the shot taker again as main audio, idk. Ide­as. But over all like the new mics better

  11. I think the mics can work if you use them along with the came­ra mic. Came­ra mic is good for hea­ring the club hit the ball, ball go in the cup, side com­men­ta­ry, etc.

  12. Like the new mics for com­men­ta­ry – but can’t hear the sound of the club/ball con­ta­ct as well which is a nice part of the channel

  13. Yeah, and Daly City a litt­le bit south is named after that John Daly as well, right? NOPE!! And you’re play­ing the Oce­an cour­se, which is NOT the US Open/PGA Tour cour­se. That is the Lake cour­se on the other side of the property.

  14. This is awe­so­me. So sto­ked for the who­le seri­es. Only thing I don’t like about the new mics is that you can’t hear the club hit the ball. Other than that everything’s pris­ti­ne. Good work!

  15. Is it just me or does it sound bet­ter without the mics? I could see how it saves them a lot of time from having to be by a came­ra though.

  16. The fact that we cant hear the sound of the clubs when hit­ting a ball kin­da annoys me (clip ons) but its hel­la fun­ny when grant is commentating 😂

  17. Love this new seri­es! Keep up the awso­me con­tent. For new inspi­ra­ti­on, I don’t know if it could work but try­ing like a point of view with a Gopro on your head of some­thing like that.

  18. Can you over­lap the sound to whe­re you have the qua­li­ty of the mics on the body and the mic off the came­ra to cap­tu­re the sound of hit­ting as well

  19. Not gon­na lie. All of your vide­os should be like this. It’s so good! Your per­so­na­li­ties are gre­at for the came­ra and make for an enjoya­ble experience.

  20. I may have made this com­ment befo­re, but with all tho­se uri­na­ti­on stops, does Gar­rett have Diabetes?
    Don’t hate me: I know he’s not over­weight, but he does­n’t have to be. One of the sym­ptoms of the dise­a­se is the need to uri­na­te a lot. Other sym­ptoms can inclu­de eating and drin­king a lot, and unex­p­lai­ned weight loss, which I belie­ve may reso­na­te with Gar­rett too. PLEASE check, G‑Rat.

  21. Real­ly hard, but ama­zing cour­se. Play­ed a tour­ney the­re in2020. Loved it. Make sure to grab a ‘bur­ger-dog’ while you’­re there!

  22. Love your guys con­tent. 100% epic at all times. clip mics are legit. rick shiels is using them too. so much bet­ter. also The Olym­pic Club is a US open golf cour­se. that’s why it’s ama­zing!!! I’m ima­gi­ning you’­re play­ing the actu­al us open 18 as well as this second 18

  23. No issue with the new mics, but if you use them for GG I can see Matt abusing the abi­li­ty to com­men­ta­te liter­al­ly every shot

  24. You guys need to play Har­ding while you are in the area. Ano­t­her ama­zing course…just stay out of the rough…it’s a killer.

  25. I abso­lute­ly love the behind the sce­nes stuff. Can’t wait for more. I like the per­so­nal mics but the regu­lar ones are bet­ter for sounds. Can’t wait to see more of the new merch & what I’ll be buy­ing in the future. Y’all rock my tees! (Can’t rock Grant’s tees becau­se he never has any) 🤍🏌🏻

  26. Love the con­tent. Its always top notch. Gar­ret and Grant real­ly do work well tog­e­ther. Grant is obvious­ly get­ting more com­for­ta­ble on came­ra. Love the mics and Ryder is the man. The vlog style is cool.

  27. I per­so­nal­ly like the OG mic set­up, I think the LAV mics are good for voice and audio but more in a pre­sen­ta­ti­on or pod­cast set­ting the I like hea­ring the birds and all the envi­ron­ment noi­se when you guys are out on the cour­se. Plus the OG boom mic makes the sound of the club much bet­ter than the LAV mic. Thanks for the gre­at con­tent boys!

  28. Not even half­way through this video and I’ve smi­led so much. You guys seem so hap­py and play off each other so well! Exci­ted to see what is next on this jour­ney love all the content!

  29. The mics are def a must, It’s got to make it a lot easier for y’all as play­ers to not have to walk up to the came­ra every time to talk and it’s nice get­ting to hear both of yours immedia­te reac­tions and and reads for each shot

  30. The matu­re trees along the cour­se make it a real plea­su­re to play. So hap­py you star­ted the­re! Also loved the non-cour­se con­tent about the trip – a gre­at addi­ti­on! Also, when did Gar­rett start rocking the Grant pants???

  31. Quiet hole in the wall pla­ces is all we do when we go on vaca or just go out of town.…they are just the best pla­ces to eat.

  32. The mics sound gre­at boys, in all serious­ness if its a hass­le to bring around, I per­so­nal­ly had no pro­blem with the sound befo­re. Cheers guys gre­at golf con­tent, hope to see ano­t­her scram­ble vs Bob does sports soon! heard they got Fat Perez on board now too!

  33. Love this type of con­tent. Tra­ve­ling, play­ing dif­fe­rent cour­ses, and get­ting a more in depth view into your guys life is real­ly awe­so­me! keep up this type of con­tent please !

  34. OG mic is per­fect­ly fine honest­ly .. What would be cool to see is ad some tracking num­bers, like distance, ball speed, car­ry yar­da­ge etc .… May­be just on the dri­ves with the ball tra­cker or some­thing like that.

  35. G‑Rat I feel like this is what you have been wan­ting to make for a while now. Not being able to make your vlog chan­nel a thing you keep up on – I feel like this is the way to do it. Beau­ti­ful came­ra work from Ryder as well.

  36. Clip on mics for sure! Been wan­ting Good Good to do that for ages. Just the sound of the club hit­ting the ball is soft with the clip on mics but it’s worth the sacrifice 👍🏻

  37. You men­tio­ned the U.S. Open not being held the­re, BUT the U.S. Women’s Open was held at Olym­pic Club in 2021 so of cour­se its going to be pure!

  38. The new mics were cool cau­se if you are not clo­se to the came­ra you could still record audio!! Lik­ed the tra­vel vlog foo­ta­ge too!! Also that cour­se loo­ks nice and fun!!😀🏌

  39. If I had known yall were in the bay I could have got­ten you in at the Stan­ford cour­se. Next time you are in Cali­for­nia hit me up and I’ll get you guys in!

  40. I’m set­ting the over/under at 6.5 Chip­ot­le visits in the seri­es. It could be 8 but on a trip like this the­re may be some mixing it up or lack of Chip­ot­le on route.

  41. This is what I’m tal­king about Gar­rett! A new style of con­tent to get away from the usu­al cour­se vide­os. You guys have got­ten so big that peop­le want to see what goes on behind the sce­nes of making some of the­se vide­os hap­pen. Intro­du­cing mics! Like bro­ther, it’s yet ano­t­her level!! Keep it up man, you and the team keep fin­ding ways to take con­tent to the next level!!

  42. I live in Cali­for­nia and I’ve never Been out­side CA just see­ing you guys go over the San Fran­cis­co bridge just gives me chills won­der­ful con­tent can’t get any bet­ter 🔥thank you guys 👌

  43. Been wai­t­ing on this one… Love the con­tent boys! As an O‑Cub mem­ber, I wish I could have hel­ped you out with some reads on the greens. I know tho­se greens like the back of my hand. Let’s get out the­re and play some­time in the near future.

  44. The sound of golf shots on the OG mic are so much bet­ter. But i do enjoy the ban­ter and can­did con­ver­sa­ti­ons on the lav mics. Might be asking too much from Ryder, but doing a com­bo of both would be MINT!

  45. The mics are pret­ty good but i like the ball striking sound and the mics take that away. Love the video seri­es alrea­dy!! This is going to be a good one! Keep up the qua­li­ty work!

  46. Sick see­ing this being from SF and having been to berts and most of your other stops on your way! Glad you enjoy­ed them & O Club! Hope Har­ding or Peb­b­le is next

  47. Cali­for­nia does have some gre­at wea­ther but for us in the Cen­tral Val­ley were dealing with that 105 degree wea­ther lol

  48. I was get­ting but­ter­flies as you guys were wal­king into the cour­se like I was exci­ted with you how weird 😆

  49. I enjoy the wire­less lav mics. I think they add to the video by not nee­ding a came­ra right next to who is hit­ting in order to hear them, such as hole 1 when Gar­rett was loo­king for his ball. Keep up the good work boys!

    1. Also, love the dro­ne shot during the put­ting. Gre­at per­spec­ti­ve and love how Ryder is always try­ing to get the dyna­mic shots

  50. I am local to Tahoe and have always been told I cant fly my dro­ne in South Lake Tahoe. Did you guys face any issu­es to get that foo­ta­ge? Gre­at upload btw .. thank you!

  51. No audio issu­es here, but I want to talk about some­thing serious, when your bud­dy comes up to you and he says just one more this is the last time I pro­mi­se, and I know its temp­t­ing to be a nice guy but you know it’s a vicious cycle. But when you know he has T’s in his bag JUST SAY NO . This was brought to you by bet­ter­help FOOORE !

  52. I real­ly enjoy this type of con­tent! Plea­se save this “road-trip” as a play­list – that would make it a lot easier to follow 😉

  53. Should have got­ten mics a while ago. You can hear ever­ything pre­fect from a good distance. As long as the mics are not intru­si­ve to your swing, they are a must!

  54. Can you clip the clip-on mics to the end of the club? That way, when you do a pre­tend inter­view using clubs like micro­pho­nes, it’s going to be a real one instead.

  55. New mics are good. Breat­hing hea­vy = not bad (bare­ly hear it).. only annoyan­ce is a slight­ly less impact sound with the ball.. i thought you guys were prac­ti­ce swin­ging for a while until I rea­li­zed you were actual­ly hit­ting the shot lol.
    But I like the new mics. I say keep ‘em.

  56. I like the audio exept may­be the swing and con­ta­ct sound. I thought u mis­sed the ball a cou­p­le of times. Gre­at video doe🔥

  57. You should come and play old works gold cour­se in Ana­con­da Mon­ta­na. It is one of two Jack Nick­oluas-made cour­ses in Mon­ta­na. I have play­ed this cour­se only a cou­p­le of times but, it is one of the best cour­ses in Montana

  58. I like the new mics after the tee shot cau­se I like to hear the club to ball con­ta­ct. Other­wi­se love to see you guys try­ing new things!!!

  59. San die­go! Lived the­re for a year! Id visit you play­ing if only you came to sd in Novem­ber, ill visit my host par­ents then. 

    Gree­tings from a ger­man golf begin­ner, keep up the awe­so­me work, you seem like hel­la fun 😄

  60. I must say that you are the most eru­di­te and smart ana­lyst in the cryp­to space. First of all, you’­re just awe­so­me! I’ve been fol­lowing for mon­ths now and the cine­ma­tic vide­os, excel­lent insight and come­dic tone is out­stan­ding. Befo­re anything else, I would like to say that no one can exact­ly pre­dict in days how long a bear or bull mar­ket could last or how low and high the pri­ces can go, but we can try to make pre­dic­tions using past events, I think pri­ces should run up a lot now, punis­hing panic sel­lers and for­ced sel­lers. Most new tradrs strugg­le at first to make sen­se of the mar­kets and how to put their port­fo­lio in a posi­ti­on to flou­rish. Many try to start on their own and quick­ly end up with a string of los­ses, slow­ly see­ing their accounts dwind­le to what it star­ted off as. Ever­yo­ne is loo­king at bit­coin pri­ce action from a 2021 bull run per­spec­ti­ve. Ever­ything has changed…we are in a reces­si­on, facing stag­fla­ti­on, rising rates, ener­gy shor­ta­ges dri­ving food and living cos­ts through the roof brea­king the backs of consumers. 

    1. The eco­no­my is hea­ding towards reces­si­on and having a diver­si­fy port­fo­lio will be com­ple­men­ta­ry at the moment

    2. I inves­ted with Lewis too, he under­stands every begin­ners inten­ti­on and fix you to a tra­ding plan that matches your capacity

  61. It makes me laugh that a gol­fer says 8:15 is ear­ly in the morning. I love being out first thing in the morning. You can ask Chip­ot­le to mix the ingre­dients befo­re they com­ple­te the bur­ri­to wrap so each bite is a litt­le more consistent.

  62. Are you brin­ging back the USA Flag head­co­vers? I went to go buy one the other day and they are no lon­ger on the web­site. I need one! 🙂

  63. This seri­es is gon­na be a gre­at jour­ney for you and so enjoya­ble for us with how well put tog­e­ther the vide­os have been with the level of qua­li­ty Ryder has been pro­du­cing. I think the new mics have bet­ter poten­ti­al and sound­ed clea­rer at least for you guys speaking.

    Also, I hear rumors that you are thin­king of put­ting tog­e­ther a trip to the UK? If true and it hap­pens, l would love to see you col­lab and do a 2v2 scram­ble hap­pen, Twigs vs Rick and Guy. They seem like gre­at peop­le, I love Rick’s chan­nel, and it could be a gre­at match.

  64. New mics are gre­at but per­so­nal­ly big fan of the OG. I like hea­ring the back­round noi­se, wind trees birds. Makes it come alive

  65. 23:23 🎵And Grant is law-defy­ing: grab­bing tees, then for the door he’s fly­ing, grab­bing tees.
    But he can’t bring them down?!🎶

  66. Love the bts vlog style vide­os! It’s awe­so­me to see the jour­ney that you guys take to play the­se ama­zing cour­ses & make the vide­os all of us watch on a dai­ly basis. Keep up the good work!

  67. been watching your vids for a minu­te on YT but this is the one that made me sub­scri­be. Love see­ing vlog/behind the sce­nes kin­da stuff

  68. 24:12 – 🎵And he tru­ly hopes, he can con­trol the distance. He can find the green, if his swing is strong. He knows every yard, will make the putt less hard, when he goes the distance; puts his ball whe­re it belongs 🎶

  69. The mics are gre­at for vocals but the pro­blem is with rust­ling of shirts and with the striking of the balls. Once you guys dial in the audio mixing it will be abso­lute­ly fire!

  70. Gre­at video!! Love this style of vlog/golf con­tent on your trip. New micro­pho­nes are real­ly good and will be gre­at once dia­led in.

  71. 15:36 Hope you rea­li­zed that the Olym­pic Club IS the US Open cour­se- it was held the­re in 2012 and Webb Simp­son won, I was the­re lol

  72. Long Dri­ve, and Dia­led are free­kin sweet min seri­es tit­les. This has almost the feel of the ran­dom golf club channel
    , and break 90 series.

  73. The­se seri­es y’all are com­ing out with are sick! Easi­ly best con­tent golf wise on You­Tube right now! Keep the ener­gy going in the­se vide­os guys! My guess on the tour pro I’d have to say, going the Mizu­no rou­te, would be Keith Mit­chell but whoever it is, gre­at move­ment for­ward for the program!

  74. I’m sure this is filmed a while back, but I know in a video Micah had his mic on the bill of his hat in one video, sin­ce you both wear hats, may be worth a shot. Might keep them out of the way of shirts covering them/rubbing, if they are wire­less could be worth a shot. Gre­at video!

  75. I like the tal­king audio on the clips.. but did miss the sound of the club face on the ball. Both have plus and minu­ses. Hmmm

  76. I’ve play­ed TPC Har­ding Park which is right across the River from The Olym­pic Cour­se. The rough was abso­lute­ly insa­ne. I was not pre­pa­red for it at the time.

  77. You guys should come to Colo­ra­do and play Bear Dance, voted best public golf cour­se in Colo­ra­do. It has ever­ything Gar­rett loves, trees, green and undu­la­ti­on. It’s a beau­ti­ful cour­se with a ton of dog legs to cut cor­ners, I’m hap­py to set it up, enjoy!

  78. For all things video rela­ted, I like the OG mic howe­ver com­ma I tho­rough­ly enjoy the com­men­ta­ry from Grant with his mic

  79. This needs to be a quar­ter­ly seri­es or may­be just inclu­de more vlog foo­ta­ge in the nor­mal vide­os. But this is kil­ler content 😃🔥🔥

  80. The new audio don’t pick up the swing and ball con­ta­ct which I think is a must have. The audio com­men­ta­ting is awe­so­me with the new mikes though. Get a mix of both.

  81. the clip on mics allow more of a clear voice, but the shots you take are muf­fled, tbh hea­ring 2 voices is kin­da cool with the clip ons. they both sound pret­ty good.

  82. Gar­ret, got worried when Grant said you pee a lot. Go to a GP and check your glu­co­se levels if you have not had it che­cked recently.

  83. Gre­at video guys per usu­al! Some day I’d love to see you guys come up and golf the­se beau­ti­ful small town Nebras­ka courses.

  84. Lake cha­bot up in the Oak­land hills is such a fun, uni­que course.
    Also, the us open has been at the Olym­pic club as well… I was there.

  85. Your guys’ chan­nel is DEFINITELY upping it’s quality.…good job! Loving the mic’s, the extra came­ra angles. May­be cap­tu­re a bit bet­ter sound on the con­ta­ct of the golf shots – but that’s just some­thing I noti­ced here and there. 

    Honest­ly, I watch golf on TV and the new LIV Golf series.…but I enjoy watching the­se inde­pen­dent con­tent creator chan­nels even more!!! Espe­cial­ly sin­ce this was a bud­dy trip down the west coast!!! This is a golf trip I’ve always wan­ted to do. One day I will.

    One other thing about your channel.….in com­pe­ti­ti­on I’ve always been some­what of a head-case and I get down on mys­elf and have a hard time rela­xing and let­ting it hap­pen. But when I think about your chan­nel and vide­os, I just try and imi­ta­te it and for wha­te­ver rea­son, it actual­ly HAS hel­ped my men­tal game and hel­ped keep me in a more posi­ti­ve frame of mind. So I thank you guys for that.

  86. I lik­ed the behind the sce­nes, but not a fan of the mics. It sounds ter­ri­ble when the ball is struck. If you can fix that then may­be it would work out.

  87. The old mic is bet­ter for the sound of the club hit­ting but tal­king you can hear y’all talk while hit­ting the shot bet­ter alt­hough when you are just tal­king to cam it’s the same

  88. Out of curio­si­ty: why don’t you guys split the vide­os bet­ween yours and Grant’s chan­nel? Hel­ps him grow his brand/channel con­si­de­ring he’s in almost every one of your vide­os and hel­ping you grow your brand/channel. Front 9 on one chan­nel back 9 on the other channel.

  89. I love this con­tent, I love you guys and it’s nice to see what goes on when you guys aren’t on the cour­se and the lengths you actual­ly go to for con­tent! The more of this the better

  90. I thought I would like the clip on mics bet­ter but the OG set­up is way­yy bet­ter IMO. It feels more like real life and we’re just stan­ding in the group with you guys whe­re the shirt mics almost sound like a voice­over. It’s too unna­tu­ral. Having said all that though I’m watching NMW.

  91. Hard to say what mic I pre­fer… There’s some occa­si­ons whe­re the clip on cat­ches clot­hing and does­n’t sound nice through the swing (not­hing you guys can do about that) whe­re the nor­mal mic cat­ches that aspect perfectly.

    The clip ons catch conversation/moments and allow you to converse/describe a situa­ti­on and allow the came­ra to catch an ang­le or situa­ti­on at the same time. Whe­re­as the nor­mal mic, seems like you guys have to be wit­hin a cer­tain pro­xi­mi­ty to cap­tu­re “the moment”. 

    Some­thing to play with… Love the con­tent and loo­king for­ward to the seri­es idea. Loo­ks great 👍

  92. The mics were pret­ty good but I pre­fer the ori­gi­nal personally!

    Also, Grant asking for tees is always a gua­ran­te­ed actu­al laugh out loud for me. Haha­ha.. Love it!

    Stel­lar con­tent as always!

  93. This is some fire con­tent. The qua­li­ty of the vide­os just went up a who­le bunch of points. The mics dial in the atmo­s­phe­re of golf and the announ­cers being a litt­le ways from the players.

  94. the per­so­nal mics are a gre­at idea.. you can get some good angles and still hear your thought pro­ces­ses.. should def keep them

  95. I rock the untu­cked shirt at my coun­try club but i’ve not seen the tight around the ankle pants yet. The­se two are young men that got their heads on strai­ght even if they wear girl pants.

  96. Love this seri­es! gre­at work Ryder! not sure if i love or hate the mics – sounds a litt­le off when im lis­tening with my airpods

  97. Not a doc­tor, but as a midd­le-aged male, I feel qua­li­fied to offer the fol­lowing – Gar­rett you need to see a Uro­lo­gist Brotha.

  98. OG mic cap­tures the cris­pness of the dri­ver strike but clip mics are real­ly nice for the mid game con­vos. Love the con­tent boys 👏

  99. Like the new audio with the mics. I would say the only thing I miss is the sound of the club when hit­ting the ball (dri­ve, irons, putt).

  100. This con­tent is so much bet­ter! I love the behind the sce­nes and just get­ting to know you guys off the cour­se better

  101. Next time are you com­ing to Cali­for­nia I got a cou­p­le pla­ces in Sacra­men­to and near Sacra­men­to and a pris­ti­ne golf cour­ses. Cash Creek casi­no golf cour­se Yoshi.

  102. This kin­da gives me the same vibes whe­re you gave away the set of irons and did the che­a­pest way to play golf. Love the vlog style a litt­le bit, golf con­tent is always on point!

  103. I haven’t seen Cha­se for a while. Did Ryder take his place? The new mics don’t have the qua­li­ty of the came­ra moun­ted mic but they are clear enough so I can under­stand what you are say­ing away from the came­ra. I like that feature.

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    this is all if its even com­for­ta­ble for you to wear while golfing.

    edit: i also enjoy the ambi­an­ce of the cour­se which cant be heard as much with the indi­vi­du­al mics.

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    Edit: When play­ing tho­se cour­ses that have big drop offs on the side of moun­tains, you will be sur­pri­sed how much gra­vi­ty will take your ball down toward the moun­tain igno­ring break and speed when putting.

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  108. Fire cour­se and video! They actual­ly had the US Open the­re in 2012 – Har­ding Park had the PGA Cham­pions­hip in 2020

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