Welcher Odyssey-Putter ist der richtige für Sie?

Welcher Odyssey Putter ist der richtige fuer Sie 2 putt

PGA Tour Rep Joe Tou­lon und Aman­da Balio­nis erklä­ren Ihnen, wie Sie den rich­ti­gen Odys­sey-Put­ter für sich aus­wäh­len. Wel­chen Odys­sey-Put­ter spielst du? Lass es uns in den Kom­men­ta­ren unten wis­sen! __ VERBINDEN SIE SICH MIT UNS IN DEN SOZIALEN MEDIEN: Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​o​d​y​s​s​e​y​g​olf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​O​d​y​s​s​e​y​G​olf Insta­gram: http://​insta​gram​.com/​o​d​y​s​s​e​y​g​olf Web­site: https://blog .odys​sey​golf​.com/

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19 thought on “Welcher Odyssey-Putter ist der richtige für Sie?”

  1. Why do you guys claim that a toe hang put­ter will help peop­le who block their putts whe­re­as Ian Fra­ser at Tour Expe­ri­ence Golf says that the oppo­si­te of this is the case and that toe hang put­ters actual­ly want to open more on the way back and clo­se less on the way through due to the weight being toe domi­nant (which makes more sen­se). Not try­ing to be fun­ny, just curious as to how you could come away with two put­ters that are the com­ple­te oppo­si­te of each other depen­ding on who fits you.

    1. @Ethan Davies Good ques­ti­ons Ethan, becau­se the put­ting stro­ke is moving the slo­west out of all the strokes in golf… the hea­vier toe weight actual­ly starts to clo­se quicker in the put­ting stro­ke, even­tual­ly clo­sing. My daugh­ter pul­led putts with her heel shaf­ted put­ter but now using a face balan­ced put­ter… She does’nt pull.

    2. ajh21313 I have seen the com­ple­te oppo­si­te swit­ching bet­ween toe hang and face balan­ced put­ters. The face would have to be serious­ly clo­sed for that toe to ever want to fall to the left and by the time you have got it this clo­sed you would eit­her have mis­sed your putt mas­si­ve­ly to the left or you would alrea­dy have strik­ed the ball and the rota­ti­on wouldn’t affect whe­re the ball would go. Is the­re any chan­ce that she pulls putts with a toe weigh­ted put­ter becau­se she chan­ges her deli­very cha­rac­te­ris­tics with the put­ter rather than the put­ter its­elf incre­a­sing rotation?

    3. Ethan Davies Ethan it’s been exp­lai­ned to you. It’s qui­te simp­le this BILLION dol­lar com­pa­ny with 100’s of tour wins fits play­ers for deca­des & says what works best based of expe­ri­ence. I’ve never in my life heard of this other ran­dom blo­ke you’re tal­king about.

    4. @antonio it’s actual­ly the oppo­si­te. The more “toe hang” the grea­ter the MOI is for clo­sing the face which slows down the the clo­sing rota­ti­on rate. Which door would you clo­se fas­ter, one that rota­tes around the end of the door or around the midd­le of the door?
      The one that rota­tes around the cen­ter of the door becau­se their isn’t a resis­ti­ve tor­que cau­sed by the COG of the door being out­side the axis of rota­ti­on. The­re­fo­re, toe hang put­ters are not as easy to rota­te of clo­se the face com­pa­red to say a face balan­ced put­ter. Just pick one up and twist it and see, it qui­te simple.

    1. Hi Patrick – “Dou­ble Wide” is a face balan­ced put­ter while “Dou­ble Wide Flow” has more toe hang, which will encou­ra­ge more face rota­ti­on through your stro­ke. Face balan­ced put­ters will encou­ra­ge less face rota­ti­on (so think more strai­ght back, strai­ght through).

  2. Ter­ri­ble putts in this video! Watch the face and ball twist at impact! May­be the came­ra was in the way but not a gre­at com­mer­cial for the­se guys

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