Wenn GOLF FALSCH GEGANGEN IST! Die urkomischsten Golf-Fail-Momente, die mit der Kamera festgehalten wurden

Wenn GOLF FALSCH GEGANGEN IST Die urkomischsten Golf Fail Momente die mit der Kamera festgehalten wurden Adam Young

Wenn GOLF FALSCH GEGANGEN IST! Die urko­mischs­ten Golf-Fail-Momen­te, auf­ge­nom­men mit der Kame­ra https://​you​tu​.be/​K​4​S​P​Y​M​n​w​E_0

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167 thought on “Wenn GOLF FALSCH GEGANGEN IST! Die urkomischsten Golf-Fail-Momente, die mit der Kamera festgehalten wurden”

  1. At the begin­ning, the golf ball went round and round the edge of the hole. Also, I’ve never seen that hap­pen befo­re but I have seen the bas­ket­ball go round and round the hoop before

  2. On the who­le very fun­ny, but I don’t need to see three replays of the same inci­dent and kill the stu­pid bl**dy music

  3. My friend liter­al­ly beat a tree with his fathers 9 iron until it basi­cal­ly fit the shape of the tree. One of the fun­niest things to watch. Like the tree did some­thing to the 9‑iron.

    1. @Dale Bard­well when you play this vid you get an ad about Biden defun­ding the poli­ce, which is total BS and a lie, and I bet you stop at green lights too! Ha!

    2. Dave H I total­ly agree. Look up stu­pi­di­ty in the dic­tion­a­ry and you will see Biden’s face. I was just sta­ting that I watch fun­ny shit on U- tube and right away, the­re is the poli­ti­cal crap. Can’t we for a few minu­tes get away from the BS of it?

    3. Dave H
      Ads and more ads. Really?
      They are are all croo­ked, but who’s is the worst? Dod­ged a bul­let on Hillary.
      Now we have back woods loo­king Biden. Remem­ber the ban­jo play­ing kid on the move “Deli­ver­an­ce ?”
      That was Biden youn­ger. Look at the face and eyes.
      Ha Ha Ha

  4. Peop­le like this have no busi­ness on a golf cour­se. As in ski­ing the­re should be a “bun­ny cour­se” for begin­ners and ass-hats. So much dama­ge is done to cour­ses by yahoos like this.

  5. Some fun­ny but the cart wrecks were just asi­ni­ne .…hope­ful­ly tho­se dum­bas­ses were held respon­si­ble for cart dama­ge and ended up in jail

  6. Half of the­se appe­ar to be inten­tio­nal­ly done for the humor. The other half is just peop­le mis­sing the ball – if that makes your day, I sup­po­se go for it.

  7. did the ice one. the only fun­ny one was the guy cha­sing his clubs down the hill. most of the others i just thought i hope the­se morons are real­ly hurt.

  8. The run away golf bag was hil­arious. I would have lik­ed to watch the bro­ken ice seg­ment up until he made it to shore. That who­le idea was lame brai­ned. The odds that club would have not struck that ice are cra­zy high.

  9. 99% of the adults in this video should never be allo­wed on a golf cour­se ever again. They are eit­her too stu­pid, or com­ple­te assholes.

  10. A pile of crap and not fun­ny. Nice click bait pic­tu­re but I could­n’t find it in the video which was so bad I had to speed through.

  11. My grand­f­a­ther worked with Arnold Pal­mer. I do belie­ve my “PAP” would be get­ting a good laugh in his gra­ve over this video. The 1st I had a club in my hands was 5years old. In a town next to latro­be, pa

  12. There’s no alco­hol invol­ved in the game of golf I don’t know what peop­le are tal­king about… Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  13. Most of the­se gol­fers that fall over have not inves­ted in “golf shoes” (if any at all) or decent golf les­sons.. wats up with all of the Hap­py Gilmore’s

  14. I can’t watch any­mo­re of this becau­se an ear­thworm would have more intel­li­gence than the­se peop­le. I like to watch fails but the­se are just too brain dead.

  15. That first clip pro­ves golf is all fake and magnets or some type of some­thing is being used to make peop­le miss and make shots…that’s speed it just caught was crazy

  16. Same ol’ CLICKBAIT bull­shit tac­tic: Ya use a thumb­nail pic­tu­re that is not even in the video so that racks up ‘view points’, then you rack up ‘com­ment points’ when peop­le chi­me in and call “Bull­shit”, aaaaand… Shit! I fell for it, did­n’t i. Well, may­be this will save someo­ne else from was­ting their time. (Oh, and play shit­ty music to get more com­ment points from complaints).

  17. I’ve play­ed and wat­ched golf for over 40 years and never seen a ball go around the hole more than once, I’d have to see it in per­son to belie­ve it

  18. Serious­ly how are tho­se guys even allo­wed to play?
    This is pain­ful to watch, not remo­te­ly funny.
    Makes me wan­na quit, and I’ve play­ed all my life.

  19. Just Shows how many IDIOTS the­re are in the world. A lot of the­se are fake, if not all of them. Came­ra men wai­t­ing in the woods, etc..

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