Wie behandelt man einen Golferellenbogen?

Wie behandelt man einen Golferellenbogen elbow pain

In die­sem Video erläu­tert Mary­ke, was den Gol­fer­el­len­bo­gen oder die media­le Epi­con­dy­li­tis ver­ur­sacht. Sie zeigt dann, wel­che Tests Sie durch­füh­ren kön­nen, um sicher­zu­stel­len, dass es nicht etwas ande­res ist, und schließ­lich bespricht sie die Behand­lungs­mög­lich­kei­ten und demons­triert eini­ge Deh­nun­gen. 🌟Benö­ti­gen Sie wei­te­re Hil­fe bei Ihrer Ver­let­zung? Sie kön­nen sich ger­ne online per Video­an­ruf an eines der Team­mit­glie­der von SIP wen­den, um eine Beur­tei­lung Ihrer Ver­let­zung und einen maß­ge­schnei­der­ten Behand­lungs­plan zu erhal­ten: https://www.sports-injury-phy­sio.com/ ——– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————————– Wenn Sie Ihre Wert­schät­zung für den Rat zei­gen möch­ten Sie hier gefun­den haben, kön­nen Sie mei­nen Kanal mit einer Spen­de über PayPal unter­stüt­zen: https://​bit​.ly/​S​I​P​-​c​h​a​n​nel ———————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————-

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51 thought on “Wie behandelt man einen Golferellenbogen?”

    1. Hi Hec­tor, You can do 3 things:
      1. Exer­ci­ses for both your neck and arms – stret­ches but also strength work
      2. Make sure that wha­te­ver acti­vi­ty is causing it, you adjust that acti­vi­ty to not strain your neck and arm
      3. Tre­at­ments like mas­sa­ge or dry need­ling of the neck and arm may also be useful

    1. @AlcatrazMeow yeah, im in kin­da the same situa­ti­on. Sprai­ned my left wrist and fore­arm and have seve­re ner­ve dama­ge and ten­don dama­ge in my right fore­arm from weight­lif­ting. Doc­tors say that I will may­be be alright enough to be able to lift gent­ly in about a year or two. Keep your head high and focus on ur reco­very and the fact that your gon­na be alright some­day. The pain will just get 1000 times worse with nega­ti­ve thoughts

    2. the­re is no ner­ve com­pres­si­on or anything like that for me. So the­re isnt a “quick fix” to my problem

    3. @AlcatrazMeow I feel you total­ly, Im 8 mon­ths in my reco­very and it went 43243423 times worse befo­re I had a dia­gno­se. Once I star­ted the right tre­at­ment a mon­th ago im able to rest without any pain and use my right arm for some things like using it for 200 grams things. I real­ly hope that u find the right tre­at­ment and will start to see results. Im also 19 years old and when it was worst I serious­ly thought about cut­ting my arm off

    4. @AlcatrazMeow I had to drop out of school becau­se I couldnt use my left arm at all too. Its liter­al­ly fuck­ing hell but im try­ing not to focus on the nega­ti­ve and just focus on the impro­ve­ments even if its just being able to rest without pain

  1. Abso­lute­ly the best video i have found. But how long it will take to heal appro­xi­mate­ly? An average rest time for a light and average cases?

  2. I got it from exact defi­ni­ti­on of over use. I give some rest for week/couple of mon­ths etc,each time once I return to sport/badminton it’s back again. I am sca­red, won’t be able to play the sport again.

    1. @GET FIT I star­ted going to phy­sio, with shock­wa­ve the­ra­py, light stretches.I don’t see mys­elf get­ting bet​ter​.One more week of phy­sio to go. Hope­ful­ly I see some impro­ve­ment. I stop­ped play­ing the game for a while now.

    2. @Abhishek Uda­ta­ne­ni I also stop play­ing some of the sports I used to play. But final­ly did have sur­ge­ry done yes­ter­day. I’m hoping it’s gon­na get bet­ter than before.

    3. @Abhishek Uda­ta­ne­ni I feel like it’s a litt­le bet­ter now. The pain isn’t con­stant­ly the­re but it’s not as strong as it used to be (which is expec­ted I guess)

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for the video it hel­ped me a lot
    I just have some questions,
    I’m clim­ber and the morning after a ses­si­on I was sure I had gol­fers’ elbow.
    Can I use KT tape and con­ti­nue trai­ning? (With less intensity)
    And how long does it take to be recovered?

    1. I have the same ques­ti­on. My job is to climb cell towers 5 days a week. I’m gues­sing I can do the stret­ches, try not to over­work it, & mas­sa­ge after­wards… can I get all bet­ter & do my job at the same time is the ques­ti­on. How’s ur elbow the­se days @kasra k.a

    2. @Thelightneverfollows well… i can’t give a strai­ght ans­wer cuz I took the win­ter off from clim­bing and I haven’t been doing any “the­ra­py” on the elbow BUT I have been taking it easy when I comes to working out. I use the total gym (Chuck nor­ris thang) cuz it’s easy on the joints & I can do push-ups & day to day lif­ting & I’m not bothe­red by it cuz it has got­ten bet­ter with time BUUUUT when I go to do chin­ups I can still feel it the­re lur­king. I’ll do a few chin­ups & that fami­li­ar pain is the­re, not inten­se but it feels like if I were to keep going it will get worse. So, I should prol­ly be doing the­se tre­at­ments during this time to get back to nor­mal but homie has­n’t respon­ded to my ques­ti­on & honest­ly there’s so many vide­os on this I’m won­de­ring which ones I should actual­ly use cuz it seems like a bunch of copy­cats but I want to hear from someo­ne who ACTUALLY HAD IT & what the­ra­py actual­ly WORKED for them.

  4. Gre­at video. Incredi­b­ly infor­ma­ti­ve and hel­pful. Nice­ly done. Thank you so much!! Agree 100% with the per­son below… this is one of best vide­os on You­Tube for medi­al epicondilitis

  5. This was very hel­pful, I star­ted fee­ling this exact type of pain after too much boul­de­ring (3 days a week for 2 years), stop­ped boul­de­ring for 2 years to make it go away… Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly it did­n’t sol­ve it.

    At least now I know more about it, will have to look into a tre­at­ment becau­se I bad­ly miss bouldering.

  6. hi,im drum­mer i have ten­nis elbow and pain from insi­de of elbow ‚but its not ten­don on epi­con­du­la bouns its ten­don under ‚i prac­tic 6–7 hours every day its ove­r­use i know,i use per­na­ton gel like coo­ling efect its help ‚and i use ice,i eat tume­ric against infla­ma­ti­on i stop for 4 weeks with prac­ti­cing it still hurts ‚i do some exercises,its get­ting bet­ter but very very slow…how long i must wait to play again ?:-( may­be shock­wa­ve ter­a­py will make fas­ter recovery?

    1. If you get real­ly stuck – try some­thing like “Gig Grips”… Also try not to prac­ti­se that much – 3 hours a day is enough (much more than enough if you’­re inju­red). Good luck I hope things work out for you.

  7. Can you go back to weight lif­ting while you still have litt­le golf elbow pain? or it should go away com­ple­te­ly first? Assu­me you will hold lower weights as a start .. thanks.

    1. @Sam A If I could go back and not rein­ju­re my elbow over and over for the last 7 mon­ths I would. My best advice to you is lis­ten to the doc­tors very clo­se­ly. Let­ting it reco­ver pro­per­ly is so much more important than rus­hing back to the weights. Plus you can iso­la­te dif­fe­rent mus­cles like abs and legs.

    2. I’m having the same sym­ptoms but when I touch or strech my golfer’s elbow there’s no instant pain. But the­re is always a weak­ness, tired­ness and ting­ling in my elbow joint fore­arm and my hand espe­cial­ly my thumb
      Can someo­ne help me?

    3. @Sarpreet Sangha The only way for me was to rest for few weeks and let it heal – i saw a doc­tor and he also told me to do the same as the­re is real­ly no medi­ci­ne for this, you can do some phy­sio­the­ra­py too to help in acce­le­ra­ting the healing pro­cess. Once you feel that it feels bet­ter, go back to hol­ding the weights at the gym but start with very low weights for few weeks, and then incre­a­se litt­le by litt­le till you go back to the point you were in.

  8. I wish I wat­ched this 7 mon­ths ago befo­re I kept rein­ju­ring my inner ten­don. Liter­al­ly made every mista­ke she men­tio­ned. Once you’­ve hit bot­tom atleast you are loo­king up.

  9. pro­bab­ly the best online phy­sio i’ve come across, when others say the usu­al gene­ric blah blah blah, May real­ly gives you so much more.

    1. It’s usual­ly best not to take any NSAIDS for too long. It may be OK for short term but the­re is also evi­dence that it can delay healing. So only use it if abso­lute­ly nee­ded and obvious­ly if your doc­tor has said it is safe.

  10. No won­der mine got worse .. I did stret­ches and exer­ci­ses that someo­ne recommended
    It needs to rest for pro­bab­ly 2 weeks! Brilliant

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