Wie Collin Morikawa seine Keile schlägt | TaylorMade-Golf

Wie Collin Morikawa seine Keile schlaegt TaylorMade Golf 2020

Col­lin Mori­ka­wa, Sie­ger der PGA Cham­pions­hip 2020, schlägt Wedge-Schlä­ge mit sei­nen Mil­led Grind 2‑Wedges und erklärt die Bedeu­tung von Spin, Flug­bahn, was er fühlt und visua­li­siert, wenn er bestimm­te Schlä­ge und Gerich­te trifft, in vie­len wei­te­ren Insi­der-Infor­ma­tio­nen. Neh­men Sie eini­ge die­ser Gedan­ken und Hin­wei­se mit auf den Platz, wenn Sie das nächs­te Mal zum Üben oder 18-Loch-Spie­len gehen.

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86 thought on “Wie Collin Morikawa seine Keile schlägt | TaylorMade-Golf”

  1. I am a 6 han­di­cap at 15 years old and this should help a lot, actual­ly. Espe­cial­ly in like 70 yard shots whe­re I need the ball to tuck in clo­se but still have some release to it

    1. Jeff vee if I could take a pic­tu­re of the score­card I got by play­ing Sahm Golf Cour­se just south of Fishers, IN, you’d see that I’m good. I shot a 72 (2 over) and had to do THE EXACT SHOT THAT GOT THIS STARTED to make a bir­die on hole 16.

    2. Jeff vee but if you wan­na con­ti­nue to shit on peop­le who are bet­ter than you just go ahead and see whe­re that gets you. I can’t tel you what to do

    1. Hey the­re, have you wat­ched our simi­lar video with DJ? You can find them in our “Wedge Dis­cus­sion” play­list! We’­ve also got a few more to roll out, inclu­ding one we’­re sure you’­re all going to want to see. 👀 🐅

    1. Jason Pel­tier it’s Reed. More than once over the past two sea­sons has he been cal­led out by fel­low play­ers and has been asses­sed stro­ke pen­al­ties for impro­ving his lie.

  2. If you guys ever want to come out to my local muni and watch my prac­ti­ce chips i’ve never hit for 5 mins befo­re the star­ter starts frea­king out that we are late for our tee off, let me know. I’m avail­ab­le all year.

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  4. Who is the Tay­lorma­de guy with the beard???Seen him do a few fit­tings and he’s fan­tastic at what he does ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Did­n’t know Dal­las Bra­den was peda­ling wed­ges but wish he would stop talking…Dude just try­ing to get on camera…Collin too nice or he would have just stop­ped ans­we­ring his mil­li­on questions…

  6. I had thought that stu­dies show­ed that a draw vs fade in rela­ti­on to the spin rate is insi­gni­fi­cant. The­se stu­dies were befo­re track­man etc so not 100%.

    1. All else being equal, the direc­tion of the side­spin does­n’t mat­ter. But hit­ting a wedge with a “draw swing” or with a “fade swing” likely chan­ges the ang­le of attack, and that abso­lute­ly can have an impact on the spin rate

  7. Cool to hear about the grind to impro­ve every nuan­ce of his game, and his dedi­ca­ti­on to get there.
    This dude is sho­ckin­gly good.

  8. The jum­py gar­den opti­cal­ly wish becau­se adjus­t­ment accep­ta­b­ly walk vice a fil­thy toe. peti­te, seem­ly interest

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