Wie man Chip-Shots rund um das Grün schlägt | Einfache Technik

Wie man Chip Shots rund um das Gruen schlaegt Einfache Technik best chipping training

Kli­cken Sie hier für ein kos­ten­lo­ses Video: https://​top​speed​golf​.com/​y​o​u​r​-​f​r​e​e​-​v​i​d​eo-pitch/?ytvid=ZMzVn7bkNqE Easy Tech­ni­que Ich freue mich auf die wei­te­re Zusam­men­ar­beit mit Ihnen in der Zukunft bei Top Speed Golf. Viel Glück mit Ihrem Golf. Clay Ball­ard Kli­cken Sie hier, um den You­Tube-Kanal zu abon­nie­ren: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​_​i​d​d​Z​i​E​U​K​R​0​B​y​b​_​e​H​b​H​HAQ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​o​p​S​p​e​e​d​G​olf

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197 thought on “Wie man Chip-Shots rund um das Grün schlägt | Einfache Technik”

  1. Thanks for the­se very use­ful tips Clay, I have always been fair­ly good around the greens but you can always keep on lea­ning from the Pro’s.

  2. Gre­at video! I was taught this “put­ting stro­ke” chip­ping style at a golf school, but they never told us about the down­si­de (not using a wedge with it, and not for lon­ger chips). Thanks👍🏻

  3. I haven’t been able to play golf in a while becau­se I have coro­na­vi­rus. I’ll have to rewatch all of your vide­os until I get better

  4. Gre­at video Clay..its so important to chip correctly..your score come down pret­ty quickly..when you can get up and down to save par..thanks!

  5. So, if I under­stand cor­rect­ly, when the requi­red shot goes from a chip (more roll than car­ry) to a pitch (more car­ry than roll) = make a more flu­id stroke.

  6. Chip­ping is weird becau­se I often hit a per­fect chip shot that lands right next to the hole, and then of cour­se runs ten feet pas­sed it. I need to con­stant­ly remind mys­elf the ball is not going to stop whe­re it lands. 

    Don’t hit a 20 foot shot 20 feet, hit it ten feet and let it roll. This seems so obvious but I do this all the time. One pro­blem is I am unsu­re how far it is going to roll after it lands.

    1. I think he might have done one several years ago but we don’t have any plans to do any. We like to stick to more inst­ruc­tion. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  7. I abso­lute­ly love the inst­ruc­tions and tips. And I am a mem­ber of TSG. But I am not dig­gin the beard at all bro­ther! I am actual­ly moving to Tam­pa this week so loo­king for­ward to being able to play golf year round. With your tips of cour­se I have final­ly bro­ken 85.

  8. Thanks Clay, I’ve had the yips for 3 years with chips, I’ve got so mecha­ni­cal lost my rhythm, love fact you men­ti­on relax the wrists and get legs moving. I know I do is throw the kne­es for­ward drop and head moves for­ward I then com­pen­sa­te by spee­ding hands up and hit­ting it thin or fat. Gary Play­er said once you have the yips you never get ride of it, I’m deter­mi­ned to con­quer it with this gre­at help, loved the com­bo of your vide­os, best inst­ruc­tor out the­re thanks Clay

  9. Thanks Clay, Gre­at Video and Inst­ruc­tion. I also enjoy your polls, how about asking us about your beard Yay or Nay? I say NAY! 😉

    1. Hi Ron, that’s a Phil thing. He real­ly isn’t doing that if you watch his swing but I can see how the fee­ling can help you keep ever­ything moving through tog­e­ther which is a cen­tral the­me of the tips in the video. I don’t recom­mend liter­al­ly doing that though. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  10. You are a very good inst­ruc­tor. My issue which starts in chips and of cour­se car­ri­es on throughout the bag but real­ly hurts on my chips is that my club face is shut and gets behind at waist high. Any thoughts

    1. Hi Brad, it’s hard to say without see­ing your swing but if you fol­low the tips in the video then you’ll likely see gre­at results. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  11. Thanks for the video, I real­ly enjoy­ed it and pas­sed it along to friends.
    I get a litt­le con­fu­sed when try­ing to use the boun­ce AND use for­ward shaft lean? Could you clear that up for me if pos­si­ble. Thanks in advan­ce and for all your hel­pful videoes.

    1. Thanks! Lea­ning the shaft for­ward will take away some of the boun­ce. This is part of the rea­son why wed­ges have more boun­ce than other clubs. Plus, you can open the face more to use more boun­ce. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    2. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard Should i be focu­sed on catching the ball first on way down or more focu­sed on cath­ching a litt­le boun­ce first just befo­re the ball?

  12. Joi­ned the TSG pro­gram 2 weeks ago- I’ve impro­ved my swing /game so … thanks. As for your beard, I think you are chan­ne­ling your “inner (Dave) Peltz” 🙂

  13. Oh God that slow­mo at 11:40 loo­ks so fami­li­ar. I face pal­med and star­ted laug­hing becau­se that’s me. When that hap­pens I sta­re at the ball and ask it what the hell it’s doing

  14. Ano­t­her gre­at inst­ruc­tio­n­al vid.. Now I know why my chips rocket across the green, prac­ti­ce prac­ti­ce. One Q.…why do you always hit your club head against your shoe?

  15. I am re-buil­ding my game after many years off and/or play­ing very occa­sio­nal­ly and without any real inten­ti­on of shoo­ting scores below 90. This litt­le set of tips liter­al­ly shaved more strokes off my game than any swing chan­ges or cour­se manage­ment ide­as. I have alrea­dy recor­ded two per­so­nal bests at my local cour­se after com­ing to the rea­liz­a­ti­on that for the mid- and high han­di­cap­per, the eli­mi­na­ti­on of low per­cen­ta­ge hero shots is the secret to sco­ring. Ano­t­her pre­sen­ter calls them mini-van shots ver­sus high per­for­mance sports car shots, which I have also put into my men­tal golf bag. Thanks.

  16. I was a low han­di­cap gol­fer until 12 years ago when the chip­ping yips hit. Spent 3 years try­ing to fix it at top name cli­nics and relent­less dai­ly effort to the point whe­re i even went left han­ded chip­ping in the belief that becau­se I am natu­ral­ly left han­ded but play golf right han­ded that must be it. Pret­ty much gave up on the game until a year ago. Thank you for doing what I ask peop­le in work – exp­lain some­thing com­pli­ca­ted that you know real­ly well in 5 minu­tes to help me under­stand. Well your vide­os are it – thank you. 

    To all other yip­pers out the­re, don’t give up. I real­ly belie­ve it’s a tech­ni­que pro­blem that beco­mes a men­tal pro­blem . Now I am back to enjoy­ing the game even though I still suf­fer becau­se I now have a few tools in my bag to work with and it’s get­ting better.

    1. Thanks! 😃 I got bad new Gayle. Clay still has the beard. This is a com­pi­la­ti­on video mea­ning we took our best chip­ping vide­os from the past and put them tog­e­ther for you. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  17. Been working hard late­ly to get back to tour­na­ment level of play and all your vide­os have real­ly given me a gre­at refresh on the basics! Thanks for the help! Also GO BIG BLUE

  18. Gre­at video but even I can hit good shots from short grass , my pro­blem is in the rough and dig­ging lea­ding edge into rough , knowing ball has to go high to land soft. 😠

    1. Hey Dani­el, it’s most­ly the same tech­ni­que. The ball just isn’t likely going to land soft becau­se you’ll have a hard time get­ting spin. You can coun­ter­act that by hit­ting it hig­her with more loft and/or ope­ning the face. This adds to the dif­fi­cul­ty though. Also, a fir­mer grip may be nee­ded to keep the face from clo­sing when going through the grass. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hey Clay, share with your fol­lo­wers this golf tip.
      I used an old gara­ge broom head, upsi­de down, and dril­led holes in the ends to secu­ri­ty in my lawn. Dug out a litt­le area for it, and it makes a PERFECT chip­ping pad! I actual­ly dug two more from trash cans today. I’m watching your vide­os, while being qua­ran­ti­ned, exis­ting on ketch­up packets, Capri-Sun and cof­fee, but still working on my chip­ping. Thanks, and go easy on that right foot…

  19. Hi Clay. In terms of feel, do you feel a balan­ce bet­ween your hands or does one hand domi­na­te the feel (i.e. right hand palm feel ver­sus left back of hand feel etc)?

    1. You want balan­ce but you’ll natu­ral­ly feel more pres­su­re in the hand fur­thest away from the club head becau­se that’s whe­re the for­ce is the hig­hest. You don’t need to inten­tio­nal­ly grip the club fir­mer in that hand. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  20. I just love the qua­li­ty of your vide­os. Gre­at sound, excel­lent video edi­t­ing. And your inst­ruc­tion is top-notch. You da man Clay. Thanks so much.

    1. It will usual­ly come out a litt­le lower when you make ball first con­ta­ct. If you want more ele­va­ti­on the use more loft and/or open the face to add loft. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  21. Clay, I love the­se tips; howe­ver, I do not have a pro­blem with the chip shots from a clean lie such as tho­se that you are showing. Any­whe­re from a few feet off the put­ting sur­face to 40–60 yards, I am fine hit­ting accu­ra­te chip or pitch shots. Howe­ver, here is whe­re I real­ly have pro­blems: On several of the golf cour­ses that I play regu­lar­ly, the rough is very deep (up to about 3”) and thick, and it runs right up to the edges of the greens. Hit­ting any kind of a decent chip or pitch shot from that stuff pro­ves to be very pro­ble­ma­tic for me. The other thing that some of the golf cour­ses in my area do is to lea­ve an area of this thick rough right in the midd­le of the fair­way that extends from 40 to 75 yards in front of the green all the way to the front frin­ge. I find it near impos­si­ble to pitch the ball accu­rate­ly from the­se are­as, and end up cos­ting mys­elf several strokes when I hit my ball into the­se are­as. I’m a rela­tively long hit­ter, and when the­re is an area of thick, deep rough in front of the green like this, I often hit a good dri­ve that ends up in this junk, only to walk away with a bogey (or worse), and almost not­hing is as frus­tra­ting at that!

    1. Glad you enjoy the tips. I would­n’t expect to hit it real­ly clo­se from real­ly deep rough like that. You would play it most­ly the same way. You might just play the ball a litt­le fur­ther back in the stance so you can hit down on it more making it easier to make clea­ner con­ta­ct. Firm up your grip and aim for the fat part of the green. It will likely come out lower with less spin so accom­mo­da­te for that. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  22. Gre­at call. Put­ting chip tor­pe­do­ed my short game. I used to sli­ce bad­ly, I was all short game. Now I hit it strai­ght or draw it a bit but I’m star­ting over with short game. I think I just came to take it for gran­ted. Lost both feel and technique.

  23. It’s very short ran­ge chips off a tight lie which cau­se me pro­blems. I sup­po­se becau­se the hole is so clo­se I can’t real­ly acce­le­ra­te through. I’ve tried just about every tip and some work bril­li­ant­ly for a while and then start to fail. I don’t want to chi­cken out and use a put­ter but if I prac­ti­ce any­mo­re I’ll have a per­ma­nent hump in my back.

    1. He covers all of the basis for the feel and the tech­ni­que. A lot of what comes after that is mental­ly try­ing to hit it at the hole. This is not what chip­ping is. In chip­ping the goal is to pick a lan­ding spot and then let the ball roll from that spot. So you have to read the green from the lan­ding spot. After that you are just hit­ting to the lan­ding spot with the right speed. When I am having issu­es with chip­ping I find mys­elf hit­ting at the hole rather than picking a lan­ding spot.

  24. very well exp­lai­ned, but it does seem like the foot and ball posi­ti­on in the addi­tio­nal video is dif­fe­rent than that in the ori­gi­nal video. In the last video, your feet are in more of an iron shot stance and the ball is clo­ser to the midd­le of your stance, but it in the ori­gi­nal video your feet are clo­ser and tur­ned slight­ly toward the tar­get with the ball more in the back of your stance. So at what point (or distance) would you let widen your feet and move the ball forward?

  25. Love it befo­re try­ing! Just kid­ding. Just need more prac­ti­ce befo­re poli­shing it. Best and con­cis­ed chip­ping tech­ni­que ever! Thanks.

  26. The short chip shot is out of Paul Runyan’s play­book. He chip­ped all his shots like they were puts using dif­fe­rent clubs. Eager to see how you chip balls fur­ther away from the hole.

  27. i love the “free things up” aspect. it has liter­al­ly hel­ped in every aspect of my game. Trus­ting mys­elf to know i am ath­le­tic enough to make the shot is 1. Making mys­elf loo­se enough to not care, so to speak, is part 2. let your body take over and get your brain out of the way

  28. Just moved to Fl. and I’m in need of a good shade hat. I like the hat that he has on, does anyo­ne know the style name of this Nike hat.

  29. Just a few ques­ti­on Clay..i run with a 62.. 58..53..and 48 pit­ching wedge ..
    The ques­ti­on I tend to us the 62 from around the green and about 40 to 50 yards out.50 to 90 with the 58..
    90 to 110 with the 53..
    Should I be using say a 58 from 30 to 60 yards out to get more consistency..thanks

    1. Hi Edward, that’s com­ple­te­ly per­so­nal pre­fe­rence. Try it out for a while and see if you’­re more con­sis­tent. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  30. I have a lob wedge but not sure when to use it. I use my pit­ching wedge or sand wedge pri­ma­ri­ly. When is the best situa­ti­on to use it or is it just taking up space in my bag. Can you or someo­ne comment?

  31. Clay, of all the hund­reds of “golf tea­chers” out the­re, and I’ve wat­ched them ALL, you are the best. Hands down, the best.

  32. Good stuff, can I get a free les­son when you hit 500k subs? 😎 (I cal­led it first) lol
    Serious­ly though, good stuff as always! Thanks for your time and efforts to grow the game.

  33. Do you use the sole (boun­ce) to gli­de through under the ball rather than using the lea­ding edge ? It is not easy for me to put the lea­ding edge just bet­ween ball and grass consistently.

  34. The tech­ni­que for fin­ding the ball posi­ti­on at time 15:00 or so is magic. I use it for every shot off the turf, not just for chips. It is part of my pre-shot rou­ti­ne – a cou­p­le of mini swings to find the “brush point”. Sin­ce you can’t move the ball on the cour­se, you have to do it away from the ball, obser­ve whe­re the brush point is rela­ti­ve to your feet, then move to the ball. It works for every club, auto­ma­ti­cal­ly com­pen­sa­ting for uneven stan­ces on ground that is not flat. Stan­ding on a tilt chan­ges your weight dis­tri­bu­ti­on which chan­ges the brush point. You don’t have to think to com­pen­sa­te, just find the brush point from the stance you have, move to the ball, and trust it. The “trust it” part is the har­dest to learn. Very often when I am tea­ching this tech­ni­que, the stu­dent will set up to the cor­rect place, then just befo­re they start the swing they will shuf­fle their feet so the ball is right back in the place they are used to see­ing. They rare­ly rea­li­ze that they have done that litt­le shuf­fle move; it is just instinctual.Then when they are back in the cor­rect posi­ti­on, they will free­ze up and make a panic‑y swing. Ing­rai­ned pat­terns do not chan­ge easily.

  35. What do you recom­med for tho­se of us that can pull this off regu­lar­ly at the ran­ge or in the backy­ard, but when actual­ly play­ing, end up with shots short of tar­get? Inva­ria­b­ly, I’ll sta­re down a 24 yard pitch shot, and hit it 16… cos­ts me strokes all day. For the record, my avail­ab­le resour­ces to fix this likely do not inclu­de psy­cho­the­ra­py fees (-:

    1. I would recom­mend ran­dom­ly hit­ting pit­ches from dif­fe­rent distan­ces and dif­fe­rent tar­gets. If you prac­ti­ce by hit­ting the same shot at the same tar­get over and over then it’s not as effec­ti­ve. Not sure if this is what you’­re doing but this is what I see most peop­le doing. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  36. This blo­ke is a geni­us. Real­ly talks about golf from an average-Joe play­er per­spec­ti­ve, rather than golf-pro jar­gon. Best on the internet.

  37. Gre­at video. Thank you. I loved your clo­sed eyes prac­ti­ce swings. Win­ter is a good time to prac­ti­ce the­se tips, which I will.

  38. Only I’m making that shot from the rough, or the hard­pan around the green. And always behind a bun­ker 😆 Appar­ent­ly I need to re-watch all your vide­os so I can stay in the grass they cut for me.

  39. Should I still be fol­lowing through all the way or just as much as I pul­led back. if for examp­le I pull back let’s say a foot and a half two feet, may­be my jud­ge­ment is off, so it may be 3 feet. Do I fol­low through 2–3 feet or all the way throughor will it vary

    1. I’d try to fol­low through at least as much as my back­swing went back. The­re may be some vari­an­ce in this depen­ding on the lie and some type of shot, etc., but that’s a good star­ting point. Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

  40. The jit­te­ry spon­ge form­er­ly pat becau­se shock inex­pli­ca­b­ly care fai­ling a red­un­dant for­mat. doubt­ful, minor purpose

  41. Loo­ks like a good video. I have a very good chip­ping wedge. I have a Hum­ming­bird wedge that I just recei­ved and I have to spend time to get used to it. I have not play­ed golf in 20+ years ago and I just play­ed 5 rounds and I am now have a 8.6 han­di­cap. I had a 5 han­di­cap 20+ years ago. I belie­ve it will take me a year befo­re I have a 5 handicap.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Glad you lik­ed this one. Keep up the hard work and the results will fol­low. Wel­co­me back to this gre­at and some­ti­mes frus­tra­ting game! Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

    1. If I’m going low (more bump and run) then I take a lower lof­ted club. Anything else I usual­ly use my 60 degree wedge. Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

  42. Gre­at video! The set­up, club selec­tion for dif­fe­rent shots and the descrip­ti­on of the feel of the shots were gre­at. Have you ever con­si­de­red doing the­se from unfa­vor­able lies around the green i.e. in a small hole, bald spot with no grass, etc. 🙂 here in the spring befo­re the grass has ful­ly grown in tons of bald spots around the green and litt­le holes whe­re the ball par­ti­al­ly sits in often.

  43. Hi Clay, in one of your Vide­os you tal­ked about your right arm being strai­ght (for Right Han­ded Gol­fers) during the chip. Was it in this video? Am I taking that to lite­ral? Not sure if it was in this video and I mis­sed it or it was ano­t­her one.
    Thank you!

  44. Hi
    I find the most dif­fi­cult shot is a bun­ker shot over 30–40 yards. How do you do that.…..?
    I´m a big fan off your lessons.…..

  45. I would agree. The­re is not­hing in what you’­ve shown me that I did­n’t know. I was a tour pro for two years but sad­ly not good enough or rich enough to keep going. I’ve had the “jipps” with my short game recent­ly and you have sim­pli­fied, what is not easy to mas­ter. I look for­ward to tomorrow’s match. I would agree with the com­ment below. You are the You­Tube “coach” that I iden­ti­fy with the most you exp­lain ever­ything excep­tio­nal­ly well and, having learnt every pos­si­ble way to chip and pitch, you’­ve sim­pli­fied it for me again. The only You­Tube chan­nel I go to is yours. I found it last week. You are and easy going guy, while you’­re coa­ching, and you reco­gni­se that many of you sub­scri­bers are not as good as you so you real­ly cater to all needs. Keep up the good work Clay! Ben

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  47. 10:57 why is the ball in what loo­ks like the cen­ter of your stance? Loo­ks oppo­si­te to what I wat­ched Phil Mickelson’s advice look like.

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