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  1. I love your guys’ vide­os and this is how I lear­ned to play golf fresh­man year and am now a juni­or in high school thank you guys for having ama­zing videos!

    1. Meand­my­golf 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻It’s even coo­ler I got a reply from you guys most chan­nels don’t even respond thanks for caring about your view­ers Andy and Piers!

    1. This exact­ly. You’d ima­gi­ne the­se are the ‘feel’ shots but rely so hea­vi­ly on per­fect tech­ni­que. I’d love to see the quick short nip­per and the flop shot – or con­vin­ce me to play sideways!

    2. Thats whe­re the flop shot comes in han­dy, hard shot to mas­ter but once your some­what con­fi­dent with it.. oh my its hel­ped me out so much

    3. Cour­ney Hall­cy I hate that shot. Becau­se you have to hit it hard enough to get out of the grass and over the sand but how do you stop it? I always end up way past the flag.

  2. The things that is tough for me is that I’m left of tar­get on tho­se shots (40–70 yards). With the 80+ my stance is more open and it is real­ly easier. For the 60 minus shots my stance is more clo­sed and I tend to pull them…very anoying !!!

    Help me Obi Wan Keno­bi you’­re my only hope 😉

  3. Can you give some tips for kee­ping score under pres­su­re while making good score in com­pe­ti­ti­ons. Half of the time I play the first nine even par but end up with some­thing like 78. Last week my first nine was ‑3 and back nine +11… (half of it was becau­se of pres­su­re and the otger half becau­se of fatigue)

  4. Having to car­ry a bun­ker onto a shal­low, wide green. Flop shots with a sharp wedge are hard to judge pro­per swing strength to get accu­ra­te distance con­trol even with a good ball lie. But the cure is pro­bab­ly just more prac­ti­ce! haha

    1. Cory Nolan Pitch shots are pro­bab­ly the most dif­fi­cult shot in golf to mas­ter. Espe­cial­ly in thick grass, water or sand in front and the pin is cut clo­se to the edge of the green.

  5. With this shot, are we aiming direct­ly at the pin, or just try­ing to be on the green, or aiming to be a cer­tain cir­cle dia­me­ter around the hole? What would you suggest

    1. Bucky Bar­nes a pin on a very nar­row part of the green with bun­kers in front might be very ris­ky to attack. Choo­se the safe play unless you’re real­ly fee­ling it

  6. Long ran­ge pitch shots were the only thing I was good st when I first star­ted play­ing lol. It was the clo­se short pit­ches that took me years

  7. The har­dest shot for me is at my home cour­se, a short chip uphill onto an ele­va­ted green. It is very dif­fi­cult to get the ball up and over the hill and to keep it short to the flag

  8. This shot is an auto­ma­tic shank for me. No mat­ter how clo­se to the ball, how far from the ball, midd­le of my stance, back of my stance, for­ward in the stance. Shank. Hosel rocket. With eit­her 58 or 54 degree. Any idea about what’s going on?

    1. Bar­ry McCor­mick if you’re shanking the ball, chan­ces are you’re com­ing in from the insi­de too much with an open face, lea­ding with that hosel. Check out Jason Days pit­ching tech­ni­que and give that a try.

    2. Bar­ry McCor­mick I did that here and the­re for a while and I chan­ged a few small things, while I was actual­ly try­ing to cor­rect a sli­ce with my dri­ver, and they actual­ly worked for my tee shots so I gave them a try with my wedge and I haven’t hit one since…okay may­be one lol. I will find the video and send u the link.

    3. I know it’s been 6 mon­ths, but I’d say to make damn sure that it’s actual­ly a shank and not way off the toe. I was in the same boat as you and this who­le time I thought I was shanking them becau­se with my dri­ver I have a ten­den­cy to hit it out of the heel, but in actua­li­ty it was too steep of a swing, and was actual­ly a toe strike.

    1. jus­tin nolan con­fi­dence. Go to the ran­ge with only two clubs and hit a lar­ge bucket of balls. Invi­si­on a 10 foot cir­cle around the flag

    1. Rand­hir Singh try using a 9 or 8 iron on that shot. Open the face a litt­le bit and hit it like a nor­mal bun­ker shot. You’d be sur­pri­sed at how well it works.

  9. I strugg­le with the touchy shots out of the rough onto the green. I am tal­king about when you need to land the ball a few feet from whe­re you are hit­ting it. Eit­her I duff it or it goes long.

    1. I’ve intro­du­ced a 50 & 60 to my set as my sand is 55, they’­ve made a big dif­fe­rence to my game and save me a cou­p­le of shots a round (I’m 33 at pre­sent too, but get­ting bet­ter each round)

  10. About the pitch over a bun­ker to a clo­se cut pin, for most of we’­re not gon­na get this one up and down. I’ve stop­ped try­ing to play this one too fine. My goal is always to just get it on the short grass with a rea­son­ab­le putt. If I try to get too fine, for every time I get it clo­se the­re are 10 times when I chunk it into the bun­ker, skull it across the green or get a bad bounce/spin even from a ball per­fect­ly struck and lan­ded. For the shot that they’­re demons­tra­ting, I’d be aiming 6–8 feet left of the flag.

    Phil Mickel­son can play this shot becau­se he’s prac­ti­ced it 50,000 times.

    1. Hi Ben. It is very rare that we see many gol­fers not acce­le­ra­te. The­re is usual­ly a dif­fe­rent pro­blem causing a poor strike. Ang­le of attack usually.

    1. G KAGE I hate down­hill lies. It’s hard to get under­ne­ath the ball for good height. Uphill lies are a lot fun­ner and easier.

  11. i find chip and runs rather dif­fi­cult. what club to choo­se and have enough roll sin­ce my balls tend to have qui­te a bit of spin, but also the power aspect. 5 cm more back­swing and the ball flies 3 m longer.

  12. I strug­gel with the direc­tion, most shots is on the right site off tar­get. If i dont pull it.
    On the video it loo­ks like your swing pla­ne is left on target.

  13. With this shot are you con­ta­c­ting the ground with the lea­ding edge or the boun­ce and do you use more wrists or more body? Oh and what club did you use plea­se and amount of boun­ce? Thanks…

  14. >10 yard chip onto a ~5ft rai­sed green, we have a lot of them at my club and they always cau­se me hass­le try­ing to stop it on the green

  15. Im 16 and have been play­ing golf for almost a year and i shot my per­so­nal best of 85 thanks to you guys so i would like to say thank you for hel­ping me impro­ve my game

  16. My strugg­le is from 50 to 100 yards. I’m a nice easy pit­ching wedge at 150 yards and I’m having to use a half swing gap wedge for my 100 yard shot anything under that I’m play­ing in the dark.

  17. Gre­at info guys. I get razzed by fel­low play­ers for my prac­ti­ce swings. I feel it hel­ps me con­cen­tra­te but may­be I take too long. Any advi­se on this? I usual­ly just tell them to piss off!

    1. CRGalaxy7 Yeah it is. I eit­her duff it or go 30–40 feet past. I quit play­ing golf. It’s too frus­tra­ting for me.

  18. Spieth and many guys on the tour do not hit wed­ges like that. That is a lot of face rota­ti­on through a small shot. They tend to open/close face with pivot and rota­ti­on of upper body while kee­ping hands and arms very calm.

    1. You can keep your body com­ple­te­ly still and flick your wrist for rota­ti­on or you can keep your wrists com­ple­te­ly still and use you body for rota­ti­on the­se are 2 xtreams i know but the­re are 2 dif­fe­rent ways.

  19. I always kept the shoul­ders squa­re and thin­ned near­ly every one. Now I drop the right shoul­der, yes it goes high but I almost never hit it skin­ny. For high han­di­cap­pers we have a dif­fe­rent suc­cess fac­tor, as many have said just get­ting on the green is a win. I reai­se that I should prac­ti­ce and impro­ve my tech­ni­que but if you saw my tee shots you would know what the prio­ri­ty is!

    1. John Dering­ton Just try to lag the ball to wit­hin a 3–4 foot cir­cle envi­sio­ned around the hole. More than likely, you’re not going to sink the 50 foo­ter. So just try to lea­ve it in a good enough place to make your next one.

  20. This shot is what I’d like to see more on! How does this tie in (or not) with the gra­vi­ty arm drop???? Wat­ched gra­vi­ty arm drop ear­lier in week, but still com­ing up short at 50 yards? My grip is too light? Not rota­ting body? I’m con­fu­sed – the gra­vi­ty arm drop is excel­lent but how that fits (or not) with the 50 yard shot, for me, is my strugg­le. I rea­li­ze it varies by play­er, arm drop tech­ni­que / distance. But what needs to chan­ge, regard­less of yar­da­ge for the indi­vi­du­al, when we find that we can’t reach our inten­ded distance with the gra­vi­ty arm drop??? Go to a half swing? Less lof­ted club?

  21. Hi Andy and Piers, I strugg­le spe­ci­fi­cal­ly with my pitch shot from 50 yards and in. Asi­de from the occa­sio­nal pure strike or bla­ded strike, I make fair­ly good con­ta­ct and hit good shots. Howe­ver, I have trou­ble gau­g­ing my distance and power. I tend to over­shoot my pitch shot and eit­her run off the green or stop it long and lea­ve mys­elf with a long putt for eit­her bir­die or par. Any suggestions?

    1. Bri­an Kin­read Bump and run is easy with a back pin. Pret­ty hard if not impos­si­ble with a front pin and a hazard in front.

  22. What’s the dif­fe­rence bet­ween Bri­tish and Ame­ri­can golf inst­ruc­tors? Brits talk too much and tend to be mas­ter­ful­ly condescending.

  23. That shot is actual­ly one of my best shots. I hit about 30 of them at the ran­ge when I prac­ti­ce. My worst shot from 50 yds is from that bun­ker you’­re stan­ding next to. HELP!

  24. Real­ly use­ful guys. If anything I tend to pull my pitch shots left. Any tips for that? I feel the rota­ti­on would send it fur­ther left?!

  25. Mates, Love the vids.. so much valu­able trans­la­te­ab­le tips, much appre­cia­ted in about 3 weeks I’ve been able to take your vid tips and go from a 110 to a 90. Thank you! It’s making this game fun for me! and I’m kee­ping up with the bet­ter of my golf mates. Some are star­ting to ask me what I’ve been doing. LOL I tell them you’­re my secret. Cheers

  26. Sand shot is my toughest. A sand save is basi­cal­ly a uni­corn or a Sasquatch…a mythi­cal thing that sounds good but never seen.

    1. Mr. Sur­ly Below your feet aim to the left becau­se it will sli­ce and abo­ve the feet aim right becau­se it will hook. Prac­ti­ce to find out how much or how litt­le to aim to the left or right.

  27. I make most of my bir­dies from the 40–50 yard ran­ge on 2nd/3rd shots on short Par 4s or Par 5s which I can’t reach in 2(or when i think it is too ris­ky) and I always take qui­te a divot from the shot by dri­ving it down with shaft lean and a slight­ly ope­ned club face, that allows me to always get the 1 hop and stop, or spin it back of a slo­pe or get it to stop quick­ly on down­hill or down­wind, also it hel­ps me con­trol the distance well as it is an aggres­si­ve strike through the ball which is a good way to con­trol distance.

  28. The bump and run, basi­cal­ly a put­ting stro­ke but not sui­ta­ble for a put­ter. I have had the ‘yips’ for three years. At the moment the only way I can deal with this is to rever­se my grip, left below right. Some­ti­mes works, some­ti­mes thin it…HELP!

  29. Part of my pro­blem is a misun­derstan­ding of my hands on the takea­way and finish. When do you set you wrists and whe­re are the artists /hands at finish?

  30. Bump and run from 50yds. How can I avoid thin­ning or hit­ting it fat on a tight lie? Also, avoiding a lazy short shot with that lon­ger iron. Thanks guys, you rock.

    1. A 30 yard pitch is a very small shot, distance wise. That means your lower body should be very still. The­res no need for weight trans­fer and all that mum­bo jum­bo. This should give you a sta­ble base to hit a pre­cise shot. If you are still bla­ding it means your hands are too acti­ve in the swing. For me 60 yards on a 58 deg is a half swing and I use zero wrist cock. With a 30 yard pitch also same, no wrist cock. Just keep the hands pas­si­ve and for me i take the club almost squa­re to the tar­get line. Depen­ding on your swing, it may feel like the back­swing is a litt­le outside.
      Ano­t­her way it ima­gi­ne is like a nor­mal chip shot with a lar­ger backswing.

  31. Hi i tend to get to handsy/ wris­ty on the­se shots on the back­swing /downswing? What is a good drill /habit to get into? Is it about con­nec­tion. body turn etc?

    1. “The­re is no move­ment in golf that can not be made more dif­fi­cult” is the most dif­fi­cult sen­tence to read

  32. WHY is it that main­tai­ning right knee flex is never men­tio­ned, esp for us hig­her han­di­cap­pers? I used to lock my right knee during my weight shift during the back­swing. This led to mul­ti­ple pro­blems of hit­ting fat, skul­ling the ball, etc. I know now NOT to do this but only after struggling so many years. Perhaps you could inclu­de this cri­ti­cal flaw that occurs in the iron game for so many of us. It com­pounds its­elf during deli­ca­te pitch shots.

  33. What KILLS a round for me: I’m over 70 and so on lon­ger holes often have to lay up safe­ly to about 50 yards, hope­ful­ly taking the green side bun­kers out of play. Part two of that idea is to chip onto the green as clo­se as I can and may­be 1‑putt for par, worst case bogey. Seems simp­le enough, but way too many times I hit my wedge thin, bla­de it, the ball rockets over the green into ano­t­her bun­ker, or worse, I’m lying 3 and loo­king at a trip­le. Two or 3 of tho­se des­troys your score. HELP!!!

  34. How to mas­ter the 50yrd pitch shot.
    Rule #1 Don’t lea­ve yourself 50yrds
    Rule #2 See rule num­ber 1.
    Rule #3 Crack a beer and enjoy the day!

  35. The big­gest pro­blem with this shot is the qua­li­ty of the cour­se. So many cour­ses in this area have dead grass/dirt in and around the greens that you can­not hit qua­li­ty shots, even in the sum­mer. When you do have fluff, it is rather easy with a 64 degree wedge.

  36. is it stan­dard prac­ti­ce on the­se shots to not have the feet line up to the tar­get? i thought that was always a stap­le of the stance no mat­ter what. i could under­stand sin­ce the ball is going to roll of a high lof­ted wedge a lot more so your feet would point left of the tar­get but some cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on would be appreciated

  37. My golf game is so weird. I can hit my pit­ches insi­de 75 yards right on the green about every time. But when I go back 100+ years I shank it every time.

    1. Are you using a full swing speed i.e. at 90–100% ? What you­re describ­ing is a loss of con­trol on club path and face ang­le becau­se you’­re try­ing to swing fas­ter with a lon­ger shot and the swing is brea­king down bey­ond a cer­tain speed.
      Insi­de the sco­ring ran­ge which is around 140 yards and in I always use around 80% speed and my yar­da­ges are cali­bra­ted as such. That gives me a swing that is con­troll­ab­le and gives more accu­ra­cy. If i need more distance I club up. Think of it as a pre­cisi­on shot.

  38. I would like to see the dif­fe­rent opti­ons when the ball is clo­se to the green but way below the green’s sur­face. Should a gol­fer pitch, putt, use a hybrid, etc. to get the ball clo­se to the hole. Basi­cal­ly, the green is 6 feet abo­ve you or more. Thanks. Very hel­pful videos!

  39. My big­gest strugg­le is from 25 yards in. I use ever­y­hing from my gap, SW, lob, 8 iron bump and run, Not­hing real­ly gives me con­fi­dence. Big­gest hole in my game. Love the vids btw 👍

    1. Eddi1264 I’ve always strug­gled with pit­ching becau­se it’s not a full swing. I’m real­ly good with a full sand wedge swing from 100 yards but I hate being 50–70 yards away. I eit­her hit it too hard, too short or I end up duf­fing it fat.

  40. Tried to join with the 7 day free tri­al and it kept asking for a cou­pon code and would­n’t let me join. Hmmm… crea­ting some doubts.

  41. My pro­blem is bad tem­po and always hit­ting it thin or fat. How do you prac­ti­ce the shoul­der rota­ti­on and let the chest turn.The stress is often blo­cking my shots. I’m a 6 han­di­cap with no wedge play.… 🙁

  42. nor­mal­ly i pitch from green­si­de with my lob wedge. when it ’s 50 yards like this i just use the same green­si­de pitch stro­ke – kee­ping arms strai­ght using body rota­ti­on – with my sand wedge which is sim­ply my next lon­gest club. i’m not going to win or lose a green jacket so, it is what it is.

  43. Guys, by far one of the bet­ter vide­os you’­ve made. You did not talk about the shaft lean, de-lof­ting the club…all of tho­se nega­ti­ve things that “you should­n’t do” but focu­sed on the posi­ti­ves of what you should do ‑focus on the set­up! Anyo­ne can iden­ti­fy with the examp­le of the typi­cal gol­fer, but being able to dupli­ca­te a rea­son­ab­le effort with a poor set-up demons­tra­tes real talent, kudos! I am guil­ty of hel­ping the ball in the air and more often than not duf­fing the chip, UGGH! I lik­ed Andy’s descrip­ti­on of how the club inter­acts with the ball and the ground genera­ting spin without sma­shing the ball. You don’t have to hit it hard, just cris­ply, that ener­gy trans­fers into the ball genera­ting spin. I have put my pri­de on the shelf and have been taking les­sons which has dra­ma­ti­cal­ly impro­ved my results. Grip, Set­up, & Inten­ti­on. Thanks Guys ‑Love your work

  44. You’ll be of more ser­vice if you cut your video time down, stop tal­king, get immedia­te­ly to the tips becau­se the video tit­les are self explana­to­ry. If peop­le are going to watch a You­Tube video for inst­ruc­tion they want the answer

  45. The best part of my game is defi­ni­te­ly wit­hin the 50-to-60-yard ran­ge with the lower irons and wed­ges. That said, I still strugg­le with the occa­sio­nal incon­sis­ten­cy so this was extre­me­ly helpful.

  46. I don’t usual­ly troll, so for­gi­ve me. First of all, you can start watching at 2:00 mark. And it real­ly starts ~ 4:15. If you stick around, it gets even more boring. Talk about the set-up, blah blah. Wha­te­ver. At least their clothes always match.

    1. Some guys play the ball too far back & it makes them feel safer but it tends to to encou­ra­ge the club to de-loft with hands lea­ding the club – try a more neu­tral posi­ti­on with ball nea­rer the midd­le of your stance & keep the club ver­ti­cal – it has ple­nty of loft to do the job

    2. @ravvers00 Agreed. On the­se short shots you also need to think about a shal­low ang­le of attack, which can be achie­ved by not brea­king the wrists.

  47. Best round for two mon­ths after watching this ! Have real­ly strug­gled late­ly with the 50–60 yard ran­ge & just nee­ded a remin­der on how to play it – boom – nett 62 – & i’m usual­ly a poor win­ter gol­fer but boy I play­ed the pitch shot so well today thanks guys

  48. Hit­ting off soft/wet ground. Bump and run, open club face like bun­ker shot or go hard fat…
    I dont have the belief in hit­ting down..

  49. “How to mas­ter the 50 yard pitch shot”?
    Well it starts by not watching a video or buy­ing a new club. It starts and ends with lots of practice.

  50. I’m not sure if you’re still rea­ding this but I strugg­le with the uphill shot over a bun­ker from 40 yards in, espe­cial­ly off a tight lie

  51. FFS! Guys all this attack ang­le RPM launch ang­le etc is just utter bull­shit! My sug­ges­ti­on watch Chris Ryan & Thin­gy Ball­ard Bril­li­ant com­mon sen­se tea­ching skills!

  52. How do you stop a pitch shot from a flier lie? I can stop my shot pret­ty well from the fair­way. Howe­ver, when I’m in thick rough, it’s near­ly impos­si­ble to stop it and I always end up at least 25–30 feet past.

  53. Appre­cia­te the video, but i have a fee­ling that you are not real­ly tea­ching your view­ers anything. I mean first of all, you did­n’t address how to posi­ti­on your body, which club to use, grip­ping and so on. I use the 56 club for that distance and some­ti­mes I chip with divots and hence my ball does­n’t land on the green. I under­stand the club must be behind the ball in order to scoop the ball but what if the ground is too wet what do you do?

  54. I like the refe­rence to lush and tight lies. With tight lies I tend to get ner­vous about the shot unless I real­ly com­mit to it – which I pro­bab­ly should do all the time!

  55. you guys are so spot on! only been gol­fing 6months an what your tea­ching is real! i’ve hit 10feet from the hole at 50+ yards just by doin this.

  56. Gre­at video guys. I think the key is to under­stand your distan­ces with each of your wed­ges on dif­fe­rent swing lengths. I find the ‘11–1‘ tech­ni­que is working qui­te well, while using a launch moni­tor to under­stand the­se dif­fe­rent distan­ces you can take note of the average and use this on the course.

  57. I’d been struggling with my pitch shots for a cou­p­le of weeks and could­n’t under­stand what was going wrong des­pi­te the fact that I knew the impor­t­ance of tur­ning the chest on this type of shot. The con­cept of swin­ging insi­de the tar­get line (effec­tively across the chest) after impact has made a huge dif­fe­rence and sud­den­ly I’m pit­ching okay again. I wish all fixes could be made so quick­ly. So thank you to “me and my golf” for pos­ting such an infor­ma­ti­ve video.

  58. Here’s the best tip that you don’t have to watch the video – to hit near per­fect 50 yarders…are ya ready ?
    Find a dri­ving ran­ge with a 50 yd mar­ker and hit at least 2,000 balls at it !

  59. I have a 50, 54, and 60 degree wedge. I have a hard time hit­ting with with aggres­si­on and tend to dece­le­ra­te on 50–60 yd shots.

  60. I just took this tech­ni­que on the ran­ge for the first time and I was sho­cked bu how simp­le and effec­ti­ve it was. My short game has never been con­sis­tent and I stuck 15/20 shots right whe­re I wan­ted them! Thank you for the help!

  61. How do I spin from that point I can judge my distance on car­ry but always roll out of green or get spin going of tar­get when lan­ding any tips please

  62. Gre­at con­tent guys, thank you! My har­dest shot is a down­hill lie to a rai­sed green across a val­ley from 50–100 yards – how do you get it close?

  63. This set up has hel­ped a ton. Now cou­p­le this with kee­ping the club head pla­ne on the same path as the line towards the hole during the back swing, and wow what a result.

  64. If you want to see some pitch shots, there’s a video of Woods, Day, & Mcil­roy tog­e­ther tal­king about their styles of hit­ting them & out of bun­kers. It’s real­ly inte­res­ting to hear them talk about & demons­tra­te their pre­fe­ren­ces. There’s a lot of con­ver­sa­ti­on among them & it’s more like 3 friends tal­king than com­pe­ti­tors who play against each other on a wee­kly basis. They’­re actual­ly hit­ting shots tog­e­ther rather than just doing it as an inter­view. Check it out.

  65. Gruß an die Kame­ra­füh­rung. Die Schwün­ge müs­sen im Split-Screen DTL/FO gezeigt wer­den; die­se Auf­nah­men von der Sei­te tau­gen nichts (für jemand, der ein biß­chen Ahnung hat). 5:51 turn-brush-turn? Nicht ganz; turn-TRAN­SI­TI­ON (hit­ting-slot) ‑brush-turn; wir wol­len doch kein tip-over. Ihr Jungs seid natür­lich im Slot, kei­ne Fra­ge. 6:26 Zeigt der Track­Man den Schwung­pfad nicht an? – Incroyable.

  66. In this video, you tal­ked & demons­tra­ted about what NOT to do first and then you tal­ked & demons­tra­ted about what TO do but the­re was not side-by-side com­pa­ri­son clips at the end. In other vide­os, I have seen you edit the video by adding in a nice side-by-side com­pa­ri­son, that would have been hel­pful here. Gre­at video just the same, thanks for put­ting this tog­e­ther for us 🙂

    1. Agreed. They kept tel­ling u what not to do and what other ppl do. Did­n’t real­ly show how to do it. What a was­te of my time.

  67. I reck­on this could save mid to high han­di­cap­pers about 5–6 shots per round if they can putt in. Gre­at video guys 👌🏽

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