Wie man die 80 knackt – KEIN Driver einfach VERGESSEN Perfektes Golf

Wie man die 80 knackt KEIN Driver einfach VERGESSEN Golf driver

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Ich habe bewie­sen, dass mein White­board-Video für dich rich­tig ist, denn wir ver­dop­peln unse­re Punkt­zahl und haben Spaß, ohne all den Unsinn und die Gau­ne­rei. Ich ver­kau­fe DICH an DICH SELBST.

Die bes­te Beklei­dung und das bes­te Zube­hör im Golfsport:

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22 thought on “Wie man die 80 knackt – KEIN Driver einfach VERGESSEN Perfektes Golf”

  1. I live in S.Korea and golf is expen­si­ve ($220 Avg) so I always watch your vide­os to maxi­mi­ze my game by avoiding hero shots and take simp­le shots that I’m most com­for­ta­ble with. Bro­ke 90 first time two weeks ago. Real­ly try­ing to keep tho­se smooth tem­po. Thanks

  2. Matt, I swe­ar the You­Tube adver­ti­sing algo­rithm is trol­ling you – every sin­gle ad for me today is ano­t­her cock­wom­ble bol­lo­cking on about swing mecha­nics. To add insult to inju­ry, every sin­gle one of them was tal­king abso­lu­te shi­te too.

  3. I was in a bad place with golf, atti­tu­de went in the toi­let and I even com­p­lai­ned about good shots, basi­cal­ly a real joy to be around. Then after get­ting on with your chan­nel, I star­ted enjoy­ing the game again, rea­li­zed that I may not be able to crush the ball 350 yards but I can impro­ve in my putting/ short game. Star­ted working on tho­se skills and I’ve star­ted impro­ving. Mind you, I’ve been play­ing 7 years and impro­ved rapidly for first cou­p­le years and then hit a wall. Went down the You­Tube golf inst­ruc­tion rab­bit hole years ago and my game got worse. I hadn’t impro­ved in years. This chan­nel made me rea­li­ze how much my atti­tu­de can make or break my round, losing the ego also chan­ged things, I’ve par­ked the dri­ver and 3 wood is my go to off the tee. I don’t care if I’m not the long dong off the tee any­mo­re, as long as my load is in the fair­way. When I play now, no mat­ter how slop­py I am off the tee, I know if I can get clo­se to the green, my short game and put­ting will bail me out. So thanks ami­go, short game and losing the ego reinvi­go­ra­ted my game and I’m final­ly impro­ving again. Shot my best round at my local cour­se two weeks ago, wasn’t like I was stro­king the ball eit­her, I just stay­ed in play and knew if I could just get clo­se to the green I’d be okay.

  4. So, so right. Just recent­ly deci­ded abso­lute­ly no need for a dri­ver from white tees (whe­re my group plays from, 6300). Clo­sing in on sub 80 sin­ce that decisi­on. A few sub 40 nines that feel so rou­ti­ne, still loo­king to pair up a front and back, but the fee­ling is it will be any day.

  5. I remo­ved my dri­ve from my bag b/c it got me in trou­ble. I tee off most of the time with my 3H…and i hit a lot more fairways…still in the 80s and 90s for a round…but i’m no lon­ger get­ting pis­sed and having meltdowns over bad drives.

  6. Jim Furyk is in the 58 club distance does­n’t mean shit in golf. I’m a big John Daly fan he’s fun to watch but nowhe­re near the suc­cess of Furyk. It’s what works for you!

  7. Matt thanks to you I shot a 77 today. Hit the dri­ver only once. Mana­ged the game ins­tead of try­ing to crush the ball. Hit­ting shots with hazards in mind ins­tead of aiming at every flag. Thanks for the tips and showing us the way!

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