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  1. Thanks again for your sound advice – inte­res­ted to hear your thoughts re using a “chip­per” iron in lieu of 7, 9 etc on the­se sorts of lies.…. cheers

    1. Depends on how clo­se to the green you are or what the grass in front is like. If you’­re very clo­se to the green the chip­per is the way to go. Figu­re out whe­re you need to land the ball, then figu­re out what club you need.

    1. James,
      Not sure I com­pa­re with Tiger in any golf cate­go­ry, but I’m try­ing. Glad you like dthe video.
      All the best, Adam

  2. Gre­at and I wish we had that “tight” but public tight is not so nice. That said, you are doing a good deed every time you post a tip like this and I appre­cia­te it.

  3. Oh boy, I love your vide­os, Adam, but that is not a tight lie whe­re I come from (Los Ange­les). That’s a beau­ti­ful, ball-striking lie that I’d be thril­led to get in the midd­le of a fairway.

  4. Would­n’t it be the same thing to slight­ly move the ball back in stance and keep lower body quiet? I’ve been won­de­ring this for a while. It just seems arti­fi­cial­ly put­ting your body in an unba­lan­ced sta­te could­n’t be the most ide­al way to skin the cat. Thank you for all your gre­at instructions.

    1. Thanks Jere­my.
      When it’s all said and done it’s about club and ball. The­re are a num­ber of com­bi­na­ti­ons that will work, as long as club moves well through impact. If you pre­fer less weight left and ball a litt­le more back I’d say that would work.
      All the best, Adam

  5. I have lear­ned so much from you, I cant thank u enough. Too much for­ward learn=a club that will dig. With a fluffy lie, loft is your friend.But with a tight lie, loft is your enemy, never more than an 8 or 9 iron.I have recent­ly star­ted using hybrid for the­se shots (the tough ones). It takes a while get­ting used to distance con­trol with the hybrid, but if you are wil­ling to prac­ti­ce with it, the hybrid is per­fect for the­se tough lies.

    1. Glad you are making good pro­gress. Yes, the hybrid can be a fun and effec­ti­ve shot around the green, I agree.
      All the best, Adam

  6. Hi Adam, I’m only 13 and I’ve just star­ted play­ing golf but I’m having a pro­blem. Whenever I get solid con­ta­ct on any ball (not very often) with any club the ball always seems to sway to the right. Any ide­as on how I could get rid of this problem?

    1. James,
      Thanks for the ques­ti­on. The likely pro­blem is that your club­face is open (aimed to the right) at impact. I’ve got a num­ber of vide­os at the chan­nel on the grip, and on fixing sli­ces, hope they are hel­pful to you.
      Best, Adam

  7. Excel­lent video as always. I have recent­ly sur­ren­de­red and given up chip­ping. I was just tired of mis­hits!!! i now do what you say but always with a 5 hybrid. The hybrid is less accu­ra­te, but, never mis­hits. No mat­ter how tight the lie. Its disper­si­on is grea­ter, but you have to pick your poisen.

  8. Hi Adam.

    When I try this type of shot…it comes off fee­ling not very solid.…maybe I’m com­ing up on the ball as I strike it. When I use my hands/wrists a bit…it is super solid but my distance con­trol is hard to keep con­sis­tent and is defi­ni­te­ly no good for a short chip. I do noti­ce if I keep the club low going back, I’m bet­ter able to hit solid chips without too much wrist set and release through impact. Can you com­ment on the take away and may­be the shoul­der level through the shot. Should you lead shoul­der stay poin­ted toward the ground all the way through impact?

    Any sug­ges­ti­ons would be great.

    Thanks again for the gre­at video


    1. Don,
      Hard to say without see­ing you chip. I’d gene­ral­ly advi­se thin­king less about your body (shoul­der etc) and more about the club. Make the sub­t­le adjus­t­ments nee­ded regards ang­le of attack, path etc, and usual­ly your body will be doing the right thing.
      Hope this helps.
      Best, Adam

  9. You should exp­lain why the need for for­ward lean of face and body. What about the tight lie whe­re you need to stop the ball quickly.

    1. Thanks Phil­lip. Honest­ly, it’s a known fact that peop­le have very short atten­ti­on spans on You­Tube, so we tack­le limi­ted mate­ri­al in each video.
      Thanks for watching the video.
      Best, Adam

  10. Real­ly good stuff here. Thanks. I prac­ti­ce my chip­ping almost every day but on fluffy lie at home. I came to the cour­se and blew my score after this having to make this exact type of shot.

  11. Befo­re you laugh and think this les­son is too basic, don’t for­get Tiger hims­elf went through all of this just a cou­p­le of years ago. The only thing easy about golf is riding your cart.

  12. But you didn’t show a shot over a bun­ker or a very clo­se pin posi­ti­on with the same lie. That’s whe­re a tight lie is the har­dest (when you need loft).

  13. Hi Adam, hope all well. I wan­ted to prac­ti­ce with sand­wedge and I hit the ball most of the time with the edge of sand­wedge sin­ce the ball went strai­ght on the ground at least 15 to 25 yards. Now, I rea­li­ze this must have hap­pen­ed to me becau­se the grass was thin, in a sen­se hard sur­face. Would the­re be ano­t­her rea­son as well? For instance, the shaft was for­ward lea­ning at setup.…Would be hap­py to hear your opi­ni­on. Thank you so much

    1. Ufuk,
      Hard to say without see­ing you chip. Wha­te­ver else may have been hap­pe­ning you’d need to rehe­ar­se clip­ping the ground at impact with your prac­ti­ce swings.
      Hope this helps
      Best, Adam

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GOLF MAGAZIN Chip Schlag mit Stefan QuirmbachGOLF MAGAZIN Chip Schlag mit Stefan Quirmbach

Im Rah­men einer mehr­tei­li­gen Trai­nings­stre­cke des GOLF MAGAZIN, erklärt Ste­fan Quirm­bach, Prä­si­dent der PGA of Ger­ma­ny, die ver­schie­de­nen Aspek­te des Golf­schwungs. Alle zu fin­den auf unse­ren GOLF MAGAZIN You­Tube-Kanal. In die­sem Video wird gezeigt, wie ein fla­cher Annä­he­rungs­schlag, ein Chip, funktioniert. Die Video­auf­nah­men ent­stan­den auf dem Nie­der­sach­sen Cour­se des Golf­re­sort