Wie man jeden Golfschlag trifft (37 Schläge)

Wie man jeden Golfschlag trifft 37 Schlaege ace cam

PGA Tour Pro Dyl­an Frit­tel­li führt uns durch jeden Golf­schlag (37 davon) in vier Kate­go­rien: Tee­box, Fair­way, Chip­ping, Sand. Haben wir Schüs­se ver­passt? Lass es uns in den Kom­men­ta­ren wis­sen. TEEBOX: Low Tee Posi­ti­on Medi­um (oder Stan­dard) Tee Posi­ti­on High Tee Posi­ti­on The Fade The Draw The High Bomb The Pro­vi­so­ry The Stin­ger FAIRWAY: The Uphill Lie The Down­hill Lie The Side­hill Lie The Tree Shot The Flightd Shot The Fair­way Wood The Divot The Mud­ball Der Dri­ver vom Deck Der Fair­way-Bun­ker Der Fly­er-Lie Der Rück­hand-Schuss Der Cart-Path-Schuss Der Skip-Schuss CHIPPING: Das Up & Down Der Chip-in Der Lob-Schuss Der Flop-Schuss Der Bump & Run Der 3‑Holz-Bum­per Das Texas Wedge Das Toed Put­ter Der Over­head-Shot BUNKER: Der Stan­dard-Bun­ker-Shot Das Spie­gelei Der Back-Lip-Bun­ker-Shot Der Front-Lip-Bun­ker-Shot Der Run­ning-Bun­ker-Shot Der Pro­po­sal-Shot Fol­ge Dyl­an auf IG! @frittellivision Sei­en Sie gespannt auf Dyl­ans Pod­cast ON TOUR mit Dyl­an Frit­tel­li. DEMNÄCHST im RGC Pod­cast-Netz­werk. Wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen zu Golf­schlä­gen, allem rund um Ran­dom Golf Club, Merch, Pod­casts, Neu­ig­kei­ten und Tref­fen fin­den Sie auf ran​dom​golf​club​.com und fol­gen Sie uns auf Insta­gram und TikTok.

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50 thought on “Wie man jeden Golfschlag trifft (37 Schläge)”

    1. Haha, may­be we’ll make a bogey gol­fer edi­ti­on of Every Shot. Would defi­ni­te­ly inclu­de those.

  1. That was ama­zing DF! I would love to see a Bub­ba escape the woods type shot. The shot faced by us hacks on most holes!

  2. Three other shot sug­ges­ti­ons: from under the lip of the bun­ker, a buried lie in the rough (varia­ti­on of the bun­ker fried egg), and a play­a­ble lie from a water hazard. Other­wi­se, what a gre­at com­pen­di­um of shot tech­ni­ques in under 13 minutes!

    1. Gre­at ide­as, defi­ni­te­ly making note. We tried to get the play­a­ble water hazard shot but the­re weren’t any gre­at opti­ons at UTGC.

  3. He said initi­al ball direc­tion is set by path and aim face whe­re you want to end up? Hasn’t this been debun­ked by the launch moni­tor data?

    1. @Paul O I think we agree its a func­tion of both path of swing and ang­le of club­face rela­ti­ve to path. Mani­pu­la­ting both gives you vary­ing results. Ball direc­tion is the cur­ve pro­du­ced. I’ve not thought about it how Dyl­an descri­bed it but it makes sen­se to me, easy way to think about it ?

    2. @James Lovering Hank Haney said you will sli­ce if the face is open to the path no mat­ter if it is out to in or in to out; with his creden­ti­als I wont dis­pu­te him.

  4. Nice job guys
    Dyl­an needs to get that win­ning per­so­na­li­ty out from behind tho­se glas­ses more often, the lads a natural

    1. @Random Golf Club Films Even as a South Afri­can, who wat­ched him as a juni­or (were he was stu­pid good) I did­n’t realise.

      Hope­ful­ly he is reco­gnis­ed for the skill he has. Could be an awe­so­me brand ambassa­dor for big com­pa­nies loo­king for a solid name to back on tour, do com­pa­ny events etc.
      High­ly engaging.

  5. I thought South Afri­ca was sanc­tion­ed still? We should­n’t be sup­por­ting tho­se who export apart­heid to the US. As far as I’m con­cer­ned this is the same as being Rus­si­an. We should can­cel this guy. He is part of the racism problem.

  6. Come on this guy does­n’t even know how to hit a ball out of Spa­nish tree moss without get­ting a penal­ty and rui­ning pos­si­b­ly the best par save ever.….how can i trust he knows anything?? (I kid, Dyl­an is the man)

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