Wie man sich für eine Runde Golf mit John Daly aufwärmt

Wie man sich fuer eine Runde Golf mit John Daly aufwaermt country club

#shorts Dan­ke an Loud­mouth Golf, dass sie die­ses Video mög­lich gemacht haben

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327 thought on “Wie man sich für eine Runde Golf mit John Daly aufwärmt”

  1. Gave a cli­nic at a near­by cour­se back when the Buick open was still being play­ed. Grabs a dri­ver from a bag then sends it 300 on a rope. Talent is incredi­ble, work ethic , well…

    1. He’s on the seni­or tour??? I’m pret­ty sure and still plays pret­ty good. He and John jnr just beat all the other fathers in com­bos in January

    2. @Matt Dee he’s defi­ni­te­ly not still on tour. He play­ed 1 major for the hell of it becau­se he could. He plays Cham­pions Tour if anything

  2. What a loser. All that talent was­ted. He could have been a world class gol­fer. But he went for the Boo­ze and Butts path. Oh , and drin­king lite Beer isn’t hel­ping You John­ny Boy.

  3. The only nega­ti­ve thing I can say about the guy is his beer choice sucks. Other than that he’s a legend.
    BTW, I hate all light beers equally.🤣

    1. @DTB I agree. He could have been the face of the PGA, ins­tead he’s the face of can­ned beer and cheap ciga­ret­tes, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    1. @xerxes hadria­nus Bruh, he was Top 20 after the first rd of The Mas­ters this yr. Dude has incredi­ble talent, iiiiiiffffff (if) he would get in the gym, and lose some weight, and actual­ly prac­ti­ce. Tiger even admit­ted that he does­n’t have Daly’s talent, but Daly does­n’t have his work ethic. 🙄

  4. The only gol­fer with per­so­na­li­ty! Com­pa­red to the clo­nes out the­re john­nis a breath of fresh air!

  5. Des­pi­te all of John’s per­so­nal issu­es with gamb­ling and addic­tion, ever­yo­ne has always said he is one of the most genui­ne and nicest guys they’ve ever met. That real­ly says some­thing about his character.

  6. I had a guest ask me what the cour­se record was whe­re I work.
    I set the front 9 up easy and I guess he was ‑5 through 9. I said I was­n’t sure but in my head I’m like “ you can kiss that good­bye when you get to 11”

  7. If only that was­n’t a joke. This man drinks beer like it’s aiming flu­id and then strikes it bet­ter than 90 per­cent of the gol­fing community.

  8. Daly is such a trai­ler park gol­fer its not even fun­ny. He loo­ks like an extra on Trai­ler Park Boys. “Daly you drunk bastard!”(in Bub­bles voice)

  9. Last I seen dude has it made… Gave ever­ything up in his last divor­ce and lives in a luxu­ry RV off of a cor­se. Wakes up at noon gets ham­me­red and plays golf. Fuck it. Once you die you die why not live now.

  10. This guy is a breath of fresh air ‚we should see alot more of John Daly,never mind the­se over­paid so cal­led super­stars ‚this is a peop­le man ‚who’s gifted .and has a sen­se of humor.

  11. Dude liter­al­ly did one Plyo­metric arm stretch, and one toe touch – even though the one toe touch was just to grab his beer … But still. SMH🙄

  12. So to recap a pro­per golf warm up:
    1. Quick arm stretch
    2. Drink a beer
    3. Ask whe­re the first tee is and the cour­se record
    4. Pro­ceed to walk towards the first tee like a damn boss whilst ligh­t­ing up a cigarette
    5. Try not to trip over your giant swin­ging dick on the way to tee off.

  13. I don’t under­stand why anyo­ne would enab­le someo­ne else to dri­ve deeper into their dead­ly dise­a­se… Someone’s soul is not in a good place…

  14. still blowing dart figh­t­ing blad­der can­cer take it east bud . its only the first tee .whe­res the hefers need a few big girls in the cart for good luck .….grip it and rip it. this man uses a mil­ler lite can as a tee but­ter cut fade 320 midd­le of fair­way . hes a animal.

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