Wie Sie aufhören, Ihre Chip-Shots zu schälen

Wie Sie aufhoeren Ihre Chip Shots zu schaelen back swing

Wie man damit auf­hört, sei­ne Chip-Shots zu kna­cken. Meand­my­golf PGA Pro­fes­sio­nals Piers Ward und Andy Proud­man beant­wor­ten eine Face­book-Fra­ge zum Chip­ping-Kon­takt. http://​www​.face​book​.com/​m​e​a​n​d​m​y​g​olf http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​m​e​m​y​g​olf

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27 thought on “Wie Sie aufhören, Ihre Chip-Shots zu schälen”

  1. To stop shanking chip shots, do 3 things. 1 light grip on club, 2 acce­le­ra­te through shot, 3 keep head behind ball until after the shot has been played.

  2. can you chat about Phil Mickelson’s “hing and hold” tech­ni­que for chipping? 
    I can­not seem to mas­ter the technique.
    Pon­te Vedra, FL

  3. hi the­re
    my bigest pro­blem on my golf is the shipping
    my golf get­ting bet­ter but my ship­ping is not ver­ry good at all 
    i wish u can help me 
    i get on the adge of the green in 2 for a par 4 
    but i cant read the distance for my shipping 
    whats the best way to read the ship­ping distance please ?
    kind regards

  4. Thanks allot guys, real­ly hel­pful and makes allot of com­mon logi­cal sen­se with the “reset but­ton”. My chips were going real­ly nice and accu­ra­te for a long time, but now I’m doing this shank more often, prob through con­ti­nuing to adjust my body like your say­ing. I think with your inst­ruc­tions I’ll fix the problem.

  5. Hi meand­my­golf,
    So I recent­ly play­ed in a juni­or golf tour­na­ment, and in my round I was play­ing my best golf, and my wed­ges from 20 yards and in were spot on. But on 2 holes I was may­be 15 yards out, did the same set up and rout­line but I shaked my chips way right. I’m con­fu­sed becau­se I find that I’m having a shank­ed chip per round but my short game is real­ly good. Any help?
    Thanks! ‑Sam

  6. Hi Guys:

    Just wat­ched the Video on Chip Shots I am having trou­ble on Pitch Shots from 30 Yards to 60 Yards out SHANKING to the right. Actual­ly did 2 in a row yes­ter­day into a water hazard then your abso­lute­ly frigh­te­ned to hit the next shot. Is their a video on Pit­ching like the one on Chipping.
    Dick Bathurst
    Palm Desert, California

  7. This might be the first vid I’ve wat­ched of the­se dudes whe­re their out­fits did­n’t match exact­ly. Perhaps Andy for­got it was “color rush” uni­form day and for­got his blue pants at home (hard­core NFL fans will get that).

  8. HI guys
    Love your tipes I am about 50 to 60 mm loo­king into green I use pit­ching wedge and I shank the ball 3 out of 10 can you help me Billy

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