Wie unterscheiden sich LIV Golf und PGA Tour an einem „traurigen Tag für Golf“ | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal


Wie unterscheiden sich LIV Golf und PGA Tour an einem traurigen Tag fuer Golf Golf Zentrale Golfkanal Brandel Chamblee

Bran­del Cham­blee äußert sich zur Ent­schei­dung der PGA Tour, Spie­ler zu sus­pen­die­ren, die an der LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal-Serie teil­neh­men. #Golf­Chan­nel #Golf­Cen­tral #LIV­Golf #PGA­Tour » Abon­nie­ren Sie den Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 » Für die neus­ten News rund um Golf: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Co-foun­ded by Arnold Pal­mer und Joe Gibbs am 17. Janu­ar 1995, Golf Chan­nel wur­de 2011 Teil der NBC Sports Group und – mit dem wohl­ha­bends­ten Publi­kum im gesam­ten Fern­se­hen – steht es nun fast 500 Mil­lio­nen Zuschau­ern in fast 80 Län­dern und neun Spra­chen zur Ver­fü­gung die Welt. Golf Chan­nel ver­bin­det die Welt mit Golf durch eine brei­te Palet­te von digi­ta­len und Life­style-Ange­bo­ten, dar­un­ter Golf Chan­nel Mobi­le, eine umfas­sen­de App mit den neu­es­ten Schlag­zei­len, Ergeb­nis­sen und Ana­ly­sen des Golf­sports; Golf­Now, die welt­weit größ­te Online-Start­zeit-Buchungs­platt­form und Golf­platz-Tech­no­lo­gie­part­ner, die die Golf­Now Mobi­le App mit GPS-Tracking auf dem Platz, In-Round-Sco­ring und Spiel-Tracking umfasst; Revo­lu­ti­on Golf, die größ­te digi­ta­le Direkt­ver­triebs­platt­form im Golf­sport; Golf​Ad​vi​sor​.com, die welt­weit größ­te Res­sour­ce für Golf­platz­be­wer­tun­gen und Rezen­sio­nen von Gol­fern; ein nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sches Netz­werk von Lehr­ein­rich­tun­gen der Golf Chan­nel Aca­de­my; Golf Chan­nel Am Tour, die welt­weit größ­te Ama­teur-Golf­tour; und als offi­zi­el­ler Medi­en­part­ner von St. Andrews Links, dem Home of Golf. Besu­chen Sie Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Fin­den Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​C​h​a​n​n​el/ Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​nel Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​el/ Wie sich LIV Golf und PGA Tour am „trau­ri­gen Tag für Golf“ unter­schei­den | Golf-Zen­tra­le | Golf­ka­nal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1

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  1. Hey Cham­blee. The PGA Tour has a deal with Chi­na. Chi­na vio­la­tes someo­nes human rights ever minu­te. Of cour­se you will say not­hing. Take your fake patrio­tism else­whe­re. ALL of the com­pa­nies that ali­gned them­sel­ves with the PGA Tour are woke trash. So it’s bad for Mickel­son to take 200mil for this but ok for some cor­po­ra­ti­on to pay him 200 grand for a one day outing? RBC, UPS, FedEX all do busi­ness in Sau­di Arabia.

  2. Hai anna iam Nagen­dar Anna na age 42 Marioncotil​lardd​.Uno qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on m.l.t medi­cal lab tech­ni­cianp ‚Srpt lo jobs unte cheppa­ga­la­ru anna.with govt Jobs

  3. Makes a bunch of points about how bad the liv league is, yet still threa­tened by it. If they are was­hed up play­ers then why do your care so much. Did the pga ban any tour­na­ments in texas con­si­de­ring it was the gover­nor who rela­xed gun laws? Such hypo­cri­tes. Why play in Cana­da. They are fin­ding gra­ves full of dead indi­ge­nous kids. Why play ryder cup in Ita­ly when then Vati­can is respon­si­ble for the deaths of tho­se indi­ge­nous kids. So basi­cal­ly bran­del igno­res the cri­mes of peop­le with his skin colour but……….

  4. Bran­del needs to shut the hell up. The PGA just wants to con­trol every aspect of the game. It’s an orga­niz­a­ti­on run by old, tired mil­lion­aires who only care about image. Stop bashing the play­ers who left and congra­tu­la­te them on their new venture.

  5. C’mon, money talks, and Bran­del is pure­ly a shill for the tour. So, the­se boys are making in a cou­p­le mon­ths what it would take them a life­time; and never gua­ran­te­ed, to earn on the tour. I mean, you only live twice. Bran­del, try and form an argu­ment that does not come out of your backside.

  6. The Grea­test Thing To Hap­pen To Golf Sin­ce Augus­ta Natio­nals First Tournament.…Brandel Cham­blee is a stoo­ge for the PGA tour…Ask what he makes.….Him spea­king of dis­pensable play­ers should address the pga’s ste­aling of play­ers copy­rights and why is he slan­de­ring every one of the­se players…Because he makes mil­li­ons being a tool for the pga tour slave farm.…Today will be one of the grea­test days in com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf history.…The PGA Gulag CCP Com­mu­nist Par­ty is ending.…

  7. All u LIV sup­por­ters wait until u see the ticket pri­ces. Inves­tors want their money back. LIV is a cir­cus sideshow.

  8. Peop­le are jea­l­ous others are get­ting rich? Or are they jea­l­ous they did­n’t get this oppor­tu­ni­ty when they were youn­ger? Not sure

  9. I was worried ab the pga tour until I saw how god damn hor­ri­ble the LIV event broad­cast loo­ks. I don’t even knows what I’m seeing.

  10. Loo­ks like this guy had a few tears In His eyes befo­re this inter­view. Poor guy obvious­ly doesn’t like chan­ge and or to see some­bo­dy else live their own life, how they see fit and be hap­py. This is trig­ge­ring so many peop­le and you have to ask the ques­ti­on why. Every tour in golf should have a gau­ran­te­ed amount of money for ever­yo­ne. If you are good enough to play on the­se tours then you deser­ve to be paid for it. Not spend you own money to be at the tour­na­ment and get cut half way through and lose money, just so the pga tour busi­ness makes money, it makes no sen­se. I think we will see in the com­ing years the pga tour will have to fol­low suit with gau­ran­te­ed pur­ses or they will lose all the players.

  11. Here’s my take on this, most of tho­se moving to the LIV tour aren’t going to make the money on the PGA tour as they would on the LIV tour, they are oversha­do­wed by the rising young stars on the PGA tour and are doing this for no other rea­son than the money. Ok, I get it but don’t malign an orga­niz­a­ti­on that gave you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to play the game, make money, endor­se­ments, get reco­gni­ti­on etc.
    If it wasn’t for your time in the PGA tour you wouldn’t even have this opportunity.
    Is the PGA tour per­fect? No, show me a pro­fes­sio­nal orga­niz­a­ti­on that is but you don’t turn tail and run just becau­se you feel as Phil says, under appre­cia­ted! Really?
    How about ins­tead working to make the tour bet­ter and look what it does posi­tively, lar­gest con­tri­bu­tor to cha­ri­ties of any sport and it’s com­mit­ment to gro­wing the game with juni­or pro­grams is incredible.
    Good luck to the­se guys. I have to side with the PGA on this one.

    1. That may be true for most of the­se gol­fers but I would dis­agree when it comes to Dus­tin John­son, he’s still well in his prime, only 37 years old. I belie­ve he still has gre­at golf left in him.

    2. @Jake Gib­son Real­ly? I chal­len­ge you if you would say the same if this new golf league was backed up by Chi­ne­se money. You don’t have to ans­wer, but if you would, then I’d argue you have dou­ble standards.

    3. @Justino also it’s just ano­t­her way for gol­fers to earn money I’m not mad about that infact I think it might shake the mono­po­ly up becau­se all ath­le­tes on the PGA tour should at least be money neu­tral not wal­king away with it cos­ting them

  12. I think the free agen­cy idea is excel­lent and exci­ting. I think the sports washing from the Sau­dis is atro­cious and dis­gus­ting. I hope the­se gol­fers in LIV are using the Sau­dis and not the other way around

  13. The argu­ment this guy makes about the phil­an­thro­py of the PGA is bull­shit, they are a busi­ness and only do phil­an­thro­py for mar­ke­ting, tax breaks, and good press, they couldnt give a damn about who recei­ves any of their donations

  14. Shame on this clear­ly bia­sed chan­nel. Shame on the pga for mono­po­li­zing the grea­test game ever play­ed. And shame on you if the rea­son you oppo­se LIV has anything to do with who’s money is backing it.

  15. They are showing it live on You­Tube. They have thrown in stro­ke play, Ryder Cup, Fed Ex Cup and draft picks for teams like in other sports. In other words they are try­ing to be ever­ything but in the end it’s mea­ningless sin­ce the com­pe­ti­ti­on is so limi­ted. This in no way rivals the PGA which has tra­di­ti­on and great­ness built into it regard­less what you think of PGA manage­ment. I wat­ched some but its just flat and not­hing new. No real moti­va­ti­on from the top play­ers in it sin­ce they are making mil­li­ons even if they play poorly.

    1. @Tom San­ger a cat for now….king of the jung­le in a few years…What about the NFL/NBA etc then!!!!! The­re is no going up or down in the leagues…so no worry of going down a division…there real com­pe­ti­ti­on is foot­ball (soc­cer to you)…in Euro­pe and the rest of the world…so GOES AGAINST YOUR ARGUMENT OF REAL COMPETITION!!!

    2. Also when do all the top play­ers play against each other in the PGA tour events….ONLY THE PLAYERS…your argu­ment is floored…again you only think anything out­side of the USA doesn’t count…so pre­su­me you are from the USA from your comments

    3. @John Mur­ray If this tour had any real dyna­mics it could be some­thing but ever­ything about it is tacky and mea­ningless. Other sports the­re is com­pe­ti­ti­on to get on the teams. A lot of peop­le don’t cut it. With this you have no names and even a cou­p­le ama­teurs. You can be 250th on the money list a sign over to this giving you an auto­ma­tic paycheck for less than medi­o­c­re per­for­mance. And the team names are chil­dish in order to make it sound exci­ting. Who cares who wins on this tour.

    4. @Tom San­ger just the beginning…do you real­ly think they would all jump ship to it strai­ght away…yes may­be dif­fe­rent and may­be tacky if you like…however let’s see how it plays out…they have had to pay big money just to get it started…NFL and NBA no up or down…so not real­ly a valid argument..over here we have leagues that you can go up or down unli­ke Ame­ri­can sports…Bryson,DJ,Michelson are just the beginning…if it fails in 3 years and mea­ningless then you are correct…it not YOU ARE WRONG

  16. Its an indi­vi­du­al choice. The avg PGA tour­na­ment is boring… most top play­ers dont play. Play whe­re ya want.. make alot of money… and enjoy life. That field in Lon­don… is pret­ty good. Real good. Nobo­dy cares about the phil­aN­THRO­PIC crap. Fans dont care.. nor do play­ers. Its about MONEy. Brand­le is sad.. becau­se he’s going to be com­men­ta­ting on no namers befo­re ya know it. Good for LIV… to com­pe­te against the cor­rupt PGA tour. Others will jump ship and break their back.. and make Jay and the PGA chan­ge their tune. Wait n see.

    1. Pret­ty much the PGA tour was crea­ted by Jack and a few other guys. Among its sup­por­ters are Tiger, Rory and other major play­ers. Do you real­ly think they are going to role over to Greg Nor­man? I mean really.

    2. @Preston Bac­chus All gre­at guys, and no one’s chal­len­ging their impact. But they don’t own the game its­elf. One thing I love about capi­ta­lism, com­pe­ti­ti­on. The fact that PGA has to actual­ly com­pe­te against ano­t­her league should only ser­ve the fans better.

    3. @Dave Is it real­ly com­pe­ti­ti­on when the 20th lar­gest natio­nal eco­no­my in the world with 31+ tril­li­on in assets shows up to buy out world golf?

  17. The PGA Tour has pro­ven it is not­hing short of THE MAFIA. Bran­del Cham­blee is part of the “Old School Pro­blem” in Golf.

    1. Ame­ri­ca its­elf does busi­ness with the Saudi’s, to the tune of about $40B. So yes, peop­le have been doing “both” for years. Next question.

    2. @Dave will you com­p­lain when they apo­lo­gi­ze to the Sau­dis ala nba to Chi­na or John Cena spea­king a for­eign lan­guage to do so?

    3. @Slimpickinsorl I could care less. I work for a For­tu­ne 500, mul­ti-con­glo­me­ra­te that does busi­ness with Chi­na. Very simi­lar to a lot of US cor­po­ra­ti­ons (pri­va­te­ly held or publicly tra­ded). I don’t refu­se my paychecks. No, I’m not out­side of Wal-Mart pro­tes­ting their busi­ness with Chi­na, nor am I in front of Bank of Ame­ri­ca, 3M, and the list goes on. I don’t hold PGA in con­tempt for having released play­ers to play in other Sau­di events. So no, I’m not inte­res­ted in pis­sing on 1099 con­trac­tors going to pick up a bag for them­sel­ves. I sug­gest they do what the other big boys do. Get the money, hand­le their business.

    4. @Dave I hear you. I care about the same but I’m just enter­tai­ned by what or who gets the outra­ge or the spin tre­at­ment. This topic is right up the­re with NIL for enter­tain­ment value. Stay well Dave !

  18. He can whi­ne all he wants and talk about their ran­kings but I don’t watch Golf like that and even I know Phil Mickel­son and Greg Nor­man. The Casu­al View­er does mat­ter and their Mono­po­ly is finis­hed. They bet­ter pray to god Tiger doesn’t go. Even if he’s a shell he is still the one of the big­gest names in Sports History.

    1. I think the LIV tour­na­ment sche­du­le was for­mu­la­ted with Tiger in mind 😊. And con­si­der, if Phil was paid 200 mil­li­on to sign and Dus­tin got 125 mil­li­on and Nick­laus was offe­red (and alle­ged­ly rejec­ted) 1 bil­li­on plus: ima­gi­ne how much they offe­red Tiger. And he has yet to come out with a defi­ni­ti­ve, strong pledge of undy­ing feal­ty to the pga eit­her. So I hope he give them the fin­ger and signs for 3 bil­li­on, and dou­bles his net worth. 🍻

  19. Most repre­hen­si­ble régime in the word? So much pro­pa­gan­da in the air, it’s like watching the MSM. When are you guys going to ack­now­ledge the $40B of tra­de we do with Sau­di Ara­bia every year. The fact busi­nes­ses all over the US do busi­ness with them, that we run gas in our cars from their oil, that every pre­si­dent meets with their King. What type of “washing” would you call it when you guys igno­re all of the facts, and just point out the ones that con­flict with the posi­ti­on of the PGA. Call it wha­te­ver you want, but fans could care less about the PGA or LIV. We’­re here to see play­ers, not tune in to see Bran­del Chamblee’s opi­ni­on. PGA does­n’t own golf, neit­her do Saudi’s. We’­re here for the sport.

  20. Bran­del Cham­blee is such a clown 🤡. he is trea­ting the­se pros like they have joi­ned The Nazi régime, when in rea­li­ty, they all just wan­ted to take a week off from the PGA, tee it up in a new for­mat and make some extra cash. PGA is the one that is pushing them out.

  21. Don’t gol­fers pick and choo­se which events they enter and which they don’t in their respec­ti­ve tours based on pri­ze money? Let’s not for­get golf is their job, and like most of us, work for a pay check.

  22. Lol…. If they wan­na play some­whe­re else then they can. It’s always the old guard who fear chan­ge. Nobo­dy owes anyo­ne anything. This is a SAD interview.

  23. “Sad day for golf” if you’­re the PGA tour. This who­le situa­ti­on is hypo­cri­ti­cal and the more peop­le try to stop LIV the more I cheer for it to succeed

  24. PGA bet­ter catch up with the times. I don’t like golf one bit but I find what’s going on today, a movie type sce­ne. LIV Golf vs PGA. LIV has bet­ter gra­phics (I seen a quick stream lol) don’t know anything about golf and I don’t care about golf but I know that PGA is sca­red becau­se of actu­al com­pe­ti­ti­on. Now if LIV gets a deal with Ama­zon or Apple then they will explo­de in view­ers­hip. May­be TBS or TNT is in order. Fox isn’t out of the picture.

  25. What hap­pen­ed to peop­le being able to do wha­te­ver they want? Isn’t that what we tell our child­ren, you can do and be anything you want! And nobo­dy has a moral ground to talk about anybody’s record on human rights, peri­od. Guess whe­re tho­se Nike’s you wear come from and that Apple pho­ne you got, etc.? Why not have a LIV and let LIV(pun inten­ded) view on this? Who cares whe­re Phil, D.J. etal are play­ing golf, why does it mat­ter. My guess is the PGA does­n’t like com­pe­ti­ti­on and will do what it takes to stomp out any org. that is try­ing to encroach on their mono­po­ly on the busi­ness of golf. What about free mar­ket values? I could go on and on with examp­les, but in the end, WHO CARES whe­re the­se guys tee it up!!

    1. The Euro­pean Tour lost many of their play­ers for the past several deca­des to the PGA Tour and for what? More money. The TOUR is just mad sin­ce now it’s hap­pe­ning to them.

    2. Play­ers signed con­tracts with the PGA. Just like in employ­ment you can’t work at one com­pa­ny and hold a 2nd job at a rival. Not ever­ything is free to do wha­te­ver you want.

  26. Let play­ers play whe­re ever they want. Let them choo­se. No need to ban them. If PGA TOUR is the best tour of all, why they need to punish play­ers who want to go and play some tour­na­ments elsewhere?

    1. I agree and if the PGA feels threa­tened release the play­ers for the year if reques­ted. This reminds me of the NFL/AFL dustup when I was a kid. One day we might see a super­golf­bowl win­ner of each head to head for 100 mil­li­on win­ner take all match

    2. @FCTe ya you need to get a clue lol. Pga being invol­ved with Chi­na is gre­at. Gre­at coun­try well known right.…. It’s a golf league lea­ve the non­sen­se out of it peop­le are sad

  27. Bran­del is wrong. Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an. The asset which gol­fers have is the abi­li­ty to play golf. It is their right and free­dom to use their talent. The gol­fers do phil­an­thro­py with the money they earn, as they wish.

    1. @PIP2323 I’ve wat­ched golf for over fif­ty years. I saw more dif­fe­rence from 50 years ago to today than from watching Greg’s “I can come in last and still get paid” golf embarr­ass­ment today. A snooze-fest.

    2. @JW P you liter­al­ly are clu­eless then. The one thing ever­yo­ne tal­ked about was how dif­fe­rent the coverage and pro­duc­tion was. Their is no deba­te on that it was wild­ly dif­fe­rent then any pga tour coverage that has been done. It’s ok not to like it but to think it was anth­ring like a pga tour event is the dum­best thing I’ve heard. Obvio­suly your just trolling.

    3. @PIP2323 Give up the insults AH. I saw it with my own eyes and could care less what you and “ever­yo­ne “ saw. Talk about a troll. Bye.

    4. @JW P if your going to.make.uo stuff just give it up. It’s ok you hate the league that’s cool but it’s pro­duc­tion was liter­al­ly not­hing like the pga that’s about the only thing peop­le agree on except for you cap­tain troll. Go troll ano­t­her thread and make yourself look like a fool your good at it

  28. LIV Golf is the pre Cham­pions Tour for high brand, fal­ling skills gol­fers. That being said, the play­ers can do what they want.

  29. Loving LIV Golf as a fan. Stop appe­aling to fans about pro­tec­ting your assets from com­pe­ti­ti­on like the rest of the world has to. Will con­ti­nue to watch It espe­cial­ly if you keep cry­ing about it.

    1. @TheTerryE Exact­ly. What kind of field is that when McDo­well as a cap­tain of one of the teams when choo­sing his team­ma­tes after a cou­p­le big names said he never heard of the rest of them. I was sur­pri­sed at how boring it was on You­Tube that somehow had it aired.

    2. @TheTerryE Nobo­dy plays for any other rea­son than the money any­mo­re. And that is true for every pro ath­le­te in any sport. The­re is no “Lega­cy” on their mind just a payche­que. So if I can watch more golf (espe­cial­ly sin­ce any gol­fer on TV is bet­ter than you or I) I will, becau­se the PGA tour does­n’t care about you or me so I’ll watch when or what I want becau­se at the end of the day its entertainment.

    1. @Humfrey Col­lins it’s a golf trny peop­le acting like the­se play­ers are cri­mi­nals for play­ing golf it’s sad and pathe­tic. You rea­li­ze pga tour has a affi­lia­ti­on with pga tour chi­na right? How’s Chi­na for human rights far worse then Sau­di Ara­bia his­to­ri­cal­ly spea­king. It’s just pathe­tic and not worth tal­king about. More and more play­ers will join this league for obvious rea­sons much more play­er friend­ly shor­ter tents bet­ter pay. I hope it does well loo­ks like it will

  30. I’m the not big­gest fan of Bran­del Cham­blee. I agree with him on cer­tain things some­ti­mes, other times I can’t lis­ten to him. But this is the first time I agree with him com­ple­te­ly 100% about a topic in the game of golf. At the 6:00 mark, Bran­del says the­se play­ers are try­ing to grow the game, “They’­re des­troy­ing the game.” And this LIV Golf has des­troy­ed the game. It’s a fraud to the game of golf. I agree with you Brandel.

  31. This is just a HUGE blun­der by the PGA if they would have just given the­se guys the relea­ses the play­ers would have play­ed a cou­p­le of the­se tour­na­ments a year and it would go by the way­si­de after a few years.

    1. @TheBrindleBoxer It’s bad for the PGA tour if they are bar­ring play­ers who would other­wi­se con­ti­nue play­ing on the tour if only for OWGR points.

    2. @TheBrindleBoxer you have every right to your opi­ni­on and the free­dom to speak it, my only ques­ti­on, do you think it hel­ps or hurts your argu­ment when you call someo­ne a slimeball?

  32. Atro­cious real­ly I’m sor­ry but if it was that bad why the fuck isn’t ppl pro­tes­ting the fact that the US are allies to the Saudi’s I’m mean what are we tal­king about. Atro­cious is the United Sta­tes kil­ling hund­reds of thousands civi­li­ans in the Midd­le East on a bom­bing cam­pai­gn I don’t hear no one complaining.

  33. All the LIV play­ers are locked up by con­tract, they are “con­trac­ted”, not inde­pen­dent, and by con­tract they could not deci­de to pass on a cou­p­le of LIV events and play in some other tour­na­ment, you know, for the bene­fit of their fami­ly, or they would be sued.

  34. Sham­bles sounds bit­ter. I think he’s mis­sing the forest for the trees. They’­ve alrea­dy got more big names than I thought they would at LIV and could easi­ly have a few more by the sum­mer and cer­tain­ly next year. The PGA Tour needs to respond or risk losing a lar­ge num­ber of top & mid-tier players.

  35. I won­der if Japa­ne­se golf star Ryo Ishi­ka­wa has been given an offer to play in LIV golf, there’s three play­ers from the Japan tour so far play­ing at the cur­rent lon­don invi­ta­tio­nal, in fact one of them is a top Japa­ne­se play­er who ranks like 71 in the OWGR. I’m qui­te sure he has recei­ved an offer, perhaps he tur­ned it down. Ryo Is cur­r­ent­ly play­ing an event rn.

    1. @アイムバデ Ryo ishi­ka­wa could jus­ti­fy joi­ning LIV by say­ing that he’ll put 90% of his win­nings towards charity 😆

    2. @アイムバデ Hope he’ll score low in his third and final round and make a T10 he needs tho­se OWGR points to qua­li­fy for majors again. He’s cur­r­ent­ly T29 I think in the cur­rent event in Japan.

    3. @LRN_News yea hasn’t been too bad won twice I think in 2019, not­hing like what he used to be when he was still a teen tho

  36. What is fun­ny is I watch a ton of You­Tube ama­teur golf, and none of them are top 1000 gol­fers. I just enjoy watching golf.

    1. @Sean Ken­ne­dy exact­ly! I have wat­ched every play­er hit stin­kers as well as good shots. I just enjoy watching the game for sure

  37. This is a sad day for self righ­te­ous PGA employees… that’s why you see the­se geezers acting like the sport will die if the PGA can’t mono­po­li­ze golf.

  38. PGA is a mono­po­ly. Let’s have some com­pe­ti­ti­on. The view­ers and spon­sors will deci­de if the­re will par­al­lel league or only one will survive.

  39. Didn’t Tiger make like $116 mil play­ing golf? The rest of that wealth is from spon­sors. Rick Por­cel­lo in base­ball is 100th in the list in care­er ear­nings accord­ing to Base­ball­Re­fe­rence and has alrea­dy ear­ned $128 mil. He’s 33 and it’s Rick Porcello…

    1. Base­ball has 2916 games play­ed a year in the MLB. PGA has 48 events? MLB sta­di­ums hold 30+ thousand peop­le. Do the math. Money has to come from some­whe­re. Can’t just pump it out of the ground… oh wait.

    2. @Chase Blossom valid point. I agree with it. Still the best gol­fer in histo­ry has made less on field than Rick Por­cel­lo who pit­ches parts of games 32 times a year? I’m not say­ing the money from LIV tour is clean, but damn if they’re final­ly gon­na pay me (them) what other sports make..

    3. @Douglas Doo­len but Tiger was the rea­son pur­ses rose in the first place. What did Magic make during his ten­u­re with the Lakers while the NBA was on the rise? $39M is the ans­wer. Other sports just flat out have way more reve­nue. The PGA tour takes in 1.5B a year. The NBA gets 4B a year just from Chi­na TV rights.

  40. The LIV golf seri­es has actual­ly been a good watch and is free to watch. The only rea­son it is get­ting so much stick is becau­se media out­lets pay mil­li­ons to show the pga tour. This LIV for­mat is quicker and gre­at to watch. Just a shame it’s run by the Saudis

  41. 😅🤣😂… When the youn­ger play­ers rea­li­ze the appearan­ce fee and win­ners checks actual­ly clear, they’ll dis­card the pga like a spent con­dom. They will make more money by just signing with LIV, than they would in their ent­i­re pga career.

    PS, Cham­blee has always been a weak, simp. His sorr­yass would be with the LIV if they put 5 mil­li­on in front of him. By the way, that ‘petro’ coun­try is a ‘petro­dol­lar’in coun­try and one of the 🇺🇸’s top allies. And they don’t kill a frac­tion of the peop­le the usa kills in one day. 🍻

  42. The­se are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. Which enti­t­les them to play whe­re they choo­se. Is this as bad for golf as peop­le are making it out to be? I don’t think so. What have is an orga­niz­a­ti­on being chal­len­ged by ano­t­her orga­niz­a­ti­on. The PGA has a long histo­ry with many bene­fits to its mem­bers. It’s their respon­si­bi­li­ty to incre­a­se tho­se advan­ta­ges to com­pe­te with other orga­niz­a­ti­ons. This is a free mar­ket. Play­ers will ulti­mate­ly make a decisi­on on long term bene­fits offe­red by LIV or the PGA. It’s no dif­fe­rent then regu­lar peop­le cha­sing a bet­ter paying job. Now some peop­le lea­ve and then want to go back to their old job and it’s ulti­mate­ly the decisi­on of that employ­er if they want you back. And let me tell you if DJ is crus­hing it in LIV and then deci­des to come back to the PGA. The PGA will ulti­mate­ly weigh the mone­ta­ry bene­fits to brib­ing him back in terms of spon­sor­s­hips and view­ers, etc. This is an exci­ting time for golf which should push the PGA to offer grea­ter bene­fits to all its members!

    1. The PGA is a mem­bers­hip that has rules. I bet they are on good legal stan­ding for sus­pen­ding them. DJ does not move the need­le. Even Phil does­n’t move the need­le. The­re are no extra fans watching becau­se of Phil. Not so with Tiger. The­re is always a buzz with Tiger. Look at all the athlete’s who tweeted after Tiger won the Mas­ters. Tiger is gra­tetful that the . the PGA gave him the plat­form Phil not so much. 

      Look at Phil’s actions. He went out and worked with the Saudi’s to start a rival league. He had his lawy­ers do the legal work and then he deman­ded that he owns the video rights of his high­lights. No other orga­niz­a­ti­on let’s the ath­le­te own the high­lights. Not Bra­dy, MJ or LeBron.
      Then he pro­bab­ly recrui­ted other play­ers. If any employee did that they would be escor­ted out by security.

  43. Woke cul­tu­re, Pseu­do social jus­ti­ce princi­ples to make tho­se who don’t have or feel out­side of issu­es don’t adhe­re to rea­li­ty. Sau­di Arabia’s image being put to spe­cu­la­ti­on is hypo­cri­ti­cal con­si­de­ring on how Ame­ri­ca is view­ed world­wi­de. So stop PGA, lea­ve it alo­ne and let the­se guys get paid to do what they want. You should be asking this of our Poli­ti­ci­ans who crea­te poli­ci­es and can­not be honest to the Ame­ri­can people.

  44. I was­n’t inte­res­ted in the LIV tour until all the­se hypo­cri­ti­cal media out­lets tried to shut it down. I wat­ched it for free in You­Tube today. Good to watch. Over in a few hours thanks to shot­gun. Pga tour is only inte­res­ting for the major tour­na­ments. I don’t want to watch some ran­dom tour­na­ment full of ran­dom Ame­ri­cans for 8 hours a day

  45. If the PGA Tour is a bet­ter pro­duct than why are they acting like a spoil child. Sor­ry Bran­del Cham­blee but this is a gre­at day golf and the free market

  46. How do you deny indep con­trac­tors to play whe­re they want? PGA are THUGS and hypo­cri­tes! Without play­ers, PGA is not­hing. How many play­ers make good money vs NBA, NFL, MLB, etc? In golf, not many.

  47. The PGA is doomed !!
    They will cave in and wel­co­me the play­ers back befo­re long!
    The majors need the top play­ers in other­wi­se it’s just ano­t­her tournament !.

  48. It’s more than a bit hypo­cri­ti­cal for the PGA Tour to cri­ti­ci­ze guys for going after money. The PGA Tour is obvious­ly worried that the huge pur­ses they have can’t be sus­tai­ned long into the future. The­re was a huge jump in pur­ses, along with the popu­la­ri­ty of watching golf, when Tiger came along, and through his prime. When he first came up, the­re were tour­na­ments with a toal pur­se of $1 mil­li­on. Now, the winner’s share is well more than that in many, if not most tour­na­ments. The pro­blem is, watching golf is far less popu­lar than it was when Tiger was domi­na­ting, and even­tual­ly, that is going to have to be reflec­ted in tv rights fees. Now, the­re is a deep pocke­ted enti­ty that wants to invest in golf, but they won’t let Jay Mona­han be in char­ge. It will be inte­res­ting to see how this plays out.

    1. @Randy Richard­son Plea­se do the rese­arch , From goog­le: Do PGA gol­fers get appearan­ce money?
      It all comes down to gua­ran­te­ed cash. Euro­pean Tour events are allo­wed to pay appearan­ce fees which they almost comi­c­al­ly clas­si­fy as “pro­mo­tio­nal ser­vices fees.” PGA Tour events, on the other hand, are unab­le to pay “pro­mo­tio­nal ser­vices fees.”

  49. The Golf Chan­nel will con­ti­nue to speak bad about the Liv Tour, or for that fact, any tour that’s not the PGA. They all have jobs that they are afraid of loo­sing if they say one posi­ti­ve word about Liv. All the­se peop­le tal­king about lega­cy or your dedi­ca­ti­on to the PGA, are all the peop­le who would lea­ve the­re jobs in a heart­beat if they were offe­red much much more money. Stop with the yes men men­ta­li­ty and speak on truth. The Golf Chan­nel is tur­ning into CNN.

  50. Bran­del had one care­er win but now he’s an expert who is éli­te. We know he’s in the back pocket of the PGA Tour cau­se he is afraid of them. This guy is a Joke

  51. let’s make it clear here. it’s not a sad day for the game of golf. but it is a sad day for the pga tour. com­pe­ti­ti­on is always good for peop­le. not monopoly.

  52. Bran­del is a has been gol­fer, LIV golf is a gre­at new start for golf, basi­cal­ly an Ol” man’s sport which has been ener­gi­sed by an injec­tion of tes­to­sto­ro­ne. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  53. I wat­ched, it was gre­at, way more inte­res­ting with the team and indi­vi­du­al com­po­nent. Pga is in trou­ble now !

  54. Just wat­ched all of the new LIV Golf 1st round as live in the UK. Awe­so­me to see the­se play­ers here and tho­rough­ly enjoy­ed it. Not a clue what Cham­blee was ran­ting on about. He needs to get into ‘today’ and 2022 as well as a lot of other peop­le for that mat­ter. The PGA seems like a con­trol­ling dic­ta­tor­s­hip to me.

    1. Bank on my friend…your tel­ling me that the PGA tour have never been spon­so­red or taken money direct­ly or indi­rect­ly from the Sau­dis or whe­re­ver ….The PGA TOUR do have a mono­po­ly!!!!! It is fine when all the best Euro­pean gol­fers go to the PGA tour…wonder why that is….and for that dino­saur cham­blee what a ??????? Ques­ti­on for you Ame­ri­cans do any of you actual­ly lis­ten to cham­blee seriously…he is one hor­ren­dous golf analyst..every time I hear him I want to turn over

    2. While LIV Golf may not have the lions share of the best play­ers in the world at this time, the qua­li­ty of golf I saw today was bet­ter than the Korn Fer­ry and Cham­pions Tour and the play­ers geni­unely see­med to be enjoyig them­sel­ves out the­re and like the guys on the PGA Tour, still get upset when they hit bad shots and bad putts. Bran­del acts as though they’­re just the­re to get a check and not­hing more. I dis­agree and found the golf and nuan­ces of the broad­cast sur­pri­sin­gly good, as I expec­ted this first tour­na­ment to be a train wreck. I plan to con­ti­nue to watch with the under­stan­ding that the pro­duct is only going to get better.

  55. Disap­poin­ted in the PGA. They should not be threa­tening play­ers peri­od. It shows weak­ness and despe­ra­ti­on on their part. LIV tour­na­ments do not­hing more than add some varie­ty for the fans and finan­cial oppor­tu­nities for the play­ers. Making them make a choice bet­ween the two is wrong becau­se they are all free agents not owned by the PGA or anyo­ne else.

  56. Bran­del is butt hurt. 

    Talks about it as sports washing…ummm the US com­mit­ted worse atrocities.
    Afgha­ni­stan, Iraq, Guan­ta­na­mo Bay.

    As for the golf, 54 Holes, Shot Gun start, teams for­mat – makes for a nice chan­ge. Not to men­ti­on free to air.

    From the gol­fers per­spec­ti­ve, no cuts, gua­ran­te­ed pay, tra­vel reim­bur­sed – it’s a no brai­ner real­ly. We will see alot of the top younge play­ers be poa­ched out of col­le­ge, skip q school and Korn fer­ry for gua­ran­te­ed pay.

  57. “Sports­wa­shing” is being thrown around pret­ty free­ly, poin­ting to the Sau­di “human rights” vio­la­ti­ons. Who’s con­si­de­ring the 600,000 PLUS unborn babies being mur­de­red by abor­ti­on EVERY YEAR in the US? AND, the US brags about all the abor­ti­on mur­ders. At least, the Sau­dis are try­ing to make some­thing bet­ter of them­sel­ves SOMEWHERE.

  58. The PGA made a big mista­ke today. Should have taken the hig­her road. I for one real­ly enjoy­ed the LIV Golf coverage and for­mat. And look for­ward to inno­va­tions in golf coverage LIV Golf will bring in the future.

    1. I’m loo­king for­ward to some decent golf coverage that shows more than just a cou­p­le play­ers. And doesn’t have a huge pay­wall to stream decent coverage. I don’t need or want to see every shot but even the live pga coverage can be gar­ba­ge. I don’t have cable tv and it’s just not worth my time to try and watch any­mo­re. It’s 2022 let’s get some decent strea­ming in our sports. Or even a decent hi light reel

    2. @TheTerryE Do you remem­ber Jef­fe­ry Epstein? Our government has all kinds of stones. The PGA just threw that out the­re so they could get on the good side of the public opinion.

  59. as usu­al Bran­del says stuff to get clicks, rub­ber stamp the PGA, let the­se guys play some golf and dont be asses about it. PGA sucks

  60. This is the same as my full time employ­er sus­pen­ding me becau­se I deci­de to work at the wee­kend / work a 2nd job. PGA is wrong here.

    1. Wrong, it’s like you taking a second job then not showing up for the first without their per­mis­si­on becau­se you went to the second ins­tead on a Mon­day at 9am. You would­n’t get sus­pen­ded, you’d be fired for dit­ching work.

    2. I under­stand the ana­lo­gy you were try­ing to con­vey. Howe­ver, free­lan­ce and free agent work can’t be com­pa­red to a 9–5 job. The play­ers that left are sim­ply showing their desi­re for golf play­ers to pivot toward a free agen­cy type of work.

    3. @Fluriek Flu­riek Yes and the play­ers have pro­ven they can do that and the PGA has pro­ven that they are basi­cal­ly fired. Now it will go to court depen­ding on what the docu­ments the play­ers signed with the PGA state.

  61. Lis­tening to the golf Chan­nel along with the PGA com­mis­sio­ner make me want to see LIV Golf suc­ceed. They say it’s a sad day and that tells me it’s a very bad day for them. Get over your­sel­ves and let’s cele­bra­te the game of golf. Bunch of haters you all are.

    1. Agreed, the more this gets blas­ted all over the media and tra­shing the­se play­ers for going whe­re the money is makes me want to watch only the liv tour­na­ments and the majors. I’ve play­ed golf sin­ce I was 12 and am now 63, the only thing I watch on TV is golf. I’m done with anything PGA.
      Long Liv Liv.…..

    2. @kent cal­lies agreed they are so despe­ra­te to trash the league and call it irrele­vant as more.and more gol­fers are lea­ving. 5 solid us gol­fers have signed on for the second event per reports

    3. Yep, it’s Brandel’s job to pro­tect his employ­ers inte­rest, invest­ment and asso­cia­ti­on with the PGA Tour. Of cour­se he has not­hing good to say about LIV Golf and will do ever­ything wit­hin his power to trash it so he remains gain­ful­ly employ­ed with the Golf Channel.

    4. Bran­del is pro­bab­ly pis­sed they did­n’t come to him for a 40 to 70 per­cent pay incre­a­se. Let’s just keep the­re moral stan­dards in per­spec­ti­ve. I choo­se free­dom of choice. PGA needs to get their house in order. The com­mis­sio­ner is in way over his head. Damn I could do his job. Sheez

  62. All the arguing seems one sided. LiV peop­le arguing their case, PGA tour peop­le arguing their case. 

    I’d like to hear how many mil­li­ons pga tour has brought in, 

    I can remem­ber when we were threa­tened to get kicked out for having a cell pho­ne out to take a pic­tu­re at pga events. I can ima­gi­ne some tyran­ni­cal lan­guage going at the players. 

    But yes on the flip side, the­se mil­lion­aires act like they can’t sur­vi­ve and have to play golf till they are 65 other wise they are going to live in sec­tion 8 neighborhood

    1. @DanielSong39 nooooo they can hand­le a human being hol­ding a cell pho­ne at their chest the same as one stan­ding the­re hol­ding a drink.

  63. Bla­the­ring Cham­blee says Phil is was­hed up yet he just won the PGA. Says the Sau­dis are bad becau­se they alle­ged­ly kil­led a repor­ter. I have 2 words for Cham­blee, Hiro­shi­ma, and Nagasaki.

    1. @Tom San­ger Not about that Tom. Cham­blee acts like SA is the only one to com­mit atro­ci­ties. And tho­se peop­le we bom­bed were citi­zens, not soldiers.

  64. Cham­blee is the big­gest gar­ba­ge guy out the­re. “We’re watching sports watching”. 😂😂 nahhh, I wat­ched a fas­ter bet­ter golf tour­na­ment whe­re I wasn’t bored at all..

    Y’all just sca­red shit­less of what’s com­ing. Y’all think PGA tour was going con­ti­nue in its monopoly? 😂

  65. Hey Cham­blee it’s their first event and you sta­te that 14 out of 48 were top level. Wait until the 4th event. Media are so delu­si­onnal. And also they switch their point of view in a heart­beat, so give me a break, we as fans loved it today.

    1. Bang on…why is that joker even on TV….his sta­ti­on pays lots and lots of money for the PGA tour coverage so he is COMPLETELY BIAS…of cour­se he is going to slag it off

  66. NBC golf is a joke, only thing they say is nega­ti­ve about LIV and announ­cers call it Sau­di league, Cham­blee is a joke, cal­ling it a sad day, No it’s bet­ter oppor­tu­ni­ty for the play­ers, if this league star­ted when Cham­blee star­ted and they asked him to join, he would have dove in head first. PGA & NBC golf is sca­red of the LIV, that’s it. Phil Michel­son is get­ting $200 Mil. That just chan­ged earnings.
    Cham­blee is cor­rect, when he said Gol­fers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, that’s right.
    They are independent.

  67. 100,000 view­ers live on You­Tube for LIV , the­re chan­nel star­ted yes­ter­day and has 50,000 fol­lo­wers in one day …

  68. Bramble, I have enjoy­ed your com­men­ta­ry over the years, but you have sad­ly suc­cum­bed to the new order of bla­ming and shaming and can­cel­ling , wake up bro­ther, move with times man, come on! You are abusing your plat­form here and thro­wing poli­tics into this gre­at new golf tour­na­ment. Your fel­low Ame­ri­cans do busi­ness with Sau­di, FI racing is in Sau­di, come on whe­re is your logic.
    You are fil­led with fear and it is showing. This is gre­at for golf and fans.

  69. Sad day for PGA. They think they own peop­le. They unleas­hed pro­pa­gan­da but it’s not going to work. PGA is not about phil­an­thro­py, this lying bas­tard. The rea­son gol­fers make more money is becau­se it is indi­vi­du­al sport and the care­ers last lon­ger, on average gol­fers make less money than base­ball or other major sports

  70. If the pga had trea­ted their play­ers well enough, they wouldn’t be loo­king to sign with LIV. Simp­le as that.

    1. the hell are you tal­king about? The PGA could have trea­ted their play­ers like kings but if you throw mil­li­ons of dol­lars are peop­le, it does­n’t mat­ter. Peop­le will reach for the money. Did you even lis­ten to Bran­del? 3 out of the 4 richest ath­le­tes of all time from from the PGA TOUR. Tiger, Jack, Arnie. Phil had made more money with the PGA Tour than David Beck­ham who was in a sport far more popu­lar than golf. PGA tour did a gre­at job and will con­ti­nue to do a gre­at job.

    2. @J Hol­den with a litt­le deduc­ti­ve rea­so­ning it’s easy to under­stand that it’s a cop out argu­ment to say that the care­er ear­nings of tiger, jack, Arnie, etc is reflec­ti­ve of the com­pen­sa­ti­on of pga tour play­ers as a who­le. Just like Lebron didn’t beco­me a bil­lion­aire sole­ly from his nba sala­ry. LIV golf wouldn’t have been as appe­aling of a tran­si­ti­on if the PGA gave its play­ers the free­dom to be more selec­ti­ve with their par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on. And of cour­se, add that free­dom to a lar­ger paycheck, you can’t bla­me play­ers for fin­ding it appealing.

    3. It’s true, as a PGA pro­fes­sio­nal, the working con­di­ti­ons are bru­tal. Get­ting paid mil­li­ons to do what we pay thousands for, on cour­ses we aren’t allo­wed on. All equip­ment paid with endorsements.
      If the­se aren’t human rights vio­la­ti­ons, what are??

  71. Lmao Bran­del could you be any more hyper­bo­lic? ffs…atrocities…give your head a shake. You talk about Nor­man like he’s a war cri­mi­nal. Try and main­tain at least a shred of credibility!

    1. @PIP2323 The shot­gun start was a fan­tastic move. Get all the play­ers on the cour­se at the same time so you always have a shot to show. Only real­ly pos­si­ble with a small field like they have this week, but if this is the model going for­ward, I think it has a lot of potential.

    2. @I Am Mars I don’t see them adding many more play­ers I like this for­mat. alt­hough I think alot more will want to join in so may­be they would add a few more

    3. @PIP2323 Would pro­bab­ly depend on the natu­re of their con­tracts with some of the lower ran­ked play­ers. Tho­se guys are expen­da­ble if it means get­ting a big­ger name. Will see if they expand the field when Bry­son plays in the next event or if they keep the same size but drop some guys.

    4. @I Am Mars they are not expec­ted to expand the field size per reports for the next event but if more guy join other then Bry­son p reed and Fow­ler I think they would up it a bit. But part of their con­cept is smal­ler fiel­ds so I don’t see it going over say 60 or so may­be add 12 spots and 3 teams or something

  72. You­Tube had about 100k view­ers today, and most of tho­se were just curious and pro­bab­ly won’t fol­low the seri­es. 100k for a world wide event? Good luck LIV, you’­re going to need it

    1. It was sup­po­sed to be a big dyna­mic event but ins­tead it was lack lus­ter with so so com­men­ta­ry with a field of who cares who wins.

  73. this video makes me sad. this guy is a dick. its a gre­at day for golf. PGA just dont want com­pe­ti­ti­on. dp world tour isnt a thre­at so they dont care. this is so they making out the­se guys are evil hor­ri­ble peop­le for try­ing some­thing new and fun and pays bet­ter for less work. love to see him get paid dou­ble for half the workload in his job and turn it down lol

  74. I stop watching pga tour, like the lpga much bet­ter, after watching the 1st LIV 54 round, the pga is in big trou­ble ! Almost like gt endu­ran­ce racing with more than one race/ tour­na­ment going on at the same time ! The gre­at young col­la­ge gol­fers will run to play in the LIV. tour­na­ment. Plus I did­n’t have to watch one woke com­mer­cial try­ing to indoc­tri­na­te my kids and myself !

  75. What is the average age of the brad­coas­ters who are now expres­sing their opi­ni­ons? Not real­ly a rea­listic repre­sen­ta­ti­on of dif­fe­rent ages and demo­gra­phics. And defi­ni­te­ly not my opi­ni­on on this mat­ter. I’d rather watch cha­rac­ters like Phil, DJ and Ser­gio who make the game fun, on and off the cour­se. Not going to watch anything from the RBC but will watch LIV

  76. This repre­hen­si­ble régime is an offi­cial ally of the USA though. USA gua­ran­tees this aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an régime’s secu­ri­ty in return for oil. Regu­lar and pro­fi­ta­ble cus­to­mer for the US arms indus­try. Pret­ty sure this régime ope­ra­tes a pret­ty lar­ge poli­ti­cal lob­by in Con­gress. Let’s not for­get their finan­cial invest­ments in major cor­po­ra­te sec­tors on Wall Street. Poli­ti­cal washing? Oil washing? Wall Street washing? And you are dum­ping on pro­fes­sio­nal golfers???

  77. The golf chan­nel con­ti­nues to embarr­ass them­sel­ves the more they talk about liv….Chamblee is gon­na sit the­re and talk about the average rank of guys going to play for them as if the­re bums…why is the golf chan­nel and pga so worried about it then?? I laug­hed so hard when he said paying the play­ers is gon­na cut into the phil­an­thro­pic money as if the pga doesn’t have enough money

    1. @Humfrey Col­lins Would you say Jes­se Owens was not a moral per­son becau­se he com­pe­ted in events hos­ted by Ger­ma­ny? Are you arguing that he was legi­ti­mi­zing the régime that hap­pen­ed to be in power at the time? I don’t think any rea­son­ab­le per­son thinks that an ath­le­te com­pe­ting in a nation’s league/tournament/event is an endor­se­ment of every sin­gle action taken by the government of that nation.

  78. PGA Tour has had it too good, for too long. The world is all about money. TBH, nobo­dy gives a rats arse whe­re it comes from. Hats off to you if you have the scru­ples to say no but if it was offe­red to me, I’d rip their hand off and spunk it up the wall on hoo­kers and strawberries!

  79. The PGA is just pro­tec­ting the guys who are stay­ing exclu­si­ve­ly on the tour, which is understandable.
    Just ima­gi­ne the outra­ge from PGA play­ers if the LIV play­ers (DJ, etc) were allo­wed to also play wha­te­ver PGA events they wanted.

  80. more hating from Bran­del, PGA Tour mes­sed up big time, it was super enjoya­ble to watch first round of LIV Golf TOURNAMENT

  81. Just a though, NBA paid play­ers to show up on the game and sit on the bench (not play­ing the who­le game) some time the ent­i­re sea­son (as a bench play­er) ver­sus PGA play­ers (bey­ond top 100 ran­king with tour card) paid for them­sel­ves to show up to the tour­na­ment not even sure they are going to make any money at all if they miss the cut and poten­ti­al loss their own money for cad­die fee, etc and com­ing back home to face his/her fami­ly with less money in their bank account. PGA paid their tops play­er well but what about the rest (40%) of the fiel­ds who car­ry the tour card… LIV make that chan­ge, if you show up you make money, if you win you win big bonus…you are going to see a lots of bey­ond top 100 having a break thru, when they dont have to worry about fee­ding their fami­ly, they will play more free, try to make more bir­dies and the give will be more exci­ting for ever­yo­ne… Just a though.…

    1. If you can’t hack the main tour the­re are les­ser tours to play in or beco­me a tea­ching pro or a club pro. Its always been good for play­ers to have to put their skills on the line to make the cuts. LIV Tour is par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on tro­phies just like for woke schools.

    2. @Rare Dance Clas­sics sure„ but how much the non top 100 get for spon­sors per year?? Enough to break even?? All I am say is PGA always have room to make it bet­ter for the rest of non top 100 play­ers.. they are not doing jack.. until now.. i bet..

    3. @Tom San­ge­rI am tal­king about the rest of 40% that hol­ding the PGA card ver­sus miss cut no pay poli­cy. Why PGA can not pay the tour play­ers pri­ze money even if they mis­sing the cut?? (Miss cut play­ers tried to play for their best for 2 days) and Win­ner pri­ze seem to incre­a­se every year. l know about the les­ser tours (how its even worst for tho­se play­ers ver­sus the $) and same tre­at­ment with most tea­ching pro and club pro around the coun­try (which lots can be improved).

    4. @Michael Fong But why can they paid the miss cut play­er?? Miss cut still put their work into it. That is why LIV have the upper hand and PGA act the way they are.… The non pro­fit deal needs to go away for the good of the game and the play­ers. To gro­wing the game its needs to be like NFL, NBA, Pri­mer league, etc…

  82. Just sounds like hate, not the best? Who is watching that they couldn’t beat? Still bet­ter than any view­ers watching. Good golf is below par, pret­ty sure that’s what a lot of the field will shoot.

  83. If the PGA was tru­ly the pin­na­cle and took gre­at care of their play­ers, the only play­ers they would lose would be guys who weren’t making cuts and making money. DJ, Phil, Bry­son, Ser­gio, and the others did­n’t ruin their repu­ta­ti­ons. I have more respect for them for bran­ching out and stan­ding up to the mono­po­ly. If the PGA and their sup­por­ters are so con­cer­ned with atro­ci­ties and human rights vio­la­ti­ons, they’ll quit gas­sing up their cars, heli­co­p­ters, and pla­nes. They’ll quit having their merch and their gear made in Chi­na. That is a very hypo­cri­ti­cal statement.

  84. We all Knew Golf was an old boys club sport but wow aren’t they showing their true colors as free­dom hating wan­na­be mon­archs. Lol

  85. This guy sounds like a bad sales­man, bad mout­hing the com­pe­ti­ti­on ins­tead of taking on the chal­len­ge. Why does the PGA then take money from Chi­na? This guy has no clue what morals are. And how dare he judge the decisi­ons of the­se play­ers? Is someo­ne like Lou­is’ foun­da­ti­on not phil­an­thro­pic then? Screw this guy, in his lavish home pro­bab­ly dri­ving a Bent­ley, now being threa­tened by actu­al innovation!

  86. They would have paid 1 bil­li­on for a 46 year old lim­ping past his prime tiger woods, with all respect to the goat. If that hap­pen­ed Bran­do would be crap­ping his pants. And the broad­cast for Liv golf would smash PGA tour ratings.

    1. @Michael Fong just give it time, ever­y­bo­dy has a price..if u want com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf tiger is the last guy u want. It’s not about top 10 play­ers, its about who moves the need­le like Phil who draws 10 times more than Scot­tie scheff­ler and will for years.

  87. There’s not­hing sad about this. Its frickin awe­so­me. Plus its strea­med on You­Tube for ever­yo­ne to watch. That’s amazing.

    1. @rocklar3 it was a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent viewing expe­ri­ence much fas­ter paced and more expo­sure to the play­ers. Gre­at start

    2. The best golf is in the pga tour end of sto­ry. LIV golf will die a death its pure money greed and not good for the game at all.

    3. @Philip Moo­re “The best” in your opi­ni­on. I’m not here to deba­te that but I am here to say that LIV is exci­ting becau­se its strea­med on You­Tube. So, essen­ti­al­ly free to watch. Plus its a much nee­ded over­haul for the game. That’s my opi­ni­on. LIV appears to be taking away the “pom­pous” from golf and making it fun for ever­yo­ne. Becau­se if Tiger is not win­ning then it’s just not exci­ting for me.

    4. @Philip Moo­re ya keep thin­king that bud­dy. Next event going to big­ger yet with 5 solid names set to join. This league isn’t going any­whe­re very good news for the fans. The pro­duc­tion and coverage was awe­so­me much fas­ter paced then anything pga tour could offer. I’m glad it’s off to a gre­at start

  88. Bran­del Cham­blee is a bit­ter never has been. I wat­ched the golf and it was good golf. They are not hig­hest paid by the sport it was more from his endor­se­ments. Bran­del could not com­pe­te on tour when he was a pro and Phil won a major last yr.

  89. This guy is so upset becau­se Liv jeo­par­di­zes his job as a slee­py golf repor­ter for pga. I honest­ly don’t see any hig­her moral on this per­son than on Phil.

    1. I am awa­ke by this guy’s com­ment, appar­ent­ly he is not slee­ping nor slee­py. This tour is rewar­ded by blood money. I hope ever­yo­ne is awa­ke by now. 

      Golf is an hono­r­able game. When you get paid upfront to play and no points are ear­ned, why would a hono­r­able play­er par­ti­ci­pa­te other than “greed” – or, as DJ put it, “I got­ta do the best for my family. ”

    2. Bran­del does­n’t work for the PGA Tour, he works for the Golf Chan­nel, who are free to talk about any golf event on any tour. Don’t think is job is in too much jeopardy.

  90. Brand­le look at the dates of the arti­cles you refe­rence when it refers to hig­hest paid play­ers. the fact you did­n’t even say lebron des­troys ever­ything you say. Pay someo­ne else to do your rese­arch. The argu­ment that the Liv play­ers are was­hed up and not young and won’t grow the game also app­lys to the money list. Richest gol­fers are Tige woods, Phil Mickel­son, Jack Nick­le­son, Arnold Pal­mer and Greg Norman…all play­ers that took a life time to make that money bes­i­des Tiger and Phil can thank him for being on the list any­way. The world is expen­si­ve. Every government and sports league does busi­ness not ever­yo­ne will like…but as the play­er you choo­se what you want and I don’t think that’s an issue.

  91. May­be the gol­fers just don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do – plain and simp­le. And don’t talk to me about sports washing with basi­cal­ly every major sports league in the world having ties to Chi­na. Have you seen the atro­ci­ties they’ve com­mit­ted against the Uyghurs? Ever­yo­ne loo­ks the other way. The only rea­son this is such a big deal for the PGA is becau­se their mono­po­ly is being threa­tened. Car­ry on.

  92. Wat­ched some of first round on You­Tube, it was pret­ty awe­so­me. I will be in the gal­le­ry for the next event in Port­land. Can’t wait. I get the impres­si­on that the PGA tour and the hypo­cri­tes online are a bit salty. 😂😂😂

    1. @Winston Smith Exact­ly! Could­n’t agree more. Our socie­ty in gene­ral is a spe­cial bunch. They make it sound like the­se guys are gol­fing for the exact peop­le that kil­led the jour­na­list. Could­n’t be the fur­thest thing from the truth, but you know our media… 😉

  93. This dude sounds sca­red… Its a sin­gle play­er game, they should be able to play tour­ney when and whe­re they want… PGA just wants con­trol. Pret­ty sad actual­ly. I hope the USGA con­ti­nues to accept the­se players.

  94. I wat­ched the First round of Liv Golf and it was real­ly fun see­ing the play­ers have a shot gun start and see­ing the team aspect of it. I think the youn­ger play­ers are not jum­ping strai­ght over becau­se they want to see if Liv will work. In a few years if Liv is still going I think more youn­ger play­ers will be going over there.

    1. @MaDMAn 50 ya peop­le are clu­eless about this league. It’s only going to get big­ger. 5 more u.s. names are set to join next event

  95. This is the best day in golf, sin­ce Tiger won the masters.
    They are TRULY gro­wing the game, unli­ke the segre­ga­ted PGA tour.
    Liv is paying the play­ers what they deser­ve, the PGA is NOT
    PGA is losing its mono­po­ly and its house of cards is about to crumble.……What a gre­at day for golf!!!
    soli­di­fied my opi­ni­on of this idi­ot Brand­le Chum­plee as well. He is a clown. Dum­my, PHIL just won a MAJOR last year you imbe­ci­le. DJ is still in his prime, just wait until more play­ers wise up and start jum­ping ship to take care of their families.

    GO LIV GOLF!!!!!!!

    wan­na talk war cri­mes and human right vio­la­ti­ons by the USA, lets have that con­ver­sa­ti­on. Nike is a mas­si­ve spon­sor of the tour, let us talk about OBAMA and his dro­ne strikes, BUSH with his war crimes.…..such a pile of HYPOCRITES in the USA

  96. Tho­se dol­lars aren’t money made on the PGA tour that is spon­so­ring dol­lars. That doesn’t count they are going for big­ger pay days. Let them earn their money for working less days. We all would do that if we the opportunity.

  97. The pga and asso­cia­ted tours are basi­cal­ly a car­tel. The com­mis­sio­ner has a com­ple­te lack of visi­on. Greg Nor­man on the other hand has an open mind and has reached out to the PGA com­mis­sio­ner, he took his ball and went home. Sad

  98. Booooo. Bran­del is pis­sing his brit­ches becau­se this means less eye­balls on him and his dra­ma­tic intel­lec­tu­al act. No one cares about Bran­del or his tro­phy wife. LIV is here to stay old man!

  99. The PGA Tour has just about as much blood on their hands as the next orga­niz­a­ti­on. I don’t see why play­ers have to get lam­bas­ted for their decisi­ons when mono­po­listic orgs are never held accountable.

    1. accept for all the cha­ri­ty they have done over the years, may­be that should have bought oil fiel­ds ins­tead of dona­ted to charity?

    2. @J Hol­den how’s pga tour Chi­na? I hear chi­na is gre­at for human right and just a gre­at coun­try. Yet the pga it ties to them and yet they have a pro­blem with this league. Sad and pathetic

  100. Love the LIV pre­mi­se. I could list all the posi­ti­ves, even play­ing field, more play­er inclu­si­on, free agents, money, etc. The PGA is showing the cor­po­ra­te power con­trol­lers first hand. They have shown their colors for years. Now they are threa­tened. Watch how dir­ty they will get. I have sel­dom seen a cor­po­ra­ti­on con­cer­ned about they’­re employees. It’s always the bot­tom line, they will kick you to the curb in a nano­se­cond just as we are seeing.

    The peop­le sup­por­ting the PGA are yes peop­le and pro­tec­ting their own inte­rests. The­re is room for all.

  101. When casu­al fans think of the PGA they think of top tier play­ers. Up and com­ing gol­fers who miss a cut lose money. Ima­gi­ne if NBA, MLB, NFL play­ers made zero if their team did­n’t make the play­offs, or they did­n’t bat over .200, etc. LIV is cor­rec­ting some things that should have been imple­men­ted by the PGA long ago.

    1. @Tom San­ger I agree with a lot of what you say. Golf being a meri­to­cra­cy makes it gre­at. The PGA was pret­ty much a mono­po­ly. Now they have com­pe­ti­ti­on. A play­er still has to be out­stan­ding to qua­li­fy for PGA or LIV. Some play­ers choo­se to get paid for count­less hours they alrea­dy put in. I can’t bla­me them for that. As for the who­le blood money argu­ment (not say­ing you said that) most of us are com­mu­ni­ca­ting on tech that is made in Chi­ne­se sweat shops, so that point to me is moot.

    2. @Chris1234 Play­ers don’t have to be out­stan­ding at all to play on the LIV as the field show­ed. As far as us buy­ing Chi­ne­se sweat shop goods the point is not that Sau­di Ara­bia is evil among the good, its that they are using sports at a loss of mil­li­ons to put a hap­py face on the cor­rup­ti­on of their régime. It is true that the cur­rent régime is beco­m­ing more pro­gres­si­ve with women’s rights as an examp­le but that can chan­ge in a heart beat with new régime leadership.

    3. @Chris1234 When you look into Black­rock, the Gre­at Reset & the World Eco­no­mic Forum you can get a hint whe­re this is all going and its going quickly.

  102. Bran­del once again shows that he does­n’t “get it.” Liv golf in its cur­rent sta­te is clo­ser to the various matches being play­ed by cele­bri­ties than a PGA Tour event. That’s the point. It’s about golf as enter­tain­ment. Bran­del acts like Phil and DJ don’t move the need­le in golf. The PGA Tour them­sel­ves ack­now­ledge Phil as the 2nd most influ­en­ti­al play­er in golf over the past year with their own PIP ran­kings. DJ was 7th. 

    Bran­del has to act outra­ged here, but he coul­d’­ve come up with some bet­ter arguments.

    1. I wat­ched for five minu­tes and tur­ned it off. Ter­ri­ble pro­duct. I get to watch exhi­bi­ti­on golf every time I play…I don’t need to was­te my time watching others play it.

    2. Exact­ly!! I will enjoy and be enter­tai­ning to see­ing Liv play­er making a putt for 4 mil­li­ons and the teams hacking for lar­gest pri­ze money ever!! And May­be see the­se young kids from all over the world make life chan­ge putt. Also, going to won­der what’s Tiger, Rory and Tho­mas fee­ling afterwards….

  103. All the­se old timers are mad becau­se they couldn’t make the kind of money play­ers will make on the LIV tour when they were young and able.

  104. why is that joker even on TV..the worst ana­lyst by a coun­try mile….his sta­ti­on pays lots and lots of money for the PGA tour coverage so he is COMPLETELY BIAS…of cour­se he is going to slag it off

  105. I real­ly enjoy­ed the LIV strea­ming on You­Tube. I had it play­ing in the back­ground on my com­pu­ter while I worked. Star­ted it at 8:00 am (local) and was done right about the time lunch came around. Brillant!!

    I guess I would make the intro a litt­le less “nas­car-ish” but other­wi­se I lik­ed the for­mat, onscreen sco­ring and the announ­cer staff was knowledgeable. 

    And serious­ly, if you are lis­tening to and belie­ving that block­head Cham­blee talk about golf, you need to get out a bit more. I’ve been gol­fing for 53 years, attend a cou­p­le PGA events each year, and that goof­ball always says some­thing that is try­ing to “wax nost­al­gic”, but comes out as PGA diarrhea.

    So the­re.


  106. Bran­del, often right, dead wrong here. No way are you coun­ting Jack’s Tour win­nings as the bulk of his wealth. It’s not. Same with Jor­dan. The bulk of their money came from their busi­nes­ses, not their leagues. It’s tru­ly a sad day for golf. Gol­fers stop­ped sup­por­ting each other over whe­re they play. Bot­tom line, money. Exact­ly the same for the PGA. They’re upset about losing money for the­se “old” players.

    1. All tho­se play­ers he men­tio­ned made their money off of the name they made from sports . get it. This is not a hard concept.

    2. @Insulator U All tho­se play­ers he men­tio­ned made their money off of the name they made from sports . get it. This is not a hard concept.

    3. @Michael Fong It seems to be a hard con­cept for you, Sport. Read your own com­ment. The peop­le he men­tio­ned were not enri­ched by their leagues, but by their indi­vi­du­al skills. Enri­ched by their busi­ness invest­ments, not by a sports league. God, No Child Left Behind was a disaster. 🙄

  107. Got­ta start some­whe­re, sounds likea a litt­le jea­l­ous big­got that sits in a booth a jud­ges bet­ter gol­fers than him 4 days a week. You sound like the pga tour is deep in your pocket brand­le, to say its not about busi­ness is ridi­cu­lous. Hope­ful­ly every check you ever cas­hed came from someo­ne with a per­fect record and a righ­te­ous place in its entirety

  108. I can see both sides. Free­dom to play whe­re and when i cho­se is cool. Golf is a busi­ness. Oil is a huge busi­ness. Its ok for Ame­ri­ca to buy Sau­di oil but not their golf is hypo­crti­cal. Oil money is paying the­se golfers.

    1. Why not use Chi­na and the NBA? Was it worth it to sell their pro­duct to a coun­try like that? Have your
      League asso­cia­ted with that coun­try? At this point it’s extre­me­ly hypo­cri­ti­cal to be mad at this but not at that.

    2. @Klendiferious Sho­lo­mo­baum – The NBA was a John­ny-Come-Late­ly to Chi­na. Ame­ri­can Cor­po­ra­ti­ons had been in Chi­na for Deca­des prior…hell, Dick Nixon even took time off from his domestic cri­mi­na­li­ty to visit Chi­na on their behalf in 1972.

  109. Bran­dal Cham­blee puts out ano­t­her pre­dic­ta­ble, irrele­vant dia­tri­be about things he doesn’t real­ly care about (“sports washing”) in ser­vice to mas­ters. Good boy! Have a treat.

  110. An Ame­ri­can not the advo­ca­ting the free­dom of the indi­vi­du­al gai­ning con­trol of their own desti­ny is a nega­ti­ve thing…. It’s laug­ha­ble. It’s one for the histo­ry books.

    The play­ers should be able to own their own media rights. You talk about greed is even more hil­la­rious. You are a shill for the pga

    You sir are envious. You should be advo­ca­ting this. The PGA needs to com­pe­te other­wi­se it will beco­me a dinosaur. 

    Sick of you Ame­ri­cans. Hypocrites.

    I love this idea and the free mar­ket play­ing it’s part. 

    I’m loving LIV golf.

  111. It’s amu­sing watching Bran­del Cham­blee pre­tend to be an objec­ti­ve golf ana­lyst and/or jour­na­list here. He is, in fact, acting as a flack and a shill for the PGA. He’s try­ing to redu­ce any objec­ti­ve ana­ly­sis of the PGA and the LIV into some sort of good vs evil deba­te. That is chil­dish, irrele­vant, unpro­fes­sio­nal and mis­ses the point. Grow up, Brandel.

  112. PGA Tour plays with mono­po­ly money too. All of the­se guys are mil­lion­aires and they play a game for a living. Most peop­le think this is out of touch non­sen­se regard­less of what this guy gri­pes about.

  113. It’s a gre­at day. Shut up and get over it. The PGA let­ter was not­hing more than a tyrant let­ter. You are just mad becau­se you can’t con­trol them. They are adults and can make their own choices. Watching you guys cry is hil­arious. Just like watching insa­ne demon­crats. LMAO

  114. Bone­saws and bogeys.…talk about nee­ding to sho­wer off around your round. Ewww, this kind of sli­me is kind of hard to wash off.

  115. His comments should be direc­ted towards play­ers try­ing to deci­de if they want to join LIV or not. For us the fans we are just pum­ped to be able to watch more golf!

    1. Lol.… may­be you wan­na watch a wate­red down tour­na­ment in Lon­don… but appar­ent­ly with more then 60% of the tickets still avail­ab­le to the tour­na­ment the­re ain’t a who­le lot.

    2. @Lake Ozark REILets just see how it goes. Just a side note out­side of the majors you can go online and buy tickets to every golf event com­ing up on the PGA tour so I would­n’t use that as a bar to measure .

  116. Shut up old man! We get it, you need to keep your job so you’­re taking the PGA side. Someone’s a litt­le jea­l­ous it sounds like it

    1. Do you think all the sports are mono­po­lies? Would you be cool if the Saudi’s finan­ced a rival foot­ball league? Remem­ber this is the Sau­di government?

  117. Free­dom of choice. I would­n’t sup­port LIV if the PGA had­n’t acted so dis­grace­ful­ly. I’m kind of sick of the corporatocracy.

    1. “Liv is chan­ging things up, the­re­fo­re it’s inte­res­ting. PGA is so stuck in their ways. Plus capi­ta­lism is working!” I hear the­se per­spec­ti­ves the past 100+ hours. It made sen­se to lots of peop­le becau­se we embrace the­se qua­li­ties in Ame­ri­ca, tho­se are good qua­li­ties – chan­ging things up, capi­ta­lism works,etc.

      But is Liv tru­ly repre­sen­ting the­se good qua­li­ties that we are pro­jec­ting over it? Is “get­ting paid upfront to com­pe­te” a good value that we want to tell the kids at First Tee? Or, we say this to our kids, “you work hard to get bet­ter with your game that you love, money will come. Also lear­ning eti­quet­te along the way so you grow into an use­ful and hono­r­able man/women.” PGA is repre­sen­ting the­se values through its pro­fes­sio­nal work and cha­ri­ty work. PGA ampli­fy the­se good value who shaped modern golf.

    2. @Karenberries I’m 1000% sure that the­se pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes will par­ta­ke in cha­ri­ty work and hold high values out­side the LIV Events. They are still the same peop­le they have always been. Money up front with a pri­ze to be won vs ear­ning your ent­i­re­ty as a pri­ze is no dif­fe­rent. You should still tell your kids to get their heads out their asses and work hard to make some­thing of them­sel­ves becau­se we sure as shit ain’t get­ting $150m to play in the events. You have to be good to be paid and they paid their dues and got gre­at befo­re collec­ting that pay che­que. LIV is still ear­ly so you won’t see every top name jum­ping ship for the first ever event. It will deve­lop as will the future play­ers and you will see the gre­at com­pe­ti­ti­on on both sides. Every sports league has expan­si­on teams and you can­not argue that it mud­dies the waters. Tho­se ath­le­tes com­pe­te just as well as ever­yo­ne else becau­se the­re is such a minis­cu­le dif­fe­rence bet­ween the best on the lea­der­board vs the last. Espe­cial­ly in golf, I haven’t seen one per­son as domi­nant as Tiger sin­ce his fall and that was a many years ago. One gol­fer will take the pri­ze in one event and then place 10th at the next one a wee­kend after. Working hard and being a good per­son should­n’t be a hard thing to do out­side the game, but, you got big­ger pro­blems if it is for you.

    3. @Chris The PGA Tour has worked tireless­ly to throw money at play­ers to lure the best talent in the world to the PGA Tour…pretty much what the LIV group is doing now…but, now sin­ce the PGA Tour doesn’t have the pur­se the LIV Group has, it’s sportswashing…you think it was just becau­se the PGA Tour plays on gre­at cour­ses that all the best play­ers in the world tur­ned their backs on the Euro­pean Tour, Aus­tra­li­an Tour, Asi­an Tour, etc.? No, it’s the $$$$$$$.

  118. Inte­res­ting when i search top paid ath­le­tes in sports, accord­ing to for­bes: out of the top 30 top paid ath­le­tes in the world, only 2 were gol­fers? Tiger (14) and Phil? (31)

  119. Bran­del, you swe­ar the PGA tour is not a busi­ness?? So the PGA is inca­pa­ble of adap­ting to actu­al com­pe­ti­ti­on?? You swe­ar the PGA is a non-pro­fit org. shut up. Lets be real, its about busi­ness, for-pro­fit busi­ness. Gol­fers, like in any sport, should be able to go whe­re they can make the most amount of money. The PGA Tour’s respon­ses to LIV­Golf has ALWAYS been about busi­ness, not based on some ide­als of phil­an­thro­py. So real­ly , shut up. They see a com­pe­ti­tor in the land­s­cape and are respon­ding as a busi­ness. More com­pe­ti­ti­on in Golf is always going to be BETTER! not worse.

  120. Bran­del knows if he was worth a crap and was offe­red the money he would jump ship. Let’s start loo­king at whe­re the real issu­es are. PGA tour not paying its mem­bers the money they deserve.

  121. Cham­blee has always been full of it. Sad day for golf? Non­sen­se. It’s com­pe­ti­ti­on and capi­ta­lism at its finest.

  122. I dont mind the com­pe­ti­ti­on, but it seems like this is the Midd­le aged tour, not qui­te the Seni­or tour, lets see what happens

    1. It’s a mix of nobo­dies & older top play­ers. The­re is no mea­ning for whoever wins sin­ce the­re is no real field other than a hand­ful of play­ers. If you just like to watch golf but are not into the real dyna­mics of it being play­ed for guts and glo­ry then this is the per­fect par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on tro­phy venue for you.

    2. @Tom San­ger I am an old school per­son, I like the PGA Tour, most of the top play­ers in the world will stay in the PGA, this is about money plain and simple

  123. Of cour­se you’re gon­na down­play LIV. You’re employ­ed by the PGA tour if you speak against the PGA you will be fired and you will lose your pension

  124. When do we get a panel of NBA super­stars to inter­view to ans­wer for the “blood money” the league has with its mul­ti-bil­li­on dol­lar part­ners­hips with the Com­mu­nist Chi­ne­se government? May­be we can ask them about the con­cen­tra­ti­on camps Chi­na is cur­r­ent­ly run­ning, or the child slave labor in sweat­shops making LeBron’s ten­nis shoes, or the Nike sweat­shops making NBA and PGA tour gear.

  125. Spon­sors pay well, not the PGA. You named Lewis Hlmiton an Micha­el Jor­dan, but they have pay con­tracts with teams at the NBA and F1. The play­ers at the PGA Tour not.


  127. Is this man being paid by the pga tour. The­se gol­fers are con­trac­tors they have no con­tract to play sole­ly on the pga tour should be able to play whe­re they want

  128. Wake up PGA they are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, I guess your money you offer us not big enough don’t for­get who fills your gas tank.

  129. It makes sen­se for Phil Michel­son, but not so much for Dus­tin John­son .The PGA doing batt­le in Federal Court with Sau­di bil­lion­aires. 😅😅😅 They’ll be begging for a sett­le­ment con­fe­rence when their legal fees reach 2 mil­li­on in the first mon­th of Litigation 😢😢😢

  130. WOW!! Bran­del Cham­blee is obvious­ly spea­king as a mouth­pie­ce of the PGA!! It’s as if HE has some per­so­nal axe to grind AGAINST the LIV Golf League! Sad to hear him speak SO nega­tively on the sub­ject! Cer­tain­ly, he’s enti­t­led to his opi­ni­on, but it’s a sad opi­ni­on to blast so loudly…

  131. Sad day for PGA..the coverage was gre­at the announ­cers were gre­at and the field was great..loved it can’t wait till tomor­row and this wee­kend hea­ring a bunch of woke PGA pus­sies still whi­ning about liv..

  132. Tit­le should read “Sad day for the PGA” bc it’s not a sad day for golf. Of cour­se Bran­del simps for the PGA so how is his opi­ni­on ever unbiased?

  133. Bran­ded Cham­blee rea­ding the tal­king points is the cher­ry on this who­le “righ­te­ous” posi­ti­on the league is taking.

    1. If ever a blo­ke was up hims­elf it’s sham­blee, not much of a gol­fer and has too much too say for my liking …obvious­ly worried about his own job , should have been sacked years ago

  134. We know who­se pocket Bran­del is in…Nice job loo­king at your notes when spea­king what the PGA does for its players.….Go to the bathroom and puke Bran­del… Bran­del you work for free? What a joke

  135. The PGA is no lon­ger an inclu­si­ve organization.…they are see­king to have their cake and eat it too. As for comments by Brandel…you big mouth…tell me whom is the 69, 72, 88 play­ers name of the top 100.…hmmmm. The fact that you say that you are not see­ing some of the best gol­fers in the field of Golf…you are stoned. The PGA is sca­red of com­pe­ti­ti­on in my book!

  136. Dumb examp­le. Greg Nor­man Jack and Arnie all made their for­tu­ne from their per­so­nal busi­nes­ses after the game, not from pga tour checks. Bran­del has no case he’s a pain pga tour shill

    1. I read Bil­ly Casper’s book he won 50 plus times.…… he made more money on the Cham­pions tour in like 5 years than he made his ent­i­re care­er on the PGA. Talents like this made the PGA and they worked for like not­hing. I went to col­le­ge with his daugh­ter. Bil­ly had 11 kids he tra­v­eled out of of a trai­ler!!!!!!!! The­se stars made money for the PGA. It took Bil­ly years to pay back his star­ter loan so he could try to play living out of a trai­ler. The PGA made money while others worked for them and then only half get paid.

  137. thanks for your comments. but your atti­tu­de is very socia­list in my opi­ni­on. i like liv. proud they did it. will sup­port. it’s obvious you work for a woke channel.

  138. What is being tal­ked about is ridi­cu­lous. Yeah it has the older and less ran­ked play­ers and the sad part is they will make more money in one event then tiger made in his who­le career.

  139. The ONLY thing I won­der and would have lik­ed the play­ers to say…is that may­be they would take some of that money and put it towards the cha­ri­ty of their indi­vi­du­al liking!!! As if the US has­n’t done some bad in the past. Attacking everyone’s character…let’s talk about why the Masters…is cal­led “The MASTERS”…!!!

  140. “sad day”..lol…why??…they sound real­ly sca­red of this new tour.….why is the pga making such a big deal of this tour??.….why all the threats??…your right, it is a sad day in golf…

    1. @Humfrey Col­lins the money ang­le , whe­re would­n’t you play for money, was used alrea­dy, its kind of a sil­ly angle.…U.S. goods and ser­vices tra­de with Sau­di Ara­bia tota­led an esti­ma­ted $38.7 bil­li­on in 2019. Exports were $23.9 bil­li­on; imports were $14.9 billion.…and they pro­vi­de about half a mil­li­on bar­rels per day of oil to the U.S. mar­ket, so the “money” argu­ment is dumb. a lot of busi­ness is done with them.….……i think the­se play­ers “want a new job”, just like when we get tired of whe­re we are working , we go work for someo­ne else.…it’s pret­ty simp­le all that is going on, just on a big­ger scale.…..the PGA is real­ly sca­red this LIV will catch on and they will have to pay more to keep their “workers”.….even though they are not employees, they are contractors.…

  141. Let the mas­ses of golf fans deci­de how the future of golf is play­ed. More choice and varie­ty is a gre­at thing. Let tho­se who can­not adapt will die.

  142. Cham­blee just sounds strai­ght up sal­ty. He lists the top sports ear­ners being PGA icons, then frames the choice of play­ers going to LIV as “gree­dy”? Well, which is it?

    If the PGA wants its play­ers locked into exclu­si­vi­ty con­tracts, that’s fine. Let the play­ers make that choice bet­ween trans­pa­rent opti­ons. One, or both, will sur­vi­ve on merit in the free market.

    I don’t real­ly see the pro­blem. The men­ti­on of the Sau­di régime and all that stuff just loo­ks petty.

  143. Pga just loo­ks sad and vin­dic­ti­ve.. and every per­son they have on this show makes them look worse.. who cares what the play­ers wan­na do.. if they wan­na go some­whe­re and make more money let.. if you think you have the best play­ers in the world than the­re play will do the talking..

  144. only sad for PGA but gre­at for the rest of the world. When PGA star­ted, they had no ran­ked play­ers. Gol­fers play for 45 to 50 years to earn such money while others sports­man care­er are never more than 20 years. Sau­dis have Kas­hog­gi and USA have Seth Rich, 60 mil­li­on babies kil­led, 11 Afga­ni­stan child­ren bom­bed, 13 repor­ters dron­ned in Iraq, kil­led Gad­af­fi for no rea­son and left coun­try with slave mar­kets, tried to over­throw Sirië, let Clin­ton use and accu­se Putin as a lie against Trump and let them ste­al most of Haiti’s funds, rig­ged and sto­len elec­tions and poli­ti­cal pri­so­ners. To be fair, I think all of them clea­ned up their images by lea­ving the PGA.

  145. The PGA tour does not care about “morals”. They are sca­red, so stop get­ting mad at their repe­ti­ti­ve tal­king points. They’re so stu­pid, sus­pen­ding the­se play­ers like this is just gon­na make more of the 30+ year old big­ger names who alrea­dy have deep pockets mad and go to LIV.

  146. When is the PGA pul­ling out of Com­mu­nist Chi­na? I assu­me they are given China’s appal­ling histo­ry on human rights. Surely they have heard of the Uyghurs. Their selec­ti­ve outra­ge is sickening.

  147. Sad day? Com­pe­ti­ti­on makes ever­yo­ne bet­ter. Unless, you’re that kid that takes the ball home with you when you don’t have your way.

  148. May­be fans don’t care if All the best play­ers are the­re. May­be fans enjoy see­ing play­ers enjoy them­sel­ves and make a good living on a tour that doesn’t con­trol whe­re they can and can’t play. May­be regu­lar working class peop­le can appre­cia­te the abi­li­ty to fol­low good oppor­tu­nities for them­sel­ves and their fami­ly. May­be the PGA Tour is making them­sel­ves look worse be pro­ving they are only loy­al to their play­ers that make them Money! Go figu­re! Befo­re you go jud­ging peop­le for sports washing, why don’t you just focus on repre­sen­ting yourself well and just let the chips fall whe­re they may. Time will tell and everyone’s true colors will be represented.

  149. LIV was­hes dir­ty money and if you need cash, LIV deli­vers. If you have inju­ries, LIV gives you 3 days to play. If you want more fami­ly time, more time for other hob­bies like fishing, LIV delivers.

  150. I’ll love watching play­ers without logos. May­be if the­se play­ers play for LIV the­se cor­po­ra­ti­ons will start paying the peop­le who actual­ly wri­te code for them the money they deser­ve. Was always ridi­cu­lous when I worked for IBM and some ran­dom ath­le­te or spo­kes­per­son who never did anything for IBM was paid huge money for the nebu­lous mar­ke­ting value. Ernie Els wea­ring the SAP logo or the Euro­pean Ryder Cup guys with the UPS logos was ridi­cu­lous. Phil congra­tu­la­ti­ons on losing Work­day and KPMG. Not only was the cor­po­ra­te logo an insult to our intel­li­gence it also cor­rup­ted the com­pe­ti­ti­on as a play­er being paid huge spon­sor­s­hip dol­lars had a com­pe­ti­ti­ve advan­ta­ge over the play­ers com­ing up. What it amoun­ted to was cor­po­ra­te bets on the play­ers and spon­sor­s­hip exemp­ti­ons and other BS often went to the play­er who alrea­dy was spon­so­red so as to save the cor­po­ra­te spon­sor who may have “bet” on the wrong player.

  151. Golf is the game play­ed in more coun­tries than soc­cer. The good old USA does­n’t own golf. For fucks sake they did­n’t even invent the game yet they seem to think they own it. If play­ers say fuck you so be it, stiff shit.

  152. Watching the pga and golf Chan­nel tar­nish thi­er image like this is crin­ge worthy. Gosh guys, do you want us to watch the liv golf Chan­nel too? You guys don’t own golf, and cer­tain­ly aren’t the end all be all aut­ho­ri­ty on golf.

  153. So Tiger Woods at 46 with a bro­ken body and a string of Waff­le House wai­tres­ses is a loy­al legend and face of the PGA. A hero for retur­ning to golf and com­pe­ting at The Mas­ters and making the cut at the PGA…but DJ and Phil (both won majors wit­hin past 2 years) are has-beens. Got it. The­se PGA shills want to have the moral high ground and they don’t. The PGA Tour isn’t some huma­ni­ta­ri­an orga­niz­a­ti­on. They are just as disin­ge­nuous as anyo­ne they are hur­ling accu­sa­ti­ons at on the LIV side and sin­ce it’s their only argument…it’s appears to be a losing one. and this guy’s BS about com­pa­ring ear­nings with Jor­dan and others…these guys had to earn it. The­re are and were no con­tracts gua­ran­te­eing play­ers anything mone­ta­ri­ly in regards to play­ing tour­na­ments. So the PGA don’t get credit for Phil’s or anyo­ne else’s tour ear­nings that they won by play. The com­pa­ri­son to Jordan’s con­trac­ted ear­nings is an abso­lu­te joke

    1. So true, if tiger came for a bil­li­on, I’m sure Bran­do would­n’t say the same even though Phil is light years bet­ter right now. Haters gon­na hate.

  154. Bran­del, it’s clear whe­re your loyal­ties are, but to DIS Pro­fes­sio­nals ear­ning a living is wrong, and will always be wrong. You are a loser when you think you have a right to make choices for others. You have been a paid ‘mouth pie­ce” for the PGA sin­ce your short care­er went bust becau­se of your lack of gol­fing abi­li­ty. You have no room to speak so wha­te­ver you say is pure garbage.

  155. I feel like the PGA did a mista­ke to sus­pend the­se gol­fers becau­se I am 100% sure that the­se gol­fers would have con­ti­nue to com­pe­te on the PGA tour if only to retain their ran­king in the world ran­kings, becau­se it’s important if they want to con­ti­nue qua­li­fy­ing for majors. Remem­ber LIV only has 8 events lea­ving ple­nty of room open for gol­fers to play on other tours.

    1. Liv is a com­pe­ti­tor. This is akin if the­re were 2 pro­fes­sio­nal base­ball leagues that a play­er could play in both leagues.

    2. @Michael Fong I’m say­ing this is bad for the PGA tour becau­se they’­re losing the­se gol­fers who would other­wi­se have con­ti­nued com­pe­ting on the tour

    3. @Michael Fong This is not the same thing, in foot­ball a play­er can’t play in two leagues at the same time but in golf a play­er can play events on mul­ti­ple tours

  156. The issue is clear. Tho­se in power at the PGA have a ves­ted inte­res­ted in main­tai­ning their mono­po­ly on pro­fes­sio­nal golf. Fur­ther­mo­re, the­se pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers in the words of Bran­del are ‘inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors’. As such, they get to pick when and whe­re they play and how much. Tho­se in power on the PGA Tour want to restrain tho­se who would like to con­si­der other oppor­tu­nities to play. I won­der if Bran­del con­si­ders that perhaps the­se play­ers of which he speaks are using the LIV Tour as well for their per­so­nal bene­fits? Several of them have made it clear this is a means to and ends and will give them capi­tol for the next pha­se in their lives. Yes, the PGA Tour does have the best reti­re­ment and pen­si­on plan in all pro­fes­sio­nal sport, this is well docu­men­ted. Howe­ver, this does not nega­te the­se play­ers from for­go­ing some of tho­se bene­fits and con­si­de­ring other opti­ons to explo­re in their pro­fes­sio­nal careers.

  157. “One of the sad­dest days in the histo­ry of golf.” How dra­ma­tic. I real­ly don’t have a dog in this fight but the more I here the­se PGA Tour loya­lists speak the more I want LIV to suc­ceed. I still don’t under­stand what’s wrong with play­ers choo­sing to go with a more finan­cial­ly secu­re tour.

    1. @Mike Mike I know you are a tax accoun­tant so you know how pay­ments can be done. Let’s take Phil as an examp­le and how the PGA would look at it. Phil was pro­vi­ded a plat­form to make money. He is the 11th hig­hest sports star in total inco­me He signed his agree­ment to be in the PGA. The PGA has been set­ting up tour­na­ments, get­ting spon­sors and nego­tia­ting con­tracts way befo­re Phil ever joi­ned the PGA. The PGA never chan­ged how he was going to be paid. They hono­red their con­ta­ct and gave him $8,000,000 this year for doing nothing.

      He went out of his way to work with the Saudi’s to start a rival league. He had his lawy­ers set up the agree­ments He then deman­ded to own his high­lights . No other ath­le­te owns their high­lights and that inclu­des MJ, Bra­dy and LeBron. He the said that the PGA was outra­ge­ous­ly “gree­dy” and in a mat­ter of moments signed a $200,000,000 con­tract. A bit of irony. 

      The PGA runs and finan­ces the LPGA, Korn Fer­ry Tour and the Seni­ors tour. I ima­gi­ne that the PGA uses the men’s money to help all the pros from the young ones to the Elder­ly ones. They have the best pen­si­on plan in the business. 

      Now if you had an employee try­ing to start a rival busi­ness that employee would be escor­ted off the premises.

  158. There’s no mea­ning to it. The game is secon­da­ry to them at this point. They don’t need to prac­ti­ce just roll up and play. Nobo­dy is gon­na be watching so who cares. I don’t care what they do just don’t say it’s about anything else but money. Don’t insult us!

  159. Free­dom of work. That’s like if I lea­ve my engi­nee­ring job they say you can never be an engi­neer here again. I don’t care about this. Dus­tin John­son is still Dus­tin Johnson.

  160. Bran­del as usu­al… well pre­pa­red, pret­ty much on point in my view. I’m not watching the­se “tour­na­ments”, NO WAY!!!

  161. This was day 1 for LIV golf. Can only get bet­ter. Real­ly enjoy­ed it con­si­de­ring it was their first day of a start up. Must be open min­ded to other opti­ons. Bran­del sounds bias.