Will Bardwell erklärt den Rechtsstreit zwischen LIV Golf und PGA TOUR – Golf Unfiltered Podcast

Will Bardwell erklaert den Rechtsstreit zwischen LIV Golf und PGA TOUR Golf Unfiltered Podcast hochladen

Der Rechts­ex­per­te Will Bard­well, Resi­dent Golf Twit­ter, ist zurück, um die wich­tigs­ten Punk­te des Rechts­streits zu erör­tern, der von LIV Golf gegen die PGA TOUR ein­ge­reicht wur­de. Adam und Will bespre­chen sei­nen her­aus­ra­gen­den Arti­kel auf Lying​Four​.com, ein­schließ­lich des­sen, was die Kla­ge von LIV Golf für die Zukunft des Pro­fi­golfs bedeu­ten könnte.

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8 thought on “Will Bardwell erklärt den Rechtsstreit zwischen LIV Golf und PGA TOUR – Golf Unfiltered Podcast”

  1. The lawsuits have a few objec­ti­ves. I think the 3 wan­ting to play Fedx will get a Stay and be allo­wed to play at Fedx as they HAVE qua­li­fied etc. WOW, that will be fun to watch, even them just atten­ding BUT ima­ging if 1 of them wins. SECURITY, SECURITY.

    The Anti-Trust suit from the 11 play­ers will take a long time to liti­ga­te, years. this is much mur­kier and deep so don’t know how that plays out. BUT the­re is a big­ger rea­son for the Anti-Trust case. It’s not real­ly about wining or loo­sing becau­se I don’t think many of the­se guys want to play ANY of the PGA events, just the MAJORS. SO, I belie­ve this is a “Shot over the Bow” of the 4 Majors orga­ni­zers and the OWGR com­mit­tee. LIV is puf­fing out its chest and say­ing you want to Mess with us, we have deep pockets and WILL liti­ga­te, so you other Orga­niz­a­ti­ons bet­ter be very very care­ful as to what decisi­ons you make regards to LIV play­ers with OWGR and with play­ing in Majors etc etc.

    On that note, the Majors could easi­ly adopt NEW requi­re­ments making excep­ti­ons for LIV play­ers REGARDLESS of OWGR ran­kings. Augus­ta might say, we will invi­te 15 LIV play­ers at our dis­cre­ti­on. I also think LIV should have its OWN Ran­king sys­tem for its play­ers ( which the Majors could then refer to in picking ) the sys­tem could be simi­lar to OWGR with some impro­ve­ment such as focu­sing more on the golfer’s stats, as well as cour­se dif­fi­cul­ty and field strength etc etc etc.… you get the idea. This also gives the LIV play­ers EVEN MORE moti­va­ti­on to do well.

    The 4 Majors surely do not want a wate­red down, wea­ker field with the big Brand Name play­ers not being the­re ( regard­less of their cur­rent OWGR ). The­re would always be that Aste­rix in the histo­ry books. Also, the spon­sors are not going to like having the 10 or so big house­hold names not the­re and don’t for­get LIV WILL get at least a cou­p­le more top 10 play­ers. Pro­bab­ly Smith and Hideki ? 

    Last­ly an important point in the suit. The plain­tiff points to the fact that the PGA has been threa­ting Ven­dors they use, food cate­ring ser­vices, Mar­qui ven­dors, sup­pliers, IT vendors/contractors that if they are used by LIV or do work for LIV, they will be ban­ned from all future deals/contracts with the PGA, that is Anti-Trust.

    1. Thanks for expan­ding on legal points. Your last para­graph real­ly tells the sto­ry how anti­com­pe­ti­ti­ve and moral­ly repre­hen­si­ble the PGA Tour has acted.

    2. @Dick David­son Cheers. I think the Suit by the “LIV Ele­ven” ( thought of that mys­elf😊😊 ), real­ly is more about sen­ding a mes­sa­ge to the 4 Majors and OWGR. I don’t think the 11 real­ly want to go play on the PGA. Peop­le talk about histo­ry and Lega­cy that real­ly is to do with Majors. Most Pga events are not that rele­vant from a his­to­ri­cal or lega­cy standpoint.

    3. Excel­lent post with some very important points the­re, Leeches.
      And I also agree com­ple­te­ly that this will be a long drawn out legal saga, but that it was also a very smart move by LIV’s play­ers to fire this ope­ning legal sal­vo, which will go a long ways toward expo­sing the PGA’s ruth­less prac­ti­ces with a much brigh­ter spot­light, and set the tone that tho­se prac­ti­ces won’t be allo­wed to go on fore­ver unchallenged.
      For their part, the best move the majors can make is main­tain the sta­tus quo and con­ti­nue to allow any eli­gi­ble or qua­li­fied play­er to play, as they wise­ly did this year.
      The OWGR will even­tual­ly sort its­elf out, and no one serious­ly cares that much about the OWGR most days anyways.
      They would be wise to ack­now­ledge LIV gol­fers and figu­re out a way of ran­king them in a way that’s fair and makes sense.

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