Wir haben an einem 100.000-Dollar-Golfturnier teilgenommen

Wir haben an einem 100.000 Dollar Golfturnier teilgenommen challenge

GUT GUT⬇️ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw My Socials⬇️ Insta­Gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​m​_​_​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h?q =gm__golf&src=typisierte_Abfrage

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446 thought on “Wir haben an einem 100.000-Dollar-Golfturnier teilgenommen”

  1. Ear­liest I’ve ever been in the comments let’s gooooo!! Love the chan­nel and all of good good you guys are kil­ling it!

  2. I love watching everyone’s vide­os in good good! Appre­cia­te y’all’s posi­ti­ve atti­tu­des and ever­ything y’all do! Y’all are liter­al­ly the rea­son I’m so addic­ted to golf! And it has real­ly hel­ped me through a lot of hard times in my life!

    1. Same here … my mom just pas­sed 3 days after my bir­th­day and i have been using good good and golf as my escape … every good good mem­ber puts out gre­at con­tent that has brought me back to loving the game!

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    1. You’­re lucky. Vegas Hi-Dol­lar games like this you have to play it “down” whe­re it lies. When I play the Desert cour­ses like this, I always car­ry a “rock” club like an old 8 or 9 iron to hit off of the sand and gra­vel. It’s worth it to me to save my nice clubs from the dama­ge as the rocks will take chunks out of the base of for­ged irons.

    2. @George Spal­ding yea I’ve play­ed in some decent sized tour­na­ments not a 100k. They are pret­ty chill and allow you to not break ur clubs

  3. G I’ve been watching you vide­os for years but I’m genui­nely won­de­ring if y’all have seen my comments on all of the GOOD GOOD vide­os recent­ly? Still loo­king for my invi­te to Good Good 😊

  4. For the love of god level out your Audio. Who ever is edi­t­ing the video adding in the intro music on full blast needs to be fired.

  5. i appri­cia­te ur work and ur ide­as like ur the fun­niest ever ty for ur hard work

  6. I play this cour­se all the time and love it, just remem­ber the greens break away from the moun­tains! Vegas has some ama­zing golf!

  7. *Inves­ting in cryp­to now should be in every wise indi­vi­du­als list, in some mon­ths time you’ll be ecsta­tic with the decisi­on you made today*

    1. For real Mr Micha­el Novo­gratz tra­ding ser­vice are real­ly gre­at, I inves­ted $40,000 and cas­hed out $85,700 on just 3weeks.

  8. We need a cha­ri­ty scram­ble with good good, Bob does sports, and Fore­play. Get Rick Shiels on it too. A You­Tuber golf tour­na­ment would break the algorithm.

    1. The good good guys are too good, it would­n’t be fun to get des­troy­ed. That’s pro­bab­ly why they don’t play with other You­Tube golfers

  9. Tho­se look like Poa greens. They are hor­ri­ble. Tor­rey Pines and other cour­ses in Sou­thern Cali­for­nia have them too. Get a green level shot of the ball bob­bing and wea­ving all over the place. Golf­ho­lics did that once. It loo­ks like Plinko.

  10. Weight lif­ting, roids and “cus­tom” built clubs. Keep saving the game. I love how a fit­ting adds 30 yards to each club. That’s the spi­rit of the game.

    1. @gm__golf i know right, like thats some weird as stuff right the­re. Eit­her an angry 54 hdcp or a self pro­c­lai­med golf ‘purist’

  11. Tho­se greens would have me cry­ing in the cart. Not only are they quick, but they aren’t smooth. So even if you read it cor­rect­ly, you’­re pray­ing it does­n’t boun­ce off your line.

    1. @Jonathan pro­fes­sio­nal tour­na­ments at a regio­nal level. Gar­rett won tour­na­ments as a kid at a regio­nal level. Tho­se kid­die wins are about as spe­cial as Micah’s “pro­fes­sio­nal” tour­na­ment win with 10 han­di­cap­pers com­pe­ting 😂. Wake up and smell the roses, kid, Micah can be your favo­ri­te, but he’s not bet­ter than Gar­rett based on data… and btw, you mis­read my state­ment on Garrett(which isn’t sur­pri­sing), “we have abso­lute­ly zero evi­dence Gar­rett CAN’T per­form in tour­na­ment play” is essen­ti­al­ly say­ing “you can­not con­clu­de that Gar­rett can’t per­form in pro­fes­sio­nal tour­na­ment play.” Becau­se there’s no data, it’s logi­cal­ly irre­spon­si­ble to con­clu­de anything about Garrett’s abi­li­ty in that are­na, so say­ing “Micah com­pe­tes in tour­na­ments while Gar­rett doesn’t,” does not con­clu­si­ve­ly indi­ca­te the supe­ri­or play­er. The data we have are their you­tube matches, and being the com­pe­ti­tor that you’re making Micah out to be, I think we can safe­ly con­clu­de that Micah takes the You­tube matches about as serious­ly as the tour­na­ments, and we also have the data to con­firm that (he gets pis­sy in the vide­os and turns into a chump when he starts losing 😂)

    2. @BE4ST What tour­na­ments was he win­ning? 😂😂😂 he wasn’t win­ning shit, and his sco­ring average was abys­mal you can look it up right now. You do rea­li­ze Micah has been play­ing in korn fer­ry and pga tour qua­li­fiers right? I can tell you have abso­lute­ly no idea what you’re tal­king about lol. Geor­ge Bryan was even play­ing in the same tour­na­ment as him, Wes­ley the more recent one and he was just a tour pro.

    3. @BE4ST No I read it cor­rect, I made a point that yeah there’s no evi­dence BOTH ways. Mea­ning just as there’s “no evi­dence” he can’t do it, there’s no evi­dence he can. So the only one who­se pro­ven they can is Micah. But yea sure somehow you can pro­ve through data Micah cares about the You­Tube vide­os and per­forms the same way as his pro­fes­sio­nal matches even though he shoots lower scores in real tour­na­ments. But you go off bud 😂

  12. 6100 yds, that’s the distance this old man plays from. I can tell you that yar­da­ge is about pre­cisi­on more than power, 210–230 off the tee is more than enough to put you in good posi­ti­ons. Ok front 9, I hope you kick ass on the back.

  13. Bub­bly, you always seem to eit­her have a gre­at dri­ve and wedge in fol­lo­wed by 4 putt or a dri­ve out of bounds and a medi­o­c­re second shot (third shot with the penal­ty) to get wit­hin 20 yards of the green, only to putt it from the fair­way to 10 feet!!! Incredible

  14. Way to hang in the­re and keep posi­ti­ve. One thing I’ve lear­ned from the GG crew is the golf game thri­ves when you keep the mind set. It’ll be tar­get prac­ti­ce in part 2

  15. When the video star­ted I was like damn tho­se rocks look fami­li­ar. Then I rea­li­zed I play­ed this cor­se like 2 weeks ago💀

  16. This is my home cour­se and so cool to see you guys play it! Knew immedia­te­ly tho­se first two tee shots were gon­na be in the rocks lol

    1. Makes me feel a lot bet­ter about mys­elf see­ing you guys com­p­lain about the rocks and the greens, wel­co­me to angel park🤙

  17. Awe­so­me. Will y’all take a look at how Bubbie’s golf has huge­ly impro­ved. I mean, the dude shoot’s so constis­tent shots late­ly. Way to go Bub­bie. You’­ve got this.

  18. Liter­al­ly won­de­ring what bub­bie does with the cigar when he’s hit­ting then see Gar­rett sor­ting him out.

  19. Gre­at video GG guys! Tough cour­se. Desert golf is always dif­fi­cult with so many poten­ti­al obsta­cles that could be in your way. Good reco­very guys. Keep it up!

  20. The #1 thing I like about this video is no mat­ter what hap­pens you guys always have each other’s backs and sup­port. That’s what life’s all about.

  21. Cour­se you’­ve never play­ed Gar­rett not play­ing his best bub­bie get­ting strokes 2 under isn’t bad. Turn up the back 9 5 or 6 under get to 7 or 8 yall will feel good about it.

  22. This is my home cour­se, I can walk to this cour­se in 2 minu­tes! Awe­so­me to see you guys come out here in Vegas!
    P.S. The greens on the moun­tain will piss you off lol…

  23. Love all the vide­os, but the com­pe­ti­ti­ve tour­na­ment vide­os like this are my abso­lu­te favo­ri­te to watch.

  24. The 1st hole can ruin your day. It hap­pens to me all the time. It’s almost an auto­ma­tic bogey. That just gets you tren­ding in the wrong direc­tion. Boun­ce back!

  25. Def agree with a lot of the­se comments. More good good mem­bers doing duos like this. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Matt and bub­bie tog­e­ther. Just swit­ching it up makes it dope.

  26. this is what hap­pens when all you do is play scram­ble with your boys, you for­get how hard stro­ke play real­ly is, ever­ything counts and it is not over till the ball is in the hole. play­ing scram­bles are fun but should only be done once in a gre­at while if you real­ly want to impro­ve your game that is.

  27. Gar­rett: exp­lains how this cour­se is easier 

    Bub­bie a few holes later: the­se are the har­dest greens i’ve ever play­ed on.

    just reminds me about how hard golf is.

  28. 9:55 1997 I got my 3rd Hole In One on this hole, the ball stuck on upper tear then released to the hole same look as this video. I worked for 10 years for AP„

  29. Bub­bie being an ex cad­die pro­bab­ly knows this but , check the grain of the grass on the green . It affects your putts just as much as up or down hill .
    Light it up gentlemen ! ❤

  30. USGA has rules out­lining how much money in pri­zes an ama­teur can make. I don’t under­stand how the­se tour­na­ments work unless you are able to call yourself a pro, and then I don’t know how the han­di­cap sys­tem works.

  31. Live in Cali and have play­ed many desert type cour­ses. I bought a thrift store wedge so that when ball does go in the rocks/brush I can use that ins­tead of my nice clubs. Ever­yo­ne gol­fing with me bor­rows it as well. It’s worth it. Love the content!

  32. Honest­ly Bub­bie is the guy I would bring along next to me eit­her as a part­ner or a cad­dy. His ener­gy is just infectious

  33. Play this cour­se all the time! Ngl I’m glad you found it chal­len­ging too. The rocks and greens make it way har­der than it looks.

  34. Play­ed this cour­se ear­lier this year when we went to vegas. I was put­ting hor­ri­b­ly all day. Gar­rett was dril­ling tho­se long putts and making them look easy!

  35. Every putt falls towards the space need­le in the distance towards the strip. Very dif­fi­cult at first, but once you get the hang of it just let gra­vi­ty take its toll. I did the same thing as Gar­rett on #1 in the right rocks, but holed it with a 9 iron. The­re is a huge chunk still taken out of ! Gre­at video

  36. I play­ed this cour­se with my dad when we went to Vegas!! Angel park moun­tain cour­se. Super nice I ended with a chip in on 18 to save my 89 lol

  37. Love watching y’all play the­se tour­na­ments! I think it puts more pres­su­re on your game than your friend­lier 1v1 one 2v2 matches.

  38. Mizu­no bet­ter be sen­ding Gar­rett some new wed­ges with how much a bea­ting they pro­bab­ly took from tho­se rocks!

  39. Gar­rett just casual­ly outd­ro­ve Gary Shef­field and Bud Nor­ris… I bet Bub­bie was fan-gir­ling tho­se MLB guys

  40. Best ball never makes sen­se to me. Best ball should be a scram­ble sin­ce you are play­ing the “best ball” lol. Low ball makes sen­se. Four ball is also dumb, but make sen­se. Whoever named low­ball “best ball” should be tried for golf crime.

  41. I’ve been watching for a long time now. So much so I pret­ty much know what’s pos­si­ble from any one person’s game at pret­ty much any shot. I am legi­ti­mate­ly ama­zed and con­cur with the boys: the­se greens are dia­bo­li­cal­ly hard. I’m sur­pri­sed they put­ted as well as they DID. Bub­bie was right to start expec­ting more break on them… except for down­hill putts which—maddeningly—seem to refu­se the break. Dam­mit! Tough greens man!

  42. Was once the second from last group on the long dri­ve hole and got to put my name on the list as I had the long dri­ve. Group behind us said they did­n’t out dri­ve it. When they announ­ced the win­ner, it was someo­ne that play­ed the hole ear­lier in the day. The guy said he was way fur­ther but did­n’t put his name on the list at the time, so he went back after his round and put his name on the list. He just won a box of Pro Vs which I would have lost immedia­te­ly any­ways, but I did see it as being shady. This is also one of tho­se scram­bles whe­re the low scores come in well after ever­yo­ne finis­hes and it’s alrea­dy dark.

  43. Tho­se greens might be some of the weir­dest greens you guys have ever putt on. The­re was not a sin­gle putt in this video that I could­n’t read they move in every direction!!

  44. Bubs stop­ped the blee­ding for you on the front G!! I know you’ll get it going on the back. I Live in Vero Beach, FL the­res some awe­so­me tracks here to play if you guys are ever in town!

  45. That was my home cour­se as a kid. The moun­tain cour­se greens are super cra­zy and hard to read!! Ever­ything plays down­hill from tho­se moun­tains in the west (oppo­si­te of strip). Good work out the­re boyz

  46. In spi­te of the strugg­le, I real­ly like the BnG vibes. Bub­bie brings the focu­sed-com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness and Gar­rett brings the stoic-confidence.

  47. Gar­rett, when you are a so so dri­ver and play­ing a rocky cour­se you should have lear­ned by now that you car­ry a jun­ker iron to play out the stones and save your good clubs

  48. You guys are defi­ni­te­ly grin­ding hard on this one, that cour­se is tough. Hit­ting out of tho­se rocks with my wed­ges, no way!!

  49. What’s the TIAB on Bubbie’s hat? Cool loo­king cour­se – real­ly punis­hes you for mis­sing the fair­way! Tricky-tricky!

  50. Hey if you want to come out and say hey to the boys we have a high school sta­te cham­pions­hip on mon­day at wild­hor­se for 4a. pop out bub­bie golfff!!

  51. Shout-out to the blue dumps­ter com­pa­ny in the back­ground of your intro. Wes­tern Éli­te is the best dumps­ter com­pa­ny in Las Vegas!

  52. 8:57 this is whe­re I’d have pul­led out my 3wd and play­ed the litt­le bump and run and try to leak it over the edge of the green. The 3wd will gli­de through the rough and you just need to bare­ly get it rolling.


  54. I’d like to see you guys at least intro­du­ce your play­ing part­ners … unless of cour­se they don’t want you to. May­be sneak a cou­p­le of their good shots in the edit. I’m sure you don’t igno­re them through the round, but some­ti­mes that’s the feel.

  55. How awe­so­me would it be if good good star­ted their own gol­fing asso­cia­ti­on and do like ama­teur tour­na­ments invi­t­ing other you­tube golfers.

  56. Play­ed that cour­se many times. Best tip I got was unless you’­re play­ing for money don’t ruin your clubs by hit­ting out of the rocks!

  57. Star­ting a golf chan­nel w my bud­dies and I. Cal­led Scrubs Golf lol. All in our mid 20s and rela­tively in the same han­di­cap. Ones a scratch and will make us look a litt­le bet­ter as a brand 😂 just wan­na say thanks for the moti­va­ti­on, G. I see a huge demand for a huge mar­ket, that is begging for more con­tent. One day when we blow up like y’all, a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on will be nee­ded. See ya soon 😎

  58. Bub­by, go play in Phoe­nix, there’s so many cour­ses out here and they ALL have greens like in this tour­na­ment. I’m sure you know what you were doing wrong by now but there’s just way less humi­di­ty here.
    Edit* AZ Grand has lar­ger greens that are fast in the summer.

  59. Did any­bo­dy noti­ce Gary Shef­field on the long dri­ve sheet? That could pos­si­b­ly be one of my favo­ri­te base­ball play­ers lol

  60. See­ing Bubbie’s golf game impro­ve and him beco­m­ing more com­for­ta­ble being on came­ra with his ticks is very spe­cial and I’m so hap­py for my guy. Keep up the good work boys can’t wait for part 2.

  61. Here’s the deal guys. I’m obvious­ly back in the rocks and can’t find my ball. Lol. I love you guys. I live in vegas and that’s the sto­ry of all my rounds. Glad to see ya back out here. Keep up the con­tent. Congrats on the long dri­ve. You and Bub­by are a good team.

  62. I think Bub­bies put­ter stro­ke is bet­ter sui­ted for a toe hang put­ter. Look how he opens and clo­ses the put­ter face

  63. you know the chan­nel made it when they play the cur­rent 10 har­dest cour­ses in golf which are: the oce­an cour­se, kia­wah island, south caro­li­na, car­nous­tie golf links, dun­dee, Scot­land hey rick & pete, ko’o­lau golf club, ohau, hawaii, whist­ling straits, koh­ler, wis­con­sin, jade dra­gon snow moun­tain golf club, lijiang, yunn­an, chi­na, when the pan­de­mic ends on some of the­se, palm cour­se, sau­ja­na golf club, kua­la lum­pur, malay­sia, beth­pa­ge black, new york, cape kid­nap­pers, hawke’s bay, new zea­land, le tou­ess­rok golf cour­se, Lle aux cerfs, mau­ri­ti­us, cham­pions­hip links, roy­al coun­try down, new­cast­le, nort­hern ire­land. oh well at least the sta­te side ones. yeah that was a LMFAO moment when G‑man was hol­ding Bobbie’s cigar like it was a TRD.

  64. I know yall are young but damn…I would pro­bab­ly never stop tal­king about the day I out dro­ve Gary Shef­field and Bud Nor­ris. Gary was a stud back in the day for the Braves

  65. I would never want to touch this cour­se haha I would be din­ging every sin­gle one of my irons on tho­se rocks. God knows i would be living in tho­se things. Gre­at video!

  66. Hey guys very nice beau­ti­ful cour­se!! I love watching you guys taking on golf cour­ses around the world!! Keep it up!! Bub­ble, I think your doing awe­so­me on the cour­se!! Keep working on your game, cheers

  67. Thanks Bub­bie. I used the Bub­bie wedge today. 20 yard car­ry up hill and 8’ of green slo­ping away and I honest­ly said, “What Would Bub­bie Do?” I went 2’ pas­sed the hole and made my par. 2 other guys had simi­lar shots but a litt­le shor­ter. The used wed­ges, one che­cked up in the frin­ge lea­ving him 9’ and the other rol­led 10’ passed.

    1. Okay. I real­ly didn’t style my game after you. I deci­ded to putt it and then I thought, “What would Bub­bie do?” But I still thought about you.

  68. Bub­bie had a cou­p­le pairs of tho­se sun glas­ses for the last few years not­hing com­pa­re son. Both play­ing class boys cmon 🔥🐐

  69. Bros that shit is fun­ni afffff😂😂😂 

    Gar­rett “this is for bogey save” *don­key noise 😭😭 

    Bub­bie – did I just 4 putt the first hole lmfaoooo

  70. Glad they had you on the moun­tain cour­se far bet­ter than the palms. Hope you play­ed the par 3 under the lights too

  71. Gre­at video guys. Only thing i’d like to see is a han­di­cap rating on the score card so we know what holes you guys get shots on.

  72. That Moun­tain cour­se is so awe­so­me. I have play­ed it several times and is my local golf club whe­re I go to relax. Wish I could have met you guys when you were here to pick your brains and get Bub­bies positivity

  73. Angel Park Moun­tain cour­se is very penal if you aren’t in the short grass!! The fact that most of the greens slo­pe towards the strip AND break hard to the right. You boys are kil­ling the game. Love the work you’­re put­ting in.

  74. Ayo Bub­bie is get­ting much more com­for­ta­ble on came­ra, love to see both of you play­ing tog­e­ther. I feel like you guys make a bet­ter duo on came­ra, ins­tead of having two quar­ter­backs it feels like a good quar­ter­back and wide recei­ver duo. I’m Cana­di­an and can’t break 100 so what do I know 😂

  75. 7:18 love that y’all left that in.. “damn bro the­se are fast” i know y’all have a cer­tain group of fans that y’all cater to by kee­ping cer­tain lan­guage out but that was nice to hear that. i know that sounds dumb but as someo­ne who cus­ses a lot, i kin­da wish y’all did in yalls vide­os lol be more rela­t­a­ble but wha­te­ver love y’all eit­her way 🙌🏽 obvious­ly not that big a deal cau­se i’ve been watching y’all for cou­p­le years now when it was just you and micah sunday matches!

  76. Gar­rett you got­ta take some shots in the­se type of events fr I’m not say­ing your scratch just think on average if your fly­ing and com­ing into a new cour­se your average goes up… your average is your home cour­se typi­cal­ly even tho you guys bare­ly have one lol 😂

  77. Card mem­ber on this cour­se, the greens on the moun­tain cour­se are bru­tal! Glad to see you guys play here. And also remin­ded me on how far you guys bomb it 💣💣💣

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