Wir haben die SEXYSTEN GOLFCLUBS gekauft, die wir je gesehen haben!! + EPISCHE SCHWARZE FREITAG-VERKÄUFE!!

Wir haben die SEXYSTEN GOLFCLUBS gekauft die wir je gesehen haben EPISCHE SCHWARZE FREITAG VERKAeUFE best driver of 2019

In die­sem Golf-Vlog trot­zen wir den Men­schen­mas­sen am Black Fri­day auf der Suche nach epi­schen GOLF-DEALS!! Wir spar­ren für Golf­schlä­ger, besor­gen ein paar Good­will-Golf­fun­de, besu­chen den loka­len Floh­markt und gehen zu Dick’s Spor­ting Goods, um ein paar Black-Fri­day-Ange­bo­te zu holen. Haben wir teu­re Golf­schlä­ger, die bes­ten Golf­schu­he 2019, Ping G410, Cobra F9, den bes­ten Dri­ver 2019, einen Put­ter von Scot­ty Came­ron oder die sexy Eisen aller Zei­ten gefun­den? Das haben wir auf jeden Fall! Waren sie den Kauf wert? Lass es uns her­aus­fin­den!! AUSRÜSTUNG, DIE WIR VERWENDEN Kame­ra, die wir ver­wen­den: https://​ebay​.to/​2​D​h​W​6fU Mikro­fon, das wir ver­wen­den: https://​ebay​.to/​3​4​n​L​Cre KONTAKTDATEN E‑Mail: stackedgolf@gmail.com Insta­gram: http://​bit​.ly/​2​m​l​r​AfW Face­book : http://​bit​.ly/​2​m​3​M​Ma1 #golf #black­fri­day

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274 thought on “Wir haben die SEXYSTEN GOLFCLUBS gekauft, die wir je gesehen haben!! + EPISCHE SCHWARZE FREITAG-VERKÄUFE!!”

    1. @Stacked Golf
      I’m so jea­l­ous of the bar­gains you guys seem to get in thrift stores over the­re. It’s so rare to see golf clubs in cha­ri­ty shops here in England

  1. Tho­se Wil­sons do look pret­ty. Just bought a few Mizu­no bla­des to go to the ran­ge with to see if they impro­ve my ball striking. And the shoes are defi­ni­te­ly an impro­ve­ment on the crocs!

    1. @Stacked Golf I got some MP60s. I can actual­ly hit some of them. Some of the time. But hit­ting them does seem to be impro­ving my striking with my Ping G5s.

  2. I real­ly enjoy your vids, they’­re superb, it’s also nice to see some sun from across the other side of the pond…Has Ash­ley ever mis­sed a putt?

    1. Thanks Andy! When the came­ra turns on Ash­ley never mis­ses a putt! It’s cra­zy. She is good most of the time but she is some­thing else when we do a vid

    2. @Stacked Golf I wish I had her con­fi­dence over a putt, lines it up, bang, in…and to level it up you hit it hard, com­bi­ned you’­re some play­er! 😀⛳🏌️‍♂️👍

    1. @Stacked Golf After buy­ing so many at thrift stores and gara­ge sales, you must have an extra house to be able to STACK all of them (pun intended 😉

  3. I’m such an addict for Bla­des. Tho­se kin­da remind me of the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Bla­des. They have the lofts on them ins­tead of club num­bers. Look amazing.

    1. That cus­tom shop, Golf Gara­ge, just pos­ted a set of Cal­la­way X for­ged irons in all black. Thin­king about having my Tit­leist 731PM irons done like that. No paint fil­ler, just black.

  4. Okay you two. If you had wal­ked out of DIck’s with a bunch of new clubs you would have sho­cked me lol !!! I jum­ped a mile when Ash­ley smo­ked that shot too. That was fun­ny. Gre­at video as usu­al. Well, the win­ter storm that came in here late Sunday ended gol­fing here in Ct. I play­ed on Fri­day and Satur­day becau­se I knew it was over soon. It was chil­ly but fun. For­tu­n­a­te­ly we have just a small amount of snow but more is com­ing tonight. I am hopes it will soon melt as I love to play win­ter golf . I am alrea­dy dying for Spring! Peace and bles­sings you two. Spi­der Dubiel

  5. Gre­at video guys. One of favou­rites yet.
    So many comments to make:
    – Ash­ley crus­hing the bus­ted driver.
    – Ash­ley smo­king the bla­de irons.
    – Ash­ley tel­ling John tho­se Adi­das were bet­ter than the Crocs.
    – Ash­ley with the walk off putt with the driver.
    Hmm, anyo­ne else spot­ting a trend here??

  6. Tho­se clubs are without a doubt sexy. And they are impos­si­ble for me to hit. I tried ever­ything I could for six mon­ths and final­ly gave up. But I did go back to my ugly Cleve­land vas irons and love them. Gre­at video as usual

    1. @Stacked Golf same here. I could mana­ge 1 out of 10 and it felt ama­zing. But the incon­sis­ten­cy kil­led me. Bla­des are just not for me sadly

  7. My bro­ther in law has Wil­son bla­des and they look sweet. You can hit them much bet­ter than him though. I think Ash­ley has some new clubs!

  8. Gre­at video’s love watching them. I have now star­ted going to the thrift stores and good will. I have found several clubs I picked up. I plan on taking them to the cour­se and making a video of me play­ing 9 holes with them. Thanks for the inspi­ra­ti­on kin­da made golf fun again and not so serious.

  9. Just bought a set (3‑P) of Goo­se Neck Wil­son bla­des for $119 off Ebay, mint con­di­ti­on. I abso­lute­ly love vin­ta­ge clubs! Enjoy­ed your vlog.

  10. Would love to see ano­t­her $10 chal­len­ge or buy a set of the cheep clubs and play 9. You are now the only golf chan­nel I watch now.

  11. John, you are the man !!!! I have a set of the exact same irons. I look like I’ve never picked up a club befo­re when I try to hit em. 😁 😁😁😁 I would cut you a real good deal on my set! Lol !!! Gre­at video guys

  12. Gre­at video again! You’ve got me hit­ting the local Good­wills and thrift stores but other than buy­ing a cou­p­le of sweet golf shirts, I’ve yet to find anything golf related.

  13. Love your vide­os, found a lot of my clubs at good­will and they were a ste­al. Plus I found a beau­ti­ful bag to match for only $10. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Bla­des are gor­ge­ous, my eyes lit up when you spot­ted them. You’­re only short due to the hig­her lofts on 30 y.o. bla­des. A bud­dy let me use a GI set while visi­t­ing, I flew the green on an uphill par 3, sho­cked me. You can hit bla­des, never seen you hit a sli­ce or a hook, even the 2 iron loo­ked good. Ash­ley should give put­ting les­sons, she’ll make a killing.

  15. That’s the only way I buy golf shoes has to be on sale. It’s a sad day you kicking the crocs to the side. John be care­ful the way her game is impro­ving you might be rele­ga­ted to just the 📷 😂😂😂

    1. no way lol i have been using a red x2 for 16 years now and i will say this, while it just might be the best put­ter of all time (may­be the 2ball put­ter is) it’s so hard to switch from the red x2 cen­ter shaft to anything else becau­se all of its weight is in the head, and it’s so light, and you get use to the align­ment dots on the heel. I been try­ing to replace it for a year

  16. Hey guys hope you had a good Thanks­gi­ving 😊🦃 love old bla­des and Wil­son is one of the best. Cool dri­ve 180yrds stri­ping it Ash! Alright then be well you two 😎👍🏌️⛳

  17. Love the vids! I live in Volu­sia Coun­ty, so it’s sur­re­al see­ing y’all film local­ly. The SLDR at the Dicks yall were at on Inter­na­tio­nal was my old club!! Small world! Tra­ded them in with my irons and put­ter a few weeks ago when I updated my bag. Out a good 5 years of play in with them! Would love to meet up and play a round!

  18. I still have an Adams Tight lies 7 wood in my bag. I try to find tho­se whe­re­ver I can. Adi­das all the way by the way. Love the shoes John.

  19. I got exci­ted when you star­ted picking up the latest Ping, Cal­la­way and Tit­leist clubs, I thought you was gon­na spend big on a dri­ver, and that Red X putter..love it, just bought one off eBay mys­elf, superb put­ter even now👍

  20. May­be you two will have to share the ” sexiest clubs you’­ve ever seen “. A few prac­ti­ces with the 2 iron will see you back in the game, John. Wish we had tho­se shops in Syd­ney. Gre­at video guys. Made my day.

  21. Gre­at video have you ever thought of doing lon­ger ones ? like 20 or 25 mins ? this is still good though. On my chan­nel with my coo­king vide­os I do a bit of both. Keep up a the good work.

  22. Ano­t­her bril­li­ant video you guys find some awe­so­me sticks our thrift stores only have real old sticks that no one wants nice to see some gre­at golf shots 👍🏻⛳️

  23. If you deci­de to sell the R11 let me know I had one when they first came out I still have a R15 in the bag now would love to res­to­re it to play­ing con­di­ti­on! Love the channel!

  24. Got­ta love the thrift store/Goodwill finds. Aus­tin is pret­ty golf crazy…so I’ll be hit­ting my local Good­will stores loo­king for clubs, becau­se I’ll bet the­re are going to be some high end clubs dona­ted after Christ­mas. Which good for me…since I can pro­bab­ly make some decent $$$$ sel­ling them on eBay!
    The new PGA Supers­to­re near me is always busy…and I’ll bet the­re are going to be a bunch of hap­py guys and gals on Christ­mas day!

  25. Hi Guys, keep the vide­os com­ing, we don’t have the thrift store thing here in the UK, so it’s not easy to find a bar­gain😊, I recent­ly had a R11s Dri­ver, gre­at dri­ver but the sound😳, I ended up stuf­fing cot­ton balls into it to deaden the sound…didn’t real­ly work now gaming a R9 dri­ver, much better..

  26. Don’t know why i find the­se vids so enjoya­ble. You guys are gre­at and it’s awe­so­me see­ing you pick up stuff and some gre­at bar­gains! Wish we had flea mar­kets in the UK!

  27. That 6i on the par 3 loo­ked sweet. The shot tracer made it look dead on. You coul­d’­ve said you cur­led it up the­re about 4 feet away. But I applaud your hones­ty and your abi­li­ty to reco­gni­ze how sweet some of tho­se old bla­des are! Abso­lu­te works of art! I should pro­bab­ly play a game impro­ve­ment iron becau­se I don’t have the time to prac­ti­ce every day, but I just can’t take my Mp25’s out of the bag. They’­re like 9 pie­ces of usable art! I get a good fee­ling every time I look at them. In fact, if a man boy could mar­ry a golf club, I would mar­ry my Mp25’s! (Sor­ry if I went over­board the­re at the end, with TMI) But Serious­ly, Cool Video!

  28. that dri­ver porb­ab­ly only needs a new grip without the weights it might be the right weight for Ash­ley if she hit bet­ter than anything else keep it, the guys a the store pro­bab­ly took the weights they are worth more than you paid for the club lol, and that rai­ler I loved that club could never find one at the right pri­ce, but I had a Wil­son ultra 45 18.5* with rails in my bag for ever until I repla­ced it with a Tay­lorma­de 300 seri­es 17* and I hit them both gre­at just the 300 had a gra­phi­te shaft and I hit it a litt­le far­t­her, it’s a bet­ter club for me now that my swing speed has slo­wed down. keep up the gre­at video’s with gre­at deals

  29. See you bought the Tay­lorma­de Ray­lor 16.5 on my recom­men­da­ti­on In a past video. Gre­at to see you are lis­tening to the fans! Had one in my Pal Joey bag along­side my Mac­gre­gor RPM irons and Wil­son Augus­ta 2 put­ter around 29 years ago!!

  30. I’ve said it once but I’m gon­na say it again. John, you have a damn good swing. You can tell you are put­ting some real acce­le­ra­ti­on on it.

  31. That R11 just needs a new grip, then she’ll smo­ke it every tee shot! May­be you could vacu­um the ratt­ling bits out – who needs tho­se weights any­way – lol…
    How much were the golf balls btw.?

  32. Bin watching you on You­Tube from Eng­land you are an extre­me­ly nice cou­p­le . I also collect clubs I could watch you too all day keep up the good work 😀

  33. First time I seen your chan­nel. Just the fact that you star­ted to talk about one of the the best irons ever (Tom­my Armour Sil­ver Shot 845s) gave you a huge sti­le-point in my book. (Love when peop­le know about them. 

    Had no plan to fol­low you, but what the heck?! You need a reward! Followed! 🙂

    1. Hy guys love your vide­os . Love pas­si­on for the game love that your not the grea­test gol­fers but con­stant­ly try­ing to impro­ve like me
      Love ash­ley always smi­ling refres­hing keep it up

  34. As Lee Tre­vi­no poin­ted out “It’s the Indian, not the arrow”. Equip­ment nuts should rea­li­se they can­not buy their way to the top in golf.

  35. You­tube recom­men­ded me to this video and I’m glad they did! You guys are awe­so­me and I love how pas­sio­na­te you both are and how much joy you get out of golf…just like me!

    1. Cute cou­p­le! Your enthu­si­asm is infec­tious and charming.
      Play­ed one round of golf on a public coun­ty park cour­se with a friend when we were in 7th gra­de (my ONLY round).
      I’m 73.

  36. I just hap­pen­ed to come by one of your video’s and wat­ched it, then ano­t­her, then another…lol. You get the pic­tu­re. It’s Febru­a­ry here in Nort­hern Alber­ta and see­ing someo­ne hit a golf ball make me jea­l­ous. Tho­se Wil­son Staff bla­des have a sweet spot the size of a thim­ble so you hit it not to bad. Thanks you two, just found yourself ano­t­her subscriber!

  37. The­re is no rea­son the TM dri­ver would be against the rules. I won­der if it was cut down and made ligh­ter for a woman or a big­ger kid. Let your wife use it if it works that well.

  38. What is the name of the Flee mar­ket with all the sor­ted golf balls. And whe­re is the best place for used clubs thrift stores or flee markets?

  39. Can you try and get me set of mid­si­ze Wil­son gra­phi­te iron set ?? I had them in Aus­tra­lia and just loved them , can’t find them here in USA

  40. You guys are awe­so­me. So far remo­ved from the com­mer­cia­li­sed golf vlogs that clog up You­Tube. The­se vide­os have beco­me a key part of my day in lock­down here in Lon­don. Keep up the good work!

  41. Red X2 has been my put­ter for 16 years
    it’s hard to chan­ge to a dif­fe­rent put­ter becau­se it’s the cen­ter shaft with the align­ment dots, im try­ing to switch to a new­port 3 right now, but i may return it and get a two ball trip­le track

  42. I abso­lute­ly love my Goo­sen­ecks, just don’t play enough to use them any­mo­re! That dri­ver is so Obnoxious sound­ing with no weights in it…

  43. Very genui­ne couple,very appre­cia­ted by a hus­band and wife of 37 years in Jacksonville.I abso­lute­ly love golf and posi­tively stink at it.

  44. I bought tho­se same adi­das adi4rged shoes black Fri­day for like 40 bucks online too. Wore them to play the other day in the rain and they were still gre­at and my feet were dry. Too hot for sum­mer­ti­me though.

  45. Hey Dad, you have a gre­at kid the­re , must have done a gre­at job brin­ging him up. And sor­ry , but you’ll never see my 30 year old Mizu­no Pro bla­des (Japan fac­to­ry) in a Thrift /Goodwill/Flea mar­ket , not­hing can replace them .

  46. Hi John and Ash­ley. Gree­tings from Bri­tish Colum­bia – Cana­da. Loved this video alt­hough I am see­ing it more than 2 years after you pro­du­ced. Tho­se Irons are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL. Congrats on fin­ding tho­se. Never Ever get rid of tho­se things.…but if you find ano­t­her set let me know I will dri­ve all the way from Cana­da to buy them from you. FYI – Advice on chan­ging a club that works. Regar­ding Chan­ging the R‑11 Dri­ver. NEVER EVER CHANGE A CLUB THAT WORKS WELL FOR YOU. May­be take steps to tight it up or fix it – espe­cial­ly never chan­ge the shaft. Life Expe­ri­ence spea­king here and of cour­se my opi­ni­on as well.…but again from having chan­ged shafts in a Dri­ver or 2 becau­se I thought a more “high end” shaft could impro­ve the func­tio­n­a­li­ty of the club and make it even better.….all it did was com­ple­te­ly chan­ge all that was working about the club pri­or to the chan­ge. CHEERS!!! Have a gre­at NEW YEAR. Doug. jdp

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