Wir rösten Trumps Golfschwung | Back Off-Herausforderung | LIV Pro-Am

Wir roesten Trumps Golfschwung Back Off Herausforderung LIV Pro Am #lovegolf

So eine lus­ti­ge Woche in New Jer­sey. Wir waren wäh­rend des Pro-Ams auf dem 7. Abschlag geparkt und mach­ten den gan­zen Tag unse­re Back-Off-Chal­len­ge. Abon­nie­ren Sie unse­ren Kanal: @Country Club Adja­cent Fol­gen Sie uns auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​c​o​u​n​t​r​y​c​l​u​b​a​d​j​a​c​e​nt/

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130 thought on “Wir rösten Trumps Golfschwung | Back Off-Herausforderung | LIV Pro-Am”

    1. He’s still so real. He ain’t afraid to men­ti­on that even he knows that ever­yo­ne gives him free shit becau­se he’s famous. Does he express some hum­ble self-admo­nish­ment about it? Nah, it is what it is. It does­n’t stop him from poin­ting out that no one gave a shit about him befo­re he was a rich and famous bas­ket­ball play­er though.

    1. @Beast Mode uhhhh money can’t buy you a swing nor can it chan­ge your phy­si­cal moti­on… swing can look ugly as hell but it all depends on the score­card. ask jim furyk.… at least ever­y­bo­dy here had a good atti­tu­de and can take a joke and laugh at them­sel­ves. shows they’­re human like us…

    2. @Floundrpoundr23 lol…Money can by unli­mi­ted golf les­sons from the best inst­ruc­tors goofy. Btw any­bo­dy who real­ly knows golf under­stands furyks swing is beau­ti­ful, gre­at action. His swing is uni­que, not ugly.

    3. @Beast Mode ease off the deni­al and the copi­um. Nice shift attempt too, money can buy les­sons yes and im sure they are bet­ter gol­fers than you think. May­be bet­ter than yourself but it doesnt mean it can make your swing look bet­ter. Again score­card is whe­re is counts. Gre­at gol­fers are gre­at gol­fers. If money made you good then a lot more peop­le would be pro. Ive atten­ded and taught at many golf clubs and cli­nics and camps, one of my good friends i golf with is also an inst­ruc­tor at a local Ryder cup qua­li­fy­ing cour­se. Many weal­ty peop­le. Many can’t make your moti­ons beau­ti­ful, you play with whats com­for­ta­ble. Furyk is an ama­zing gol­fer but he is known around the com­mu­ni­ty for his dis­tinct ugly swing. Many other pro­fes­sio­nals have ugly swings too but again, its about the score­card.… sound­ed more to me like you may just have sta­ge 5 Trump der­an­ge­ment syn­dro­me and serious­ly hate the dude… hope­ful­ly I’m wrong

    4. Came down here to find this com­ment. Somehow it was worse than his father’s.. That was one of the shit­tiest swings I’ve ever seen in my life.

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  1. I don’t even play or watch golf, don’t even real­ly like it, but this chan­nel makes me laugh every time, keep this up lads

    1. Thanks for watching and com­men­ting,❤️ you have been ran­dom­ly selec­ted from comments as win­ner for today’s givea­way hit me up via the digits abo­ve to claim prize^^^^^^^^^^🎁🎁

  2. You “roast” trumps swing after he puts it down the midd­le but you did­n’t even touch on the dude that dres­ses like a woman and hits the ball worse than most women? Yeah, you guys are REAL come­di­ans. This is just embarr­as­sing. I wan­na know how this stu­pid crap even beca­me an inter­net thing.

  3. The guys that don’t have a sen­se of humor and think they are God’s gift to golf .…..stay home.…..these guys are great

  4. The­re was so many fun­ny things said… “ hey guys were coun­try adja­cent “ PAT PEREZ say­ing “I know who the fuck you are! Lol


    1. Thanks for watching and com­men­ting,❤️ you have been ran­dom­ly selec­ted from comments as win­ner for today’s givea­way hit me up via the digits abo­ve to claim prize🎁🎁

  6. The “you look like your dad pays for your golf trips” line gets fun­nier ever­y­ti­me. Thought after the 3rd or 4th it was dead but NOPE!

  7. I’ll just add I’ve owned the p770s sin­ce release. hund­reds of rounds I’ve never once expe­ri­en­ced the ‘ran­dom hot ball’. I’m sure other 770 users can chi­me in, but TM clear­ly fixed that issue after the 1st p790s.

  8. Why did you crop out your Trump com­ment say­ing, “Its a litt­le short, just like your second term.” That was clas­sic and made me laugh out loud. Did he start to cry after that one?

  9. I’m so glad gas is $5 a gal­lon and mil­li­ons of ille­gals are pou­ring over the sou­thern bor­der and infla­ti­on is over 8 per­cent. Man, it just does­n’t get any bet­ter than this. Unless of cour­se the Demo­crats start WWIII. Yeah, I’m real­ly glad we don’t have to put up with tho­se mean tweets anymore.

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