Wir spielen GOLF mit PEP GUARDIOLA!!! | Pitchen mit Pep 👀🏌️‍♂️

Wir spielen GOLF mit PEP GUARDIOLA Pitchen mit Pep ange golf

Wir haben nur einen der größ­ten Mana­ger aller Zei­ten, Pep Guar­dio­la, auf den Kanal gebracht!!! Das ist ein ganz ande­rer Pep als in der Fuß­ball­sai­son, und er ist auch nicht schlecht im Golf!! Hof­fe, Sie genie­ßen Sie Golf Life Legends! Pat, Anne und der super talen­tier­te Nick

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174 thought on “Wir spielen GOLF mit PEP GUARDIOLA!!! | Pitchen mit Pep 👀🏌️‍♂️”

  1. Would be a dream to meet you guys and play a hole with you guys I’m not very good at golf but you guys have taught me to just enjoy it with smi­le no mat­ter the qua­li­ty of shot

  2. As a United fan I still have to admi­re pep an abso­lu­te legend as a foot­bal­ler but as a mana­ger has to be up the­re with the best.

  3. That flat cap is hor­ren­dous but somehow PG pulls it off – I’d look like a pro­per Richard Head if I tried to style that one out

  4. Holy moly…the legend that is PG!! You boys are real­ly hea­ding to the very top with this chan­nel. The Dale boys are an unstopp­a­ble force.

  5. The trou­ble is, when Pep say’s he doesn’t have a ‘stron­gest part’ of his game, he’s a per­fec­tio­n­ist, so as he said ear­lier in the pie­ce, the­re is always some­thing to impro­ve on.

  6. Hi guys awe­so­me vid. Nice to see pep play­ing golf & that was a decent pit­ching swing the­re.. tubes gre­at questions,
    By the way.. gre­at location 👍🏼
    Good work guys much respect

    1. @TUBES & ANGE GOLF LIFE I’d of fold­ed like a wet card­board box 😂, I don’t hand­le pres­su­re at the best of times, never mind him stan­ding the­re 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. I don’t under­stand how this You­Tube golf chan­nel doesn’t have over a mil­li­on sub­scri­bers! It’s Pep f*cking Gaurdiolaaaa!

    1. A mil­li­on after 3 years (inclu­ding covid) would be Mad­ness howe­ver It does play on my mind at times why we don’t have more than what we have , not gon­na lie . We’ll keep graf­ting though and I’m con­vin­ced we’ll get the­re 👊🏻. Thanks for your mes­sa­ge pal

  8. If you enjoy­ed this video or any of the others plea­se SUBSCRIBE, it’s free and would mas­si­ve­ly help us out. No worries if not. BIG Love x

  9. Wow!
    What a man.….. and Pep was good too.
    So rela­xed, nice to see him out­side of the Foot­ball spotlight.
    Top class, well done.
    Stay safe and thanks

  10. He’s a class act aint he, but you should have screa­med BENZEMA when you hit that last one. Your going to have to calibre of guests though, in a cou­p­le of weeks time anything less than Tiger won’t be accep­ted. Qua­li­ty as always lads.

  11. I love Pep, he’s so groun­ded and appre­cia­ti­ve of the talent of others, he always speaks glowin­gly about his men­tors and idols. Gre­at video, would be cool to see more chal­len­ge-based ones as well as/along side the FOUUUR hole challenge.

  12. Pep is abso­lute­ly class, he’s like a wise owl🤣🤣
    That got me when he said..“I like golf becau­se the­re are no refe­rees the­re” hahahahaha
    He’s so strai­ght to the point👍🏻👍🏻😭🤣😭🤣
    You fired him some good ques­ti­ons the­re too Tubes👌🏻

  13. He’s so detail­ed with ever­ything he does. I mean In his lea­si­u­re time after he plays a game of golf he then spends 3 hours prac­ti­cing?!? The way he talks you can tell he’s so relent­less with hims­elf on everything.

  14. What a nice blo­ke Pep is. Can’t wait to see him next sea­son now Forest are final­ly promoted.
    Yooooou reeeeeeds

  15. Oh my word legends! Whoever is boo­king your guests needs a pay rise. Unre­al as always! Get big Tom­my Fleet­wood on through Pep 😂. He’d be class with Shane Lowry (can’t wait for that one). Keep going legends it’s the only life we knowwwww

  16. How have you guys not got more subs, con­tent is bril­li­ant and the guests are always top qua­li­ty, keep up the work lads 👊

  17. Pep just chil­ling with a patek phil­ip­pe on his wrist that cost more than the average house… class guy though, so much respect for him as a per­son and oppo­si­ti­on mana­ger, defi­ni­te­ly dri­ves us (Liver­pool) on to get better

  18. Haha 😄 🤣 Pep real­ly wan­ted you to get on and take your shots, his com­pe­ti­ti­ve natu­re was poo­ring out of him! Top qua­li­ty 👌 love these!

  19. Peop­le will say I’m bia­sed being a man city fan .
    But I real­ly like Pep he’s a real­ly nice guy
    It will be a sad day when he lea­ves Eng­lish football

  20. You lads have come so far…from having to put up with Bull­ard to Pep 🤯🤣..joking, Jim­my is still the OG…keep it up chaps and lets have a round soon 😉

  21. Hang on lads… That’s actual­ly Pep Guar­dio­la stood the­re play­ing with Tubes?? Fair play fel­las 👏👏 keep it up

  22. Ok.… this is next level.…. 😃 Com­ing home after a long day and see­ing this pop­ping up in my feeds… hap­py times! Ama­zing that you guys play­ed a Pro-Am with all tho­se legends… Btw, i hope that Nigel de Jong was in a good mood en not like he was in the World Cup final ⚽💥⚰ High kicking people.…. 😉

  23. I’m qui­te envious of you boys mee­ting and play­ing with all the­se gre­ats but real­ly gra­te­ful that you share it all with us,top class thank you and long may it continue.

  24. Hey guys love the chan­nel espe­cit the BULLDOG ones.. he’s top qua­li­ty … But how about having a ran­dom mem­ber of the chat play 9 holes with you as an epi­so­de ?? If so can I be that guy aha­ha apart from that all the best lads.. gre­at litt­le channel !!!

  25. Tubes, I don’t know you and will pro­bab­ly never meet you, but I had a mas­si­ve sen­se of proud­ness watching this. So nice to see a genui­nely nice guy be in this posi­ti­on and just talk to the grea­test name in foot­ball as if he’s someo­ne you’ve known for years.
    Not­hing but respect (may­be a bit of jea­l­ou­sy 🥴) for you man.

  26. pep is rest­less, i can’t ima­gi­ne him being an enjoya­ble per­son to play a rela­xing game of golf with. while he was watching tubes shots pep was twit­ching and loo­king around everywhere.

  27. Gre­at video! Will you fel­las be releasing any video foo­ta­ge of you at the pro am at all?? Would be unre­al to watch 👍🏻

  28. I love golf becau­se there’s no refe­rees the­re 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh my god that had me abso­lute­ly dying, Pep your a ledge 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  29. Hat an ama­zing guy! The name is gre­at too Pit­ching with Pep, if only you could make that a regu­lar update! Lol gre­at con­tent and loo­king for­ward to more

  30. Tubes you want to do a foot­bal­ler open once a year for cha­ri­ty the best two play­ers from each Eng­lish club qua­li­fy for the Bri­tish foot­ball open play­ed once a year keep the tro­phy for a year the play­ers and the tv would love it do it over four days same as open would be massive

  31. BEWARE!!! the­re is a scam­mer pre­ten­ding to be the­se guys at tele­gram. he will tell you you won a pri­ze and pre­tend to be the­se guys here. BEWARE

  32. Tubes! Pro gol­fers, Clau­de Har­man in Flo­ri­da and now Pep, wow! The chan­nel has gone stra­to­s­phe­ric and it’s all credit to you and Ange. Well done 👏🏻👏🏻

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