Wir spielten Golf gegen Caitlyn Jenner für eine Facetime mit Kim Kardashian!

Wir spielten Golf gegen Caitlyn Jenner fuer eine Facetime mit Kim Kardashian best pranks

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5.169 thought on “Wir spielten Golf gegen Caitlyn Jenner für eine Facetime mit Kim Kardashian!”

    1. @Icybluebanna the­res no way u think kim k would pull up to the full send pod lmfao. the only rea­son trump came was cau­se nelks fans fit wit­hin his tar­get audi­ence. theyd have to pay her over a 100k realistically

  1. Man the level Nelk is on is tru­ly inspi­ring. Hum­ble begin­nings to one of the grea­test come ups on You­Tube. It’s been a plea­su­re to wit­ness it all from the begin­ning Boyz 🇨🇦🤙🏽

    1. @Josh 79 must be sad to keep wri­ting wai­t­ing for a reply and atten­ti­on lol typi­cal fan. Don’t for­get to buy their new gear. If I don’t get back don’t be sad princess I just have a life that’s all. Type on!

    2. @Mike dear Mike it’s a joke don’t be mean I’m only 8 I can tell you like 50 plz don’t say you have a life when you make mini­mum wage

    3. @Josh 79 keep spen­ding you moms money then on Nelk when they get rich and you still asking your mom­my for you allo­wan­ce to give them lol. Age ain’t a excu­se if you have a You­Tube regis­tra­ti­on. Facts!

    4. @Mike I’ve never spent money on Nelk befo­re I’m con­fu­sed with your point you are try­ing to make you can keep wri­ting to me just know I have a life and I’m not always on You­Tube like you

  2. been wai­t­ing for a new video for a minu­te now. Good to see you guys back. all i need is a hap­py Dad lol. NELKBOYS OR DIE

  3. Someo­ne plea­se help me
    I’m struggling an stres­sed out haven’t ate in 2 days
    have no bus fare to get to work my pho­ne is off using neigh­bors Wifi
    I dont deser­ve this losing hope someo­ne plea­se help me

    1. @Muscleman8562 I guess I under­stand your just try­ing to get more views and sub­scri­bers don’t give up eit­her man and keep up your con­tent! Also just sub­scri­bed to ya.

    2. @Corey Bau­man Thank you bro­ther I appre­cia­te it I defi­ni­te­ly will con­ti­nue I’m not going anywhere 💪😉🔥

  4. i real­ly love you guys from the bot­tom of my heart hope to see more vide­os like and to who ever rea­ding this good hope you have a good day❤️

  5. The Sex Offen­der Prank.. LMFAO 



  6. Rea­lest Chan­nel on the Tube. Fol­lo­wed and Sub­bed for a Long time every whe­re I can. Ever­yo­ne else should too!!! We will all see Nelk at 10 Mill Subs by END OF SUMMER!! NAH! MAKE IT 20 BY END OF 2022

  7. Is it just me or is the guy who said “tony your a Fuck­in gangs­ter” the guy who cut his mouth up in that old video ope­ning corannas

  8. The way the guy wal­ked in the dun­ge­on loo­king around all cra­zy and the way she che­cked Salim about the suit made me think they’­re into that shit LMAO. She was weird af after tho

  9. I been so enter­tai­ned with the full send pod­cast that I didn’t even rea­li­ze it’s been a mon­th sin­ce NELK has uploaded 😂

    1. @Noah Fiel­ds exact­ly it’s the tac­tic AMP are using except they are also strea­mers. It works becau­se you never feel like you are mis­sing their con­tent. The pro­blem then beco­mes main­tai­ning it becau­se most will do this and then peop­le burn out of their lack of inno­va­ti­on. Nelk has­n’t shown signs of that at all yet so we will see

    2. With Ste­ve and Brad­ley and the pod­casts I get it… oh ya and Sala­mi if his “qua­li­ty” vide­os deser­ve any mention 😏

    1. Hater say some posi­ti­ve or gtfo. U the type to stay jelou­se and losing and the 100 of yall too 😆 🤣 😂 the 5 mil of us laug­hing at yall we pray­ing 🙏 for u

    2. They’­ve been drop­ping the pod­cast once a week to hold us over until the­se drop. Plus you got Jes­se uploading shi­t­ho­le on the full­send channel.

  10. Watching the pre­miè­re to this was ama­zing I’m still sore from laug­hing so much, the­se boys are on top of the world right now and I couldn’t be hap­pier. FULL SEND BABY LETS GO


  12. Wow you boys are hil­arious and so awe­so­me to see the suc­cess. FULL SEND is a pro­per pro­duc­tion now I love it. Hope­ful­ly one day I can fly over to USA and have some hap­py dad !! ❤️

  13. Been fol­lowing yall for a bit and I have to say this is the BEST video yall put out in a long time. I feel it’s bet­ter than the coke prank in Mexi­co. Gre­at job Boys!

  14. I wish someo­ne asked Cait­lin if the­re was any part of her that mis­ses “Bruce” being at the fore­front. Not that she reg­rets it at all, but I’m curious if she mis­ses parts of her life when Bruce was the main cha­rac­ter or if it was a hap­py good­bye and easy to let go.

  15. Someo­ne plea­se talk to me I’ve never felt so alo­ne in my life and nelks vide­os defi­ni­te­ly make it bet­ter but it’s get­ting har­der. Fell send boys forever.

  16. From the hoodlums in the hood to the big foots in the woods obses­sing poses by Mani­to­ba champ of the yetis through his eyes I can see that he’s left his mark on me hoo­ked like no other like Mani­tous my bro­ther yeti zone you’re not alo­ne like a came­ra I use nega­ti­ves with my ques­ti­on all tho­se Big­foots whis­pe­rer Wan­na­bes on TV ain’t got not­hing on me I have no doubt I can call the kil­ler Rus­hing out qua­li­fied cer­ti­fied yeti fied hund­red per­cent Chal­len­ge anyo­ne and yeti i’m a Big­foot rebel becau­se they took me to the next level The best not like the rest I can find any Big­foot nest tes­ted accep­ted When others are I stay for fun not out for the kill but in it for the thrill can’t be fry­ing becau­se I’ve been enligh­ten i’ve been absor­bed i’ve been tag­ged I’ve been che­cked i’ve been read to the day I’m dead 100%-Big Foot Tony

  17. LoL that chick who was the guys fian­cé was such a stran­ge lady and then she got all domi­nee­ring “You­Tube or just prac­ti­ce” like she was try­ing to make it a nor­mal situa­ti­on whe­re she had any con­trol. Haha her finan­ce was loo­king at her like “babe are you for real?”