Wussten Sie, dass Sie einen Custom-Schaft in Ihrem Putter bekommen können?

Wussten Sie dass Sie einen Custom Schaft in Ihrem Putter bekommen koennen best putter shaft

Sie wür­den kei­ne neu­en Eisen kau­fen, ohne sich für den rich­ti­gen Schaft fit gemacht zu haben, also war­um gilt das glei­che Prin­zip nicht für Ihren Put­ter? Aus­rüs­tungs­re­dak­teu­rin Han­nah Hol­den reis­te zur Tour X in Wigan, um sich mit KBS und Lee Sul­li­van zu tref­fen, um zu sehen, wie ein ande­rer Schaft die Leis­tung Ihres Put­ters ver­än­dern kann. Wenn Ihnen das Video gefal­len hat, kli­cken Sie auf 👍 und hin­ter­las­sen Sie unten einen Kom­men­tar mit Feed­back. Tre­ten Sie unse­rer Com­mu­ni­ty bei: You­Tube ➡ http://​ow​.ly/​d​Y​l​n​5​0​E​i​Ojo Face­book ➡ http://​ow​.ly/​j​q​N​0​5​0​C​o​5zp Twit­ter ➡ http://​ow​.ly/​4​0​V​I​5​0​C​o​5AX Insta­gram ➡ http://​ow​.ly/​y​U​i​8​5​0​C​o​5DV Vor­ge­stellt in die­ses Video: Klei­dung und Schu­he von Foot­Joy ➡ http://​ow​.ly/​h​r​a​V​5​0​C​o​5wr Tour X ➡ http://​www​.tourx​golf​.co​.uk/​i​n​d​e​x​.​h​tml GC Quad/GC2 HMT Launch Moni­tor von Fore­sight ➡ http:// ow​.ly/​n​R​3​W​5​0​D​2​fdl

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18 thought on “Wussten Sie, dass Sie einen Custom-Schaft in Ihrem Putter bekommen können?”

  1. Gre­at job Han­nah. We need to have more influ­en­cers push the need for put­ter fit­tings. I per­so­nal­ly use a Cure RX2 becau­se of the adjus­t­ments to cus­to­mi­ze it to my specs. I think the average gol­fer is bet­ter off fit­ting their bag from the put­ter up through the bag.

    1. I used one in a Miura put­ter. Shaft was gre­at! It deaden­ed the vibra­ti­ons into hand. You knew exact­ly whe­re you hit the ball on the put­ter face. Just felt more solid all around. Is it worth 200 dollars,doubt it,will it make you make more putts,not a chan­ce. It’s all pre­fe­rence on what feel your like with a putter.

  2. Thanks for the info. So this was done with your cur­rent put­ter cor­rect. Hea­vi­ly focu­sing on put­ting this year, and it is paying off, with help of the chan­nels ” lost art of put­ting ~ mas­ter class. Keep up the good work.

  3. I find it dif­fi­cult to under­stand how tor­que can affect a put­ter shaft when it is only moving a few inches at a slow speed. It takes con­si­derable effort to twist/bend a put­ter shaft using only my hands. With a full swing and 100mph dri­ver swings tor­que is mas­si­ve­ly important. Is the­re any data to pro­ve how much tor­que is deli­ve­r­ed on a 20 foot putt?

    1. I’ve heard it men­tio­ned on ano­t­her video – may­be an edel fit­ting – that tor­que affects the put­ting stro­ke more than the ball impact, as the weight of the head is substantial.

      Inte­res­tin­g­ly though – edel just stuffs a weight down the shaft and moves it until the per­son thinks it feels best and the ball rolls accu­rate­ly, and does away with the £200 or £300 shaft.

  4. To the quesr­ti­ons on tor­que etc and does it real­ly mat­ter.… How about get­ting a pro­fes­sio­nal engineer/mathematician/physicist to do some sums? Won­der what that would show? MY sen­se if the pro­fes­sio­nal we most need talk to is the shrink 🙂 IF you think that “magic” has been done to your put­ter will you putt better?

  5. Thanks Hannah…this was real­ly inte­res­ting. My put­ting is ter­ri­ble – will look at chan­ging my shaft. And may­be I should adopt your bizar­re put­ting grip 😎😱⛳️

  6. What hap­pen­ed to the LAB put­ter? I just did a remo­te fit­ting last week, 4 vide­os later and I cus­tom orde­red a 32 inch at 63 degrees. Ano­t­her 2–3 weeks until it gets deli­ve­r­ed. Ama­zing tech­no­lo­gy. Seen every video on You­Tube and I’m con­fi­dent this will be an ama­zing putter !

  7. Put­ter fit­ting is a game chan­ging for tho­se who haven’t done it…. PXG does a gre­at job and it hel­ps you to under­stand what’s and whys a litt­le bet­ter… I’ve also done one with David Edel befo­re… I con­si­der mys­elf a very good put­ter, but this did not hap­pen until I star­ted get­ting fitted…

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