Xander Schauffele Final Round Highlights | 2022 Genesis Scottish Open

Xander Schauffele Final Round Highlights 2022 Genesis Scottish Open 2022

Über­nacht-Lea­der Schauf­fe­le sah in North Ber­wick auf einen Sie­ges­zug ein­ge­stellt aus, nach­dem er sei­nen Zwei-Schuss-Vor­sprung über Nacht früh aus­ge­baut hat­te – aber er war gezwun­gen, sich zu weh­ren, um eine Sie­ben-unter-Gesamt­zahl zu erzie­len und sei­nen ers­ten Rolex Seri­es-Titel zu holen. ► ABONNIEREN: http://​et​.golf/​S​u​b​s​c​r​ibe Die Rolex Seri­es kehrt die­se Woche zur DP World Tour zurück, wenn sich im Renais­sance Club ein hoch­ka­rä­ti­ges Teil­neh­mer­feld für die Gene­sis Scot­tish Open ver­sam­melt. Alle vier amtie­ren­den Major Cham­pions und 14 der 15 bes­ten Spie­ler der offi­zi­el­len Golf-Welt­rang­lis­te schla­gen in East Lothi­an auf, wobei die Ver­an­stal­tung von der PGA TOUR unter­stützt wird. Der Spa­ni­er Jon Rahm ist zwei­fa­cher Gewin­ner der iri­schen Natio­nal Open und wur­de in der ver­gan­ge­nen Sai­son bei der Open Cham­pions­hip 2021 Drit­ter und bei die­ser Ver­an­stal­tung Sieb­ter. Fügen Sie all das zu sei­nem jüngs­ten Sieg bei den Mexi­co Open in Vid­an­ta und fünf wei­te­ren Top Ten in die­ser Sai­son hin­zu, und die euro­päi­sche Num­mer eins von 2019 scheint ein schwer zu schla­gen­der Mann zu sein. Wenn es jeman­den gibt, der Rahm schlägt, dann viel­leicht der Welt­rang­lis­ten­ers­te Scot­tie Scheff­ler, ein Mann, der immer noch die Form genießt, die ihn an die Spit­ze der offi­zi­el­len Golf-Welt­rang­lis­te kata­pul­tiert hat. Der 26-Jäh­ri­ge hol­te Sie­ge bei den WM Phoe­nix Open, dem Arnold Pal­mer Invi­ta­tio­nal und dem WGC-Dell Tech­no­lo­gies Match Play, bevor er beim Mas­ters Tour­na­ment sei­nen ers­ten Major Cham­pions­hip-Sieg fei­er­te, sei­nen vier­ten Sieg in sechs Events. Ande­re Namen, auf die man ach­ten soll­te, sind Patrick Cant­ly, Jus­tin Tho­mas, Vik­tor Hov­land, Came­ron Smith, Col­lin Mori­ka­wa, Hide­ki Mats­u­ya­ma und Matt Fitz­pa­trick. Will­kom­men auf dem offi­zi­el­len You­Tube-Kanal der DP World Tour. Jede Woche fin­den Sie erwei­ter­te Tur­nier-High­lights und indi­vi­du­el­le Spie­ler-High­lights von Grö­ßen wie Rory McIl­roy, Jus­tin Rose und Tom­my Fleet­wood. Hier fin­den auch die 14 Club Chal­len­ge, Litt­le Inter­views, Fas­test Hole und vie­le wei­te­re Her­aus­for­de­run­gen, Strei­che und Welt­re­kord­ver­su­che mit den größ­ten Gol­fern der Welt statt. ► WEBSITE: http://​www​.euro​pean​tour​.com ► FACEBOOK: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​D​P​W​o​r​l​d​T​our ► TWITTER https://​twit​ter​.com/​D​P​W​o​r​l​d​T​our ► INSTAGRAM https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​d​p​w​o​r​l​d​t​our /

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55 thought on “Xander Schauffele Final Round Highlights | 2022 Genesis Scottish Open”

  1. I won­der how many other Euro­pean tour events he’s gon­na bother to turn up for this year? Pret­ty sick of the­se Ame­ri­cans with their token visits to Euro­pe. All of them. There’s no loyal­ty in them to play world golf they play in Ame­ri­ca bar one or two events a year and say they’­re gro­wing the game. Like hell they are. Pathetic

    1. @oms2020 Yes. Becau­se they’­re not inte­res­ted in sup­por­ting all the world tours. They’­re only the­re becau­se of The Open. I gua­ran­tee if the Open meant not­hing to the FedEx Cup, half of them would­n’t turn up becau­se they’­ve never worried about win­ning The Open so it does­n’t mean anything to them. At least Nick­laus, Pal­mer, Wat­son, Tre­vi­no and Play­er etc knew the value of the best major and did tra­vel to play world events and actual­ly grow the game as they claim they do. Most of the PGA Tour play­ers never set foot out­side the Ame­ri­cas except when The Open is on. It’s pathetic

    2. @Richo I still don’t under­stand why you’­re angry. They’­re PGA tour play­ers, they’­re not obli­ged to play every world tour event, so why moan when they actual­ly do turn up? Surely you should be prai­sing and encou­ra­ging them, not begrud­ging their efforts?

      Also, name one play­er, on any tour, that does­n’t want to win the Open? Every sin­gle gol­fer on the pla­net knows and respects it, irre­gard­less of Fedex Cup points. You’­re delu­sio­nal man, eat a kit­kat and chill tf out.

    3. i total­ly under­stand (*angry or not). PGA Ame­ri­ca must impro­ve the num­ber of legi­ti­ma­te point ear­ning starts in Euro­pe. it has sca­ven­ged the Euro­pean tour play­er eli­tes for too long now. it’s time for more co-hos­ted events all over Euro­pe, such as this.

  2. Xan­der fell over the line in end. Start of the last round loo­ked like going win com­for­ta­ble Kurt kit­y­a­ma loo­ks like going win soon was­n’t for trip­le bogey round 3 he would won. But one that should be annoy­ed is
    Came­ron tring­all day 1 ‑9 finis­hed ‑3

    1. @wbwright79 ever­y­bo­dy who has finis­hed second can think of some way they lost. Seems like to me that hap­pens in every tour­na­ment ever play­ed MATE

  3. the fact that the PGA tour uploads a video with the same high­lights but is only half the time of con­tent… bra­vo DP Tour, you’­re doing the right thing for us viewers.

    1. It’s a sanc­tion­ed by both the pga and dp world tour but sin­ce it was a Rolex cham­pions­hip for the dp world tour they have the main rights to the event and it’s content

    1. Mcil­roy is the bet­ting favou­rite becau­se he’s been top 10 in all majors this year and won the cana­di­en open and was well on his way to win­ning the travelers

  4. Gre­at scramb­ling to hold things tog­e­ther, could have easi­ly lost this one, but Xan­der grin­ded it out like he does. Bravo 👍

  5. key. Xan­der says “this is the 1st of many co-sanc­tion­ed events…”. we can only hope this is true. we would love to see like a dozen co-sanc­tion­ed events play­ed in Euro­pe each year. and then some in Asia to boot.

  6. This still has 1/4 of the exci­te­ment of LIV Golf. I like X but he’s was­ting his talents in an out­da­ted league.

  7. i heard that the PGA Tour is still showing Scheff­ler, even after he mis­sed the cut! what a dis­grace­ful thurs­day and fri­day coverage by NBC. Good on the DP for put­ting up all the­se on you­tube! Bra­vo guys, the chan­ge is coming.

  8. the open is his best chan­ce to win a major cuz the tem­pe­red gal­le­ry suits his per­so­na­li­ty. the gal­le­ry at US majors ratt­le him.

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