Zusammengefasste Endrunde | 2022 Die Amundi Evian-Meisterschaft

Zusammengefasste Endrunde 2022 Die Amundi Evian Meisterschaft hochladen

Will­kom­men auf dem offi­zi­el­len You­Tube-Kanal der LPGA Tour. Hier fin­den Sie alles, was Sie brau­chen, um über die Action eini­ger der welt­bes­ten Gol­fer auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! Che­cken Sie ein für die High­lights von jedem Tur­nier plus voll­stän­di­ge Run­den­wie­der­ho­lun­gen, Top-Shots und erstaun­li­che Momen­te. Besu­chen Sie https://​www​.lpga​.com für eine voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung zusam­men mit den neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Punk­ten und Sta­tis­ti­ken! So sehen Sie sich die LPGA Tour an: https://​www​.lpga​.com/​i​n​t​e​r​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​-​t​v​-​d​i​s​t​r​i​b​u​t​ion LPGA Tour Social: Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​l​p​g​a​_​t​our Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com /LPGA Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​L​PGA Tik­Tok: https://​www​.tik​tok​.com/​@​l​p​g​a​_​t​our Twitch: https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​l​p​g​a​_​t​our

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33 thought on “Zusammengefasste Endrunde | 2022 Die Amundi Evian-Meisterschaft”

  1. congrats to Broo­kes🥰❤! yes, I wat­ched it ear­ly at 4 am, Moun­tain time in Cana­da 🇨🇦💋. she is a god­dess of golfer ⛳🌸

  2. Congra­tu­la­ti­on for Broo­ke has done she worked for…

    Hope Nel­ly Kor­da for­gi­ves a awk­ward a fan woman who was nice without knowing golf game rules.
    She got scold­ed for pick up Nel­ly Kor­da living golf ball out of bound line
    It would be nice for PGA and LPGA put signals on every tees “Do Not pick­up any golf ball on the game days.”
    In future fans, PGA and LPGA will gre­at time on cour­se game.

    1. Same thing but much worse hap­pen­ed to Frank Nobi­lo at the1996 World Cup in Shen­zen Chi­na. I was his scorer, he was pai­red with Micha­el Camp­bell cha­sing down a tie with Davis Love and Fred Cou­ples on the 18th Final Round. Poor guy.
      Someo­ne picked up his ball from the rough then ran off with it, per­son could not be found. Frank had to go back to the tee, play­ing his third. Rules judge was cal­led in, lost ball rule was cal­led. USA won, New Zea­land got second place.

    2. @Dick David­son sor­ry that was spec­ta­tor did on purpose.
      Remem­ber Kevin Na didn’t claim lose ball. He made 14 strokes to out of bush in woods.
      Phil Mickelson’s ball came to rest on rock in water, he clai­med lose ball ins­tead of cost him more than legal drop ball just add 2 strokes than to try like Kevin Na.

      Golf just dif­fe­rent rules allo­wa­ble, I know always hap­pen­ed to ani­mals, child­ren and spec­ta­tors will touch living ball game by accident.

      In examp­le if gol­fer got bad stro­ke into spectator’s drink cup.😂😂😂

      Offi­cers have to dis­cuss the rules ask spec­ta­tor to drop cup or throw to the bush or to fair­way. It’s up to fan’s attitude.
      I think claims lose ball and re-tee is best.

      Hope you accept deaf’s English.

      I didn’t read CNN com­men­ted about an awk­ward woman picked up Nel­ly Korda’s golf ball. I hope she will meet Nel­ly Kor­da and have fun chat a little. 

      Nel­ly Kor­da also said when she teena­ge she feels guil­ty for step­ping on Michel­le Wie or Chris­tie Kerr golf ball.

      I did drop golf ball without add stro­ke becau­se it was lied about 20 yards in front of my group in fair­way. I asked him did you pick up my golf ball? He said NO then con­ti­nues check on his smartphone.

      I am sure he picked up my golf ball and pocked without remem­ber anything.

      Golf ball is small and always move by acci­dent of anyo­ne or ani­mals or gusts.
      Golf offi­cers will deci­de to give rule to use during the game day for peace bet­ween spec­ta­tors and play­ers than to cut down plants or move rock to playable.

    1. @jeremy pear­son what I meant was she had many tour­na­ments lea­ding on day 2 or 3 then drop­ped down to lower than 10th posi­ti­ons which is frus­tra­ted for us watching her.

  3. Con­si­de­ring she nee­ded to make that putt to win, it was a sub­dued broad­cast call. I guess it was a day of sur­vi­val. I won­der if the fact that her sis­ter was near­ly blo­cking out the putt affec­ted the call. Still, if she fails to bir­die, she has blown the lead and its a play­off. She sank it and she has clim­bed all the way to the moun­tain top! In the Alps. ‘The white moun­tain tops, glim­me­ring in the sum­mer sun are surely smi­ling down on Broo­ke as she has retur­ned to the sum­mit of her sport and is lea­ving town with major num­ber two!.’ Some­thing like that, you know. Ima­gi­ne Vin Skul­ly say­ing it 🙂

  4. I don’t think the casu­al golf fan under­stands how dif­fi­cult it is to win and win con­sist­ent­ly on the PGA or LPGA. Just the fact that Broo­ke has twel­ve wins alrea­dy in her care­er is out­stan­ding. We just watch on TV and think that every shot should be made and every putt go in. Asi­de from her talent, she’s a fan­tastic role model and human being. Cana­da should be very proud.

  5. So proud of you Broo­ke. Also got up in the wee hours to watch . Win or lose, it’s always a plea­su­re to see you in action. Such a talen­ted and dedi­ca­ted athelete. 🇨🇦

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