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The Bomber is an extension of the Stealth irons set

The. TaylorMade Stealth Bomber iron has been launched with promises of delivering stinger after stinger from fairways or tee boxes

The. Bomber is part of the household of Stealth irons, featuring all the similar know-how like Cap Back Design with toe wrap construction, a decrease center of gravity and a larger candy spot

The. all-black Bomber iron is only available in 3-iron with a 17-degree loft and has been designed to provide stingers and low ball flights as an alternative to woods and hybrids

We. take a look at the new arrival for 2023, who it suits and just what you can count on if adding the Bombers into the major finish of your bag

What. TaylorMade says about the Stealth Bomber irons:

“This robust lofted, tee shot annihilator is a stinger ready to occur. If you’re seeking for an alternative to driver or 3-wood that’s method too powerful to name a fairway finder, Stealth Bomber is the club for you

“A. particular club deserves a particular headcover, and this one is prompted by historic fighter planes. When you get rid of the headcover your playing companions will know that your subsequent tee shot is ready to take flight

“This. club is so explosive we replaced the quantity with a bomb emoji, so every swing is like striking the fuse and watching it detonate

“After. you hit this 17° juggernaut, which produces a penetrating trajectory with heavy roll out, you’ll need another emoji to describe the result

“Powered. by the similar know-how as Stealth irons, the Stealth Bomber options Cap Back Design with toe wrap building as well as an intelligently positioned candy spot that spans the most frequent impact points, delivering enhanced forgiveness with explosive ball speeds”

TaylorMade. Stealth Bomber Iron Specs & Design

The first thing to say about this new Bomber iron is that it isn’t a set, however a one off club with a specific use

A. 3-iron with 17 levels of lift, the Bomber is all about a low ball flight, stinger-like shots that journey long distances from the tee or the fairway

The. Stealth Bomber has been created by TaylorMade to act as an alternative to 3-wood or driver and find fairway after fairway

The. design of the long iron is established on the common Stealth variety with forgiveness as well as ball speed thanks to the Cap Back Design with toe wrap construction

The. centre of gravity is low in the Bomber, enabling for the candy spot to be enlarged to aid maintain the extraordinary ball speeds even on off center strikes

TaylorMade’s. Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is present to increase the flexibility of the face and ascertain no loss of distance or forgiveness on shots low off the face

It. only comes in one club choice – a 3-iron with 17 levels of loft – along with a clubhead cover

Verdict:. Is the TaylorMade Bomber iron any good?

It is a stunning iron to look at, the similar design as the likeable Stealth irons however in a modern all-black colouring

A. 3-iron isn’t suited to everyone, especially given the robust 17 levels of loft, however if you can hit this sort of club then you can count on some bullet-like strikes from tee to green

The. trajectory of the Bombers is piercing and the size is stunning. If you are struggling for consistency off the tee with your driver or 3-wood, then this may be the answer you are seeking for


What. is the TaylorMade Stealth Bomber iron launch date?

The Bomber iron was unveiled in May 2023 and is available to purchase

How. much does the TaylorMade Stealth Bomber iron cost?

The Bomber costs $270 / £219. It comes with a unique headcover

What. are the TaylorMade Bomber iron specs?

It only comes in one club choice – a 3-iron with 17 levels of loft

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