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May 25, 2023, 08:58 PM ET

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand golfer Michael Hendry will miss The Open this yr whereas receiving medical care for leukemia

Hendry,. who has won tournaments on the Australia and Japan excursions and most recently won the Vic Open in Australia in February, was clinically determined with leukemia in April

He. has undergone one course of chemotherapy and is in remission. The 43-year-old reported he has a „90%“ probability of a full recovery

Hendry. expects to have three more cycles of chemotherapy and will be again in Auckland Hospital on Monday

„The. final six weeks have seen me in hospital undergoing medical care to try and rid myself of the disease,“ he reported in a social media post. „I have a lengthy battle ahead of me

„This. is the fight of my life, a fight for my life, but one I am decided to win“

Hendry. had certified for The Open and was due to play the event for the third time. He reported that whereas his prognosis is good, he likely would relapse if he stopped his treatment

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